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2005-03-24    <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/CAccessorAdminCollection.pre-cc: 
	Proper error message for mIDToProxy. 


2005-03-21    <>

	* libMRML/include/TID.h: int -> long. makes it work
	on AMD 64

2005-01-25    <>

	* FeatureExtraction/ (AM_CPPFLAGS): FIXED: should
	not override CPPFLAGS.

2005-01-11    <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl (removeCollection): 
	return lReturnValue;

2005-01-10    <>

	* libMRML/include/CCommunicationHandler.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	new method. Gets the session ID of the currently built response

	* libMRML/cc/ use getCurrentSessionID.

	* libMRML/cc/ (libMRML_la_LDFLAGS): new version for libMRML

2004-12-15    <>

	Changed version number to 0.1.14

2004-12-03    <>

	fixing hardcoded bits in Robert Jordens' patch.
	Use --enable-debian-config in order to use Robert's stuff.

2004-08-05    <> for <>

	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CPersistentVector.h:
	* libMRML/include/CSelfDestroyPointer.h: 
	this-> before method calls for keeping gcc 3.4 happy.
	Patch supplied by Robert Jordens <>

	* ./
	* ./libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/
	* ./scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl:
	* ./scripts/perl/gift-remove-collection.pre-pl:
	* ./scripts/perl/gift-start.pre-pl:
	* ./scripts/perl/gift-url-to-fts.pre-pl:
	* ./libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/
	* ./scripts/perl/
	* ./libMRML/cc/
	* ./libMRML/include/
	* ./libGIFTAcHierarchy/cc/
	* ./Doc/
	* ./GIFTServer/gift-config/
	* ./GIFTServer/gift-mrml-messages/
	* ./libGIFTQuHierarchy/cc/
	* ./PluginMaker/libGIFTQu@PLUGIN_NAME@/cc/
	* ./PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/cc/
	fixed improper (debian incompatible) use of BINDIR.
	Patch supplied by Robert Jordens <>
	* Doc/HTML/DoxygenFooter.html:
	* Doc/HTML/DoxygenHeader.html:

	Contact information
	Patch supplied by Robert Jordens <>

	* Doc/configuring-and-hacking-the-gift.sgml:
	Patch supplied by Robert Jordens <>
	* Doc/gift-guide.sgml:
	export statement
	Patch supplied by Robert Jordens <>

2004-06-18    <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl (setDefaultCollection): 
	correctly set default collection on initial install 
	__COLLECTION__ --> unique collection ID

2004-06-16    <>

	* libMRML/include/ (libMRML_HEADERS): 
	making libMRML gentoo-installable

2004-06-11    <>

	* changed to accomodate
	archive name different from unpack directory 
	(i.e. ImageMagick).

	* README: changed readme

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	check if mInvertedFile is null. Fixes segmentation fault at
	end of gift-generate-inverted-file.
	(init): check if the file is valid before using the just-read
	ID/offset tuple.

2004-06-10    <muellerw@localhost>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (init): 
	more debugging printouts

2004-06-10    <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (init): 
	changed debugging output for offset file read

2004-04-16  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* changed version number.

	* Doc/gift-guide.sgml: Added remarks about java rights problems,
	the gift-prerequisites package etc.

2004-03-24  Wolfgang M�ller  <muellerw@btn1x5>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: Changed to
	react correctly to failing convert calls. Mainly putting
	evals around system calls. Writing out url2fts.xml tags
	only if the conversion and feature extraction were successful.
	[Too?] Verbose error messages.

	* libMRML/cc/ don't exit if file not linkable

	* libMRML/include/CAccessorFactoryContainer.h(isPresentFactory): 
	New method

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Changes to make finding libraries independent of shared library
	extensions using getLibNameFromFileName

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/ 
	Changes to make finding libraries independent of shared library
	extensions using getLibNameFromFileName

	* libMRML/include/getLibNameFromFileName.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ (getLibNameFromFileName): 
	New function, new file

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CQueryPlugin.h: 
	* libMRML/include/CAFPlugin.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Changed constructor to accommodate pre-extracted library name
	Softer reaction on failure.


2004-03-23  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ In constructor, 
		add more verbose error messages

2004-02-24  Knoppix User  <>

	* FeatureExtraction/extract_features.c (main): 
	* FeatureExtraction/float_histogram.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/fts2blocks.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/gabor981029.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/gabor_old.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/hsv2rgb.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/hsv_quantize.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/hsv_quantize_median_filter.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/hsv_test.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/print_float_histogram.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/quantize_mean.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/quantize_median.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/quantize_mode.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/rgb2hsv.c (main):
	* FeatureExtraction/write_feature_descs.c (main):
	changed return type to int

	* GIFTServer/ 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	#include <cassert>

2003-11-12  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ changed UF to Unknown Feature in debug printout

2003-09-15  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* Doc/gift-guide.sgml: removed non GPL compliant license statement.
	Removed some cruft from the to-do-list. Updated the part 
	about hacking the url2fts file. Updated perl prerequisites.

2003-09-02  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ throwing exception
	on unknown collection

2003-05-06  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* PluginMaker/ fixed wrong options in call
	to libMRML-config

2003-04-24  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: adding collection
	element to config file has problem on recent perl, apparently.
	Added safeConvertString (necessary, but does not solve this problem), 
	and write out stuff into a temporary file, then use parsefile.

2003-04-22  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/include/packages/GIFTPlugin-FEFTest/libGIFTAcFEFTest/include/CAcFEFTest.h: 
	* PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/include/packages/GIFTPlugin-FEFTest/libGIFTAcFEFTest/include/CAFFEFTest.h: using namespace std

	* cleaned up stray files in PluginMaker

2002-11-12  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* Doc/configuring-and-hacking-the-gift.sgml (perform): 
	changing date

2002-11-05  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/merge_sort_streams.h: 
	removed cast when shifting << by one

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/merge_sort_streams.h: 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ note which file
	is the last one touched by merge_sort_streams.h. Seems to be 
	an old and bad bug in indexing. 

