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Release 1.3 (2007-05-07)

This release contains major improvements and new features.

Summary of Changes:
- HashMap and HashSet classes (Foundation)
- Tuple class template (Foundation)
- SharedMemory class (Foundation)
- FileStream, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream classes that
  support Unicode (UTF-8) filenames on Windows (Foundation)
- improvements and bugfixes in the Net library, mostly HTTP
- DynamicAny class (Foundation)
- improvements to NetworkInterface class (Net)
- Condition class, implementing POSIX condition variable-style
  thread synchronization (Foundation)
- upgraded to PCRE 7.1 (Foundation)
- improved Unicode/UTF-8 support
- NodeAppender class for faster DOM tree creation (XML)
- Checksum class (Foundation)
- lots of bugfixes and other improvements - please see the
  CHANGELOG for details

Incompatible Changes and Transition Issues:
The HashFunction class template has been changed in an incompatible
way. The member function formerly named hash() is now the function
call operator. If you have defined your own HashFunction classes,
you have to update your code. Sorry for the inconvenience.

On Windows, POCO now builds with Unicode/UTF-8 support 
(POCO_WIN32_UTF8) enabled by default. If you need the previous
behavior, remove the corresponding #define from Poco/Config.h

Release 1.2 (2006-08-29)

This release contains major improvements and new features.
Summary of changes (please see CHANGELOG for details):
- namespaces and header locations have changed
- improvements to command line options handling
- improvements to HTTP server and client classes
- support for raw sockets and ICMP
- improvements to DateTime, bugfixes in Timezone
- improvements to Logging (including a new LogStream class)
- HashTable classes in Foundation
- ThreadPool now supports thread priorities
- ActiveMethod now supports start policies; improved exception support
- typesafe sprintf-like formatting
- Process::launch() now supports I/O redirection to pipes
- improvements to the build system (configure; make; make install is now supported)
- various other bugfixes and enchancements

$Id: //poco/1.3/dist/NEWS#5 $
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