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2009-11-23	Lennart Poettering
	06327b1: bump soname

2009-11-20	Lennart Poettering
	7ab8e83: alsa: fix minor sampling rate deviations before adjusting the buffer size
	366e3eb: alsa: fix log output when the audio device refuses to give us again the same period settings we had before
	a281aad: pulse: ask for timing updates both *before* and *after* triggering a stream state change so that in the STARTED/UNDERFLOW callbacks we accurate transport latency information
	c13bf3d: pulse: delay smoother update only when unpausing, not when pausing, since we don't want the timer to advance when we are supposedly already paused
	d6a851c: pulse: try to fix inaccuracy with uncork timing for streams that are created in corked state
	5c90723: daemon: complain if user passes too many arguments

2009-11-20	Colin Guthrie
	3014081: Merge branch '0.9.20-stable' into stable-queue

2009-11-18	Lennart Poettering
	231417c: rygel: fix itemCount property for sources

2009-11-16	Colin Guthrie
	9f41584: build-sys: Fix missing trailing slash in 14eaf2

2009-11-14	Sjoerd Simons
	8edf2f0: build-sys: Make sure all alsa path config files are installed

2009-11-11	Colin Guthrie
	25537ff: device-manager: Update docs version -> 0.9.20

2009-11-09	Colin Guthrie
	725ab6c: device-manager: Update docs version -> 0.9.20

2009-10-19	Colin Guthrie
	ff71cbf: device-manager: Fix compiler warning.

2009-10-10	Colin Guthrie
	5382455: device-manager: Rather than flagging the device as available, just include the sink/source index with PA_INVALID_INDEX meaning unavailable

2009-10-02	Colin Guthrie
	af55f07: device-manager: Play nice with module-stream-restore.
	1b31d8a: device-manager: Make use of PA_IDXSET_FOREACH when applying entries.
	ab3502f: device-manager: Keep track as to whether or not the user specifically renamed the device.
	654df0f: device-manager: No need to check the version after calling read_entry()
	324eb21: device-manager: Fix typo in module loading script.

2009-10-01	Colin Guthrie
	3130403: device-manager: Add some scripts that are only run under KDE to load/initialise module-device-manager with routing turned on.
	996fc1f: device-manager: Misc fixes to co-exist with other stream management/routing modules.
	6e0dde1: device-manager: Misc fixes.
	763de9e: device-manager: Fix the writing of the database when priority doesn't change.
	d5dc700: device-manager: Add extra debug messages
	8a5778d: device-manager: Change the prefer/defer options to a single 'reorder' command.

2009-09-27	Colin Guthrie
	45a4d26: device-manager: Don't notify clients on every subscription (it happens all the time).
	ff633cb: device-manager: Save icon and report current availability over protocol.

2009-09-26	Colin Guthrie
	055ad89: device-manager: Expose the priority lists in the protocol extension.

2009-09-21	Colin Guthrie
	aa93410: device-manager: Add a function to dump the database which we do whenever we save it (and on startup)

2009-09-20	Colin Guthrie
	d9a3131: device-manager: Reroute streams when they change allowing the media.role to be updated mid-stream.
	3072f65: device-manager: Refactor the routing method to allow the routing of a single stream
	888a515: device-manager: More sensible names for internal functions
	d81fa00: device-manager: Reroute the streams on startup and update our cache on enable.
	df893f6: device-manager: Keep a cache of the highest priority devices for each role.
	009d087: device-manager: Fix the database write mode
	8863dbe: device-manager: Update exports
	6e67653: device-manager: Some efficiency and safety tweaks
	26f1ec7: device-manager: Allow the routing component to be turned on via a module argument as well as via protocol extn.
	8d3d0d3: device-manager: Remove unused variables
	5077fe1: device-manager: Set the most appropriate sink/source when new streams are created
	470b625: device-manager: Add routing functions that are triggered when sinks/soruces are added/removed.
	8c99667: device-manager: Add a function to get a list of the highest priority device indexes for each role.
	d69eba3: device-manager: Remove unneeded logic for checking for and (un)loading module-stream-restore. We can co-exist
	a0567fb: device-manager: Rough framework (slots etc.) for handling routing.
	fd5a508: device-manager: debug and comments
	2b71480: device-manager: Fix the freeing of the datum on prefer/defer.
	0541028: device-manager: When a new device is encountered, initialise the priority list to an appropriate value
	5e3f1c2: device-manager: Let subscribed clients know when something changes.
	6d4afac: device-manager: Change the write function to a rename function.