	* added spaces at end of the line
	for each line of the parameter.

2002-10-23  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (query): embarrassing bug: the
	output mrml was wrong. query-result-elements were not
	part of a query-result-element-list

2002-10-20  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ removed throw

	* check for sys/times.h

	* libMRML/cc/ (query): pipe out some statistics
	about the raw fastQuery duration.

2002-10-01  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ I just got a 
	sligthly misterious bug in a realloc in expat.
	I try to solve this by copying c_str() to char*
	using a strdup()

2002-09-22  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-dtd-to-keywords.pre-pl (translateToH): 
	add #ifdef to generated c++ headers

2002-09-16  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/merge_sort_streams.h: Instead
	of doing mergesort all the time, the lowest levels of recursion
	is sorted using quicksort in memory.

	* removed check for -ldbi, as this provokes
	weird problems if using dbi in plugins

2002-09-14  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* GIFTServer/ (gift_LDADD): adding -ldbi (tentaitive)

2002-09-13  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ ( added destination
	directory to includepath

2002-09-09  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libSquirePPM/normaliseContrast.c: 
	removed old copyright notice from rewritten code (apparently
	when rewriting, I forgot the notice in the file within which I
	changed the procedure)
	* libSquirePPM/ppm.h (MIN_BYTE): 
	* libSquirePPM/ppm_noproto.h (MIN_BYTE): 
	* libSquirePPM/typedefs.h (bool): renamed maxbyte and minbyte
	for (c) sake

	* libMRML/cc/libMRML-config.pre-cc: should compile now
	with systems that don't have getopt_long

	* aclocal -I 

	* aclocal-add.m4: new file. for pthreads and getopt_long
	* FeatureExtraction/extract_block_features.c(extract_gabor_features): 
	* FeatureExtraction/extract_block_features.c(extract_mode_features): 
	Patch by Tim TimeWaster <> 
2002-09-04  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	Current packages.

	* libMRML/cc/ (CAccessorAdmin): added default
	constructor for mContent.
	Changed: build accessor before changing open/close counter
	=> throwing an exception when building the accessor
	will keep the open/close counter at the old value

2002-09-03  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl (removeCollection): 
	unlinking also the *.ADI files

	* scripts/perl/gift-remove-collection.pre-pl: 
	* scripts/perl/ added gift-remove-collection.pre-pl
	as well as targets

	* GIFTServer/ applied patch by Carsten Pfeiffer
	adding getopt support to GIFT

2002-08-28  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* GIFTServer/ (main): got rid of #ifdef single
	The code inside the if-branch is clearly obsolete.
	The only code we keep is in the #else branch.

	Furthermore, gift now creates a file gift-port.txt
	in GIFT_HOME, which contains the port numbers of 
	the ports used.

2002-08-22  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: fix for case
	where no encoding is found

2002-07-28  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/cc/ 
	removed unnecessary expat include

2002-07-27  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* GIFTServer/ i18n

	* GIFTServer/ remove references to package-included

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ expat includes changed


2002-07-26  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ include algorithm

2002-07-24  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CXMLElement.h(traverse): added non-const 
	version of this function. Needed for i18n

2002-07-23  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CCommunicationHandler.h: 
	* libMRML/include/CI18nTranslator.h: 
	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/ 
	* GIFTServer/ 
	* libGIFTAcHierarchy/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ using pre-intalled
	expat instead of GIFT-provided one. changing includes.

2002-07-22  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/CXMLElementVisitor.h:
	* libMRML/cc/ adding non-const
	member functions to CXMLElementVisitor. By default
	all they do is call the const members

	* libMRML/cc/ (getKeys): 
	* libMRML/include/CAttributeList.h(getKeys): 
	New function: get keys of all attributes

2002-07-21  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/include/CSessionManager.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Three new procedures for maintaining the languages preferred by
	a given session
2002-07-19  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: files with special 
	characters now get correctly encoded. Little problem: the client
	has to offer these encodings. The php does not do so, currently.

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ fixed: opening
	wrong file after indexing

	* libMRML/include/ (install-data-local): Fixed
	strange intstallation problems seem to have to make
	the path before doing intall-local

	(install-data-hook): this target was an install-data-local 
	before. That crashed if the installation directory was
	not present before installation

2002-07-18  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* (main): 
	return type must be int

2002-07-17  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* GIFTServer/ 

	* libMRML/include/CSessionManager.h (class CSessionManager): 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Uses now CI18nTranslator class
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CI18nTranslator.h: 
	adding support for internationalization of mrml files. This
	i18n is adapted to frequent changes of the languages during
	runtime, as it is appropriate for servers.

2002-07-12  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: 
	Finding all images within a tree before starting.
	Enables us to write out progress.

2002-07-10  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: 
	1) use strict
	2) applied bugfix for lThumbnailURLPrefix by karl s. eiringer

2002-07-08  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* dtd/mrml.dtd: Ralf Juengling tells me that there are 
	two definitions for algorithm in the dtd. Changed

2002-06-19  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcIFFileSystem.h: 
	Changes for putting temporary data at a place
	where we know we can write

2002-06-17  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* this script checks if perl
	modules needed are there
	* scripts/perl/gift-start.pre-pl: making this script
	ready for public use.

2002-06-04  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (query): reading cutoff attribute
	as double value instead of long.

2002-06-03  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* using current installed expat packaged
	version. This has become necessary for reasons of
	linking with external plugins. Sorry folx.

2002-06-03  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* expat/xmlparse/ (LTLIBRARIES): It turns
	out that I have to install when
	using new libtool and new gcc

2002-05-29  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* GIFTServer/ 
	* GIFTServer/ 
	cannot close socket in serveStream, otherwise multithreading
	goes down the drain

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/merge_sort_streams.h: 
	Quite massive changes to make it work with the full 
	file lenght allowed by the system. The problem is that
	stream_pos does not have incrementation operators etc...

