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    $Id: TODO,v 1.2 2004/01/03 20:31:00 mike Exp $
    LIBNET 1.1 (c) 1998 - 2004 Mike D. Schiffman <>

    1.1.x TODO LIST
    * Update the man page!

    - Add a programmer's man page detailing the pblock architecture.

    - Fix plist memory leak.

    - Fix IPv6.  According to RFC 2992:
      "Another difference from IPv4 raw sockets is that complete packets
      (that is, IPv6 packets with extension headers) cannot be read or
      written using the IPv6 raw sockets API.  Instead, ancillary data
      objects are used to transfer the extension headers, as described
      later in this document.  Should an application need access to the
      complete IPv6 packet, some other technique, such as the datalink
      interfaces BPF or DLPI, must be used.

      All fields in the IPv6 header that an application might want to
      change (i.e., everything other than the version number) can be
      modified using ancillary data and/or socket options by the
      application for output.  All fields in a received IPv6 header (other
      than the version number and Next Header fields) and all extension
      headers are also made available to the application as ancillary data
      on input.  Hence there is no need for a socket option similar to the
      IPv4 IP_HDRINCL socket option."

    - Add self-throttling logic to libnet_write()/libnet_init()?  Advanced
      mode thing?

    - Prune the include list in  Also add conditionals
      around the headers we use for building the library, but not when
      using it.

    - Data marshalling API for unaligned structures (like STP).

    - Make cisco ISL work.  The issue is that we have build our Ethernet
      frame first, then encapsulate it inside of an ISL envelope.
        - We have to compute CRCs for both Ethernet and ISL.

    - Tune advanced interface functionality that allow the application
      programmer to get inside libnet_t.

    - Test HPUX 11 port.

    - Test cywin32 port.

    - Flesh out the advanced mode.

    - Consider making a flag for "strict mode" where libnet will check
      things like when you build an IP options list there is an IP
      header preceding it (likewise for TCP)...  Other "smart" things
      could happen in this mode too.  When in non-strict mode, libnet
      will be less rigid but prone to user-error mode.

    - If we have a problem building a header we might end up freeing it
      creating a NULL entry on the list and preventing us from getting to
      entries beyond it (to free or whatever).  Maybe we should mark it
      bad or something and rely on the cleanup at the end to free it up?

    - Fix checksum support for CDP

    - Verify Checksuming:
      Currently verified working on OpenBSD/Linux/Solaris:
      - raw  IP/UDP         [with and without data]
      - raw  IP/TCP         [with and without data]
      - raw  IP/ICMP        [with and without data]
      - raw  IP/OSPF
        - hello packet      [with no auth data]
        - hello packet      [with no auth data and LSA sub-header (LSA check = bad)]
      - link IP/UDP         [with and without data]
      - link IP/TCP         [with and without data]

    - Update the rest of the libnet_link_* files for the new format, already
      - bpf                 [works]
      - linux packet socket [works]
      - linux sock packet   [works]
      - dlpi                [works]

    - Port link stuff to use writev() in libnet_write() (sendto can't hang).

    - Get IPsec code working.

    - Add the following packet builders:
      - SNMP

    - Update __libnet_handle_dump to dump everything in l verbosely.

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