2009-09-19	Colin Guthrie
	4981268: device-manager: Provide a method for prefering/defering a device.
	a9bd1ab: device-manager: Fix copy+paste code that looped over the tagstruct when not necessary
	c1ece6c: device-manager: Provide a way for clients to enable/disable role-based device-priority routing.
	25f0545: device-manager: Update docs version -> 0.9.19 (predicted)

2009-07-05	Colin Guthrie
	bddebbf: device-manager: Fix copy+paste leftover

2009-06-29	Colin Guthrie
	58bc037: device-manager: Only store and save details for non-monitor sources

2009-06-28	Colin Guthrie
	276e953: device-restore: Fix the application of an entry to allow changing the name of devices.
	b8b28ef: device-manager: Fix tagstruct description extraction (copy+paste blunder)
	89c1f57: device-manager: Link native protocol library.
	11f01de: device-manager: Export device-manager extension functions

2009-06-27	Colin Guthrie
	97eb065: device-manager: Fix indentation
	0f6ace7: device-manager: Add an untested protocol extension.
	4c68fe7: device-manager: Add a new module to keep track of the names and descriptions of various sinks.

2009-11-11	Lennart Poettering
	a79585e: i18n: fix LINGUAS
	5471643: Merge remote branch 'origin/master-tx' into 0.9.19-stable
	de2654c: daemon: add missing tty_fd definition
	bff94c1: build-sys: bump soname
	2c12df9: core: make cpuid code compile cleanly with 32bit PIC
	ed5af77: core: adjust volume only when there is actually a memory block

2009-11-10	Wim Taymans
	9ad5671: protocol: use the right sample rate for sources

2009-11-05	Lennart Poettering
	409a9d0: jack: never try to autoconnect to MIDI ports
	75f3b19: man: fix build with --disable-manpages
	3b25302: alsa: disable timer-based scheduling inside a VM
	5da0297: daemon: during startup say whether we run in a VM
	1460374: core-util: add call to detect if we are called from within a VM
	b47a9e7: alsa: introduce more standard path names

2009-11-04	Lennart Poettering
	ab573f2: alsa: cover 'Analog Output' control

2009-10-31	Lennart Poettering
	4323c9f: alsa: create a seperate mixer path for Speaker elements
	8a26fbf: alsa: leave other headphone control enabled if possible
	08d0654: alsa: lower priority for Headphone2 path
	18018b3: alsa: cover Input Source:AUX IN
	d711caa: alsa: cover Headphone2 mixer element
	82d7b75: alsa: cover 'Digital Input Source' element
	6fad765: alsa: cover Mic Jack Mode element
	70da8d6: bluetooth: do not hand out access to devices that are not fully configured yet

2009-10-30	David Yoder
	bfb1735: daemon: realpath segfault fix

2009-10-29	Wim Taymans
	973a4eb: sink: simplify silence checks

2009-10-30	Lennart Poettering
	320d76f: daemon: don't crash if pa_realpath() fails

2009-10-28	Lennart Poettering
	732b468: protocol-native: if a client set volume/mute/device store it since it is user input
	3dcdab6: libpulse: explain semantics of pa_stream_connect_playback() in more detail
	0c31723: protocol-native: declare that user configured volumes are always absolute

2009-10-12	Lennart Poettering
	84e77cb: libpulse: add missing includes

2009-10-07	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	8d612d5: Fix build when using -fweb, accept both register and memory constraints.

2009-10-06	Lennart Poettering
	3201aec: position-event-sounds: never position test sounds in space
	833bf30: alsa: disable period event only with tsched=1

2009-10-02	Tor-Björn Claesson
	c15bd97: loopback: Setting latency of module-loopback

2009-10-04	Lennart Poettering
	df49370: bluetooth: don't set auto_connect flag when discovering bt devices

2009-11-09	vpv
	ecaf971: Sending translation for Finnish
	05ccf10: Sending translation for Finnish
	7d5d76e: Sending translation for Finnish

2009-10-30	kmilos
	151c746: Sending translation for Serbian (Latin)
	4392888: Sending translation for Serbian