	Checked in again, have done some debugging in the meanwhile
	* moving cp statement to very end of the file
	makes sure that this is executed at the right moment

2002-05-28  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CPersistentVector.h(init): 
	using fill for filling vector with intial value
	* libGIFTQuHierarchy/cc/ include <iterator>

	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/cc/ cast to int in call
	of limitNumberTo

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcIFFileSystem.h: changes for v31

2002-05-26  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CDrawer.h: 
	* CDrawer.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CMagic.h: 
	* libMRML/include/CIDRelevanceLevelPair.h: 
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorImplementation.h: 
	remove .h from standard include file names
	assert.h becomes cassert

	* libMRML/cc/ include <iterator>
2002-05-24  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	bracket notation in maps creates new empty element.
	this was a reason for some crashes. fixed.
	* libMRML/cc/ removed try/catch exception handling

2002-05-15  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	added cp gift-config.h libMRML/include
	in order to install gift-config.h together with the 
	libMRML includes

	* libMRML/include/ (install-data-local): 
	target to install the autoconf-generated gift-config.h
	* libMRML/cc/ if -luuid is present,
	session IDs will ge uuids, instead of integers starting at one

2002-05-08  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ ( 
	* libMRML/cc/libMRML-config.pre-cc (main): 
	changing the way libdir is treated.
	adding --plugin-dir flag.

2002-05-03  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/libMRML-config.pre-cc (main): 
	get rid of spaces that are "too much"

2002-04-30  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ exit -> exception

	* scripts/perl/ (PERLCONFIG): adding "-e" before
	sed expression.

2002-03-30  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* dtd/mrml.dtd: appliet Pruet Boonma's segment query patch
	as discussed in

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (URLToFeatureList): 
	Bugfix: deplaced endif to avoid returning NULL pointers.
	(Bug report Dr. St�phane Marchand-Maillet)
	* scripts/perl/gift-dtd-to-keywords.pre-pl (translateToCC): 
	generating include statement with correct location where mrml_const.h 
	will be installed. (Bug report Pruet Boonma).

2002-03-30  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ ( 
	* libMRML/cc/libMRML-config.pre-cc: 
	with-mysql-dir configure option and its usage
2002-03-03  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	bugfix in operator(). one branch did not always
	return a defined value
	* libMRML/cc/ (libMRML_la_LDFLAGS): 
	incrementing version info

	* libMRML/include/CAccessorAdmin.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Added: getQueryParadigmList
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorAdminCollection.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	New member functions: getCollectionElement,
  	getQueryParadigmList. They makes it easier
	to find configuration errors without constructing
	an CQuery element (not yet used)

2002-03-02  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	Release gift-0.1.8.

2002-03-02  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/include/ (dist-hook): 
	* libMRML/cc/ (dist-hook): remove
	files that contain configuration data

2002-02-28  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CPersistentVector.h: 
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CPersistentMatrix.h: make
	it compile with gcc v3. mainly more picky for implicit type 
	casting as well as local classes

2002-02-26  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	implemented matcher function

2002-02-18  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* README: removed first line as requested by RMS

2002-02-18  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/include/GIFTExceptions.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	const and non-const constructor, destructor
2002-02-18  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ catching non-default
	exception in query

	* libMRML/cc/ (getQueryByID): 
	throwing on error. commented out giving back
	first algorithm on exception. this can fail miserably. 
	better is to tell error.

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/createErrorMessage.h: 
	convenience function for creating MRML error 

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	catch exception on algorithm construction

	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/ (CAcURL2FTS): 
	Throw exception if url2fts unreadable
	* libMRML/cc/ adding an accessor to
	the message contained in the exception.

	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/include/CAcURL2FTS.h: 
	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/ adding exception
	class VEConfigurationError. This is thrown if an
	error occurs that is caused by some configuration mistake.

2002-02-10  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* GIFTServer/
	* GIFTServer/
	* GIFTServer/
	multiple sockets used by one gift instance
	* GIFTServer/ 
	* GIFTServer/CDomainSocket.h:
	* GIFTServer/CTCPSocket.h:
	* GIFTServer/CMultiServer.h:
	* GIFTServer/ 
	* GIFTServer/processMessage.h: 
	* GIFTServer/CProcessMessageParameters.h: 
	* GIFTServer/ 
	* GIFTServer/ 
	Moving classes and functions defined in 
	out of in order to make them usable for 
	other servers like e.g. multi-gift

2002-01-26  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (libMRML_la_LDFLAGS): 
	changed libtool version number

	* CRPipe.h: 
	* CReaper.h: 
	* CReaperDistributor.h:
	* safePopen.h:
	these files contain the implementation of a kind of
	safe popen
	* libMRML/cc/ added 

	* libMRML/include/ (libMRML_HEADERS): added
	 CRPipe.h CReaper.h CReaperDistributor.h safePopen.h

2002-01-23  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/ (InvertedFile_HEADERS): 
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/ (DistanceMatrix_HEADERS): 
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/ (libGIFTQuInvertedFile_HEADERS): 
	* libMRML/include/ (libMRML_HEADERS): 
	* libGIFTAcHierarchy/include/ (libGIFTAcHierarchydir): 
	* libGIFTQuHierarchy/include/ 
	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/include/ 
	adding uses-declarations.h to distribution

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (init): 
	show errno
	(init): have to clear file flags after close

	* GIFTServer/ 
	* GIFTServer/ using namespace std

	* GIFTServer/ include iostream

	* GIFTServer/ (main): return int
	change fstream::in+fstream::out to fstream::in|fstream::out
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/merge_sort_streams.h: 
	streampos becomes STREAMPOS which is defined as 
	long long int => ++ is defined
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	read and write need typecast to char* when using g++ v3

2002-01-22  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* GIFTServer/ (main): adding seeding by pid
	third parameter has to be "0" to block seeding

2002-01-20  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ ( 
	* libMRML/cc/libMRML-config.pre-cc (main): 
	make it work. replacing @ by % in the sed operation
	transforming pre-cc to cc and consequently in the 
	pre-cc source 

2002-01-12  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* $(CXX) instead of $(CC) in perl test

2002-01-11  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	added -ldl to non-perl branch as consequence of
	patch suggestion by 
	Pruet Boonma <>

2002-01-10  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/merge_sort_streams.h: 
	streampos troubles

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (char*) cast 
	in read/write from/to stream

	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/ Yay, gcc v3.0.3 found
	me an error mIDToFFN.find gave back an iterator mURLToFFN.

