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libmdc2 - Medical Image (DICOM, ECAT, ...) conversion tool…  more info»


xmedcon for Debian (unstable)
The files COPYING and COPYING.Libs in README are GPL and (L)GPL. I left am out
and added the reference to copyright.Debian.

The complete Documentation and some additional (by now mostly obsolete) files
can be found at:

The code handling ecat and gif format had to be removed for legal reasons.
The following files from the original source code where replaced by mostly
empty dummies:

m-gif.c    + m-gif.h
m-ecat64.c + m-ecat64.h
m-ecat72.c + m-ecat72.h
m-matrix.c + m-matrix.h

If you need the removed formats you can get the complete code and binaries from

I might provide a nonfree version of libmdc there too (have a look).

You also can get the original source code and apply the debian source patch which should give you
also gif and ecat functionality.

 -- Roland Marcus Rutschmann <> Wed, 13 Nov 2002 16:43:18 +0100
Version 0.8.13a:
Due to a mistake the above files were included in 0.8.13.orig.tar.gz. To upload the new orig.tar.gz
the version had to be bumped but there was no newer version upstream. The binary files and the
debian sources (after aplying the debian diff to orig.tar.gz) are the same as the 0.8.13 version.

Build-dependancy on libpng2-dev or libpng3-dev:

I originally had builddependancy (libpng2-dev | libpng3-dev), because both work. I switched to 
libpng12-dev because of possible problems (libpng2 and 3 are binary incompatible) and because libpng2/3
are now named libpng10/12. As libpng12 seems to be the "future" I switched to that. To compile under
woody, just change the dependency or use dpkg-buildpackage -d.

 -- Roland Marcus Rutschmann <> Mo, 7 Jun 2004 09:14:19 +0100
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