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The following people have contributed to libmusicbrainz3:

  Lukáš Lalinský <lalinsky at gmail dot com>
    - Created the C++ implementation (based on python-musicbrainz2) and the
      C bindings.
    - CppUnit test suite. 
  Matthias Friedrich <matt at mafr dot de>
    - Design and documentation for the original Python implementation.
    - Autotools/libtool build system.

The following people have contributed to the original libmusicbrainz2:

  Adam Wozniak <adam at mudlist dot eorbit dot net>
   - original CD-ROM TOC code

  Ben Wong <cdindex at wongs dot net>
   - support for SGI Irix

  Bert Vermeulen <bert at biot dot com>
   - improved endian support

  Johnny Tevessen <j dot tevessen at gmx dot net>
   - brought in autoconf support

  Jukka Poikolainen <jukka dot poikolainen at poikosoft dot com>
   - brought in Win32 TOC code

  Marc E E van Woerkom <van dot woerkom at netcologne dot de>
   - support for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris and Win32/Cygwin

  Mark A Mankins <raider at dnaco dot net>
   - improved Netscape support 

  Rick Bradey <roundeye at bellsouth dot net>
   - support Linux 2 dot 2 kernel and -l command line option

  Robert Kaye <rob at emusic dot com>
   - hacked it together in the first place
   - support for Win32/MS VC++
   - coordination of the CD Index/MusicBrainz project
   - move the CD Index over to MusicBrainz
   - All the RDF/XML work in the client library

  Stephen van Egmond <svanegmond at home dot com>
   - support for BeOS

  Winston Chang <winston at stdout dot org>
   - support for Solaris

  David W. Gray <david at thegray dot com>
   - cmd.dsp and added support for exporting the C++ interface in Win32

  Alexey Zakhlestine <indy at mgupp dot ru> 
   - Supplied a patch compile this lib under BeOS

  Brian Reichert <reichert at numachi dot com>
   - Supplied a patch compile this lib under FreeBSD-4.3

  Erik Gavert <erik at jsdata dot se>
   - A small browser launch patch.

  Patrick Mauritz <oxygene at studentenbude dot ath dot cx>
   - A patch to allow building mb_client from a different directory. 

  Chris Gray <cgray4 at cs dot mcgill dot ca>
   - A patch to keep the trm stuff from crashing. 

  Myers Carpenter <myers at maski dot org> 
   - Added track duration queries to queries.h
   - Added all the python and debian support

  Matthias Friedrich <mfriedrich at users dot sourceforge dot net>
   - Provided a patch for fixing NetBSD cdrom TOC code

  Sander van Zoest <sander at vanZoest dot com>
   - Wrote the perl bindings

  Philippe Normand <sweafty at free dot fr>
   - Supplied a couple of minor patches to the new build system

  Andreas Rottmann <a dot rottmann at gmx dot at>
   - Improve build system and debian support

  Tim Van Holder <tim dot van dot holder at pandora dot be>
   - Supplied a patch to fix some compile issues under cygwin

  Clayton O'Neill <coneill at oneill dot net>
   - Improved the mp3 sanity checking code in the lib/bitzi/mp3.c

  Juergen Kreileder <jk at blackdown dot de>
   - Supplied minimal patch for making sure that mb_client still works
     when CDO_CHECK_TYPE is defined.

  Martin Michlmayr <tbm at cyrius dot com>
   - Supplied a number of patches that fixed minor issues with the reintegrated
     python bindings

  Ryan McCabe <ryan at numb dot org>
   - Supplied a patch to fix pointer issues in comhttpsocket.cpp and
     comsocket.cpp on 64-bit architectures. 
$Id: AUTHORS.txt 9135 2007-05-12 11:09:24Z luks $
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