2009-10-29	Wim Taymans
	cc1e90f: svolume: fix MMX error

2009-10-26	thalia
	e4259e7: Sending translation for Greek

2009-10-23	igor
	99dcbc7: Sending translation for Brazilian Portuguese

2009-10-22	igor
	6d8d0ff: Sending translation for Brazilian Portuguese

2009-10-22	kami911
	037df85: Sending translation for Hungarian
	80e43f6: Sending translation for Hungarian

2009-10-18	perplex
	45409d5: Sending translation for Italian

2009-10-17	pmkovar
	662986f: Sending translation for Czech

2009-10-17	kami911
	6e8c64f: Sending translation for Hungarian
	6614be9: Sending translation for Hungarian
	497b981: Sending translation for Hungarian

2009-10-15	kami911
	55ccda6: Sending translation for Hungarian

2009-10-14	reinouts
	a620a39: Sending translation for Dutch

2009-10-09	kami911
	72ac187: Sending translation for Hungarian

2009-10-06	mvdz
	5331e60: Sending translation for Ukrainian

2009-10-04	fgonz
	3aec580: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-10-02	warrink
	e8bab13: Sending translation for Dutch

2009-10-01	kami911
	8cfd01e: Sending translation for po/hu.po

2009-09-30	pmkovar
	7e0bccf: Sending translation for Czech

2009-09-30	raven
	fc74fc1: Sending translation for Polish

2009-09-30	warrink
	f2f37b5: Sending translation for Dutch

2009-09-30	Lennart Poettering
	afd1b6d: build-sys: bump soname
	c622f77: i18n: run make update-po

2009-09-29	Lennart Poettering
	6a3b51a: i18n: ad more .c files to
	b8de3bd: polkit: drop left-over polkit policy file from git tree

2009-09-26	Nix
	eac5662: Don't refuse to start on systems using GNU stow, graft, STORE et al

2009-09-29	Lennart Poettering
	faf113d: i18n: run make update-po
	0c84757: Merge remote branch 'origin/master-tx'

2009-09-28	Lennart Poettering
	d06f2ea: reserve: downgrade reserve logic messages, so that reusing pa in two sessions does not create spew in syslog

2009-09-28	jsimon
	c992ad2: Sending translation for German
	966a259: Sending translation for German

2009-09-27	raven
	31d59de: Sending translation for Polish

2009-09-23	Wim Taymans
	5eecd8e: svolume: tweak constraints for 32 bits

2009-09-22	ruigo
	c04b75a: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-09-22	Colin Guthrie
	8f4940b: libpulse: Add *_NOFLAGS flags with value 0 for various enums

2009-09-22	shanky
	183c9ab: Sending translation for Kannada

2009-09-21	anipeter
	c4b154b: Sending translation for Malayalam

2009-09-21	sandeeps
	f078e69: Sending translation for Marathi

2009-09-21	kkrothap
	20a5b0e: Sending translation for Telugu

2009-09-21	rajesh
	e8692bc: Sending translation for Hindi

2009-09-20	Colin Guthrie
	c194db7: tunnel: fix parsing of source info from newer servers
	cc6932c: stream-restore: Comment fix

2009-09-20	Emil Renner Berthing
	592345f: tunnel: fix parsing of sink info from newer servers

2009-09-20	Lennart Poettering
	e7686a6: core: dump proplist when creating stream similar to how we already to it for sinks/sources
	88b7773: alsa: make build gcc clean on 32bit

2009-09-19	Lennart Poettering
	33b45cd: Merge remote branch 'origin/master-tx'
	6c0317d: build-sys: bump soname for release
	ab6ed06: vala: install .vapi file by default
	3fe9f8f: vala: numerous updates

2009-09-18	ricardopinto
	e141ddc: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-09-19	Lennart Poettering
	996051e: memtrap: properly add items to linked list

