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libpam-encfs - PAM module to automatically mount encfs filesystems on login…  more info»


pam_encfs by Anders Aagaard <>

*Documentation is written quick and dirty, if something is wrong/you can't get it working, PLEASE mail me :)*

Put pam_encfs.conf in /etc/security and modify your pam to load (for example):
auth required

and if you want to auto umount on logout:
session        required
(note that setting "encfs_default --idle=1", means it'll auto umount after 1 minute idletime, so you can ignore this if you want to)

If you want gdm working you'll have to do this: (to allow use of --public / allow_root / allow_other)
#echo "user_allow_other" >> /etc/fuse.conf

#adduser testuser (put him in the fuse group if you have one)
#mkdir -p /mnt/storage/enc/testuser 
Setup your /etc/pam_encfs.conf (default should work)
#chown testuser:testuser /mnt/storage/enc/testuser
#su testuser
#encfs /mnt/storage/enc/testuser /home/testuser
*use same password as your login atm*
#fusermount -u /home/testuser

when you login, the directory should be mounted.

example to enable encryption for existing user:
*logout of any important things, turn off your apps, preferably do this in terminal login/as root*
sudo mkdir -p /mnt/storage/enc/anders /mnt/storage/enc/tmp
*use your main password on next part*
encfs /mnt/storage/enc/anders /mnt/storage/enc/tmp -- -o allow_root
cd /home/anders
find . -print -xdev | cpio -pamd /mnt/storage/enc/tmp
fusermount -u /mnt/storage/enc/tmp
cd /
sudo mv /home/anders /home/anders.BAK
sudo mkdir /home/anders
sudo chown anders:anders /home/anders
sudo rmdir /mnt/storage/enc/tmp

on next login (in theory) your homedir should be mounted ;)

FAQ : 
Q: What command will pam_encfs run to mount a directory?
A: It depends on your options, but something like:
   encfs -S --idle=1 -v /mnt/storage/enc/test /home/test -- -o allow_other,allow_root,nonempty
Q: Can I mount multiple under one login directories with pam_encfs?
A: No, there is however an unofficial patch here : ( ).
   This has not been applied to the main tree, as it segfaults when I test it with a very basic encfs configuration file (but might work with more advanced ones).

Q: pam_encfs does not find my encfs executable
A: pam_encfs uses execvp, that means that in some systems it wont find it if it's in /usr/local, make a symlink to /usr/bin.

Q: It works on normal login, but not in gdm.
A: Problem1, /etc/pam.d/gdm has a different system than /etc/pam.d/login, fix it ;).
A: Problem2, You dont have the fuse option user_allow_root(or other) set, 
   Make sure /etc/fuse.conf has user_allow_other (or user_allow_root).
   Make sure /etc/pam_encfs.conf has fuse_default allow_root, or the fuse option allow_root set.
Q: It asks me for my password twice.
A: Try adding use_first_pass after pam_unix (or any other module that supports it).

Q: I've tried to use pam_encfs as my main authentication scheme, it doesn't work!
A: I return PAM_IGNORE on errors, this can't work reliably as a main system, 
   because of for example logging in twice (in which case the directory would already be mounted, 
   and we therefor can't check password ok).
Q: I can't login to X because the filesystem doesn't support locks.
A: This could be a problem if your not using drop_permission, use it.  And if you REALLY want to mount as root, put:
    export XAUTHORITY=/tmp/.Xauthority-$USER
    export ICEAUTHORITY=/tmp/.ICEauthority-$USER
   in your ~/.bashrc

My system-auth file on gentoo:
auth       required
auth       sufficient   /lib/security/
auth       sufficient   /lib/security/ pwdfile /etc/security/pam.sha
auth       sufficient likeauth nullok
auth       required

account    required

password   required retry=3
password   sufficient nullok md5 shadow use_authtok
password   required

session    required
session    required

Here it'll ask for the password twice, my modules (pam_encfs/pam_sha512) will try to use any previous password if it finds one.
So if you move in auth to under, it'll ask for the password once.  
Note that if pam_unix gets a password it finds ok, pam_encfs/pam_sha512 wont be used at all.
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