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What is it ?

oRTP is a LGPL licensed C library implementing the RTP protocol (rfc3550). It is available
for most unix clones (primilarly Linux and HP-UX), and Microsoft Windows.

What are the build prequisites ?

How do you I test ?

There are shorts and easy to understand programs given with the library. There are good example
to understand how to use oRTP api.
- rtpsend : sends a stream from a file on disk.
- rtprecv : receives a stream and writes it to disk.
- mrtpsend: sends multiple streams from a file on disk to a range of remote port.
- mrtprecv:	receives mutiple streams on a range of local ports and writes them on disk.

Is there some documentation ?

See the gtk-doc generated API documentation in docs/html. Program examples are a very good
starting point.

What are the current features ?
	- works with ipv6
	- packet scheduler
	- adaptive jitter compensation
	- automatic sending of RTCP SR or RR coumpounded with a SDES
	- RTCP parser API

What are the planned features ?
	- multi-endpoint rtp sessions.

In which application oRTP is being used ?
	- linphone ( was the first.
	- the OCMP platform (a Hewlett Packard product).

How to compile my program using ortp ?
gcc -o myprogram  `pkg-config --cflags ortp` myprogram.c  \
			`pkg-config --libs ortp`

What about Windows port ?
There are instructions and Microsoft Visual C++ project files in build/win32native/oRTP.

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