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ver 1.3:
	Add support for setting the creation-ID.
	Updated constants to match IrOBEX 1.3.
	Replace netbuf implementation with databuffer.
	Fix segmentation fault when receiving invalid OBEX packets.

ver 1.2:
	Add OBEX_EV_REQCHECK support.
	Add support for suspend after sending a header.
	Add support for empty headers for buggy OBEX servers.
	Fix memory leak in obex_object_send().

ver 1.1:
	Fix list of exported functions (Bug 644690).
	Fix duplicate string from basename() result (Bug 668977).
	Fix wrong order of sanity checks (Bug 703452).
	Fix memory leak in send_stream() function.
	ISO C99 says that inttypes.h includes stdint.h header.
	Add proper client side ABORT support.
	Add support for OBEX_SuspendRequest() and OBEX_ResumeRequest().
	Add USB transport support.
	Increase the allowed maximum MTU to 64kB-1.
	Disconnect when an ABORT fails.
	Make it possible to include headers from C++ source code.
	Advertise OBEX Protocol Version 1.0.

ver 1.0.1:
	Make OBEX_TRANS_BLUETOOTH working on Big-endian platform.
	Add COPYING.LIB for LGPL stuff.
	Don't auto generate openobex.spec file.

ver 1.0.0:
	Make 1.0.0-pre5 the final release.

ver 1.0.0-pre5:
	Add Bluetooth server support.
	Add OBEX_SetCustomData() and OBEX_GetCustomData().
	Replace OBEX_GetResponseMessage() with OBEX_ResponseToString().

ver 1.0.0-pre4:
	Add Bluetooth client support.
	Change Bluetooth MTU to OBEX_DEFAULT_MTU.
	Change type of RFCOMM channel to uint8_t.
	Return static strings from obex_get_response_message().
	Add OBEX_TRANS_FD support.

ver 1.0.0-pre3:
	Fix workaround for Bluetooth support, again.
	Implement correct handling of OBEX_EV_REQDONE.
	Remove default prefix statement.
	Remove GLib dependencies.
	Change g_htons() into htons().

ver 1.0.0-pre2:
	Add support for DEBUG and DUMP.
	Add streaming support and push command.
	Disable IrDA discovery if a valid IrDA address is supplied.
	Fix workaround for compilation without Bluetooth support.

ver 1.0.0-pre1:
	Support for Bluetooth transport layer.
	Handle unexpected data in continue.
	Allow higher MTUs.
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