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libnet-tclink-perl - Perl interface to the TrustCommerce payment gateway…  more info»


                              Net::TCLink v3.4
                             Perl Implementation
                       copyright (C) TrustCommerce 2003

                              September 5, 2003


  Net::TCLink is a thin client library to allow your e-commerce servers to
connect to the TrustCommerce payment gateway easily and consistently.
The protocol (which is the same across all platforms and languages) is
well-documented in the Web Developer's Guide, so please consult it for
any questions you may have about the protocol syntax itself.

  If you are using Perl or ActivePerl on Win32, do not use this client.
Please download the COM object from the Vault website instead.


  You will need the OpenSSL libraries and header files installed on your 
system to compile Net::TCLink.  You can download them from  Many modern UNIX systems (including Red Hat 
Linux 7.0 and above) come with the OpenSSL libraries pre-installed.

  To build, you need only execute the following two commands:

  $ perl Makefile.PL
  $ make

  Optionally, you may test the build by running the following:

  $ make test


  If you wish to install globally (recommended), execute the following
command as root:

  # make install

  If you do not have root priviledges on the machine, or do not wish to
install Net::TCLink globally, you may still load the module manually from the
blib directory where it is built.  Assuming the name of your test script is, use the following command line:

  $ perl -Iblib/arch -Iblib/lib

  You may wish to change "blib/arch" and "blib/lib" to be the full path to
those locations, so that you may execute the command anywhere.

  Or, you may insert the following code at the top of your script:

use lib "blib/lib";
use lib "blib/arch";

   Again, you may prefer to use the full path name here.


  The included perl script '' contains example code for the
Net::TCLink Perl module.

  Net::TCLink is very easy to use.  It consists of a single function call,
send(), that takes a hash or a hash reference as its only parameter.  The
hash contains the name/value pairs describing the transaction.  The return
value is also a hash, containing the name/value pairs describing the
transactions results.  Please refer to the TCDevGuide.txt or TCDevGuide.html
in the doc folder for more information.

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