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ include iostream

	* libMRML/include/CQMultiple.h: 
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorImplementation.h: 

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CIFListStart.h: 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAdditionalDocumentInformation.h: 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcSQLInvertedFile.h: 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcInvertedFile.h: 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcIFMySQL.h: 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CADIHash.h: 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcIFFileSystem.h: 
	* libMRML/include/myNew.h: 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CDocumentFrequencyElement.h: 
	iostream.h becomes iostream
	fstream.h becomes fstream etc.

	* libMRML/include/GIFTExceptions.h: added using namespace

	* libMRML/include/CIDRelevanceLevelPair.h: casting to double
	for making fabs unambiguous

	* libMRML/include/CAccessorElement.h: 
	include <iostream> makes it compile

	* libMRML/cc/<<): small changes
	not affecting functionality for obtaining better error messages
	from gcc v3

2002-01-09  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ cast TID to long

	* scripts/perl/gift-dtd-to-keywords.pre-pl (translateToH(): 
	adding using namespaces directive to c++ output

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	convert "char" to strings

2002-01-09  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/uses-declarations.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/uses-declarations.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/uses-declarations.h:
	* libMRML/include/uses-declarations.h:
	* libGIFTAcHierarchy/include/uses-declarations.h:
	* libGIFTAcPerl/include/uses-declarations.h:
	* libGIFTQuHierarchy/include/uses-declarations.h:
	* libGIFTQuPerl/include/uses-declarations.h:
	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/include/uses-declarations.h:

	Added header files containing the "using namespace" declarations
	for each library.

	* /libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CADIHash.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcSQLInvertedFile.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CDocumentFrequencyHash.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CDocumentFrequencyList.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CIFListStart.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAdditionalDocumentInformation.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CBitSetCollection.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAFSpecialised.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CIFBuilderTriplet.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAFIFMySQL.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CInitializedDouble.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CInvertedFileChunk.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAFInvertedFile.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CComparisonResults.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcInvertedFile.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcIFFileSystem.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CDocumentFrequencyElement.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcIFMySQL.h:
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcInvertedFileAbstraction.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CSquasher.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CDistanceCalculator.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CPersistentTranslatedIndexMatrix.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CDrawer.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CInformationCalculator.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CIDToMatrixIndex.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CAcDistanceMatrix.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CAFDistanceMatrix.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CPersistentVector.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CProbabilityCombiner.h:
	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/CPersistentMatrix.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWeightingFunctionPointerList.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CQInvertedFile.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWeightingFunction.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CQueryNormalizer.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWFStandardTF.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWFBestFullyWeighted.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWFBinaryTerm.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CQNEuclideanLengthSquare.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CQNBestFullyWeighted.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CQNSquareDFLogICFSum.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWFCoordinationLevel.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWeighter.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWFClassicalIDF.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CScoreBoard.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CQNNoNormalization.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWFBestProbabilistic.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CQNMaxDocumentFrequency.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWFProbability.h:
	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/include/CWeightingFunctionPointerHash.h:
	* libMRML/include/CTimeStampGenerator.h:
	* libMRML/include/CXEVCommunication.h:
	* libMRML/include/CXEVTripletList.h:
	* libMRML/include/CMagic.h:
	* libMRML/include/CSelfDestroyPointer.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorFactory.h:
	* libMRML/include/CSessionManager.h:
	* libMRML/include/CArraySelfDestroyPointer.h:
	* libMRML/include/CQueryTreeBuilder.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorImplementation.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAFPlugin.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorAdmin.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAlgorithm.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorElement.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAccessor.h:
	* libMRML/include/CXMLHelper.h:
	* libMRML/include/CMutex.h:
	* libMRML/include/CQueryParadigmMatcher.h:
	* libMRML/include/CPropertySheetList.h:
	* libMRML/include/CXMLElementVisitor.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorFactoryContainer.h:
	* libMRML/include/CRelevanceLevelList.h:
	* libMRML/include/CNoDelete.h:
	* libMRML/include/CQueryTreeNode.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAlgorithmCollection.h:
	* libMRML/include/CMRMLStringConstants.h:
	* libMRML/include/CQMultiple.h:
	* libMRML/include/CIDRelevanceLevelPairList.h:
	* libMRML/include/CQueryPlugin.h:
	* libMRML/include/CDebuggingMemoryManager.h:
	* libMRML/include/CStaticQueryFactory.h:
	* libMRML/include/CCommunicationHandler.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAttributeList.h:
	* libMRML/include/CRelevanceLevel.h:
	* libMRML/include/CXMLElementBuilder.h:
	* libMRML/include/CIDRelevanceLevelPair.h:
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorAdminCollection.h:
	* libMRML/include/CQuery.h:
	* libMRML/include/CQParallel.h:
	* libMRML/include/CXMLElement.h:
	* libMRML/include/CDynamicQueryFactory.h:
	* libGIFTAcHierarchy/include/CAFHierarchy.h:
	* libGIFTAcHierarchy/include/CAcHierarchy.h:
	* GIFTServer/CSelfDestroyPointer.h:
	* GIFTServer/CArraySelfDestroyPointer.h:
	* libGIFTAcPerl/include/CAFPerl.h:
	* libGIFTAcPerl/include/CAcPerl.h:
	* libGIFTQuHierarchy/include/CQHierarchy.h:
	* libGIFTQuPerl/include/CXMLTripletList.h:
	* libGIFTQuPerl/include/CQPerl.h:
	* libGIFTQuPerl/include/CXMLTriplet.h:
	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/include/CAFURL2FTS.h:
	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/include/CAcURL2FTS.h:
	Added an #include "../include/uses-declarations.h"
	for proper namespace handling
2002-01-04  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ bug in sed script
	INCLUDE substitution fixed

2002-01-08  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (getPeerAddressString): 
	New functions to get at the peer address

	(readAndParse):	printing a time stamp, of the incoming message, 
	as well as the peer address string

	* GIFTServer/ 
	Changes to get at the peer name, and pass it to the 
	communication handler

2002-01-03  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* expat/ changing sequence of subdirs. xmlwf must be last,
	gennmtab must be first.

