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cernlib (2005.dfsg-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Patch 211: Have chkloc() print 64-bit error message about pointers not in
    the data segment to stderr rather than stdout.  Merge small corrections to
    hgnt2.F, hgntf.F from Harald Vogt.

  * debian/NEWS: Remove the NEWS entry for version 2005.05.09.dfsg-1, about
    the purge of FLUKA code from the Geant 3.21 library.  This NEWS entry is
    now provided in the geant321 source package instead.

  * debian/README.64-bit: Reference new example in the libpawlib2-dev package.

  * debian/control.d/cernlib-core.control: Explicitly Depend upon
    "refblas3 |, lapack3 |" so that only one of
    the sets {refblas3, lapack3} or {atlas3-base} will be pulled in by
    dependencies, preferring the former if neither is installed.
  * debian/debhelper/cernlib-base.TODO: Update description of post-Etch plans.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Wed, 27 Sep 2006 15:45:30 -0400

cernlib (2005.dfsg-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Patch 211: Added fixes for hcreatem.F and hmapm.F on 64-bit arches from
    Harald Vogt.

  * debian/control.d/*: Substitute deprecated ${Source-Version} with
    ${source:Version} for arch:all packages, and with ${binary:Version} for
    lib*-dev packages depending on lib* packages.  Hence Build-Depend upon
    dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.19).

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Tue, 19 Sep 2006 14:10:17 -0400

cernlib (2005.dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Patch 321: Fix FTBFS on some architectures, apparently caused by an
    error in the recent changes to packlib/kernlib/kerngen/kerngen/klnx.h.

  * Patch 211: Fix FTBFS with gfortran (it doesn't like "%LOC" instead of

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Thu,  7 Sep 2006 16:41:50 -0400

cernlib (2005.dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * The "Harald Vogt, second edition" release.
    Based on work of Harald Vogt <> to improve 64-bit support and
    add gfortran support, released as a monolithic patch on 2006-07-20.

  * Patch 115: In addition to unwrapping the loop, change "1" to "&" for line
    continuation indicators in rsrtnt64.F.

  * New patch 119: Fix a large number of compiler warnings, mainly resulting
    from failure to #include system header files or misuse of NULL vs. 0.

  * New patch 120: Fix use of gets() in kuipcc.c.

  * New patch 121: Fix off-by-one bug in c209m.F mathlib test case.

  * Patch 211: 64-bit system support greatly expanded and updated.
    New function chkloc() added to kernlib; shlib dependency bumped in

  * New patch 321, debian/add-ons/ Support gfortran in build
    infrastructure (but not yet in binary .debs).  To build Cernlib with
    gfortran, put "gfortran" in $DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.  Note that you will first
    need to hack the file debian/add-ons/bin/ to replace "-lg2c"
    with "-lgfortran" (line 98) for this to work properly.  You will also need
    to have installed versions of and that were
    compiled with gfortran (the versions in Debian have been built with g77).

  * Delete no-longer-used patches 901 and 902 in debian/patches/optional
    that were only relevant to Monte Carlo libs (now in a separate source

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Wed,  6 Sep 2006 19:01:46 -0400

cernlib (2005.dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Rebuild source package since the mclibs, geant321, and pawlib tarballs
    have each been split off into their own source packages.
    (Now use "2005.dfsg" for the sake of having a shorter version number.
    Since digits precede letters in dpkg's version ordering, no epoch is

  * Only the following binary packages are now generated from the cernlib
    source package:
    cernlib, cernlib-{base,core,core-dev,extras}, dzedit, kuipc, kxterm,
    libgraflib1{,-dev}, libgrafx11-1{,-dev}, libkernlib1{,-dev},
    libmathlib2{,-dev}, libpacklib1{,-dev}, pawserv, zftp.

  * Also remove src_cmz and src_patchy tarballs from orig.tar.gz since
    they are never used.
  * Remove netkit-inetd | xinetd dependency from pawserv package (and mention
    of xinetd from the long description) since netbase already depends on the
    default inetd and should continue to do so through the release of Etch.
    (closes: #382678)

  * Debconf translations
    - Portuguese: Hugo Peixoto, submitted by Rui Branco (closes: #378884)

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Mon, 14 Aug 2006 13:35:57 -0400

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-9) unstable; urgency=low

  * Prepare to split the Cernlib source package apart in the near future by
    making it possible to build individual source modules out-of-tree.
    - debian/add-ons/Makefile, debian/debhelper/cernlib-base.install,
      debian/control.d/cernlib-base.control: Install various Imake macros to
      /usr/share/cernlib/config/ in the cernlib-base binary package.  This way
      they only have to be patched once, not once per future source package.
    - debian/rules, debian/ Separate out most of the
      debian/rules targets into a separate file, and install that file to
      /usr/share/cernlib/ in the cernlib-base binary package.
    - debian/add-ons/Makefile, debian/add-ons/ Similar separation
      of targets for the non-Debian-specific Makefile.  Install to
      /usr/share/cernlib/ as well.
    - Therefore, in debian/patches/, call "make" with
      "prefix=/usr" argument.

  * Patch 600: Delete.  We need to set site-specific options in a different
    way in order to make things work for out-of-tree source modules.  Instead,
    put these options into host.def in the stampdir/configure-stamp target
    of debian/add-ons/Makefile.  Create a new patch 600 that causes host.def
    to be read at configure time.

  * Patch 900: Delete.  Again, do this better by putting the option into
    host.def as appropriate.  New patch 320 puts a conditional test into
    the kxterm Imakefile checking for whether or not ifort is being used.
    Resync patch 803.  Correct erroneous ifort compiler flag
    (s/-no_formain/-nofor_main/) in both places, thanks to Eduardo Ariel
    Menendez P <>.

  * debian/, debian/add-ons/Makefile: Utilize a $(DESTDIR)
    variable following the usual convention.

  * debian/debhelper/{libcojets2,libeurodec1,libisajet758-2}.dirs: Stop
    generating unused directory /usr/share/montecarlo-data.

  * debian/debhelper/libpawlib2-dev.README.debian: Correct the path of a
    file referenced in this document (s/pawlib1/libpawlib2/).

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Sun, 16 Jul 2006 13:06:55 -0400

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/rules: Ensure LC_COLLATE=C when regenerating copyright and
    control files, so that the output is repeatable under different locales.

  * New patch 118: Rename common blocks in X -> D510X and
    DF -> D510DF to work around the most obvious instance (but not fix the
    general case) of #374978, "Name clashes possible between PAW user
    variables and system library functions".  These are only used internally
    by mathlib, so no soname change is required.

  * Patch 302: Clean up after empty /tmp/comis* directories in paw wrapper

  * Patch 602: Improved so that Cernlib programs invoke x-terminal-emulator,
    sensible-{editor,pager} instead of xterm, vi, view in a few more places
    when CERNLIB_DEBIAN is defined.

  * debian/{rules,add-ons/misc/paw++.desktop,debhelper/paw++.install}: Add
    paw++ desktop file taken from (slightly edited) to
    paw++ package, and run dh_desktop -a in debian/rules accordingly.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Wed, 28 Jun 2006 10:15:19 -0400

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Patch 805: More dummy functions and subroutines added to mathlib,
    permitting more "real" functions that depend upon them to be built in
    as well, thanks to the research of Mattias Ellert.  Specifically:
    - USER1, USER2, GETCO dummies permit adding back EPDCHN EPDE1 EPDECC
      in the likewise-named FORTRAN files.
    - FCN dummy permits adding back FCN1 and MINSQ in the likewise-named
      FORTRAN files, and LINSQ QLINSQ D508R1 D508R2 in linsq.F.
    - FUNCT dummy permits adding back ARITHM ERRORF and SGZ in the
      likewise-named FORTRAN files, and FUMILI LIKELM in fumili.F.
    - For consistency, the mathlib dummy routines have all been consolidated
      into a single file in the patch, src/mathlib/gen/d/dummy.c, so
      src/mathlib/gen/divon/dfun.F has been scrapped.

