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2006-01-09  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: PR #1325395 - add "disconnect_every_op" option that forces
	pam_mysql to disconnect from the database every operation.
	(pam_sm_chauthtok): PR #1338667 - stop using getuid() and use geteuid()
	instead. PR #1338672 - allow root to change the passwords of other users
	without their old password.
	* acinclude.m4: check PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVERY_ERR availability, for
	Linux PAM's error.
	* README: note about disconnect_every_op.

2005-09-23  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: (pam_mysql_parse_args): change option parsing behaviour
	so "=" following each option name is not needed.
	(pam_sm_authenticate): fix try_first_pass behaviour. fix behaviour so that
	the password obtained in a conversation is always stored with

2005-09-21  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: add "logrhostcolumn" option.
	#define PAM_SM_* so that pam_mysql.c can be linked statically to libpam.
	static'ify some functions.  s/pam_permit_modstruct/pam_mysql_modstruct/.
	(pam_mysql_stream_skip_spn): fix invalid assumption of an uninitialised
	(pam_mysql_get_host_info): new function.
	(pam_mysql_destroy_ctx): add missing xfree(ctx->config_file) to avoid
	* checks for netdb functions / IPv6 availability.
	* acinclude.m4: ditto.
	* README: add description about logrhostcolumn.
	* NEWS: note about logrhostcolumn.

2005-09-20  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: prevent blocks obtained from pam_get_item() from being
	(pam_mysql_check_passwd): do not escape the content of the "where" option.
	Fixes PR #1261484.
	(pam_mysql_sql_log): remove weird codes. Fixes PR #1256243.

2005-09-18  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* README: add a note about the issue regarding official MySQL binary
	* NEWS: prepare for the release.
	* pam_mysql.c: (pam_mysql_format_string): change column name handling
	to allow an expression for every XXXcolumn parameter.

2005-08-01  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* acinclude.m4: (PAM_MYSQL_CHECK_LIBMYSQLCLIENT): remove redundant
	eval. Will fix PR #1245188.

2005-06-24  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: implement use_first_pass and try_first_pass options
	to follow the convention. make debug option an alias for verbose.
	(pam_sm_authenticate): return authentication token to the PAM
	implementation (by pam_set_item()).
	(pam_sm_chauthtok): return authentication token to the PAM implementation.
	(pam_mysql_check_passwd): don't update password column if crypt=md5
	and non-crypt md5 is not implemented. use statically allocated buffer
	for make_scrambled_password().
	* README: note about debug, use_first_pass and try_first_pass.
	* NEWS: use_first_pass and try_first_pass.

2005-06-23  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: (pam_mysql_check_passwd): fix buffer overflow spotted in
	verification of SHA1-encrypted password.

2005-06-19  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: add use_323_passwd option for compatibility with
	the old MySQL PASSWORD() implementation (inspired by Daniel Renaud.
	(pam_sm_acct_mgmt): add a missing piece of code to the account management
	callback. I don't know why I didn't notice this before the last release.
	* acinclude.m4: (PAM_MYSQL_CHECK_LIBMYSQLCLIENT) ditto.
	Fix compile failure on Solaris when --with-openssl is specified to
	* .cvsignore: add pam_mysql.spec
	* README: note about statcolumn / use_323_passwd.

2005-06-17  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* acinclude.m4: old mysql_config doesn"t accept --include option.
	this resulted in sed errors in config.status. Reported by Worlfgang
	Erlenkoetter. Thanks.
	* a hyphen is not allowed for the "Version" section in
	a spec file.
	* .cvsignore: add .orig and .rej.
	* require OpenSSL by default.

2005-06-16  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* acinclude.m4: fix library detection code: s/shrext/shrext_cmds/. use
	$libext instead of ".a" for library suffices.

