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libmpc-dev - multiple precision complex floating-point library development package…  more info»


Changes in version 0.9:
  - New functions:
    - mpc_set_dc, mpc_set_ldc, mpc_get_dc, mpc_get_ldc for converting
      between mpc type variables and C variables of type double _Complex
      or long double _Complex
    - mpc_sin_cos, computing simultaneously the sine and cosine
  - Speed-ups:
    - mpc_pow_si through binary exponentiation
    - mpc_pow_z when the exponent fits in a long
    - mpc_tan through the use of mpc_sin_cos
  - Bug fixes:
    - trigonometric functions: infinite loop due to overflow for large arguments
    - exp: close to infinite loop for argument close to 0
    - sqrt: close to infinite loop for argument close to 1
    - add_si: replaced macro by function, since the macro evaluated the same
      expression twice
  - Logging feature for debugging:
      ./configure --enable-logging
      #include "mpc-log.h" instead of #include "mpc.h"
  - Minimally required library versions: gmp 4.3.2, mpfr 2.4.2

Changes in version 0.8.2:
  - Speed-up of mpc_pow_ui through binary exponentiation

Changes in version 0.8.1:
  - Bug fixes:
    - acosh, asinh, atanh: swap of precisions between real and imaginary parts
    - atan: memory leak
    - log: wrong ternary value in data file; masked by bug in mpfr-2.4.1

Changes in version 0.8 ("Dianthus deltoides"):
  - New functions:
    - mpc_asin, mpc_acos, mpc_atan, mpc_asinh, mpc_acosh, mpc_atanh,
      mpc_pow_d, mpc_pow_ld, mpc_pow_si, mpc_pow_ui, mpc_pow_z, mpc_pow_fr
  - Bug fixes:
    - ui_div: real divisor

Changes in version 0.7 ("Campanula uniflora"):
  - New functions: mpc_pow, mpc_set_nan, mpc_swap
  - Bug fixes:
    - log: along branch cut
    - norm: infinite loop in case of overflow
    - ui_div, div, fr_div: handling of division by 0 and infinities
      following the example code of the C99 standard
    - compilation with g++
  - updated (thanks to Mickael Gastineau)
  - Minimal gmp version is 4.2
  - Changed MPC_SET_X_Y macro
  - Functions mpc_random and mpc_random2 removed

Changes in version 0.6 ("Bellis perennis"):
  - New functions: mpc_get_str, mpc_set_str, mpc_strtoc, mpc_set_uj,
    mpc_set_sj, mpc_set_ld, mpc_set_ld_ld, mpc_set_si_si, mpc_set_uj_uj,
    mpc_set_sj_sj, mpc_set_f, mpc_set_f_f, mpc_set_q, mpc_set_q_q, mpc_set_z,
    mpc_set_z_z and mpc_free_str
  - New macro: MPC_SET_X_Y
  - mpc_set_ui_fr removed
  - Default precision removed, as well as init and all init_set
    combinations; use init2 and init3, followed by set, instead
  - exp, log, cos, sin, tan, cosh, sinh, tanh and sqrt return
    inexact value
  - inp_str returns inexact value and the number of read characters
    in an additional parameter
  - Get default $CC and $CFLAGS from gmp.h (__GMP_CC / __GMP_CFLAGS,
    which are available as of GMP 4.2.3)
  - Bug fixes:
    - mpc_get_version and MPC_VERSION_STRING agree
    - Compilation on i686-pc-cygwin and i686-pc-mingw32 fixed

Changes in version 0.5.2:
  - New macros:
    - version number: MPC_VERSION_NUM, MPC_VERSION
  - updated (thanks to Mickael Gastineau)
  - Compilation on Debian-Gnu-Linux-PowerPC and MacOsX
    fixed (thanks to Laurent Fousse and Mickael Gastineau)

Changes in version 0.5.1:
  - New functions:
    - mpc_set_fr_fr
    - mpc_real, mpc_imag
    - mpc_arg, mpc_proj
  - New macros:
    - references to number parts: mpc_realref and mpc_imagref
  - Test framework rewritten
  - Configure checks for recent gmp (>= 4.2) and mpfr (>= 2.3.1)
  - New configure options: --with-gmp-lib, --with-gmp-include,
     --with-mpfr-lib, and --with-mpfr-include
  - Export declarations for MSWindows, updated (thanks to
    Mickael Gastineau)
  - Optimisations:
    - mul_fr, sin, cos
  - Bug fixes:
    - configure looks for gmp first, then for mpfr
    - cos, div, div_fr, fr_sub, mul_fr, set_fr, sqr
    - fix handling of special values: exp, log, mul, norm, sqr, sqrt

Changes in version 0.5 ("Aconitum neomontanum"):
  - Support for autotools
  - New functions:
     - logarithm
     - trigonometric functions: cos, tan
     - hyperbolic functions: cosh, sinh, tanh
  - Bug fixes:
    - sqrt with directed rounding
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