	* PluginMaker/libGIFTQu@PLUGIN_NAME@/ (SUBDIRS): 
	cc AND include
	* PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/cc/ 
	* PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/include/ 
	* PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/cc/ 
	* PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/include/ 
	* PluginMaker/libGIFTQu@PLUGIN_NAME@/cc/ 
	* PluginMaker/libGIFTQu@PLUGIN_NAME@/include/ 
	adjusting include paths
2002-01-03  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* PluginMaker/ generate
	make files in include directories

	* PluginMaker/ (wanted): don't copy
	files in the CVS directory when making plugin

2001-12-29  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/libMRML-config.pre-cc: 
	New file

2001-12-27  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (addToMultiResponse): 
	don't add empty trees

	* PluginMaker/libGIFTQu@PLUGIN_NAME@/include/ 
	* PluginMaker/libGIFTAc@PLUGIN_NAME@/include/ 
	new files

2001-12-26  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* expat/xmlwf/ 
	* expat/xmlparse/ (parse_HEADERS): 

2001-12-23  Wolfgang Müller  <>

	* expat/xmltok/ (INCLUDES): adding gennmtab

	* expat/gennmtab/ making nametab.h at the right 
	place and time

2001-12-11  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/include/CQMultiple.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/
	Changes to accomodate merging by URL (instead of merging by ID).

	* Doc/ (PROJECT_NAME): create ini file with
	@PACKAGE@ and @VERSION@ that will be substituted.

	* FeatureExtraction/ (EXTRA_DIST): install headers

	* GIFTServer/gift-mrml-messages/ 
	gift-ihandshake.pre-mrml gift-iconfigure.pre-mrml

	* GIFTServer/gift-config/ (EXTRA_DIST): gift-config.mrml

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/ (noinst_HEADERS): 
	there were wrong headers in this file

	* expat/xmltok/ (EXTRA_DIST): xmltok_impl.c xmltok_ns.c
	are actually  include files which need to be distributed using EXTRA_DIST

	* dtd/ make mrml.dtd part of the distro

	* Doc/ making doc makefile proof against missing tools

	* scripts/perl/ making sure all prerequisites are distributed

2001-12-10  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* add missing
	* expat/Makefile: removed

	Globally: moving automatically generated files
		out of CVS
	Move towards a working "make dist" target
2001-12-08  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/include/ new file
	* libGIFTQuPerl/include/ new file
	* libGIFTQuPerl/ 
	* libMRML/include/ 
	make sure that *.h files are distributed

	* scripts/perl/ (EXTRA_SCRIPTS): pre-
	pre-files must be distributed
	* libSquirePPM/ (noinst_HEADERS): 

	* Added bootstrap script which
	is to be called when having checked out the GIFT from

2001-12-03  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/include/CQMultiple.h(mUsesFastQuery): 
	new attribute which checks if fastQuery is used 
	or not. This means either result merging by 
	URL (query) by ID (fastQuery). 

2001-11-23  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* dtd/mrml.dtd(query-result): can contain
	multiple query-result-element lists
	(query-step): changing the sequence in the model
	for working around bug in dtd-to-tex

2001-11-08  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* dtd/mrml.dtd: query step implied

2001-10-11  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* dtd/mrml.dtd: I added "error" tags as children of
	response tags where useful. The goal is to have components
	report their errors, and thus to make it clearer where
	the error occurred.

2001-11-01  Wolfgang Mueller  <>

	* dtd/mrml.dtd: added cui-text-query tag to dtd,
	enabled multiple user-relevance-lists in one query-step
	added cui-query-string.

2001-10-25  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	putting time stamp generation back into the code. Time stamp
	generation is interesting for logging

	* GIFTServer/ (main): write out into
	log file the time at which the GIFT was started 
	(as XML comment)	

2001-10-24  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* Changed warning message for 

	* libMRML/cc/ (INCLUDES): removed doubly
	specified LDFLAGS

	* Heavy modification
	in all the script 

2001-10-16  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorAdminCollection.h: 
	To counter problems with people who do queries
	to a collection with "" as ID, give back
	the default collection to the request.

	This is a quick but useful fix, please see
	code for caveats
2001-10-11  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ Returning error tag
	if unknown session

2001-09-27  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ (CAlgorithmCollection): 
	Moving calls to my_throw in a way that they are USED =>
	this makes compilers with good exception handling necessary.

2001-05-31  Wolfgang Mueller  <>

	* changeing package version number

2001-09-10  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ CQMThread gets 
	an additional attribute: mWeight. mWeight
	describes which weight the result obtained
	by this thread should receive. It has to be
	taken care of manually, and it does not cause
	any thing to happen automatically.
	add CQMThread::getWeight function
	(fastQuery): using CQMThread::getWeight() for
	weighting result correctly.

2001-07-30  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	* add option --disable-foreign-urls and compiler
	define IGNORE_UNKNOWN_URLS for disabling people's use of URLs 
	that are not part of the collection queried.

	* scripts/perl/gift-url-to-fts.pre-pl (convertURLToFeatureFile): 
	adding a line that logs the external URL along with the time and
	the thumbnail file, as well as the name of the feature file generated

2001-05-08  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/include/CSessionManager.h (CSessionManager): 
	* libMRML/cc/ (CSessionManager): 
	adding a newSession function, that creates a session with a           given ID in case of a user requesting a non-exsistent 

2001-05-07  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ Removed my_throw
	in case of unknown session for query

2001-04-21  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* FeatureExtraction/extract_block_features.c(init_feature_variables): 
	Applied David Squire's bug fix for wrong features
	(int) becomes rint()

	default is not to free unused accessors, in order to
	increase speed. Real solution to this would be some
	cacheing method.

