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libmorfologik-stemming-java - Finite state automaton and stemming engine library…  more info»



This project provides:

  - Finite state automaton traversal routines for Jan Daciuk's FSA package.
  - Creation of byte-based, efficient finite state automata in Java, including
    custom, efficient data storage formats (not compatible with Daciuk's FSA package).

  - A stemming engine for the Polish language built on top of a large dictionary
    of inflected forms, stems and grammatical annotations.

There are a few command-line tools you may find useful. Type:

  java -jar morfologik-stemming-*.jar

for an up-to-date list of all tools.


Marcin Miłkowski ( [linguistic data lead]
Dawid Weiss ( [fsa lead]
Grzegorz Słowikowski [maven bundles maintenance]

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