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2009-04-26 20:48  metaplasma

	* src/load_amf.cpp: Fixed AMF/(Portamento continue up) bug which
	  caused the incorrect playing of certain AMF files reported by
	  Raik Lieske

2009-04-23 23:14  metaplasma

	* libtool, src/load_med.cpp: Added more checks and string safety to

2009-04-23 09:51  metaplasma

	*, src/ Added mingw32 conditional
	  statement from Leandro Nini

2009-04-23 09:47  metaplasma

	* src/: load_mod.cpp, load_s3m.cpp: Made sure mod+s3m use tables.h
	  as these tables are now defined as static const - and may not be
	  guaranteed to be available via extern

2009-04-22 23:06  metaplasma

	* src/snd_fx.cpp, Fix typo + bump version number for

2009-04-22 17:47  metaplasma

	* src/: load_amf.cpp, load_ams.cpp, load_dbm.cpp, load_it.cpp,
	  load_mdl.cpp, load_mt2.cpp, snd_fx.cpp, sndfile.cpp,
	  libmodplug/sndfile.h: Some tabbing changes, definition of
	  NOTE_MAX instead of magic constant - like OpenMPT

2009-04-22 00:17  metaplasma

	* src/load_mdl.cpp: Applied patch from Novel Bug #443444 - invalid
	  delete method

2009-04-22 00:07  metaplasma

	* src/load_pat.cpp: Applied possible-buffer-overflow-patch from
	  Stanislav Brabec/Manfred Tremmel (changed 36 to sizeof(reserved) ==

2009-04-22 00:03  metaplasma

	* src/fastmix.cpp: (m_lpszSongComments) Applied bitshift-overflow
	  patch from Stanislav Brabec (David Binderman).

2009-04-21 23:54  metaplasma

	* src/load_amf.cpp: Fix delete function in load_amf, add const to
	  variables which should not be edited

2009-04-20 17:09  metaplasma

	* src/libmodplug/stdafx.h: Moved stdint/inttypes to all platforms -
	  to work in MINGW etc

2009-04-20 15:45  metaplasma

	* ChangeLog: Added details of exploit
	* ChangeLog: Updated changelog file

2009-04-20 15:37  metaplasma

	* src/load_abc.cpp: Fixed ABC detection code, to be a little more

2009-04-20 15:00  metaplasma

	* aclocal.m4, src/, src/load_abc.cpp, src/snd_fx.cpp,
	  src/sndfile.cpp, src/sndmix.cpp, src/tables.cpp, src/tables.h:
	  Applied const patch, Added integer overflow check to MED files for
	  addressing exploit (See:

2009-04-15 12:51  metaplasma

	* src/ Applied fix for make distcheck

2009-04-14 23:21  metaplasma

	*, config.guess,, libtool,
	  src/, src/load_abc.cpp, src/load_it.cpp,
	  src/load_mod.cpp, src/load_s3m.cpp, src/libmodplug/stdafx.h:
	  Implemented patch 2706241 from Carlo Bramini

2009-04-14 11:02  metaplasma

	* ChangeLog, NEWS, README, libtool, src/load_abc.cpp,
	  src/load_ptm.cpp, src/sndfile.cpp, src/libmodplug/sndfile.h:
	  Fixed crashing bug due to ABC format accepting files it could not
	  open, removed a large number of style/warning problems, fixed
	  2x16 as 32bit integer dereferencing problem

2009-04-07 16:20  metaplasma

	* src/: load_abc.cpp, load_ptm.cpp: Applied patch for dereferencing
	  type-prunned pointer

2009-04-07 15:22  metaplasma

	*, aclocal.m4,,, libtool,
	  src/, src/load_abc.cpp, src/load_mid.cpp,
	  src/load_pat.cpp: uint->uint32_t standards compliance for
	  load_abc,pat,mid.cpp, Upgraded autoconf related tools, Fixed
	  contents of libmodplug.pc

2006-11-02 14:19  metaplasma

	* ChangeLog,, README, aclocal.m4,,
	  libtool, src/, src/, src/fastmix.cpp,
	  src/load_abc.cpp, src/load_amf.cpp, src/load_mid.cpp,
	  src/load_mtm.cpp, src/sndfile.cpp, src/libmodplug/sndfile.h,
	  src/libmodplug/stdafx.h: Fixes to portability and security

2006-09-12 10:10  metaplasma

	*, libtool, src/load_abc.cpp, src/load_pat.cpp:
	  Support for Win32 delimeters and other small bug fixes (from
	  Peter Grootswagers)

2006-08-10 12:35  metaplasma

	* src/: load_abc.cpp, load_mid.cpp, load_pat.cpp, load_pat.h:
	  Properly added new files

2006-08-10 12:26  metaplasma

	* ChangeLog,, README, aclocal.m4,,
	  libtool, src/, src/sndfile.cpp,
	  src/libmodplug/sndfile.h: Added Peter Grootswagers support for
	  ABC, MID and PAT

2006-03-20 13:39  metaplasma

	* AUTHORS,, NEWS, README, TODO, aclocal.m4,, libtool, src/fastmix.cpp, src/load_amf.cpp,
	  src/load_far.cpp, src/load_it.cpp, src/load_mod.cpp,
	  src/load_s3m.cpp, src/load_stm.cpp, src/load_xm.cpp,
	  src/modplug.cpp, src/modplug.h, src/sndfile.cpp,
	  src/libmodplug/sndfile.h: New Version: libmodplug 0.8 Changes
	  include: Marco <> Changes (From Custom
	  libmodplug project) Fixed endianness for S3M, FAR and Save
	  functions for IT.  Export functions have C API equivelents (if
	  you undefine MODPLUG_NO_FILESAVE) More C API Functions for
	  Volume, Setting, Instrument Information Getting/Setging.  C
	  Implementation of Convert 32->24 and 32->32.

	  Alistair John Strachan <> AGC/Clipping
	  Provlem Fixed - via C implementation of X86_AGC.  Increase Upper
	  Limit of Frequency from 50k to 192kHz.

2005-02-02 21:54  metaplasma

	* AUTHORS, README, aclocal.m4, src/libmodplug/stdafx.h: Fixed 64bit

2004-09-10 16:35  metaplasma

	* src/load_mod.cpp: Patch to Play 2 Channel MODs by Alistair John

2004-09-10 15:19  metaplasma

	  NEWS, README, TODO, aclocal.m4, config.guess,,
	  depcomp, install-sh,, libtool,,
	  missing, src/, src/, src/fastmix.cpp,
	  src/load_669.cpp, src/load_amf.cpp, src/load_ams.cpp,
	  src/load_dbm.cpp, src/load_dmf.cpp, src/load_dsm.cpp,
	  src/load_far.cpp, src/load_it.cpp, src/load_j2b.cpp,
	  src/load_mdl.cpp, src/load_med.cpp, src/load_mod.cpp,
	  src/load_mt2.cpp, src/load_mtm.cpp, src/load_okt.cpp,
	  src/load_psm.cpp, src/load_ptm.cpp, src/load_s3m.cpp,
	  src/load_stm.cpp, src/load_ult.cpp, src/load_umx.cpp,
	  src/load_wav.cpp, src/load_xm.cpp, src/mmcmp.cpp,
	  src/modplug.cpp, src/modplug.h, src/snd_dsp.cpp, src/snd_flt.cpp,
	  src/snd_fx.cpp, src/sndfile.cpp, src/sndmix.cpp, src/tables.cpp,
	  src/libmodplug/it_defs.h, src/libmodplug/sndfile.h,
	  src/libmodplug/stdafx.h: Missing files for automake/autoconf

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