  * Related changes:
    - Patch 112: No longer comment out prototype for QLINSQ() in gen.h.
    - debian/rules: Bump mathlib shlibs again.

  * Patch 307: Update copies of src/cfortran/cfortran.{doc,h} from newest
    Debian cfortran package, version 4.4-10.

  * Minor cleanups in documentation and control files:
    - debian/control.d/0base.control: Remove versioned build-dependency
      "gcc-4.0 (>= 4.0.2-4) | gcc (<< 4:4.0)"; it's useless clutter since none
      of the gcc versions currently in Sarge/Etch/Sid suffer from #325050.
    - debian/control.d/libgeant321-2.control: Add Recommends on kxterm.
    - debian/control.d/cernlib-core-dev.control: Change Section to devel.
    - debian/copyright: Remove mention of libmathlib2 README.Debian file that
      no longer exists (this was overlooked in the previous release).
    - debian/README.{64-bit,amd64}: Update Harald Vogt's web page URL.
    - debian/debhelper/cernlib-base.README.debian: Mention

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Thu, 18 May 2006 05:45:44 -0400

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * patch 805: Add in dummy dfun.F file to the divon section of mathlib,
    after learning from Mattias Ellert <> that
    this dfun.F has nothing to do with the dfun.F in the lepto library.
    Thanks to him for supplying a fixed patch.
    - This permits us to compile in all divon functions, including
      RANGEN() and PARTN() that have been missed (thanks to Mattias and to
      Nils Pickert <>, respectively, for noting their absence).
    - patch 112: No longer comment out prototype for FUN() in gen.h.
    - debian/rules: Bump shlib version for mathlib due to added functions.
    - debian/debhelper/libmathlib2{,-dev}.README.debian: Remove these files
      since their contents, based on my previous inaccurate understanding,
      are erroneous.

  * debian/add-ons/bin/,
    debian/debhelper/cernlib-base.{README.debian,examples}: Write and
    document a script that can install a /cern directory skeleton in order
    to improve compatibility with badly written third-party software.
    Script is installed under the cernlib-base doc directory, not into
    /usr/sbin, so that people won't be tempted to run it out of curiosity.

  * debian/control.d/0base.control:
    - s/xutils/xutils-dev/ in Build-Depends after X package split.
    - Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.2 (no changes).

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Wed, 10 May 2006 12:15:35 -0400

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control.d/lib{packlib1-lesstif,grafx11-1}-dev.control: Remove
    obsolete dependencies on xlibs-dev (>> 4.1.0).

  * patch 211:
    - add special case for alpha as well as ia64.  PAW will likely still
      be broken on alpha, but hopefully no longer quite as broken.
    - dirty hacks to src/pawlib/comis/deccc/cscal[dir].c to use the right
      pointer values in COMIS on alpha/ia64 systems.  This makes calls to
      compiled user routines work in PAW in simple cases.
    - compile temporary shlibs dlopened by PAW with -g in case someone wants
      to run the debugger on them.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Fri, 24 Mar 2006 16:26:29 -0500

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control.d/0base.control: Forgot to include epoch in versioned
    build dependency on gcc defaults package.  Change to read
    "gcc-4.0 (>= 4.0.2-4) | gcc (<< 4:4.0)".

  * patch 211: Delete the part of the patch that modifies src/scripts/cernlib
    since upstream's cernlib script is never used anyway.

  * patch 307: Synced with current version of cfortran.h from cfortran
    package (4.4-9).

  * new patch 319: Hideous workaround (try to run imake twice) for
    non-deterministic imake segfaults on hppa.  If second run of imake
    fails, abort immediately (upstream didn't have "set -e" in their shell
    - Resynced patch 800.

  * patch 902: Add dummy install.shlib target in m68k patch to isajet
    Imakefile to prevent FTBFS.

  * debian/add-ons/misc/cernlib.m4: New version of Cernlib Autoconf macros
    from Patrice Dumas.

  * debian/debhelper/*.README.debian: Update the APT URLs for obtaining
    unofficial Monte Carlo installation packages from
    to  Remove the relevant reminder from the
    cernlib-base.TODO file.  Refer in cernlib-base.README.debian to the new
    Cernlib on Debian URL, .

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Mon,  2 Jan 2006 10:42:22 -0500

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/add-ons/Makefile: Remove "|| true" from shared-lib generating
    shell script snippet calling "$(MAKE) install.shlib" subprocesses.

  * Patches to fix FTBFS on Itanium:
    - New patch 115-rsrtnt64-goto-outer-block: Patch from Patrice Dumas
      to fix spaghetti code in src/mathlib/gen/b/rsrtnt64.F.
    - New patch 116-fix-fconc64-spaghetti-code to work around linker breakage
      with recent binutils on ia64, caused by assignment to goto labels in

  * New patch 117-fix-optimizer-bug-in-gphot from Harald Vogt <>
    to work around compiler optimization problem in src/geant321/gphys/gphot.F.

  * Revised and enabled patch 211-fix-comis-on-amd64 from Harald
    Vogt to make PAW and Paw++ work better on 64-bit platforms.  Some
    small modifications made from the initial patch preserving the dynamic
    library ABI and making it unnecessary to use g77's -fno-f2c flag.
    Shlib versions (but not sonames) bumped in debian/rules for libpawlib and
    - patches 315, 701: Resynced.
    - patch 307: Synced with current version of cfortran.h from cfortran
      package (4.4-8).
    - Build-Depend on cfortran (>= 4.4-8) to work around GCC bug 15397.
      See the cfortran 4.4-8 changelog and NEWS.Debian for more information.
    - debian/README.{64-bit,amd64}: Discuss in more detail potential problems
      on 64-bit platforms.

  * Added additional patch 211-fix-comis-on-ia64 to improve PAW usability on
    Itanium.  This builds on the work already done by Harald Vogt, using
    information obtained from _IA-64 Linux Kernel: Design and Implementation_
    (Mosberger and Eranian) and from tests run on
    This is far from a complete solution; PAW is still quite broken on ia64.

  * Give up on having dynamically linked PAW work on 64-bit arches.  Get rid
    of the paw-static and paw++-static packages; PAW and Paw++ will be
    dynamically linked on 32-bit arches and statically linked against Cern
    libs on 64-bit arches.
    - debian/copyright{,.in}: paw*-static -> paw*
    - debian/rules: Copy working versions of paw++ and pawX11 into the install
      tree (dynamically linked versions if that works, static otherwise).
    - debian/control.d/paw{,++}-static.control: These are now dummy Arch: all
      packages depending upon paw{,++} for smooth upgrades.
    - debian/debhelper/paw{,++}.links: Remove unneeded man-page links...
    - debian/{debhelper,lintian}/paw*-static.*: ... and *-static package
      debhelper files.
    - debian/debhelper/paw{,++}{,-static}.preinst: Remove alternatives links
      in new preinsts.  Delete old postinst/prerms that implemented the links.
    - debian/rules: Re-add man page and binary links for
      paw{X11,++}.{dynamic,static} only as appropriate, for backwards
    - debian/control.d/paw*, debian/debhelper/paw*.links: Move pawX11.1.gz
      and paw++.1.gz from paw-common into paw and paw++ packages.
      Add Replaces: paw-common (<< 2005.05.09.dfsg-3) for paw and paw++.
      Add direct Depends: g77 for paw and paw++ (they may be statically linked
      so we can't rely on the indirect Depends via libpawlib2).