2005-06-15  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* README: fix description about config_file. add missing description
	for option "MD5". note about the GPL issue.
	* pam_mysql.c: SHA1 support (requires OpenSSL).
	* NEWS: entry for 0.7-pre2.
	* add pam_mysql.spec to AC_OUTPUT. Noticed by Fredrik
	Rambris (boost at users dot sourceforge dot net). Thanks.
	* add pam_mysql.spec and pkg.m4 to EXTRA_DIST. Notices by
	Fredrik Rambris (boost at users dot sourceforge dot net).
	* COPYING: replace by GPL terms, were accidentially LGPL ones.

2005-06-13  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: s/crypt/crypt_type/ due to possible namespace pollution.
	* acinclude.m4: (PAM_MYSQL_CHECK_LIBMYSQLCLIENT) check mysql_config
	availability for more accurate detection.
	* README: misc. documentation fixes.
	* INSTALL: ditto.

2005-06-12  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c:
	- remove redundant #include <pam_misc.h> that caused compatibility
	- #define PAM_EXPORT / LOG_AUTHPRIV if undefined.
	- #include <pam_appl.h> beforehand of #include <pam_module.h> as Sun's
	  implementation doesn't really take inclusion order into account.
	- include crypt.h if available.
	(pam_sm_open_session): log session state, to fix PR# 1047213.
	(pam_sm_close_session): ditto.
	(pam_sm_authenticate): log authentication failure as well.
	* NEWS: note about above.
	* add /usr/lib/security and /usr/lib/pam to module
	search path.
	* acinclude.m4:
	(PAM_MYSQL_CHECK_PAM): remove redundant checks for pam_misc.h.
	(PAM_MYSQL_CHECK_PROTOS): add for compatibility.

2005-06-07  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: initialize statcolumn to "1" (for the sake of
	backwards compatibility) on start and free on exit. This fixes
	the bug reported by Deniss from Latvia. Thanks.
	* include pkg.m4 (from pkgconfig 0.17.2 which is covered
	by GPL) to deal with the case pkg-config devel package is not installed.
	* pkg.m4: added.
	* run libtoolize prior to aclocal.
	* README: remove note about default values, as those ones no longer
	exist for string parameters. added notes for undocumented options (verbose,
	* NEWS: updates for expected releases.

2005-03-28  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* pam_mysql.c: uncapitalize log message. fix log level in
	pam_mysql_set_option(). add missing PAM_MYSQL_LOG_PREFIX to
	syslog() params. add support for nss-mysql style external configuration
	* acinclude.m4: add PAM_MYSQL_CHECK_DEFINES macro.
	* add checks for ELOOP and EOVERFLOW constants, which are
	used in pam_mysql_stream_open().
	* add install-sh, missing and mkinstalldirs to EXTRA_DISTS.

2005-03-27  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* README: add CVS tags and note about unix socket / non-default port
	number support.
	* INSTALL: add CVS tags.
	* pam_mysql.c: add CVS tags. fix typo.
	* NEWS: reformat and add entry for 0.6.

2005-03-23  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* README: add a notice about md5() crypt.

2005-03-22  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* COPYING: this should have been there..
	* pam_mysql.c: add missing license terms.
	* ditto.
	* ChangeLog: fix indentation.

2005-03-12  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* acinclude.m4: fix PAM_MYSQL_CHECK_OPENSSL to correctly
	check the library availability with the appropriate
	linker options.

2005-03-11  Moriyoshi Koizumi  <>

	* acinclude.m4: add new macros -- PAM_MYSQL_CHECK_MD5_HEADERS,
	to deal with the "bogus" md5.h issue.
	* add two new options --with-cyrus-sasl /
	--with-cyrus-sasl2. fix OpenSSL detection. bump package version.
	* pam_mysql.c: conditionally include <md5global.h> if Cyrus SASL
	is available and enabled by --with-cyrus-sasl or --with-cyrus-sasl2.
	* NEWS: renamed from Changelog
	* ChangeLog: genuine ChangeLog :)
	* INSTALL: detailed installation instruction in there.
	* README: note about forking.
	* correct typos, synchronize EXTRA_DISTS with new
	* synchronization against new additions.
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