2009-09-18	Lennart Poettering
	56e1290: gconf: run the wrapper script when running gconf-helper from build tree
	8ad8e39: namereg: choose default sink/source as soon as one becomes available
	1d19d6b: i18n: run make update-po
	3cb8e01: Merge remote branch 'origin/master-tx'
	9697c5d: memblock: don't try to reuse PA_MEMBLOCK_APPENDED memblocks since they usually are much bigger than we want them
	f84d755: mainloop: fix detection of rt clocks
	cd5d6e7: socket-client: modernizations
	c010172: memblock: modernizations
	d629151: mainloop: pass monotonic times back to user if he passed monotonic times to us
	c024aea: timeval: make timeval conversion routines handle PA_USEC_INVALID special
	a1da83b: timeval: add UNLIKELY annotation
	05f6236: timeval: make pa_timeval_sub saturating
	fdec460: core-rtclock: introduce pa_timespec_store() akin pa_timeval_store()
	f7d3896: timeval: introduce PA_USEC_MAX
	56f217f: macro: introduce PA_INT_TYPE_MIN, PA_INT_TYPE_MAX, PA_INT_TYPE_SIGNED macros
	fb4a2a1: mainloop: sum up dispatched events in an unsigned to clarify range
	18d69c5: mainloop: use PA_LLIST_FOREACH macros where applicable
	b32f599: mainloop: don't initialize fields we don't have to
	a049909: mainloop: calculate in pa_usec_t everywhere
	a43118b: mainloop: properly convert time to wallclock time when handing it to the user
	a37e48a: alsa: fix Surround mixer element name

2009-09-18	Colin Guthrie
	8f29968: conf: Fix typo in daemon.conf: rlimit-rtttime - too many t's
	fd25e8f: alsa: Give all ports a human name to allow UI tools to present the choice to users.
	0323e48: rtp: Remove 'fix me' comment after it was actually fixed in [56b6e1]
	56b6e18: rtp: Factor out direct io writing and use ioline instead.

2009-09-18	ifelix
	62b8780: Sending translation for Tamil

2009-09-18	ricardopinto
	774b37e: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-09-16	Colin Guthrie
	94d20a5: raop: Use pa_module_unload_request_by_index as per module-zeroconf-discover

2009-09-17	Lennart Poettering
	7b76ea3: core-util: unify how we determine the temporary directory
	2d9168c: Improve TMPDIR handling
	3de5c49: cli: properly destruct cli object
	b4d4f2b: cli: don't accidentaly set O_NDELAY on stderr
	94f28b9: proplist: introduce PA_PROP_WINDOW_DESKTOP property
	add4cbf: position-event-sounds: don't warn that loud about vpos/hpos out of range
	cdbeac6: libpulse: as a special exception, don't require a non-NULL context in pa_context_errno
	231c17b: svolume_mmx: disable test accidentaly left on
	4e6dce5: Merge remote branch 'wtay/optimize'
	1a6974a: pacat: use fully automatic buffer sizes if possible
	e2899f8: memblock: make it easy to disable mempool usage with $PULSE_MEMPOOL_DISABLE

2009-09-17	Vladimir Kokarev
	e63c867: alsa: correct assumptions about channels an element lacks

2009-09-16	kmilos
	15da2f2: Sending translation for Serbian (Latin)
	0c8498a: Sending translation for Serbian

2009-09-12	Wim Taymans
	3d5a572: svolume_mmx: optimize some more
	d397a82: svolume_sse: fix comment

2009-09-15	vpv
	3c89dc0: Sending translation for Finnish

2009-09-15	Lennart Poettering
	12f2111: gccmacro: enable weakrefs only on ELF

2009-09-14	fab
	19968fe: Sending translation for Swiss German
	7c80d2c: Sending translation for German

2009-09-14	mvdz
	4382519: Sending translation for Ukrainian

2009-09-12	xconde
	e35101b: Sending translation for Catalan

2009-09-12	raven
	6e76544: Sending translation for Polish

2009-09-11	warrink
	66eb022: Sending translation for Dutch

2009-09-11	beckerde
	cc597d6: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-09-11	swkothar
	030dfad: Sending translation for Gujarati

2009-09-11	mgiri
	9267201: Sending translation for Oriya

2009-09-11	jassy
	e706a84: Sending translation for Punjabi

2009-09-11	Lennart Poettering
	180ef1e: position-event-sounds: apply volume factor after, not before resampling
	a015d56: core: add an additional volume factor that is applied after resampling took place
	6fa2445: position-event-sounds: honour window position if set, position both vertically and horizontally
	5919337: proplist: define properties for storing window position
	42b795b: doxygen: don't confuse doxygen with spurious ..
	4e3f7d5: doxygen: add rtclock.h to documentation
	297f318: doxygen: drop references to pacat.c and paplay.c as examples since tehy are not useful as such and in the case of paplay not even existant anymore
	7e43371: build-sys: increase library version
	a7ab04f: i18n: run make update-po
	2f11884: i18n: add ja to LINGUAS
	67bed86: Merge remote branch 'origin/master-tx'
	80b4457: alsa: properly report suspension error codes
	bb36bb4: alsa: properly convert sample buffer sizes
	5460967: libpulse: add new error code PA_ERR_BUSY