  * Patch 302: Revise to have the "paw" script in the paw-common package
    exit with a sane error message if it can't find pawX11 or paw++ binaries.
    - debian/control.d/paw-common.control: Change the paw-common package's
      Depends: paw++ | paw-binary to a Recommends: paw | paw-binary to
      prevent the circular dependency paw, paw++ => paw-common => paw, paw++.

  * debian/add-ons/bin/ Take advantage of the Linux linker's
    intelligence, and don't have the cernlib script output any of
    "-lXp -lXext -lSM -lICE -lblas" when run on Linux if not specifically
    requested.  None of those libraries contain symbols needed by any
    Cernlib library or binary; they are only indirect dependencies
    required when linking 100% statically.  This reduces the number of
    spurious package dependencies somewhat.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:47:00 -0500

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * The file src/mclibs/isajet/isasusy/sszibf.F still breaks g77 on m68k,
    even at -O0.  To purge non-free GEANT-FLUKA code from the archive,
    we need to force this version into unstable for all arches, even m68k:
    - new patch 902, debian/add-ons/Makefile: Add a dpatch to remove isajet
      from the list of mclibs to compile if $(DEB_BUILD_ARCH) = m68k.
    - debian/control.d/cernlib-montecarlo.control: Only Recommend
      libisajet758-2-dev, don't Depend upon it.
    - debian/control.d/libisajet*.control: Moved into debian/control.d/no-m68k
    - debian/rules: Hacked to look for arch-specific control file snippets.
    - debian/add-ons/Makefile: Small fix to convert the new format of
      gcc -dumpmachine (e.g. "m68k-linux-gnu") to a machine architecture.

  * No other changes.  My apologies to the non-m68k buildds.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Mon,  5 Dec 2005 12:39:19 -0500

cernlib (2005.05.09.dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Removed the directories src/geant321/peanut and src/geant321/block,
    as well as a number of include files in src/geant321/geant321
    (see debian/deadpool.txt for details).  These are all part of GEANT-FLUKA
    (they were previously overlooked in the first purge of FLUKA code) and
    therefore cannot be included in Debian.  In addition, removed the
    directory src/geant321/fiface and the files
    src/geant321/miface/{gfmdis.F,gfmfin.F} as they are useless without FLUKA.
    (closes: #340433)
    - Necessitates repacking the orig.tar.gz ("new" upstream version).
    - Files added to debian/deadpool.txt.
    - Patch 001-fix-missing-fluka: revised to skip these directories as
      well as src/geant321/fluka.
      . Patches 109, 203, 802, 806 re-synced.
    - Patch 003-geant-dummy-functions: to keep ABI compatibility of the
      library, we have to add in dummy functions and COMMON blocks to replace
      the removed code.
    - debian/rules: Bump the shlib version required by code built against
      libgeant321-2, as the dummy COMMON blocks may in some cases be slightly
      larger than the real ones.  (Does not break the ABI, as FORTRAN COMMON
      blocks are always global and never nested or passed between functions.)
    - New script debian/add-ons/scripts/libcomp to help check that the dummy
      common blocks are the right sizes.
    - Additional removals noted in the README.Debian files for the affected
      binary packages: geant321, libgeant321-2, libgeant321-2-dev.
    - debian/NEWS: Comment on the new round of code removal.

  * Some additional changes to existing patches suggested by Patrice Dumas
    <> in the process of creating Cernlib RPMs:
    - patch 102: Add src/mathlib/gen/d/old506.F to the list of files to
                 compile without optimization; it breaks g77 3.2 otherwise.
    - patch 207: Have COMIS create temporary shared library files with g77,
                 not gcc.  (Resync patch 315.)
    - patch 210: Change <cfortran.h> to <cfortran/cfortran.h>.
    - patch 300: Prefer the FORTRAN version of lenocc() in
                 src/packlib/kernlib/kerngen/tcgen/lenocc.F to the C version
                 in src/packlib/kernlib/kerngen/ccgen/lenocc.c ; it isn't
                 clear that the C version is 64-bit safe.
    - patch 800: Use "$(FCLINK)" to create shared libs, not "gcc".
    - patch 802: Fixes to the top-level Imakefile, even though it isn't used
                 in the Debian package build.  For consistency, add
                 InstallSharedLibSubdirs(), and re-order the directory build
                 order to match that in debian/add-ons/Makefile.
    - patch 804: #include "comis/mdpool.h" or .inc consistently, using a new
                 dpatch shell script to link
                 src/pawlib/comis/comis into src/include/.

  * New patch 114-install-scripts-properly: convert InstallProgram to
    InstallNamedProg in src/scripts/Imakefile, to avoid the build trying
    to strip shell scripts.  (This is not currently used in the Debian build
    but is included for consistency with Patrice Dumas's RPMs.)

  * debian/add-ons/bin/ Revised to take into account modern
    X directory layouts; patch from Patrice Dumas.
    - /usr/X11R6/lib will eventually no longer exist (as will be the case
      with modular libs, where X libs go into /usr/lib)
    - Check also for /usr/X11R6/lib64 directory
    - Remove long-obsolete /usr/X386/lib and /usr/X11/lib directories
    - Merge Linux and Darwin cases, which are now essentially identical

  * In files defining dummy functions (patches 003, 309, 310), protect
    printed-out references to Debian-specific files by surrounding them with
    "#if defined (CERNLIB_DEBIAN)" ... "#endif".  Update the referenced
    directories (e.g. libphtools1-dev -> libphtools2-dev).

  * Bug #325050 in gcc-4.0 (which broke ntuple handling in PAW) has been fixed:
    - Build-Depend on gcc-4.0 (>= 4.0.2-4) | gcc (<< 4.0) to ensure that
      we compile with a gcc not having that bug.  (closes: #324902)
    - Revert hacks in debian/{control,rules} that forced build with gcc-3.4.

  * debian/debhelper/paw{,++}{,-static}.README.debian: Update reference to
    X FAQ about Debconf configuration of X config files with altered md5sums.

  * Update maintainer email everywhere in debian/ tree.

  * debian/rules, debian/copyright{,.in}: Add a rule to update the copyright
    file with the current list of files in debian/deadpool.txt.

  * debian/rules, debian/compat: Update to debhelper compat version 5.

  * Debconf translations
    - Spanish: César Gómez Martín <> (closes: #334390)
    - Swedish: Daniel Nylander <> (closes: #332334)

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Fri,  2 Dec 2005 11:57:11 -0500

cernlib (2005.05.09-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control.d/0base.control, debian/rules: Build-Depend on gcc-3.4 and
    drop a symlink gcc -> /usr/bin/gcc-3.4 into debian/add-ons/bin in order to
    ensure we don't build with a compiler having bug #325050.  This works
    around bug #324902, a segfault when using ntuples in Paw.  Not actually
    closing #324902 until it's fixed in GCC 4.

  * New patch 113: Re-order lines in PostScript output to work around
    CUPS issue.  Thanks to Frank Dohrmann <>
    for the work-around and testing.  (closes: #329207)

  * New patch 211 by Harald Vogt <> (found at )
    to improve behavior of Paw and Paw++ on 64-bit architectures.
    Patch is, however, disabled until I can work out what to do about the
    -fno-f2c compiler flag and fix the conflict with patch 304.

