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Mbt 3.2. (c) ILK/CNTS 1998-2010

Tilburg Memory Based Learner

Induction of Linguistic Knowledge Research Group, Tilburg University and
Centre for Dutch Language and Speech, University of Antwerp

This is an extension to the thirth main release of Mbt

While this is NOT a Beta version it may still contain some bugs or
behave not exactly as documented or expected. Comments and
bug-reports are welcome at: Updates and more info
may be found on our website: .

Mbt is distributed under the GNU Public Licence (see the file COPYING)

This software has been tested on:
- Intel platform running several versions of Linux, including Ubuntu and Debian
  buth 32 and 64 bits
- Apple platform running MaxOSX

- GCC (3.4 - 4.2.0). It is highly recommended to upgrade to at least GCC 4.1

Contents of this distribution:
- sources
- Licensing information ( COPYING )
- Installation instructions ( INSTALL )
- Build system based om Gnu Autotools
- example data files ( in the demos directory )
- documentation ( in the docs directory )

To be able to succesfully build Timbl from the tarball, you need the
following pakages:
- pkg-config
- timbl
- timblserver
- libxml2-dev

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