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libopenrawgnome1 - free implementation for RAW decoding (GNOME integration)…  more info»


2009-05-16  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	make dist to generate a bz2 archive.

=== 0.0.8 ===

2009-05-15  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	Bump to 0.0.8

	Fix crash in the factory extension list code.
	* lib/rawfilefactory.cpp

2009-05-13  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* include/libopenraw/consts.h: 
	* demo/cfa.cpp:
	* demo/thumb.cpp:
	Missing includes for gcc 4.4

	* demo/
	Some autoconf magic fixing.

=== 0.0.7 ===
2009-04-28  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* Set the sorevision.

	* lib/bimedian_demosaic.cpp (bimedian_demosaic): 
	Fix a huge memory leak. Closes #21435

2009-02-23  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/ccfa.c
	* demo/cfa.cpp
	* demo/thumb.cpp
	* demo/thumbc.c
	* testsuite/testsuite.cpp
	Remove some warnings with more strict compile options.

	Bump the version to 0.0.7
=== 0.0.6 ===

2009-02-21  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* test/testunpack.cpp: 
	* test/ljpegtest.cpp:
	Use Boost test minimal instead of autotest.

2009-02-20  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* m4/shave.m4:
	Add shave to make the build output saner.

2008-10-27  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ljpegdecompressor.cpp: Add needed includes
	for some exotic platforms.
	Closes bug #18243

2008-08-26  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/pixbufload.c:
	* gnome/pixbuf-loader.c:
	* include/libopenraw++/bitmapdata.h:
	* include/libopenraw++/rawfile.h
	* include/libopenraw/
	* include/libopenraw/bitmapdata.h:
	* include/libopenraw/demosaic.h:
	* include/libopenraw/libopenraw.h:
	* include/libopenraw/rawfile.h:
	* lib/
	* lib/bimedian_demosaic.cpp:
	* lib/capi/
	* lib/capi/bitmapdata.cpp:
	* lib/capi/rawfile.cpp:
	* lib/demosaic.h:
	* lib/rawfile.cpp: 
	Reorganize demosaic support.
	Remove or_demosaic from the public API.
	Add API for "rendering" to RawFile and the corresponding
	Expose BitmapData as a result.
	Fix the demo and GNOME support to use that new API.

2008-08-25  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* include/libopenraw++/rawfile.h:
	* include/libopenraw/consts.h:
	* include/libopenraw/exif.h:
	* lib/crwfile.cpp:
	* lib/ifdentry.h:
	* lib/ifdfile.cpp:
	* lib/metavalue.{h,cpp}:
	* lib/rawfile.cpp:
	* lib/tiffepfile.{h,cpp}:
	* testsuite/testsuite.cpp:
	Fix content detection. 
	Add to the testsuite for consistency.
	MetaValue use a boost::variant instead of boost::any.
	TiffEpFile can now be instanciated.

2008-08-24  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* testsuite/testsuite.{h,cpp}: 
	CURL is optional for the testsuite.

2008-08-18  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* call AC_PROG_CXX

	* demo/ (extensions_SOURCES): fix
	build in demo.

2008-08-09  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* test/
	* test/extensions.cpp: Add unit test.

2008-08-07  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/capi/rawfile.cpp:
	* include/libopenraw/rawfile.h:
	New or_get_file_extensions() API
	* include/libopenraw++/rawfile.h: 
	* lib/rawfile.cpp:
	New RawFile::fileExtensions() method.
	* lib/rawfilefactory.{cpp,h}: New 
	RawFileFactory::fileExtensions() method.
	* demo/
	* demo/extensions.cpp:
	Extensions demo/test.

2008-08-04  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* testsuite/testsuite.cpp (download): 
	unlink() the file if not downloaded.

	* lib/cr2file.cpp: 
	* lib/ljpegdecompressor.{h,cpp}:
	* testsuite/testsuite.xml:
	Better handling of CR2 slices. Fix crasher with 450D 
	RAW files.

	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: New D70 sample than can
	be bootstrapped.

