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Notes on libpacklib1:

1) If you are looking for the Motif-based version of KUIP (Kit for a User
Interface Package), you will find it in the package libpacklib1-lesstif. It was
split out from this package so that users aren't forced to install the
Lesstif and X11 libraries if they only want to use Packlib for a text-based

2) This package includes the kuesvr "edit server" binary, in the libpacklib1
package.  You should be aware that the version of the kuesvr "edit server"
binary provided by Debian has command-line flags that are incompatible with
those of the version provided by CERN.  It was necessary to introduce this
incompatibility for security reasons.  For this reason, and in conformance with
Debian Policy, Debian's kuesvr is installed in /usr/lib/libpacklib1/, outside
of $PATH, where only Debian's version of libpacklib will find it.  If you have
the libpacklib1 package installed, see "man 1 kuesvr" for more information.

--Kevin McCarty <>, Fri, 15 Jul 2005
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