	(AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Changed package version to 0.1.6pre2

2001-05-31  Wolfgang Mueller  <>

	* GIFTServer/ have to initialise
	gMutex. Otherwise failure in gift-generate-inverted-file when
	doing multi-threading 

2001-05-22  Wolfgang Mueller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (fastQuery): commenting out 
	lTemporary [was unused].

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl (wanted): 
	removing ^ in front of second http: s[^http:/][^http://]
	is now s[^http:/][http://]

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CIDRelevanceLevelPair.h: Added cmath include,
	as well as an author notice

	* libMRML/include/CAlgorithm.h(CAlgorithm): 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Now we can construct an algorithm not only from another algorithm, but also 
	from an exsisting CXMLElement

	* libMRML/include/CAccessorAdminCollection.h: 
	making private classes public where necessary

	* libMRML/cc/ inAttributes
	is not any more a flat attribute list, but a tree of type

2001-04-19  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	CMutex/gMutex include
	New diagnostics including process ID
	(openAccessor): openclosecounter was not incremented
	when reusing accessor. fixed.

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (URLToFeatureList): 
	return emty feature list instead of null pointer

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	removing mutex from readbinary [should be already mutexed]
	(CDocumentFrequencyList) in default constructor, create array
	of one element to avoid segfault? removed assertion that
	makes the program fail in any case.

	* libMRML/cc/ (CMutex): printing out
	the lock pids

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/	: 
	printing out the pid.

	* libMRML/include/CQueryTreeNode.h: changed
	to CAlgorithm* CQuery* respectively

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Destroying mContent and mAlgorithm by hand
	to control destruction sequence

	* GIFTServer/ removed references
	to gift-debug-test

2001-04-17  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTQuInvertedFile/cc/ added decent 
	destructor which closes the accessor on destruction

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ changing
	local to global mutex

	* libMRML/cc/ (endMultiRequest): 

2001-02-02  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* Changing quotes "" to [] in all calls
	of AC_MSG

2001-04-12  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ changeing
	copy() instruction to use of CAttributeList
	copy constructor.

	* libMRML/cc/ adding empty
	default constructor

2001-04-11  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (libMRML_la_SOURCES): 
	adding CXMLElementBuilder to this list

2001-04-09  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* set flags for efence

	* libMRML/cc/ took out a couple
	of checknprints as well as a call to check()

2001-04-05  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* allow full multithreading

	* libMRML/cc/ changing some
	printouts to asserts to increase speed.

2001-04-04  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CDebuggingMemoryManager.h: 
	* libMRML/include/myNew.h: 
	* GIFTServer/ 
	replacing memory management in order to have a better view
	on what happens in memory. part of memory overwrite problems
	and their solutions (hopefully).

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ check
	the default algorithm.

2001-04-03  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ adding to assertion some
	printout to cout

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	adding mutex locks
2001-03-29  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/include/CXMLElement.h: 
	adding mMutex

	* libMRML/cc/ put back copying of
	CXMLElement on construction of CQMThread
	the help-gplusplus mailing list suggests there is
	a severe problem in bastring. quite a number of
	people report mystical problems. The general strategy
	is now to avoid synchronous reads on string 

2001-03-28  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 

	* GIFTServer/ 

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CMutex.h: introduced new flag
	__GIFT_USES_THREADS__ instead of stupid use of

	* scripts/emacs-lisp/gift-compile-current.el (gift-Utomake): 
	splitting concat strings in another way to make commenting 
	options easier

2001-04-02  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	For verifying if there some bugs which seem
	to reside in the string classes kill the GIFT, 
	I am changing the type etc. of the attribute
	list to char wherever possible

	I am starting out with changing map<string,string>
	to map<string,char*> which is the easiest for
	going to map<char*,char*> I have to write a comparison

2001-03-14  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/include/CXMLElementBuilder.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ added #ifdefs
	around debugging printouts
2001-03-27  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ cut out lone of CQuery
	in CQMThread

	* libMRML/cc/ checking if attributes
	are longer than 200 char.

	* libMRML/cc/ (generateTimeStamp): 
	added lock/unlock

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	adding expressive debugging printouts to cerr�

	* scripts/perl/CFeedbackClient.pre-pm (addCollection): 
	Uncommented if $vDEBUG{addCollection};
	Applied Patch by Henning M�ller:
	He sais:
	this patch basically changes two things. It adds 
	a new flag to the debug options, so I can block 
	any output on the screen in CFeedbackClient. I
	just called it others, so it does not conflict 
	with any of yours.
	The other problem I had when using the benchmark
	test was an error with an access to an undefined 
	hash element in getAlgorithm. I check wether this 
	element is defined and if not, I sent adefault back.

2001-03-26  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* GIFTServer/ commented lock/unlock pair
	in processMessage
	* Added -D_PTHREADS for multithreading

2001-03-23  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (query): added mutex lock

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: 
	Collections reference url2fts, however, the file
	name must be url2fts.xml

2001-03-22  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Currently each connection mutex-locks. I.e.
	multithreading is only used in
	* libMRML/include/CXMLElement.h: Tracking misterious
	stuff happening when multithreading. Adding mutex
	to CXMLElement.

2001-03-21  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (fastQuery): 
	I seem to have solved a problem regarding a leak
	of ressources when doing multi threading. You can
	find further description in the comment EX-LEAK

2001-03-08  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* GIFTServer/ Teardown: tries to read
	all characters (includin junk) from the other side 
	before finally closing the socket.