	* lib/ (libopenraw_la_SOURCES): Missing
	.h files needed for the dist.

	* lib/neffile.cpp:
	* lib/crwdecompressor.cpp:
	Set the max value properly.
	* testsuite/testsuite.xml:
	Update the testsuite to work with the new features:
	Nikon decompression and "max" value for CRW.

2008-08-02  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* testsuite/testsuite.{cpp,h}:
	* testsuite/testsuite.xml:
	* testsuite/
	* doc/testsuite.txt:
	Allow bootstrapping the testsuite off the internet.

2008-07-28  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* testsuite/testsuite.{cpp,h}:
	* testsuite/testsuitehandler.{cpp,h}:
	Implement support for overrides.

2008-07-27  Brian Quinlan <>

	* python/: Python bindings.

2008-07-27  Rafael Espíndola <>

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp:
	* lib/mrwfile.cpp:
	* lib/unpack.cpp:
	* lib/unpack.h:
	* test/testunpack.cpp: Refactor unpack.
2008-07-26  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/demosaic.cpp: Fix the patterns. RGGB and BGGR seems 
	to be the right one now.

2008-07-04  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: add source for D100 sample file.

2008-07-02  Rafael Espíndola <>

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: add NEF 14-bits support

2008-06-26  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* AUTHORS, README: update

	* lib/neffile.cpp: set the correct bpc and cfaPattern for
	compressed NEF files.

	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: Updated testsuite for NEF.

2008-06-24  Rafael Espíndola <>

	* lib/
	* lib/bititerator.cpp
	* lib/bititerator.h
	* lib/huffman.cpp
	* lib/huffman.h
	* lib/nefcfaiterator.cpp
	* lib/nefcfaiterator.h
	* lib/nefdiffiterator.cpp
	* lib/nefdiffiterator.h
	* lib/neffile.cpp
	* lib/neffile.h:
	NEF decompression support.

2008-05-30  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: fix a compiler warning. Return invalid
	format if the YCbCr photometric interpretation is found
	until it is supported.

	* include/libopenraw/consts.h: new error code: invalid

	* testsuite/testsuite.xml:
	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: set the max value following the bpc. 
	Fix the support for NEF, ERF and uncompressed DNG.
	Also return a OR_ERROR_INVALID_FORMAT error if the "bpc" 
	is not supported.

	* include/libopenraw++/rawdata.h,
	include/libopenraw/rawdata.h, include/libopenraw/rawfile.h:
	lib/capi/rawdata.cpp, lib/ljpegdecompressor.cpp,
	lib/mrwfile.cpp, lib/rawdata.cpp, testsuite/testsuite.cpp,
	testsuite/testsuite.h, testsuite/testsuitehandler.cpp,
	testsuite/testsuitetags.txt, tools/ordiag.cpp:
	Initial support for min and max values for the CFA to 
	be able to "scale" the colors. Support CR2 and MRW.

2008-05-22  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/cfa.cpp: #include <stdlib.h> as it is required.

2008-05-13  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/crwfile.{cpp,h}, include/libopenraw/consts.h,
	lib/ciffcontainer.{cpp,h}, testsuite/testsuite.xml: 
	support type id for CRW.
	* lib/metavalue.{cpp,h}: support string properties.
	* lib/arwfile.cpp, lib/cr2file.cpp, lib/dngfile.cpp,
	lib/erffile.cpp, lib/ifdfile.{cpp,h}, lib/mrwfile.cpp,
	lib/neffile.cpp, lib/orffile.cpp, lib/peffile.cpp, 
	lib/rawfile.cpp, include/libopenraw++/rawfile.h: 
	refactor the camera ids one more.

2008-05-11  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/arwfile.{cpp,h}, include/libopenraw/consts.h,
	testsuite/testsuite.xml: support type id for ARW

	* lib/dngfile.{cpp,h}, include/libopenraw/consts.h,
	testsuite/testsuite.xml: support type id for DNG

	* lib/neffile.{cpp,h}, include/libopenraw/consts.h, 
	testsuite/testsuite.xml: support type id for NEF

	* include/libopenraw/consts.h: fix a typo
	* lib/*: refactor the identify code.