2009-09-10	warrink
	64e8eb7: Sending translation for Dutch

2009-09-10	hyuuga
	8bdec63: Sending translation for po/ja.po

2009-09-10	kkrothap
	27b3a74: Sending translation for Telugu

2009-09-10	runab
	5d264fd: Sending translation for Bengali (India)

2009-09-10	rajesh
	c67c46e: Sending translation for Hindi

2009-09-10	ifelix
	d0df346: Sending translation for Tamil

2009-09-10	sandeeps
	a81ee39: Sending translation for Marathi

2009-09-10	swkothar
	c49f3f9: Sending translation for Gujarati

2009-09-10	anipeter
	c471d4d: Sending translation for Malayalam

2009-09-10	jassy
	3fd8e7d: Sending translation for Punjabi

2009-09-10	amitakhya
	7f799d4: Sending translation for Assamese

2009-09-10	Lennart Poettering
	12c7460: libpulse: don't support pa_context_get_card_info_list() on servers that cannot handle it
	807f2a9: native: send PA_COMMAND_PLAYBACK_BUFFER_ATTR_CHANGED messages only to clients that understand it
	b043207: i18n: run make update-po
	a41c510: Merge remote branch 'origin/master-tx'
	f3879f8: i18n: run make update-po
	b2de8d8: i18n: get rid of ko.po/ru.po since they contain exactly 0 translated strings
	9c65e5b: add ml to LINGUAS
	43c3164: Merge remote branch 'origin/master-tx'

2009-09-09	Lennart Poettering
	d5f43bd: alsa: disable tsched for software devices before we configure the buffer metrics so that we don't accidently set a buffer size that is suitable for tsched where we don't use tsched
	8364b95: alsa: when probing for profiles configure buffer/period sizes since some broken drivers apparently need that
	84ade21: alsa: pass SND_PCM_NONBLOCK when opening device during unsuspend, the same way we do it for initial opening
	557c429: alsa: rework buffer/period configuration
	71e066c: simd: be more precise which SIMD optimizations we activate
	1f0904b: sample-util: add pa_convert_size() call for converting sizes between two sample specs
	c2f1994: udev: ratelimit device initializations
	12df686: ratelimit: allow non-static ratelimit structs

2009-09-09	kmilos
	4f24a62: Sending translation for Serbian (Latin)
	8a9166f: Sending translation for Serbian

2009-09-09	soko
	4dee032: Sending translation for Serbian (Latin)
	3984dd5: Sending translation for Serbian

2009-09-09	mgiri
	399b0ad: Sending translation for Oriya

2009-09-09	kkrothap
	4539250: Sending translation for Telugu

2009-09-09	pmkovar
	3a47c80: Sending translation for Czech

2009-09-08	Lennart Poettering
	7cc100d: padsp: properly return return values (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	b51f5e5: pacat: don't convert stream name twice (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	49bc6bc: stripnul: initialize 'found' bool properly (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	31d1d90: protocol-native: log explicitly when someone asks us to quit
	31ae7de: core-util: properly fill in exception array for pa_reset_sigs() (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	1516b7c: conf-parser: properly initialize variable we free() later (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	3c9a09b: cli-command: don't necessarily ovveride failure code of files (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	5fd751f: cli-command: modernizations
	05506d7: utf8: minor simplification
	f3be47f: rtsp: document that rtsp_exec() needs fixing (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	157ec79: hal: check properly for failure of libhal_find_device_by_capability() (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	1380f18: blueooth: actually honour 'room' variable (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	382eced: alsa-sink: init after_avail earlier (llvm-clang-analyzer)
	f504675: llvm-clang-analyzer: drop a few unnecessary assignments and other trivial fixes

