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2011-06-25  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol3.c: finally found the playlist parsing bug that
	  has haunted us for many years.

2011-06-15  Linus Walleij  <>

	* nomad.rules: deleted
	* libnjb.rules: reasonably modern udev rules
	* usb_io.c: fixed a nasty error handling bug in libusb glue

2009-06-16  Linus Walleij  <>

	* nomad.rules: optimize udev rule (from Alan Jenkins)

2008-01-25  Jeff Mitchell  <>

	* libnjb.fdi: Add keys that signify WAV support on all

2007-10-09  Jeff Mitchell  <>

	* libnjb.fdi: Update hal fdi file to output info.vendor
	  info.product, as hal-supplied values for these are
	  often incorrect.

2007-09-05  Linus Walleij  <>

	* nomad.rules: smak up the outdated udev syntax to modern
	* pick up libnjb.fdi.
	* set to 2.2.6 and release long overdue update
	  of libnjb.

2007-08-30  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/unicode.c: subtle Chinese char bug found by

2007-07-27  Linus Walleij  <>

	* nomad.rules: handle renaming of subsystem by commenting
	  out some optimized GOTO.

2007-06-04  Jeff Mitchell  <>

	* libnjb.fdi: Added HAL FDI rules
	* Add HAL FDI rule install logic

2006-02-17  Linus Walleij  <>

	* sample/sendtr.c: improvements to use cmdline-switches
	                   only to send tracks.

2006-01-29  Linus Walleij  <>

	* Release libnjb 2.2.5.

2005-11-23  Linus Walleij  <>

	* nomad.usermap: Added Dell DJ 3
	* src/base.c: dito.
	* src/ dito.

2005-11-21  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol3.h: extended documentation following a register
	* src/protocol3.c: some code cleanups.
	* src/procedure.c: some code cleanups.

2005-11-14  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol3.h: added the missing clear playback queue command
	* src/protocol3.c: dito.
	* src/procedure.c: added a call to first clear the queue when the
	  play command is called. (As could be expected.)

2005-10-13  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/base.c: simplified device table which was
	  growing wild. Merged protocol/USB version detection
	  into this file. Move macros to base.h.
	* src/base.h: reflect changes.
	* src/njbusb.h: removed - merged into base.c/base.h
	* Several other files affected by removal of
	* Some minor code cleanups started with this.

2005-10-11  Linus Walleij  <>

	* working on DLL generation for Windows.
	* src/ dito.
	* src/libnjb.sym: a symbol table for exports.
	* Bump version to 2.2.5

2005-10-10  Linus Walleij  <>

	* Release libnjb 2.2.4 with Creative Zen support.

2005-10-08  Linus Walleij  <>

	* nomad.usermap: added Creative Zen (a Micro variant)
	* njbusb.h: dito.
	* base.c: dito.
	* procedure.c: dito.

2005-10-01  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/ added #define for Get_File_fd to
	  point to Get_Track_fd for completeness.
	* windows/libnjb.h: updated to 2.2.4. Remember to do
	  this again if the API change even more.

2005-09-27  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/procedure.c: missed one routine, + use #defined
	  types, not magic values.
	* src/protocol3.c: use #defined types, not magic values.

2005-09-26  Linus Walleij  <>

	* bumped to 2.2.4, removed turbo deactivation
	  flag since this is now user-configurable.
	* src/ added a function to activate/deactivate turbo
	  mode on devices at the suggestion of Richard Low.
	* src/procedure.c: dito.
	* src/protocol3.c: dito.
	* src/protocol3.h: dito.
	* src/ increased library CURRENT and AGE variables,
	  so as to reflect that an interface has been added, none

2005-09-22  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/procedure.c: patch from Richard Low that fix an oddity
	  in the NJB3 firmware for recordings.

2005-09-20  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/procedure.c: fixed device name strings to match those
	  used on the Creative homepages.

2005-09-19  Linus Walleij  <>

	* Release libnjb-2.2.3.

2005-09-18  Linus Walleij  <>

	* nomad.usermap: (and several more files) implement support
	  for the Creative Zen Sleek.

2005-09-07  Linus Walleij  <>

	* bump to version 2.2.3.

2005-09-07  Polar Humenn   <>

	* src/procedure.c: maintains buff semantics in callback functions
	  for protocol 3 devices, which was ignored, and caused seg faults
	  in some players not expecting the change.
	* src/protocol3.c: fixes logic associated with NJB_Elapsed_Time
	  in indicating the end or change of a playing song. It's still
	  a hack.

2005-09-06  Linus Walleij  <>

	* fixes a dist-hook to remove CVS dirs from
	  the windows/ subdirectory.
	* Release libnjb 2.2.2.

2005-08-30  Linus Walleij  <>

	* bump to version 2.2.2
	* src/base.c: add debug prints to USB low-level IF location stuff.
	* redistribute "windows" subdir
	* windows/*: stuff needed to compile with MSVC
	* sample/common.h: created a shared header file
	* sample/*.c: use the shared header file.
	* sample/ dependencies for the header file.