	* gnome/pixbuf-loader.c (fill_info): Add a more
	extensive "magic" for CR2 files.
	See also

	* lib/peffile.{h,cpp}: return the type ID for PEF

2008-05-10  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* include/libopenraw/consts.h, include/libopenraw/rawfile.h,
	include/libopenraw++/rawfile.h: new API to get the type ID.
	* tools/ordiag.cpp: dump the type id.
	* testsuite/*: add a type id test.
	* lib/*: return the type id for CR2, MRW, ERF and ORF.

2008-05-03  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* include/libopenraw/libopenraw.h, lib/,
	lib/demosaic.cpp, include/libopenraw/demosaic.h,
	include/libopenraw/, gnome/pixbuf-loader.c,
	gnome/ demosaic is now part of the API. 

	* lib/*, gnome/demosaic.cpp, demo/pixbufload.c:
	Implement the GtkPixbuf loader with a basic demosaic.
	The colors still are wrong.
	* include/libopenraw/rawfile.h, include/libopenraw++/rawfile.h,
	lib/rawfile.cpp: Allow loading a Raw file from a memory buffer.

2008-04-29  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/cfa.cpp, demo/ccfa.c: pgm output is big endian.
	Reported by Alexey Khudyakov.

	* */*: change license to LGPLv3+

==== 0.0.5 ====

2008-02-25  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: Detect that a thumbnail is mistakenly marked as
	JPEG (for CR2 files). (see Gnome bug #421175)

2008-02-24  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/io/memstream.cpp (MemStream::read()): check bounds 
	of the memory buffer.
	* lib/io/stream.{cpp,h}: declare the exceptions that readByte() 
	throw (when reaching EOF)
	* lib/crwdecompressor.cpp: catch getBytes() that throw an 
	exception to prevent reading past the buffer.

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: Fix a bug where it would try to extract 
	the thumbnail from the CFA ifd (Canon CR2 does not indicate
	the type).

	* bump soversion.

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: Fix a bug where CR2 thumbnails are 
	inapropriately recognized as 8RGB.
	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: add CRW file. Fix thumbnails
	test for CR2.

	* demo/thumbc.c (main): Add -s option to allow
	passing the request thumbnail size.

2008-02-22  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/thumbc.c (main): Output PPM files if the data
	is 8RGB.

	* lib/ciffcontainer.cpp: Make sure the heap is loaded.

2008-02-20  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* tools/ordiag.cpp: Fix a typo in the dump of the 
	CFA pattern.

2008-02-19  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdfilecontainer.{h,cpp}: add locateDirsPreHook()
	to allow a hook prior to locating the IFD directories.
	* lib/mrwcontainer.{h,cpp}: make code more robust to fail 
	more nicely.
	* lib/mrwfile.cpp: fix a crasher when dereferencing a NULL
	shared_ptr<>. Occur if there is a file error.

2008-02-17  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdentry.{cpp,h}: Fix a template problem with Apple
	broken gcc.

	* lib/mrwfile.cpp: use uint32_t for offsets in the 
	IFDFile. (fix 64-bits)

	* testsuite/testsuite.cpp (Test::run): skip file if
	not found. 
	Make test more robusts to diagnostic.

	* lib/ciffcontainer.{cpp.h}: refactor CIFF container
	to support metadata.
	* lib/crwfile.{cpp,h}, testsuite/testsuite.xml:
	get orientation meta data for CRW.
	* include/libopenraw++/rawfile.h: getMetaValue() is pure

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: Handle new-style CFA Pattern tag.

2008-02-16  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: fix regression with PEF files: they
	advertise 12-bits but are 16-bits unpacked.
	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: add PEF *-ist D to the testsuite.
	* lib/unpack.cpp: the Nikon unpacking only for Nikon unpack.
	* lib/ifdfile.cpp, lib/rawdata.cpp, 
	include/libopenraw++/rawdata.h: setCompression() / 

	* tools/ordiag.cpp: dump the compression if applicable.
	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: refactor the unpack for 8 bits data.