  * Fine-tuning of dependencies:
    - debian/control.d/{geant321-doc,kuipc}.control: add Depends on
      cernlib-base.  Goal is for all Cernlib-related packages to depend at
      least indirectly on cernlib-base, so "apt-get remove cernlib-base" will
      remove all Cernlib packages.
    - debian/control.d/libpawlib2-dev.control: add Suggests on
      libpawlib2-lesstif-dev, analogous to libpacklib1-dev suggesting
    - debian/control.d/{pawserv.control,fatmen.disabled}: add Conflicts
      against harden-servers since these servers are most insecure.
      (Cf. bug #325008 which will make the Conflicts mutual.)
    - debian/control.d/pawserv.control: add Depends on netkit-inetd | xinetd,
      but note in the long description that people choosing to run this
      package under xinetd will have to set up the configuration themselves.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Wed, 21 Sep 2005 11:20:38 -0400

cernlib (2005.05.09-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Forgot to delete patch 316 (preventing the compilation of libisajet on
    m68k in the Imakefile).  Why didn't anyone file an FTBFS bug over this?
    Fixed now.

  * Add "| debconf-2.0" to Depends of pawserv, pursuant to .

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Thu,  4 Aug 2005 14:33:37 +0000

cernlib (2005.05.09-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * patch 112: Comment out functions in gen.h that do not exist in mathlib.
    Otherwise third-party code fails to link via cfortran (closes: #315956).
    (This has been cloned to bug #315974 in sarge.)  Thanks to Tim Gershon
    for the bug report.

  * debian/control.d: Add versioned dependency on cernlib-base
    (>= 2005.05.09-1) to libmathlib2-dev and libpacklib1-lesstif-dev
    since they need a recent version of the cernlib script.
    Explicitly conflict against blas2-dev, lapack2-dev in the cernlib-base
    package to solve some problems with "apt-get dist-upgrade" from Sarge.

  * debian/changelog: Correct previous changelog entry to also credit
    Patrice Dumas re: patch 318.

  * debian/rules, debian/control.d: Compile isajet on m68k since the
    compiler bug preventing it (#225621) is fixed in g77 3.4, now the
    default g77 version.  (Neither upstream nor I want to deal with
    gfortran yet...)

  * debian/add-ons/manpages/cernlib.1: Change the help output to match
    the new actual output of the cernlib script.

  * Install kuesvr into the directory /usr/lib/libpacklib1 in conformance
    with Policy 8.1.  (It doesn't make sense to call it directly, only from
    within the library, so kuesvr is a "run-time support program".)
    - patch 605, debian/rules: Patch source code to deal with this.
    - debian/debhelper/{cernlib-base,libpacklib1}.README,
      debian/add-ons/kuesvr.1: Note the new location in documentation.
    - debian/control.d/libpacklib1.control: Conflict against older paw-static
      and paw++-static packages which expect to have kuesvr in the $PATH.
    - debian/control.d/0base.control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.6.2.

  * debian/README.source, debian/patches/README: Expand upon build-time

  * debian/lintian/*: Update location of menu files (lib->share) in overrides.

  * debian/debhelper/*.menu: Give full paths to commands in menu files
    (except for sh; if /bin isn't in $PATH someone has a problem).

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Thu, 21 Jul 2005 14:26:15 +0000

cernlib (2005.05.09-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    - Incorporates the security fixes from Debian version 2004.11.04-3,
      making a number of Debian-specific patches obsolete.
    - Fixes build failures with gcc 4 (closes: #303098).  Thanks also to
      Andreas Jochens <> and Patrice Dumas <>
      for some additional fixes now in new patch 318.
    - Note new upstream source directory in debian/copyright.

  * Post-Sarge spring clean-up of debian directory structure:
    - Move all debhelper-related snippets into a debian/debhelper directory.
      Symlink to them at build time and delete the symlinks at clean time.
    - Likewise, add a debian/lintian directory and store overrides there.
      (No need for symlinks; they are copied into packages by debian/rules.)
    - Move debian/generic/patches to debian/patches in preparation for
    - Rename debian/generic to debian/add-ons to better describe its contents.
    - Move debian/local/control to debian/control.d, remove-deadpool to
      add-ons/bin, and the other files in debian/local directly under the
      debian directory.
    - Rename rules-help.txt to README.source in attempt to comply with the
      Policy proposal in bug #250202.  Add "patched" target to debian/rules
      as a synonym for "patch".
    - Edit all files referring to these paths appropriately.

  * Post-Sarge spring clean-up of dependencies in debian/control.d/*:
    - Remove lesstif-dev from Build-Depends and Depends; we only want to
      use lesstif2-dev and we no longer are concerned with woody
    - Remove the xlibs-dev alternative from Build-Depends for same reasons.
    - Remove all references to version numbers 2003.09.03-2 and earlier
      (dating from > 1.5 years before the release of Sarge):
      . Versioned dependencies on packages >= 2003.09.03-2 become
        unversioned dependencies;
      . Conflicts/Replaces against old packages libcern1, etc. are removed.

  * Post-Sarge removal of woody backward compatibility hack for debconf i18n
    from debian/rules:
    - Move pawserv.templates.master to pawserv.templates.
    - debian/po/ list debian/pawserv.templates (not .master).
    - debian/control.d/0base.control: Build-Depend on debhelper (>= 4.1.16).
    - debian/control.d/pawserv.control: Depend on debconf (>= 1.2.0).

  * debian/rules, debian/debhelper/pawserv.postinst: Change permissions
    of /var/log/pawserv directory in postinst (with dpkg-statoverride) instead
    of debian/rules, to fix Lintian warning and better guarantee security.
    Also, if the local admin for some reason has overridden our set permissions
    (0700) with dpkg-statoverride, this way his/her changes will be preserved.
    Remove the stat-override in pawserv.postrm.

  * Convert patch system to dpatch, re-applying all extant patches (that are
    still relevant) from scratch.  Be warned, some of the dpatch
    files are shell scripts (a little-used dpatch feature) instead of patches!
    See debian/patches/README in the source package for more information.
    - Add dpatch (>= 2.0.9) to Build-Depends.
    - Patch files are now much more fine-grained.
    - Edit debian/rules to use dpatch targets.
    - Implement hackery in add-ons/Makefile so build still works on
      non-Debian systems.
    - patch 308: allow build process to search for cfortran.h at
      <cfortran/cfortran.h> instead of <cfortran.h>.  As a result, add
      (>= 4.4-5) to cfortran Build-Dependency.  Also edit add-ons/Makefile
      to compensate.
    - patch 602 (part of old patch 041): add #ifdef CERNLIB_DEBIAN protection
      around change to use x-terminal-emulator instead of xterm.

  * Some libraries are bumped from soname version 1 to soname version 2
    because they have a direct or indirect dependency upon libblas and
    liblapack.  We are moving from a dependency on lib{blas,lapack}.so.2 to
    lib{blas,lapack}.so.3 (closes: #280782).  The affected libraries are
    cojets, geant321, herwig59, isajet758, mathlib, pawlib, pdflib804, phtools.
    - Rename debhelper snippets and fix contents where needed.  (Note that
      lib*.install files are edited to s/2004/2005/ even for libraries not
      changing sonames.)
    - Fix Build-Depends in debian/control.d/0base.control.
    - Clean up dependencies in debian/control.d/*.  In most cases the Depends
      on blas and lapack which worked around bug #276145 are no longer
    - Make cernlib-base Conflict against all the old -dev packages.
    - Bump sonames in build process (patch 806).
    - Move isajet, eurodec, and cojets data files to a different location
      so they don't conflict with the files in the old soname packages.
      . Edit patch 301 so they are searched for in the correct place.
    - Fix debian/lib*.install and debian/local/control/lib*.control files.
    - Fix cernlib script to link against correct sonames.
    - Delete this item from TODOs.
    - Comment on soname change in debian/NEWS.

