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This version of pam-mysql supports using a config file, eg:
/etc/libpam-mysql.conf to hold configuration. This file needn't
be world readable and isn't per default in debian. You can change this
with the command ``dpkg-reconfigure -plow libpam-mysql''.

In order to use this configuration file you simply type something like
the following in your pam-file (eg. /etc/pam.d/ssh):

auth       optional config_file=/etc/libpam-mysql.conf
account    required config_file=/etc/libpam-mysql.conf

And edit /etc/libpam-mysql.conf to your liking. The default assumes no
password for root to use mysql and simply uses the mysql accounts.

This is not neccesarily a good idea.

Lars Bahner <> -- Mon Jan 26 02:56:00 CET 2009 
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