	* scripts/perl/gift-start.pre-pl: a log of the 
	PRINTOUT of each gift instance goes now to a
	temporary file of the type gift$PID.tmplog
	$PID being the proces id of the instance of 
	gift-start.pre-pl (NOT the instance of the GIFT)

2001-03-07  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* dtd/mrml.dtd: added cui-time-stamp tag with 
	calendar-time attribute

	* libMRML/cc/ corresponding changes

	* libMRML/include/CTimeStampGenerator.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Added these files. A CTimeStampGenerator is made for
	generating time stamps

	* libMRML/cc/ When opening 
	session, add session-name and user-id to the resulting
	<ackn-session-op ...> element. This resolves some ambiguities 
	in parsing log files. This is OPTIONAL MRML.
2001-03-02  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/include/CXMLElementBuilder.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ Added this class
	it builds an XML tree from a string. This currently is
	done within CCommunicationHandler, but I found I am using
	this about everywhere, so I put it into a special class.

	* libMRML/include/CCommunicationHandler.h: 
	small changes in the comments

2001-02-21  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl (wanted): adding
	code for URL escaping.

	* scripts/perl/gift-start.pre-pl (REAPER): added reaper
	to get rid of annoying problem in gift-start

2001-02-15  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	_NO_PRINTOUT_WRITE_BINARY ifdeffed out annoying printouts
	on writing

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/merge_sort_streams.h: 
	replaced "int" by streampos to follow linux's evolution

	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/ (CAcURL2FTS): 
	made lBuffer a global variable. FIXME: it's not elegant
	to slurp in the whole thing at once.

	* GIFTServer/
	now the name of the unpublished directory
	AND the -L flags. This is a fix for libtool
	problems I had

2001-02-13  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* GIFTServer/ (main): 
	changed url2fts to url2fts.xml

2001-02-06  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl (wanted): 
	changing the argument list in the "system" calls to
	avoid shell escapes and misinterpretation of 

	* scripts/perl/gift-start.pre-pl:
	new file. This script starts up the GIFT, and sends out
	mails if the gift goes down.

2001-02-05  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/ changed XML Error
	message to give information in which file the error 

	* scripts/perl/CXTVWriter.pre-pm: 
	use CXMLTreeVisitor;

2001-01-31  MUELLER Wolfgang  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (_NO_CONSISTENCYPRINT):
	(_NO_CHECK_CONSISTENCY): These defines block some annoying
	checks and check printouts, that are done when indexing
	collections, and which take MUCH longer than the indexing

	* scripts/perl/ (distclean): Added this target.
	It does the same as make clean in this directory

	* libMRML/cc/ do not
	exit on XML error

	* libMRML/cc/ (CAlgorithmCollection): 
	* libMRML/cc/ added to
	printout on XML error.

	* GIFTServer/ remove data_DATA line

2001-01-24  Wolfgang Mueller  <>

	* replaced all "CPPFLAGS" by
	$CC uses

2001-01-23  Wolfgang Mueller  <>

	* GIFTServer/ changed link sequence
	we need to link libMRML first. Otherwise the perl stuff does
	not get linked correctly

2001-01-11  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/ (handleChar): added ?
	after newline in regexp. makes me catch more whitespace
	text nodes.

2001-01-03  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTQuBayesian/cc/ (libGIFTQuBayesian_la_SOURCES): 
	Renamed CIFQuickAndDirtyHunter to CQTracker.
	* libGIFTQuBayesian/cc/
	* libGIFTQuBayesian/include/CIFQuickAndDirtyHunter.h:
	* libGIFTQuBayesian/cc/
	* libGIFTQuBayesian/include/CQTracker.h:
	Renamed CIFQuickAndDirtyHunter to CQTracker. This fits
	the naming scheme, it's shorter, and it meeds the case better.

2000-12-29  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/emacs-lisp/gift-compile-current.el (gift-associated): 
	Change routines for finding associated files so that they
	cope also with flat directory structures.

2000-12-28  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/include/CAcURL2FTS.h: 
	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/
	adding the functions newStartURL2FTSElement
	newEndURL2FTSElement in order to read url2fts.xml

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: 
	Making this script xml-ready.

2000-12-24  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	changed include CCommunicationHandler

2000-12-23  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ (libMRML_la_SOURCES): 
	* GIFTServer/ (gift_SOURCES): 
	* GIFTServer/
	* GIFTServer/CCommunicationHandler.h:
	* libMRML/cc/
	* libMRML/include/CCommunicationHandler.h:
	moved to libMRML

2000-12-20  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: 
	appending an "/" to lIndexPrefix. We assume
	that the path ends with a "/" throughout the

2000-12-15  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/emacs-lisp/gift-compile-current.el (gift-Utomake): 
	(gift-Itomake): use --enable-multi-threading option

	* NEWS: news.

	* Doc/gift-guide.sgml: documented new options of
	configure. Erased "done" items from "to-do" list.
	* created --enable-multi-threading 

2000-12-14  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTQuPerl/cc/ surrounding
	the whole file with #ifdef __GIFT_WITH_PERL__

2000-12-13  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* Doc/ (CLEANFILES): Don't remove 
	gift-guide.txt and configuring-and-hacking-the-gift.txt
	these files are part of the distribution. Now.

	* README: New short readme for the impatient

	* Making
	part of the configuration process.

	* Doc/gift-guide.sgml (Caveat): Adding and changing
	some parts about the installation procedure which
	has become much nicer.

	* added this file
	it automatically installs all software prerequisites.
	that are needed by the GIFT.

2000-12-10  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* dtd/ making automatically 
	libMRML/cc/ and libMRML/include/mrml_const.h
	and using scripts/perl/
	* (SUBDIRS): changing sequence. make
	scripts first, then dtd, then libraries. 

2000-12-07  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/
	* libMRML/include/CAlgorithm.h(getInheritsFrom):

2000-12-06  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* GIFTServer/
	Added error handling

	* GIFTServer/CCommunicationHandler.h: A mutex for
	the communication handler makes sure that
	no two threads write to the log in the same moment.

2000-12-05  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* GIFTServer/ waiting for eof from
	client for better teardown

	* GIFTServer/ removed
	&lWaitingTime from read wait

2000-12-01  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/include/CAcIFFileSystem.h: 
	improving doc of the constructor

	* Doc/ New targets and new cleanfiles
	for making more documentation
	(noinst_DATA): Now the documentation is automatically made.
	(system-doc): Doxyfile is a precondition for the target.