  * Separate out libpaw functionality with Lesstif dependencies into another
    library and package, in libpawlib2-lesstif.
    Rename libkuipX11 to libpacklib-lesstif for consistency, and put it in a
    libpacklib1-lesstif package.  Move kuwhag.c from libpacklib-lesstif into
    libgrafX11, as it doesn't require Lesstif.  This reduces the library
    installation footprint for programs like pawX11 and mn_fit that don't
    need Lesstif.
    - Bump shlibs for libgrafX11 since it now has a new function.
    - Edit control files, debhelper files, and cernlib script accordingly.
    - Delete this item from TODOs.
    - Comment on library split in debian/NEWS.

  * Debconf translations
    - Czech: Martin Šín <> (closes: #304879)
    - Brazilian Portuguese: André Luís Lopes <>
      (closes: #302476, #302488, #302495)
    - Vietnamese: Clytie Siddall <> (closes: #313327)

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Tue, 14 Jun 2005 14:28:09 -0400

cernlib (2004.11.04-3) unstable; urgency=high

  * Security patches to fix potentially dangerous uses of /tmp.
    [Patches 027 and 034 also fix some such problems, but did not need to
    be updated for this release; I mention them here for completeness.]
    - patch 004: improve gxint script to create predictable filename "GEANT$$"
                 in $HOME, not /tmp
    - patch 048: have various daemons log to /var/log, not /tmp
    - patch 049: fix kuesvr not to create predictable filename in /tmp
    - patch 050: have COMIS create predictably named files in a safe
                 subdirectory of /tmp created with mkdtemp()
    - patch 051: miscellaneous other /tmp-related fixes that don't affect
                 Debian directly; mainly in build infrastructure
    Some difficult-to-fix problems remain, but they do not affect the
    build process, programs, or libraries in Debian.

  * debian/rules: Bump libpaw1 shlibs dependency to ">> 2004.11.04-2" since
    patch 050 adds a new public function "cstmpd_" to the library.

  * debian/rules, debian/libpacklib1.{install,dirs}, debian/generic/Makefile:
    Install kuesvr into the libpacklib1 package now that it isn't a
    security hazard.
    - debian/generic/manpages/kuesvr.1, debian/NEWS: Add kuesvr man page.
      Note the API incompatibility in the kuesvr command-line flags
      resulting from patch 049.
    - debian/local/control/libpacklib1.control: As a result of this
      incompatibility, have libpacklib1 Conflict against older versions of
      paw{,++}-static that expect the original kuesvr API.  (Older versions
      of paw and paw++ are dynamically linked to libpacklib1, so they will
      have no trouble.)
    - patch 041: When HOST_EDITOR is "vi &", execute the editor with
      "x-terminal-emulator -e" for Debian instead of "xterm -e".
    - debian/local/control/libpacklib1.control: Therefore, Suggests
      "xterm | x-terminal-emulator".

  * debian/generic/bin/cernlib:
    - Test for and before and, following the recent renaming of
      /etc/alternatives/lib{blas,lapack} to lib{blas,lapack} in
      several packages.  Try plain and last,
      to avoid mistakenly linking against, etc.
    - Don't eat unknown arguments past the end of cernlib-specific flags;
      instead, output them directly before all other output (if they start
      with a hyphen "-") or inline as -l$argument (otherwise).  Mention
      this new behavior in the manpage, debian/generic/manpages/cernlib.1.

  * debian/local/control/0base.control: Remove atlas2-dev from Build-
    Conflicts and add it to Build-Depends (as an alternative to each
    of blas-dev, lapack-dev).  Since the and
    libraries in atlas2-*-dev packages are supposedly ABI-compatible with
    those in blas and lapack packages, this should be perfectly OK.
    - debian/generic/Makefile: don't link pawX11.static with -llapack
      directly; use the "cernlib" script to detect the right lapack
      library automatically.

  * patch 048, debian/rules, debian/pawserv.{cron.hourly,logrotate,postrm},
    Fix pawserv/zserv to write its logs to a sane place (/var/log/pawserv)
    with permissions 0700, add a cron.hourly script to concatenate them
    into /var/log/pawserv.log, include a logrotate.d config fragment, and
    have the pawserv package Suggest logrotate and Recommend cron.

  * debian/generic/misc/cernlib.m4, debian/NEWS: New update of cernlib.m4
    Autoconf macros from Patrice Dumas <>.  This version is
    slightly backwards-incompatible; for details, see debian/NEWS (in source)
    or /usr/share/doc/cernlib-base/NEWS.Debian (in installed packages).

  * debian/local/control/cernlib-montecarlo.control: No longer depend on
    "libisajet758-dev | m68k-linux-gnu" since type-handling has stopped
    providing architecture virtual packages (cf. bug #274747).  Instead,
    Recommend libisajet758-dev so as not to be uninstallable on m68k.

  * debian/generic/manpages/*, debian/*.{TODO,README.debian}: Update and
    touch up various documents slightly, including a note in gxint.1 about
    the change due to the update of patch 004.

  * debian/*.overrides: Remove Lintian overrides for the warning
    description-synopsis-starts-with-a-capital-letter; it has been removed
    from Lintian due to too many false positives.

  * debian/generic/README: Remove obsolete claim that compressed GIF
    support is disabled.

  * debian/paw*.README.debian: Mention that making the suggested change to
    XF86Config-4 will cause Debconf not to update that file, and refer
    to the relevant X Strike Force FAQ entry.

  * debian/generic/Makefile, debian/generic/patches/ifort.patch,
    debian/local/rules-help.txt: Add the "ifort" option to $DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
    to compile with ifort/icc instead of g77/gcc.  Thanks to Marco Cammarata
    <> for trying this out.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Thu, 10 Mar 2005 16:05:44 +0100

cernlib (2004.11.04-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * patch 015: Compile src/mathlib/gen/d/radmul.F at -O0 to work around a
    g77 optimization bug (closes: #290394).  Many thanks to
    Eduardo A. Menendez Proupin <>
    for tracking this down.

  * Tidying up for Sarge:
    - debian/generic/patches/additions/ Comment out extra
      "ServerExtraDefines" definition.
    - debian/paw{,++}{,-static}.{overrides,dirs}, debian/rules: Add Lintian
      overrides for Lintian false alarms on these binary packages.
    - debian/local/control/*: Fix a few package descriptions that get a
      Lintian warning for description-synopsis-starts-with-a-capital-letter.
      Most of these are spurious but it would be too bothersome to add
      overrides for all of them.
    - debian/generic/manpages/cernlib.1: Explain why cernlib script links
      statically by default (viz., to preserve upstream behavior).
    - debian/*.doc-base: Change doc-base sections of documents from
      Apps/Programming to Apps/Science.
    - debian/copyright: Fix the copyright file so that the "above copyright
      notice" referred to in many of the exception licenses is included in
      the correct place.  Quote CERN's licensing of Cernlib under the GPL
      verbatim.  Remark upon where to find the original COPYRIGHT file for
      the Addison-Wesley copyrighted source code.
    - debian/copyright, debian/libpdflib804-dev.README.debian: Add a comment,
      just in case anyone gets worried, that the apparently non-free license
      of the file src/mclibs/pdf/doc/pdfdoc.dat (a.k.a. /usr/share/doc/lib-
      pdflib804-dev/pdfdoc.txt.gz) has been superseded by the GPL.
    - debian/*.README.debian: Add disclaimers that URLs for unofficial
      non-free Monte Carlo Debian packages (Ariadne, Pythia, etc.) may not
      last forever.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Fri, 14 Jan 2005 00:08:44 -0500

cernlib (2004.11.04-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New upstream version:
    - Upstream claims 64-bit is mostly fixed (closes: #255970) ...
    - ... except for COMIS; note this in various Paw-related README.Debian
      files and package control texts.
    - debian/local/control/*: change Architecture back to "any".
    - debian/generic/patches/additions/graflib+higz+higzcc+gifencode.c:
      delete, since the new orig.tar.gz includes gifencode.c.
    - debian/lib*.install: $CERN_LEVEL is now 2004, so the shared libs become
      lib*.so.1.2004 -- change the install files to work.
    - debian/copyright: s/2003_source/2004_source/ in the download URL