2005-08-29  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/procedure.c: fixes to compile under Microsoft MSVC
	* src/protocol.c: dito
	* src/ioutil.c: dito
	* src/defs.h: fixes to deal with non-GNU compilers

2005-08-16  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol3.c: Zen Touch says error code 0x000e
	  on deletion of playlists for some reason.
	* src/protocol3.c: Make libnjb report playlists as
	  UNCHANGED since they ARE UNCHANGED after just
	  scanning them.
	* sample/playlists.c: detect UTF-8 in this program
	  too, playlists may have esoteric names.

2005-08-15  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol3.h: just docs.
	* src/usb_io.c: report errors from libusb correctly.

2005-08-12  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol3.c: fixed a potential playlist population
	  issue related to Zen Touches. These seem to sign empty
	  playlist or last playlist chunk with status code 0x0001.
	  Try to verify if this is really it.

2005-08-01  Linus Walleij  <>

	* Released libnjb 2.2.1.

2005-07-30  Linus Walleij  <>

	* bumped to version 2.2.1
	* doc/ moved docs to libnjb-X.Y.Z so one
	  knows which version the docs are for. Moved to separate
	  /html subfolder.
	* doc/ removed the pesky warnings etc. One
	  can turn them on when working on documentation.

2005-07-24  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol3.h: added "not implemented" status response.
	* src/protocol3.c: added severeal quirks to handle a non-implemented
	  EAX name array.

2005-06-27  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol.c: disabled a bad error code and corrected a
	  strncpy() call with bad arguments. (GCC 4.0.0 found it.)
	* src/procedure.c: typecasts courtesy of GCC 4.0.0.
	* src/playlist.c: dito.
	* src/datafile.c: dito.
	* src/songid.c: dito.
	* src/protocol3.c: dito.
	* src/unicode.c: dito.
	* sample/sendfile.c: dito.
	* sample/sendtr.c: dito.
	* sample/setpbm.c: dito.
	* sample/handshake.c: BSD old GCC no C-90 fix.
	* Released this as libnjb 2.2.

2005-06-15  Linus Walleij  <>

	* libnjb.spec: updated a specfile which was quite unmodern,
	  assisted by rpmlint.

2005-06-13  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/ Get rid of njbid_t struct entirely, move
	  into getter functions and device states for respective
	  protocol. One must now use a getter function to retrieve
	  device name, type, firmware and hardware revisions.
	* src/protocol.h: dito.
	* src/protocol.c: dito.
	* src/protocol3.h: dito.
	* src/protocol3.c: dito.
	* src/base.c: dito.
	* src/procedure.c: dito.

2005-06-12  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/ Audible codec support patch from Richard
	* src/songid.c: dito.
	* src/protocol3.h: dito.
	* src/protocol3.c: dito.

2005-06-08  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/ moved SDMI ID into the device state.
	* src/procedure.c: dito.
	* src/protocol.c: dito.
	* src/protocol.h: dito.
	* src/protocol3.c: dito.
	* src/protocol3.h: dito.
	* sample/handshake.c: dito.

2005-06-07  Linus Walleij  <>

	* doc/ tweak so that examples are shown
	  properly again.

2005-06-05  Linus Walleij  <>

	* bump to version 2.2.
	* src/ Added functions for getting charging
	  status and auxilary power status. Moving NJB1 power
	  stuff into the protocol.c/protocol.h files.
	* src/protocol3.h: dito.
	* src/protocol3.c: dito.
	* src/procedure.c: dito.
	* src/protocol.h: moving in power status stuff to the
	  NJB1 device state struct.
	* src/protocol.c: dito.
	* sample/handshake.c: reflect change.
	* src/ revising interface due to change.
	* libnjb.spec: explicit dependency on ncurses.

2005-05-16  Linus Walleij  <>

	* bumped to 2.1.2 and released
	  to reflect the added default program prefix.

2005-05-15  Linus Walleij  <>

	* forced the default program prefix to
	  "njb-" using some undocumented behaviour of

2005-05-13  Linus Walleij  <>

	Bumped to version 2.1.1 to follow a common naming scheme
	for libnjb interfaces in source, on Debian and in Fedora

	* reflected version number.
	* libnjb.spec: reflected version number.

2005-05-12  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/ set the interface version to 5.0.1
	  since that is what Shaun use in the Debian package.
	* HACKING: notices on interface versioning.

2005-05-10  Linus Walleij  <>

	Released libnjb 2.1.

	Lots of documentation updates and Makefile system fixes
	prior to the 2.1 release.

2005-04-28  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol.c: patch from David A. Knight fixing some
	  error reporting stuff for the NJB1.

2005-04-26  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/procedure.c: patch from David A. Knight fixing a
	  problem with the battery status return value.

2005-04-20  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/ added Solaris support.
	* README: Notice about Solaris.

2005-04-18  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/procedure.c: disabled bitmap change on Zen Touch
	  firmware 1.01.06 and higher: Creative broke this feature.

2005-04-13  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/protocol3.c: bad PANIC message for delete item.