	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: Added Leica M8 to the test.

2008-02-15  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: support 8-bits RAW data. (M8 support)

	* lib/unpack.{cpp,h}, lib/mrwfile.cp: compute the adequate 
	block size.
	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: fix the Nikon unpack. Add hack for
	Nikon D100.
	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: update test for D100 and R-D1.

	* lib/unpack.{h,cpp}, test/testunpack.cpp, lib/mrwfile.cpp,
	lib/ifdfile.cpp: unpack is now a class to store an 
	internal state and deal with some variety of "pack" like
	* lib/rawcontainer.cpp, lib/ifddir.cpp: Remove excessive 

2008-02-14  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp, lib/ifd.h, lib/neffile.{cpp,h}: Detect
	D100 files marked wrongly as compressed. Declare the other
	Nikon compression scheme (the one using the quantization 

	* lib/ifdfile.cpp (IFDFile::_enumThumbnailSizes): scan the 
	subIFDs for previews. Check for compression in case the
	there is a StripOffset for a JPEG preview.

2008-02-13  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/erffile.cpp: remove the "compression" hack.
	* lib/ifdfile.cpp, lib/ifd.h: better detect compression
	and fix the 12 bits unpacking.
	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: update test suite.
	* lib/mrwfile.cpp: Change the buffer size to make sure
	it is a multiple of 3. This should fix the decoding problem.

	* lib/unpack.{cpp,h}, lib/mrwfile.cpp: rename to take byte order 
	into account. Store the values as uint16_t. 
	* test/testunpack.cpp: fix the test for the above changes.

	* testsuite/testsuite.{h,cpp}, testsuite/testsuitehandler.cpp
	testsuite/testsuitetags.txt: Add support for doing a Md5
	on the output. Currently it is a CRC.

2008-02-12  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifd.h: CfaCompoment consts.
	* lib/ifdfile.cpp: Move away the CFA pattern extraction.
	* testsuite/testsuite.xml: Add more Nikon samples.

	* testsuite/testsuite.{cpp,h}, testsuite/testsuitehandler.cpp,
	testsuite/testsuitetags.txt, testsuite/testsuite.xml: add 
	CFA Pattern test. Return failure if a test fail.
	* include/libopenraw/rawdata.h, include/libopenraw/consts.h, 
	include/libopenraw++/rawdata.h, lib/capi/rawdata.cpp, 
	lib/cr2file.cpp, lib/crwfile.cpp, lib/dngfile.cpp,
	lib/ifdfile.cpp, lib/mrwfile.cpp, lib/rawdata.cpp,
	tools/ordiag.cpp: Allow getting the CFA Pattern.
2008-02-11  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdentry.{h,cpp}: fix a bug in get() where fetching
	a locally stored array failed like array of bytes. Also
	implement the type trait for BYTE.

	* lib/unpack.{cpp,h}, lib/mrwfile.cpn, lib/ 
	split off unpack.
	* test/testunpack.cpp, lib/ test unpack

	* Kill CMake support for good.

2008-02-07  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/mrwcontainer.h, lib/mrwfile.cpp, README:
	Extract and unpack RAW for Minolta A1, A2, 5D and 7D.
	(still with a bug)
2008-02-03  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifddir.cpp, lib/ifdfilecontainer.{cpp,h}:
	Add hooks to set the Exif offset.
	* lib/mrwcontainer.{cpp,h}, lib/mrwfile.cpp:
	Add support for 7HI and 7i MRW files.

2008-02-02  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/mrwfile.cpp: Fix getting the makernote offset.
	* lib/ifdentry.h: offset() is implemented properly.
	Make get() less error prone: allow overriding the type
	check as well as deal with undefined type.
	* lib/ifdentry.cpp: Fix some warnings.
	* lib/ifd.h: Forgot include protection.