2009-09-08	shanky
	98fcf4e: Sending translation for Kannada

2009-09-08	mvdz
	6bdda4c: Sending translation for Ukrainian

2009-09-07	Lennart Poettering
	b2606cf: i18n: move \r out of translatable string
	508c462: Merge remote branch 'wtay/optimize'
	08a4d57: libpulse: allow invocation of pa_context_play_sample_with_proplist() with NULL proplist
	f8f8cdc: vala: reindent
	b705a9b: vector: don't try to build vector stuff on altivec
	a02861e: vala: s/PropList/Proplist/g since the C version does not use an underscore there
	0b8f239: vala: add vala .vapi file for the PulseAudio APIs, but don't include them in the tarball for now
	41a0dc1: volume: if pa_cvolume_set_{balance	d000dd6: volume: when passing NULL as channel map to pa_cvolume_scale_mask() handle this the same way as pa_cvolume_scale()
	9755bfa: volume: drop some redundant but expensive validity checks
	cc6c4fe: volume: add a couple of validity checks for pa_volume_t arguments
	3bbc5e6: volume: fix definition of PA_VOLUME_MAX and introduce PA_VOLUME_INVALID and use it wherever applicable

2009-09-07	shanky
	6c385eb: Sending translation for Kannada

2009-09-07	jassy
	b96de8e: Sending translation for Punjabi

2009-09-07	Wim Taymans
	7234994: x86: also call see init for SSE2
	b5ac383: x86: only install some functions when SSE2

2009-09-07	warrink
	942bd46: Sending translation for Dutch

2009-09-07	mgiri
	f969ce6: Sending translation for Oriya

2009-09-07	sandeeps
	35ffd1b: Sending translation for Marathi

2009-09-07	ifelix
	efebe09: Sending translation for Tamil

2009-09-06	Lennart Poettering
	5cf0c1e: introspect: rearrange order of functions a bit
	e6a666d: libpulse: introduce PA_BYTES_SNPRINT_MAX and make use of it wherever applicable

2009-09-05	xconde
	646f666: Sending translation for Catalan

2009-09-04	vpv
	14ec32f: Sending translation for Finnish

2009-09-04	warrink
	124e3dc: Sending translation for Dutch

2009-09-04	runab
	d5fb6d3: Sending translation for Bengali (India)
	8d03381: Sending translation for Bengali (India)

2009-09-04	anipeter
	b6030d3: Sending translation for po/ml.po

2009-09-04	rajesh
	2ad5e33: Sending translation for Hindi

2009-09-04	Lennart Poettering
	812be32: daemon: disable CPU load limiter by default
	5daecea: always-sink: rename null sink created to 'dummy sink' and make it translatable
	0ad6a57: null: make name of null sink translatable

2009-09-03	beckerde
	ab1af38: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-09-03	raven
	71dd5a0: Sending translation for Polish

2009-09-03	swkothar
	ef9138d: Sending translation for Gujarati

2009-09-03	Lennart Poettering
	8cd635b: alsa: add more input sources to path set
	7ca81bd: i18n: run make update-po
	8539539: i18n: fix LINGUAS
	1213a7c: Merge commit 'origin/master-tx'
	6f396c8: remap: build sse code only on x86
	14a9771: core: drop unnecessary variable initialization
	d088c8f: daemon: make use of SIMD optional via config variable to ease debugging
	9f4f374: remap_sse: fix inner loop increment on SSE
	51423ca: remap_sse: reindent macro so that diff to MMX is nicer

2009-09-02	Wim Taymans
	26164ff: sconv_sse: fix leftover counter

2009-09-02	Lennart Poettering
	51fc176: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://rootserver/home/lennart/git/public/pulseaudio
	39e4652: daemon: drop polkit code from git repo we weren't using anymore
	297afad: core-util: don't leak memory in pa_unset_env_recorded()
	767c7c7: core-util: call dbus_connection_set_exit_on_disconnect() on shared busses to make sure dbus_shutdown() isn't fatal
	470e9a8: build-sys: drop LIBOIL_{FLAGS	1200a0b: sink: simplify pa_sink_render_full() by replacing it by a pa_sink_render() plus a couple of pa_sink_render_full()
	a8c0f65: daemon: clean up environment when forking off children
	5f92996: core-util: add api for setting env vars and record them so that we can undo them n fork

2009-09-01	Lennart Poettering
	45513a2: core: fill up memblock with pa_sink_render_into_full() in pa_sink_render_full() instead of doing our own loop
	17f609a: core: handle suspended state in pa_sink_render_full() similar to the other render functions
	ce6dff4: core: add missing sink_unref()
	b245b54: ladspa,remap: make description of sink follow moves
	46b9ca7: alsa: by default increase watermarks only on real underruns, don't try to be smart
	6b6d146: alsa: distuingish real underruns from left_to_play=0
	dfe3f90: daemon: don't override path env vars if they are already set