2005-04-11  Linus Walleij  <>

	* adding prerequisite macro, AC_SUBST():ing
	  OSFLAGS so that libnjb.pc works again
	* sample/handshake.c: more detailed power reporting.
	* doc/ removing, no autofiles in CVS.

2005-04-08  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/ added a function to retrieve battery level.
	* src/procedure.c: Ditto
	* src/protocol3.h: Ditto
	* src/protocol3.c: Ditto
	* src/ bumped interface revision to reflect change.

	Removed autogenerated files:

	* config.sub: Removed - no autotool stuff
	* config.guess: Ditto
	*, src/, sample/ Ditto
	* configure: Ditto
	* README: Added notice.

2005-04-08  Linus Walleij  <>

	* src/unicode.c fixed the lamest unicode error which caused e.g.
	  cyrillic characters to be converted incorrectly when editing
	  or transferring cyrillic files to the device.

2005-04-04  Linus Walleij  <>

	* introduce parameter for switching speed enhancements
	  on/off (--no-turbo). Remove the AC_SUBST for CFLAGS (no good,
	  replaced the Darwin -DUSE_DARWIN flags for instance).
	* src/procedure.c: introduce conditional speed enhancement code.
	* src/protocol3.h: rename transfer block sizes to DEFAULT
	  transfer block sizes.
	* windows/README.TXT: some more notices on usage.
	* README: Solaris usage.
	* Regenerated several automake/autoconf files (sorry).

2005-03-29  Shaun Jackman  <>

	* Test for libcurses.
	* sample/ Compile cursesplay if libcurses is present.
	* sample/cursesplay.c: Use NJB_Error_Dump instead of njb_error_dump.
	* Regenerate.
	* aclocal.m4: Ditto.
	* Ditto.
	* configure: Ditto.
	* doc/ Ditto.
	* sample/ Ditto.
	* src/ Ditto.

2005-03-29  Linus Walleij  <>

	Added a function for retrieveing the battery status of the device,
	known as device data 0x0114 inside the device.

	Fixed some Windows build problems.

	Renamed "" to "".

2005-03-27  Shaun Jackman  <>

	* AUTHORS: Add Shaun Jackman for automakification.
	* Doxyfile: Remove file. Move Doxyfile to doc/
	* New file.
	* acconfig.h: Remove file.
	* New file.
	* Rewritten nearly from scratch.
	* Use @VERSION@ instead of @LIBNJB_VERSION@.
	* src/ Ditto.
	* src/njbusb.h (DEFAULT_DEV): Remove. It is unused.
	* src/procedure.c: Include config.h for HAVE_USLEEP.
	* src/ New file.
	* doc/ New file. Move Doxyfile to doc/
	* doc/ New file.
	* sample/ New file.
	* sample/fwupgrade.c: Include config.h for HAVE_GETOPT_H
		and HAVE_LIBGEN_H. Use HAVE_ZLIB_H instead of HAVE_ZLIB.
	(dexor_fw_image): Make static.
	(decompress_fw_image): Ditto.
	(write_fw_file):  Ditto. Prevent unused variable warnings.
	* sample/setpbm.c: Include config.h for HAVE_GETOPT_H.
	(skip_whitespaces): Make static.
	(verify_pbm): Ditto.
	* sample/cursesplay.c: Include config.h for HAVE_GETOPT_H.
	* sample/delfile.c: Ditto.
	* sample/deltr.c: Ditto.
	* sample/dumpeax.c: Ditto.
	* sample/dumptime.c: Ditto.
	* sample/files.c: Ditto.
	* sample/getfile.c: Ditto.
	* sample/getowner.c: Ditto.
	* sample/gettr.c: Ditto.
	* sample/getusage.c: Ditto.
	* sample/handshake.c: Ditto.
	* sample/pl.c: Ditto.
	* sample/play.c: Ditto.
	* sample/playlists.c: Ditto.
	* sample/sendfile.c: Ditto.
	* sample/sendtr.c: Ditto.
	* sample/setowner.c: Ditto.
	* sample/settime.c: Ditto.
	* sample/tagtr.c: Ditto.
	* sample/tracks.c: Ditto.
	* Generate new file.
	* doc/ Ditto.
	* Regenerate.
	* doc/ Ditto.
	* sample/ Ditto.
	* src/ Ditto.

2005-03-24 Linus Walleij  <>

	A fixed nomad.usermap that fixes hotplugging for some.

2005-03-23 Linus Walleij  <>

	Simplified upload file handling to just use read();

	Added a firmware upgrade program that will be able to extract
	firmware from (some) windows executables using Zlib, then
	sends it to the jukebox.

2005-03-10 Linus Walleij  <>

	Renumbered the library interface giving it version 4.0.0 at
	the suggestion of Shaun Jackman from Debian.

	Fixed a minor glitch in the delfile.c sample program.

2005-03-08 Linus Walleij  <>

	Some notes on the length attribute for track upload/tag replace
	example code. One can live without it but it's not good.

2005-03-03 Linus Walleij  <>

	Moved old CHANGES file into ChangeLog-old, creating this new
	annotated ChangeLog file in accordance with GNU project standards.

2005-03-02 Linus Walleij  <>

	Released libnjb 2.0.
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