  * Maintain my versions of {linux,Imake}.cf independently of upstream's:
    - debian/generic/patches/additions/config+{linux,Imake}.cf: new files.
      Add the magic -DCERNLIB_QMLXIA64 flag to for 64-bit arches.
    - debian/generic/Makefile: modify slightly to allow files in the
      .../patches/additions directory to overwrite files from upstream.
    - Debian patches 36 and 37: delete, as they are no longer needed.

  * Some fixes to deal with issues in the supposed interchangeability of
    atlas2-base-dev with lapack-dev and blas-dev:
    - debian/generic/bin/cernlib: If or is not found,
      fall back to or respectively.
    - debian/local/control/{cernlib-*,libmathlib1-dev}.control: Explicitly
      prefer installation of blas{,-dev} and lapack{,-dev} over
      atlas2-base{,-dev} in metapackages.  Hopefully, this closes: #276145.

  * debian/local/control/{paw-common,libpaw1}.control: Add the package
    "libc6-dev | libc-dev" to the Recommends of libpaw1 and paw-common.
    Without libc-dev, PAW and Paw++ can only interpret FORTRAN code, not
    compile it, as ld complains that crti.o is missing.

  * debian/local/control/{pawserv,zftp}.control: Improve descriptions of
    pawserv, zftp packages and note their general uselessness more explicitly.

  * debian/{cernlib-base.TODO,*.README.debian}: Minor edits.

  * debian/rules: Add an orig.tar.gz target for my convenience.

  * debian/rules: Change generated shlibs to depend upon library versions
    >= 2004.01.20-6, the last time any backwards incompatibilities appeared.

  * patch 46: Shut up makedepend (cf. xutils bugs #257142, #267205).

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Tue, 30 Nov 2004 12:33:16 -0500

cernlib (2004.01.20-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/generic/bin/paw-demos: Fix to work correctly with the current
    filecase default setting of Paw (closes: #274056).
    - On a related note, document that this default was changed for Debian,
      and how to get the original behavior back, in the various
      paw*.README.Debian files.

  * Fix Lintian errors:
    - Create 32x32 pixel versions of the Paw and KXterm xpms and use
      these in the Debian menu entries.
    - Force most metapackages to depend upon the exact same version of
      cernlib-base, since their /usr/share/doc dirs are symlinked to that
      of cernlib-base.
    - Force cernlib-montecarlo metapackage to depend upon the exact same
      version of montecarlo-base, for the same reason.  Make the
      cernlib-montecarlo package Architecture: all so that this will not
      cause problems with binary NMUs.  Allow for the fact that isajet is
      not currently compilable on m68k by depending upon
      libisajet758-dev | m68k-linux-gnu ("m68k-linux-gnu" is Provided on
      m68k GNU/Linux platforms by the type-handling package).

  * debian/rules: Simplify the overly obfuscated code for dh_shlibdeps
    by using "shlib" as the argument for the -l flag.

  * debian/control: Remove obsolete dummy packages libcern1, libcern1-dev,
    libmontecarlo1, libmontecarlo1-dev, montecarlo-data, montecarlo-doc.
    There is no need for these to enter stable (having never been there
    originally), and they have been dummy packages long enough that their
    removal should not cause upgrade problems for people running sid or sarge.

  * debian/control: Finesse dependencies of Arch: all packages such that
    all Recommends are either converted to Depends or removed.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Thu,  7 Oct 2004 12:00:49 -0400

cernlib (2004.01.20-7) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Urgency still medium in order to get this into testing; patch 47
    fixes major bugs in the Paw++ GUI.

  * Take some action to make Cernlib build logs smaller; the log files
    were so large as to require manual handling by buildd admins:
    - patch 37: stop Imake from complaining that HasGcc{,2} already defined.
    - patch 46: stop compiler flags and full paths to source code from being
      printed except on error.

  * patch 47: Work around #270862 (a bug in Lesstif) so that Paw++ menus
    function correctly.  (closes: #270838, #270861)

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Wed, 22 Sep 2004 22:46:20 -0400

cernlib (2004.01.20-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  * patch 45: Compile isasrt.F into libisajet758 so that comphep can be
    built with Debian's isajet.  Thanks to David Kimdon <>
    for the patch.  (closes: #260469)

  * Add a set of Autoconf macros to detect Cernlib libraries in the
    cernlib-base package, installed to /usr/share/aclocal/cernlib.m4.
    Many thanks to contributor Patrice Dumas <>.
    - debian/generic/misc/cernlib.m4: The macro file.
    - debian/generic/Makefile: Have it installed automatically by the Makefile.
    - debian/cernlib-base.{dirs,install}: Install it into cernlib-base package.
    - debian/local/control/cernlib-base.control: Note in package description.

  * Be more specific in the README.Debian's for Geant packages about which
    functions are missing or will not work due to the excision of FLUKA code.
    Add dummy symbols for some missing functions in debian/generic/patches/
    additions/geant321+gkine+dummy.c so that it is possible to link against
    the Geant shared library.  Hence urgency=medium.  Thanks to Matt Bellis
    <> for reporting the problem.

  * patch 07: Add erdecks, erpremc, matx55 directories to the list of code to
    compile, so that ERTRAK is included in the Geant library.

  * debian/generic/scripts/makedeplist: Finetune this so it doesn't list
    any dependencies on libc, libm or libg2c.

  * Debconf translations
    - Japanese: Hideki Yamane <>  (closes: #259794)

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Sat, 14 Aug 2004 10:10:46 -0400

cernlib (2004.01.20-5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Last known Unisys LZW patent is expired, so we can make compressed
    GIFs again.
    - debian/generic/patches/additions/graflib+higz+higzcc+gifencode.c: Add
      back the original version of this file from upstream sources.
    - debian/copyright: Delete comment about this file's removal.
    - debian/cernlib-base.TODO: Remove this item from todo list.
    - debian/local/deadpool.txt: Don't delete this file from upstream code
      when (if ever) it becomes time to prepare a new orig.tar.gz.

  * debian/control: Change "Arch: any" to explicitly list only 32-bit arches.
    I don't know what kind of crack the authors of Cernlib were smoking,
    but it looks difficult if not impossible to patch it to work on 64-bit
    without rewriting the whole thing.

  * Remove and files left in root directory of the source
    package by mistake.

  * patch 44: Undefine "strdup" before redefining it, in the case when
    it is a macro, to prevent annoying compiler warnings.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Mon, 12 Jul 2004 08:23:29 -0400

cernlib (2004.01.20-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * patch 15: Every release of g77 breaks something new.  Avoid
    optimization when compiling src/pdf/spdf/structm.F to prevent ICE
    on ARM.

  * patches 36, 37: Add support for x86_64 in src/config/{Imake,linux}.cf
    by stealing from the analogous Debian-patched files in xfree86 (version
    4.3.0.dfsg.1-4).  Untested -- I hope this works.

