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This directory contains some example of the use of the libpaper library
and its companion paper(1) command.

(Note: these examples uses the default environment variables and papersize
file location. If they do not work, please check the paper(1) manual page
for these parameters.)

* Ghostscript frontend

  The frontend in gsfrontend.c can do the following things:

    - call gs (actually what is specified in the GS environment variable
      or gs4.01) with the default system paper size;

    - replace gs's -sPAPERSIZE=paper arguments with other arguments, thus
      adding all libpaper known papersizes to gs (and letting unknown
      papers go through in case gs really knows them).

* A2ps change

  The diff file included here provides paper support for a2ps, and also
  corrects DSC comments issued by the program.
    This is a rather big patch for such a small program.

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