	* lib/ifdentry.h: new accessors count() and offset().
	* lib/rawcontainer.{h,cpp}: added readUInt8()
	* lib/mrwcontainer.{h,cpp}, lib/mrwfile.{h,cpp}, lib/rawfile.cpp: 
	MRW support	

2008-01-26  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdfilecontainer.cpp: is the m_offset to create the IFDDir
	and look up for the IFD. Needed by MRW and RAF (in the future).

2008-01-13  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/crwdecompressor.cpp, testsuite/xmlhandler.cpp: Fix build on
	openSUSE Factory.

	* re-order commands in (Closes bug #14055)

==== 0.0.4 ====

2008-01-12  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* Remove unused exempi dependency.

2008-01-07  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/cr2file.{cpp,h}, lib/ifdfile.{cpp,h},
	testsuite/testsuite.xml: getting exif meta values is
	refactored. Orientation works for PEF, NEF, DNG, ERF, ORF and ARW.
	* lib/rawfile.cpp: Orientation is in the TIFF namespace.

2008-01-06  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/*, lib/tiffepfile.{cpp,h}: Refactoring: have a TIFF/EP base
	class. Have Exif IFD, Main IFD and CFA IFD located in a common

2008-01-05  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* testsuite/*: Working testsuite.
	* tools/ordiag.cpp: Display the thumbnail byte size.

2008-01-02  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* testsuite/*,, bootstrap the test 
	suite including a new XML parser.

2007-12-30  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* README, include/libopenraw/consts.h, lib/,
	lib/erffile.{h,cpp}, lib/rawfile.cpp, tools/ordiag.cpp:
	Epson ERF support for thumbnail and compressed CFA.

2007-12-22  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	*, m4/boost.m4, test/ Change boost
	detection. Closes bug #13658. Closes bug #13659

2007-12-18  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/ gdk demo opted out. Closes bug #13718

	* lib/io/io.c: remove stray ';'. Closes bug #13717

2007-12-17  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ciffcontainer.{cpp,h}, lib/crwfile.cpp: retrieve the orientation
	from the CIFF/CRW files.

2007-12-11  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* README: Update build instruction. Closes bug #13595

2007-12-05  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/thumbc.c, lib/io/teststream.cpp, test/ciffcontainertest.cpp,
	test/fileio.t.c: warning removal.
2007-12-02  Hubert Figuiere  <>
	* Get orientation (CR2-only).
	* API for orientation.
	* Rotate gdk pixbuf depending on orientation.

2007-11-26  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* New rawfile C API.

2007-11-25  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/crwfile.cpp: Fix crash with A610 CRW files and other non-CIFF
	files. Closes bug #13393

	* lib/io/posix_io.c (posix_munmap): Fix unused parameter warning.

	* lib/jfifcontainer.cpp: Add string.h to fix build on Factory.

==== 0.0.3 ====

2007-11-25  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/io/io.c: check input pointer for validity.
	Closes bug #13371.

	* demo/gdk.c,demo/ new demo.
	* demo/thumb.cpp (main): Check that the returned rawfile
	is not null.

2007-11-24  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* gnome/gdkpixbuf.c (or_thumbnail_to_pixbuf): The data is not
	copied by gdk_pixbuf_new_from_data(). Copy it.
	Closes bug #13383.

2007-11-12  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/io/teststream.cpp: Fix an error triggered by
	openSUSE Factory: missing header.

2007-07-09  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* gnome/gdkpixbuf.c (or_gdkpixbuf_extract_thumbnail): Removing an
	annoying debug message.

2007-07-08  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/capi/rawdata.cpp, include/libopenraw++/rawdata.h,
	include/libopenraw/libopenraw.h, include/libopenraw/rawdata.h: 
	New API in C.

	* demo/ccfa.c (main): New sample for RAW extraction
	using the C API.

	* lib/ljpegdecompressor.cpp (GetDht): avoid memcpy()
	on the huffman tables, and check better the index.

2007-07-07  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* Support for CRW decompression.