  * Debconf translations
    - German: Erik Schanze <> (closes: #250781)

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Sat, 12 Jun 2004 11:11:58 -0400

cernlib (2004.01.20-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * patch 43: Comment out gen.h prototype of NEWPTQ since it has more
    arguments than cfortran.h can accept.  (closes: #249423)

  * debian/generic/bin/fixheader: Convert #include "foo.h" to #include <foo.h>
    for all the header files in src/cfortran directory.

  * debian/generic/Makefile, debian/generic/patches/includelist: Install all
    headers from src/pawlib/paw/ntuple to /usr/include/paw/ntuple/ in the
    libpaw1-dev package, not just str.h.  Change all #include directives to
    refer to the correct directory, e.g. #include <paw/ntuple/foo.h>.
    (Really closes: #243860)

  * debian/generic/bin/cernlib, debian/generic/manpages/cernlib.1: Change
    the cernlib script to link only CERN libraries statically by default,
    not all libraries.  Rename the -dy flag to -safe to give a better
    indication of its behavior.  The -dy flag still exists and is
    equivalent for backwards compatibility.  (closes: #246375)

  * Add icons for PAW/Paw++ and KXterm:
    - debian/generic/icons/*.xbm: bitmaps extracted from
      src/pawlib/paw/cmotif/init.c, src/packlib/kuip/programs/kxterm/kxterm.c
    - debian/generic/icons/*.xpm: pixmaps created from kxterm.xbm and
      browser.xbm, clipped to 48x48 pixels and given transparent background.
    - debian/generic/Makefile, debian/{paw-common,kxterm}.{install,dirs}: add
      pixmaps to paw-common and kxterm packages in /usr/share/pixmaps/

  * debian/*.menu: Add menu items for PAW and static PAW.  Add longtitle menu
    descriptions.  Include icons in menu entries.

  * debian/local/control/*-dev.control: In short descriptions of libdevel
    packages, s/static version/development files/.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Mon, 17 May 2004 16:10:02 -0400

cernlib (2004.01.20-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Urgency medium due to fix for Important bug # 245915.  See below.

  * A couple of fixes for the repercussions of changing to preserving case
    by default in the last release:
    - patch 040: Make sure to generate paw.metafile files in lowercase.
    - patch 004: The PAW script should delete PAW.METAFILE as well as
      paw.metafile if in the current directory and zero size; don't complain
      if one or the other doesn't exist.

  * New binary packages:
    - debian/dzedit.{dirs,install}, debian/local/control/dzedit.control,
      debian/generic/manpages/dze{dit,X11}.1: Add package of dzedit.
    - patch 004: Minor fixes to dzedit wrapper script.
    - debian/generic/Makefile: Install dzedit binaries and man pages.
    - debian/local/control/kuipc.control: Enable KUIPC package.
    - debian/local/control/cernlib-core-dev.control: Add both to the
      cernlib-core-dev metapackage.

  * debian/zftp.README.debian: Add a note that ZFTP doesn't respect
    FILECASE KEEP.  Since I doubt anyone uses ZFTP anyway, it looks to be not
    worth the effort to track down all the places where this should be fixed.

  * debian/generic/Makefile, debian/*-dev.install: Install all of the
    Cernlib include files.  I don't think that most of them are
    at all useful, but people are requesting them and I don't want to keep
    adding them in incrementally with each request.  Patch them at install
    time to #include <foo/> instead of "foo/" or "".
    (closes: #243860)

  * debian/*-dev.links, debian/*-dev.dirs: Install links from /usr/include/*.h
    to /usr/include/cfortran/*.h as some programs (HEPATLAS) look for C
    header files there.

  * debian/generic/Makefile: Also install src/pawlib/paw/ntuple/str.h to

  * Fix FOWL code to remove undefined symbols from libphtools:
    - debian/generic/patches/additions/phtools+fowl+dummy.c: Create weakly
      defined dummy functions FSTART, USER, FINISH (to be overridden by user).
      + Fix this and the similar file for herwig to print a message to stderr
        rather than stdout if one of the dummy functions is called.
    - patch 042: Fix Imakefile accordingly.  Also comment out section of
      qqstrt.F that depends upon obsolete "which" routine; it appears not
      to be strictly necessary.  In FOWLMP, call FSTART instead of START.
    - debian/libphtools1-dev.README.debian: Add a note that the expected
      user function is FSTART instead of START in order to avoid a name
      clash with mathlib.
    - (closes: #245915)

  * Deal with mdpool mess:
    - patch 006: edits for src/pawlib/comis/comis/ and
    - install upstream version of (with above patch) to
      /usr/include/comis/, along with my added md{pool,size}.h
    - Note in libpaw1-dev's README.Debian and examples/pamain.c that
      developers must now #include <comis/mdpool.{h,inc}> instead of
      just <mdpool.{h,inc}>.

  * patch 001 (against src/config/lnxLib.rules): Instead of having copies of
    shared libraries in build tree, create symlinks from build tree to shlib
    directory (as with static libraries), in order to save disk space.

  * debian/generic/Makefile: Slightly modify the compilation of pawX11.static
    so that it isn't linked against Lesstif and other X libraries that it
    doesn't really need.  (The analogous operation for pawX11.dynamic will
    have to wait until post-sarge release; see the cernlib-base TODO.Debian)

  * debian/rules: Delete build tree when no longer needed, to save more
    disk space.  This should reduce the number of buildds that error out with
    "No space left on device".  The build tree can still be kept by having
    the string "keepbuild" in one's $DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.

  * debian/rules, debian/local/rules-help.txt: Add "help" target.

  * debian/local/control/lib*.control: Apropos of bug # 245082 (already
    closed), explicitly state in library package descriptions that the -dev
    package must be installed in order to link against a library.

  * debian/cernlib-base.README.debian: Rewrite parts of base README file.

  * debian/*.TODO: Mention post-sarge plans.

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Wed, 28 Apr 2004 14:10:51 -0400

cernlib (2004.01.20-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (_extremely_ minimal changes to PAW).

  * The legacy packages not to be seen by m68k should be Arch: any rather than
    Arch: all.  This wouldn't be such a problem except that the montecarlo
    legacy packages depend on isajet, which isn't compiled on m68k due to bug
    # 225621.  All legacy dummy packages changed back to Arch: any.

  * patch 040: Do NOT by default assume all filenames are meant to be in
    lowercase.  The original broken behavior may be restored to PAW by adding
    "/KUIP/SET_SHOW/FILECASE CONVERT" to one's pawlogon.kumac file.

  * patch 041: Set more up-to-date and Debian-specific default helper apps
    for PAW, e.g. gv instead of ghostview, sensible-editor instead of vi.
    Add gv to Suggests field of paw{,++}{,-static} packages.  One can use
    alternative helper apps through PAW commands or environment variables;
    in the PAW online help.

  * Add infrastructure for a package of kuipc, the Kit for a User Interface
    Package Compiler.  Not enabling the package yet, however, so that this
    release can get into testing sooner.
    - debian/generic/manpages/kuipc.1: write a man page.
    - debian/generic/Makefile: install binary and man page.
    - debian/kuipc.{dirs,install}: packaging data.
    - debian/local/control/kuipc.disabled: control fields.

  * debian/generic/manpages/paw.1: Add the PAW FAQ to the list of URLs in
    the "SEE ALSO" section.  Add pawserv(8) to the "SEE ALSO" section.
    Add environment variables for helper apps to the "ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES"

  * debian/rules: Add "unpack" and "patch" targets, performing the obvious
    operations, for convenience.