	* Doc/Doxyfile (MAN_EXTENSION): 
	Manpages into 3gift

	* replacing kdoc by doxygen.

2000-11-30  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* scripts/perl/gift-url-to-fts.pre-pl (convertURLToFeatureFile): 
	did not give __BINDIR__ for gift-extract-features

	* libMRML/cc/ Giving something
	to do for the main thread
	(CQMThread): adding function callFunction which does
	not spawn a thread

	* scripts/perl/gift-add-collection.pre-pl: 
	lDatabaseName became lCollectionName
	Reading DOT_FILE .gift-add-collection
	Primitive variable reprlacement
	Moved generation/copying of configuration files behind
	processing of the --help option

2000-11-29  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* Now doing explicit check for being
	able to lock recursively.

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (URLToFeatureList): 
	adjusted path to new directory.h [bugfix relative to unreleased

2000-11-28  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CSessionManager.h:
	making CSession threadsafe:

	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/include/CAcURL2FTS.h: 
	* libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/ 
	analog: adding mMutexURL2FTS
	* libGIFTAcHierarchy/include/CAcHierarchy.h: 
	adding mMutexHierarchy

	* libGIFTAcHierarchy/cc/ adding
	mMutexHierarchy.lock()/unlock() to all functions

2000-11-27  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ added function doQueryThread. 
	This function is supposed to run in a spawned thread.

	* Added check for POSIX threads
	Changing versioning for libraries

	* GIFTServer/ (gift_generate_inverted_file_LDADD): 
	Changing library paths to match reality...

	* GIFTServer/ (main): moving the construction
	of gHandler into the socket listening loop

	* GIFTServer/CCommunicationHandler.h: 
	* GIFTServer/ 
	Changed constructor to take the session manager
	as parameter, as well as the ostream of the logfile.
	The corresponding members become references instread
	of auto variables.
	Deleted unused members mSessionFile mConfigFile

	* GIFTServer/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CXEVCommunication.h: 
	Disentangling the two classes in order to prepare them
	for multithreading.

	* libMRML/cc/ Instead of throwing
	exceptions giving back error message in case
	of unknown session. Advantage: easier multithreading.

2000-11-24  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ 
	adding lock/unlock calls to all functions

	* libMRML/include/CAccessor.h: Beginning to add
	multithreading using posix threads. Adding
	conditionally a lock/unlock, and a mutex.

2000-11-22  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* Doc/ (CLEANFILES): the automatically
	generated documentation will now be deleted before

	* Doc/autoDoc/HTML: 
	* Doc/autoDoc/TeX:

	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/
	* libMRML/cc/
	* libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ (URLToFeatureList): 
	* libMRML/cc/ These files
	now use directory.h . This makes the use of
	pre-cc obsolete. changed accordingly.

2000-11-21  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/include/CAccessorFactory.h(closeAccessor): 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Added closeAccessor function
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorProxy.h(CContent): 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorFactoryContainer.h(CContent): 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Moved the open/close-accessor logic from the
	factory container to the accessor proxy.
	Affects openAccessor in both classes, as well
	as the definition of a map which administrates this logic.
	This is mContent of type CContent

	* libMRML/include/CAccessorFactoryContainer.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Changed params of CAccessorFactoryContainer::configure
	to CXMLElement* [was const].

2000-11-20  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/include/ 
	* libMRML/ 
	generating a file directory.h from ./configure results
	in order to get around this ugly pre-cc business
	* GIFTServer/ Added remark
	that CAcPerl and CQuPerl HAVE to be linked
	at linking time.

	* libMRML/include/ 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Some aftermath of cleaning the accessorfactorycontainer business up.
	CAccessorFactoryContainer::openAccessor needed a new parameter.
	changed call to openAccessor
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CAFPlugin.h: 
	Added these files. They implement an accessor Factory which
	functions for plugged-in accessors.
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Receives now a parameter which is an XML parse
	tree. This tree is scanned for names of directories.
	These directories will be scanned for plugins.
	Changed error message, if a plugin is registered twice

2000-11-18  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/ Made
	a constructor for this function

2000-11-17  Wolfgang M�ller  <>

	* libMRML/cc/
	* libMRML/cc/
	  ifdef-ed out some debugging printout
	* libMRML/include/CAccessorCollection.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ unused function
	  getAllQueryMethods deleted

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	emptied constructor of things which are realy none of
	CAccessorProxy's business [moved into 
	(constructor): Gets new parameter inFactoryContainer

	* libMRML/cc/
	Give mFactory as parameter to new new CAccessorProxy

	* libMRML/include/CAccessorCollection.h: mFactory
	becomes new member

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Two query engines are not plugins CQPerl and CQMultiple.
	CQMultiple will be used too often, and CQPerl would be
	only doable if we could count on libPerl being present
	on the system.
	Now I consider CQuery plugins working. Tomorrow we
	do the same with CAccessors.

	* libMRML/cc/ (makeQuery): ifdef-ed out
	this function if LINK_DYNAMICALLY

	* libMRML/cc/
	call works without algorithm collection now

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	* libMRML/include/CAlgorithmCollection.h: mFactory
	removed. becomes inFactory in makeQuery, which means
	that makeQuery has become quite obsolete

	* libMRML/cc/ (constructor): 
	Takes now a CBaseTypeFactory as parameter

	* libMRML/include/CDynamicBaseTypeFactory.h: Is now inherited
	from CBaseTypeFactory

	* libMRML/include/CBaseTypeFactory.h: making makeQuery

	* libMRML/include/CSessionManager.h (class CSessionManager): 
	Added mBaseTypeFactory

	* libMRML/cc/ 
	added inBaseTypeFactory to the call, handed through
	to buildQueryTree

	* libMRML/include/CQueryTreeBuilder.h: 
	* libMRML/cc/ 
	Added an inBaseTypeFactory parameter to the configure
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