	* lib/io/memstream.cpp: remove annoying debug message.
	MemStream::seek return the current position.

	* fix breakage. Setting the CXXFLAGS
	with -Werror and all these warnings break the detection.

2007-07-05  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ljpegdecompressor.{h,cpp}: make more methods static or 

	* lib/rawdata.cpp (RawData::append()): fix endianess issue. The
	code is now endian neutral and works fine on PPC (big endian).

2007-07-04  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* test/ljpegtest.cpp (test_ljpeg): Make the test check
	against a checksum. Don't test the decompressor internals.

	* lib/ljpegdecompressor.cpp (MIN_GET_BITS): use int32_t and
	not long. This Fix the 64-bits issue.

	* Added unit testing for the lossless JPEG decompressor. 

2007-07-02  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* Internal API change: can request uncompressed CFA data.

2007-06-30  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/peffile.cpp: Mark CFA uncompressed if they

	* Handle the slicing for CR2 files. Better error 

2007-06-05  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/dngfile.cpp: decompress RAW from DNG. The spec 
	is very fuzzy... so it is know to be broken.

2007-06-02  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/cfa.cpp: will save as .pgm file. 

	* support decompressing CFA from the RAW file
	using ljpeg. CR2 files only for now.

2007-04-19  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* Added infrastructure for decompression.

2007-04-09  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifdentry.{h,cpp}, lib/ifddir.{h,cpp}: IFDTypeDesc
	renamed IDFTypeTrait.

2007-04-02  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): make sure
	aclocal is called properly in maintainer mode.

2007-03-31  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/ifddir.{h,cpp}: get() API changed.
	* lib/ifdentry.h: get() is now a static method 
	of IFDTypeDesc<> as the template member code
	choke on gcc-3.3.

	* aclocal includes from m4 dir
	* m4/ax_boost_base.m4: add macro to check boost.

2007-03-21  Pav Lucistnik  <>
	* gnome/include/libopenraw-gnome/ 
	Don't create the Gnome include dir if building
	without it.

2007-03-21  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/crwfile.cpp, lib/ifdfile.cpp: use scoped_ptr<>
	instead of delete.

2007-03-20  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* demo/thumbc.c (main): kill some warnings.

	* demo/thumb.cpp, tools/ordiag.cpp: Use scoped_ptr<> 
	when applicable.

2007-03-01  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* README: Added E500 to the list of tested formats.

2007-02-06  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* README: update the support list.
	* lib/neffile.cpp: Refactor the standard way 
	of fetching the CFA from and IFD
	* lib/*: Added CFA extraction support for
	DNG, PEF, ORF. Stubbed for ARW.
	* include/libopenraw++/rawfile.h: _getRawData() is
	now pure virtual.

	* lib/ciffcontainer.{h,cpp}, lib/crwfile.{h,cpp}: 
	Retrieve CFA data from Canon CRW. Support all CIFF
	based files.

	* lib/ifdentry.{h,cpp}: fix some warnings.

2007-02-05  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/cr2file.cpp, lib/exception.h, lib/ifddir.{cpp,h},
	lib/ifdentry.{cpp,h}, lib/ifdfile.cpp, lib/neffile.cpp: 
	templatize data fetching. Implement fetching arrays and
	data stored outside IFD. Fetching subIFD need a subscript.
	Getting CFA data out of a NEF from D70 works.

	* tools/ordiag.cpp: Delete the RawFile instance.

2007-01-30  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* README: Added Canon 1DS and 30D in the list.

2007-01-29  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* lib/bitmapdata.cpp, lib/rawdata.cpp,
	Added bitmap data and raw data classes.
	* include/libopenraw++/thumbnail.h,
	lib/thumbnail.cpp: inherit from BitmapData.
	* include/*, lib/*, Add RAW data extraction
	support for CR2 and NEF. 
	Fix a bug when reading IFDEntry with an that overflow a sint16_t.
	* tools/ link to the .la
	* tools/ordiag.cpp: Dump CFA data.

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