  * debian/generic/bin/gmake: Fix make wrapper script to work correctly when
    there is already a gmake in the path.

  * debian/generic/patches/additions/include+assert.h: Update patched local
    copy of assert.h to version taken from libc6-dev 2.3.2.ds1-11.
    Bug #171908 still isn't fixed...

  * Debconf translations
    - French: Christian Perrier <> (closes: #238466)
    - Dutch:  Luk Claes <>         (closes: #241419)

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Fri,  2 Apr 2004 12:08:49 -0500

cernlib (2003.09.03-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * debian/local/control/0base.control: Update Build-Depends for new X
    packages.  Note that we depend explicitly only upon x-dev, libxt-dev
    and libx11-dev; other X libraries are needed only through lesstif2-dev,
    whose own dependencies should take care of things.  Build-Conflict
    against libxt-dev (<< 4.3.0-3) in order to avoid compiling on buildds
    having the xfree86 postrm script bug.

  * debian/local/control/lib{kuip,graf}x11-1-dev: Depend upon libxt-dev and
    libx11-dev (>= 4.3.0-3), respectively, in preference to xlibs-dev.

  * debian/copyright, debian/generic/manpages/cernlib.1: Correct the pointers
    to which packages contain README.Debian files explaining how to obtain
    non-free Monte Carlo libraries.

  * debian/generic/bin/cernlib: Explicitly link Lesstif programs with
    -lXm -lXt -lXp -lXext -lX11 -lSM -lICE on all arches, not just
    powerpc.  (Removed -lXpm since nothing in Cernlib or Lesstif seems to
    use libXpm.)

  * debian/generic/scripts/makedeplist: Add missing -D argument to nm
    for shared library dependency calculation.

  * patch 001: Noticed that the build process has sneakily linked in
    libpacklib statically to many programs; prevent it from doing this
    and link libpacklib dynamically instead.

  * gettextize pawserv Debconf template (closes: #234411):
    - debian/pawserv.templates.master, debian/po/*: work based on patch
      from Martin Quinson <>.
    - debian/rules, debian/local/control/pawserv.control: woody backwards
      compatibility hack based on this message:

  * debian/kxterm.{postinst,prerm}: Delete, as they do nothing.  Must have
    been a holdover from the transition away from kxterm-static and
    kxterm-common packages, last seen a long time ago in (unofficial) package
    version 2002.12.02-0.1.

  * debian/*.menu: Quote all tags to fix lintian warning

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Wed,  3 Mar 2004 15:29:21 -0500

cernlib (2003.09.03-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * patch 015: Add pawlib/comis/code/csrfun.F to the list of files to be
    compiled without optimization.  For reasons beyond my comprehension,
    optimizing it, even at -O1, causes runtime breakage in dynamic PAW
    as of recent versions of g77.  (closes: #233689)
 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Thu, 19 Feb 2004 18:12:06 +0100

cernlib (2003.09.03-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Packaging rearrangements and fixes:
    - debian/control, *.install, *.docs, etc.: Split libcern1{,-dev},
      libgraflib1{,-dev}, libmontecarlo1{,-dev} into packages for individual
      libraries.  The original library packages are now dummy packages and
      have been changed to Arch: all.  See NEWS.Debian for more detailed
      information about the split.  (closes: #212409)
    - debian/control: Put "[Physics]" at the beginning of short descriptions
      for GEANT and Monte Carlo library packages.
    - debian/control: Add cernlib and various cernlib-* metapackages to make
      life easier for people installing Cernlib.
    - debian/control: Some lib*-dev packages were missing dependencies on other
      dev packages (e.g. libc6-dev, xlibs-dev); also, libgeant1 was missing
      a dependency upon geant321-data.  Fixed.
    - debian/control: Remove all Conflicts and Replaces with Cernlib soname
      *.so.0 packages (lib*0{,-dev}) and kxterm-static, kxterm-common.  All of
      those were old and unofficial so it's time to forget about them.
    - debian/control: Loosen version dependencies of and against various
      Arch: all packages, since most of the data files, etc. haven't changed
      in years.
    - debian/control: Make a bunch of things depend on cernlib-base so its
      README.Debian file is available for any Cernlib package.
    - debian/control: Make paw-common and paw-demos Depend/Recommend
      primarily on paw++ instead of paw++-static, now that all the bugs
      due to dynamically linking pawlib are (I hope) worked out.
    - debian/rules: Automatically regenerate debian/control from files
      in debian/local/control directory in "clean" target.

  * Fixes for m68k:
    - Work around FTBFS on m68k for now by not generating isajet758 packages:
      + debian/rules: on m68k, generate control file without libisajet758
        packages or obsolete dummy packages
      + debian/control: create two versions of the cernlib-montecarlo
        metapackage control file (and make it Arch: any); select between them
        in debian/rules
      + debian/generic/Makefile: don't reference isajet758 on m68k
      + patch 037: create CERNLIB_M68K define on m68k
      + patch 001: (to src/mclibs/Imakefile) compile isajet only when
        CERNLIB_M68K is not defined
      + (closes: #222442)
    - patch 037: Tweak compiler args in order to get PAW working:
      + Remove -fomit-frame-pointer arg from g77 since -Ox (x > 0) implies it
        and it inhibits debugging on some arches.
      + Add -malign-int arg to gcc and g77 on m68k to fix the PAW bugs
        resulting from misaligned arrays.

  * debian/generic/scripts/*: Update and improve dependency calculation
    scripts. Information about them is now in the README in the same directory.

  * debian/generic/Makefile: Fix order of sed arguments PREFIX, LIBPREFIX
    so that LIBPREFIX won't have PREFIX substituted out from underneath it.

  * debian/generic/Makefile: Edit cernlib-static and cernlib-install-arch
    targets to remove possibility of overwriting dynamic paw* binaries with
    static paw* binaries when resuming an aborted compile.

  * debian/generic/bin/cernlib: Force X libs to always be printed out when
    a graphics driver X11 or Motif is specified.  libkuipX11 should always be
    linked against Motif (lesstif in Debian).

  * debian/libgraflib1.TODO: Deleted, since the README.Debian for paw*
    packages solves the only item listed.

  * debian/paw{,++}-static.README.debian, debian/control: Add a note that
    these packages are considered obsolete and superseded by paw{,++} packages.

  * patch 001: kxterm needs to be linked only to Lesstif / X libs, not any
    of the Cern libraries.

  * debian/cernlib-base.README.debian: s/appropraite/appropriate/

 -- Kevin B. McCarty <>  Tue, 20 Jan 2004 12:32:13 -0500

cernlib (2003.09.03-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/generic/bin/cernlib, patch 001: Fix Monte Carlo library
    dependencies.  herwig and isajet use PDFSET() function in pdflib.

  * patch 019: Comment out structm.F and pdfset.F in herwig Imakefile;
    the real functions are in pdflib.

  * Fix paw* executables so that the COMIS interpreter works correctly
    when dynamically linked:

    - patch 006: Instead of tracking down all the places in FORTRAN that
      require a positive memory offset from /COMMON/MDPOOL/IQ to malloc()ed
      code (a losing battle), declare MDPOOL/IQ in 0pamain.F and 0pamainm.F
      so it will be in the bss section of dynamically linked paw{X11,++}
      binaries.  This should allow the COMIS interpreter to function
      correctly in dynamically linked executables (closes: #212419, #212420).
      Also add a check that memory is in fact allocated, and exit non-zero
      with an error message if not.

    - debian/*paw*.README.debian, debian/control: Remove comments about bugs
      in dynamically linked executables.

    - debian/libpaw1-dev.README.debian: Add note that MDPOOL/I
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