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This is an implementation of the Service Availability Forum's 
Hardware Platform Interface B.01.01 specification.

The following components are supported:
* OpenHPI base library
* OpenHPI utility library
* OpenHPI Daemon
* Simulator Plugin
* SNMP BladeCenter/RSA Plugin
* IPMI Plugin
* IMPI Direct Plugin
* HPI Clients

Feedback, as always, is welcome and encouraged:

The following software is required to build openhpi

autoconf >= 2.57
automake >= 1.8
gcc      >= 3.2.0
uuid.h      (may be found in e2fsprogs-devel or uuid-dev)
glib2	 >= 2.2
pkgconfig (may be called pkg-config depending on distro)

The follow libraries are needed to build certain plugins

ipmi plugin
  OpenIPMI >= 1.4.20 (

sysfs plugin
  libsysfs =< 1.3

snmp_bc plugin
  net-snmp >= 5.07



Use standard UNIX mechanisms:
./configure && make && make install

Note: by default all plugins that *can* be built, will be built, all
other plugins will be silently disabled.

If you wish to disable a plugin, any flags you pass to configure
will be passed to the configure program.
("./configure --help" for more info on the options)

i.e. ./configure --disable-simulator will disable the simulator plugin

Note that for a production-type installation you will want to pass
the following options at the least:
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --with-varpath=/var/lib/openhpi

	make (or make rpm, but you will need to be root on some distros.)
and then (as root or with proper system install permissions)
	make install (or install from the rpm).

It will install the openhpi library, enabled plug-ins and sample 
applications that uses the library and plug-ins.

NOTE: Modify the configuration file, openhpi.conf, for your needs.
This will be in ${sysconfdir}/openhpi/openhpi.conf, where $sysconfdir is
${prefix}/etc by default (and ${prefix} is /usr/local by default) unless
you set $sysconfdir when you ran ./configure as shown above.


svn co openhpi

First time after extracting the code:
run ./bootstrap

This will generate the configure script and all files needed by it.

Then, use the instructions provided for RELEASED TARBALLS

To remove the temporary build files, type:

make clean

If you are a maintainer, and need to remove all autogenerated files, type:

make clean
make maintainer-clean
(will neeed to run bootstrap and configure again after that)

Active Plug-ins
simulator - plugin for use in testing
ipmi - OpenIPMI based plugin
ipmidirect - IPMI plugin that talks to device driver directly
snmp_bc - IBM BladeCenter/RSA plugin (uses snmp)
watchdog - Linux watchdog device interface
sysfs - Linux sysfs plugin (LM sensors and I2C devices exported in 
        sysfs requires kernel 2.6 or >= 2.5.72)

For information on recent changes, see the changelogs at


For more information please see the project webiste at

Also visit SAForum's website at

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