2009-09-01	sandeeps
	350b8ac: Sending translation for Marathi

2009-09-01	ifelix
	605fa59: Sending translation for Tamil

2009-08-29	Wim Taymans
	dc221f2: remap: fix counters for mmx and sse remap

2009-08-31	Lennart Poettering
	dee2aa3: pactl: drop unnecessary newlines from pa_log() invocations
	5b61a19: pactl: implement pactl commands for changing volumes/mute stati
	e20d906: cli: make sure 'dump' uses pa_cvolume_max() to deduce a single-channel volume from a multi-channel volume
	7c6a0ec: cli: apply single-channel volume changes equally to all channels
	2970c11: core: always allow volume setting with single-channel pa_cvolume

2009-08-31	perplex
	9efc2af: Sending translation for Italian

2009-08-30	vpv
	b143a8f: Sending translation for Finnish
	8774166: Sending translation for Finnish

2009-08-29	raven
	844399d: Sending translation for po/LINGUAS

2009-08-29	Lennart Poettering
	e1ce365: native: make sure clients cannot trigger an assert by sending us invalid volume info
	8bf2e3f: core: initialize sink/source priorities automatically based on their proplists
	18b13a8: namereg: select default sink by priority
	a7b3125: protocol-native: replace use of pa_namereg_is_valid_name() by pa_namereg_is_valid_name_or_wildcard() where applicable to allow use of @@ wildcards
	85a683f: namereg: add new pa_namereg_is_valid_name_or_wildcard() call

2009-08-28	pmkovar
	5111101: Sending translation for Czech

2009-08-28	Lennart Poettering
	3b54849: core: add priority field to pa_sink/pa_source
	ca2c0f2: sconv: quieten gcc a bit
	f029041: suspend-on-idle: don't resume devices for corked streams
	84eb661: core: move 'flags' field into 'pa_sink_input_new_data' structure so that hooks can access it
	9011c4e: build-sys: make proximity helper properly suid
	63f3dc0: bluetooth: remove left-over debug line

2009-08-28	Andy Shevchenko
	300384c: Fix checking for NULL after usage
	ae38353: core-util: Fix logic of pa_make_path_absolute()
	4e8562c: raop: Fix memory leak

2009-08-27	Lennart Poettering
	db835de: Merge commit 'vudentz/master'

2009-08-27	Luiz Augusto von Dentz
	8169a6a: Handle DisconnectRequested in bluetooth module.

2009-08-26	Wim Taymans
	beb180b: convert: add sse/sse2 s16 to float32ne conversions
	27bfb76: macro: add macro to align variables
	5907089: remap: cleanup assembler a little

2009-08-25	Wim Taymans
	9d25467: sample-util: avoid stack overrun
	509d9f0: remap: add sse optimized mono to stereo

2009-08-24	Wim Taymans
	26bd090: sconv: fix indentation

2009-08-27	Lennart Poettering
	35fcb27: proplist: allow setting of zero-length data properties
	5df842d: sink-input: extend comments on rewinding logic a bit
	c372b52: protocol-native: print more volume change debug messages to easy tracking down of feedback loops
	cab48d4: protocol-native: compare uint64_t variable with (uint64_t) -1 instead of (size_t) -1 for compat with 32bit archs

2009-08-26	Lennart Poettering
	44b7982: pdispatch: various modernizations
	34829eb: pdispatch: add missing commands to command table
	4e1298d: llist: add PA_LLIST_FOREACH_SAFE macro for iteration that allows deleting
	368c3e3: loopback: quieten gcc on 32bit
	4614412: loopback: update description and icons when moving loopback streams
	d909f59: loopback: make sure a monitor can't be looped back to its sink
	99d3e6b: combine: store adjust time in usec
	ea4b65b: loopback: add loopback module for direct connections of sinks and sources
	827ae07: macro: add PA_CLIP_SUB() for saturated subtraction

2009-08-25	mvdz
	4544873: Sending translation for Ukrainian

2009-08-25	giallu
	956ff24: Sending translation for Italian

2009-08-25	ypoyarko
	cdf7e02: Sending translation for po/ru.po

2009-08-25	Finn Thain
	457b973: Solaris: debug my latest enbugging, take 2

2009-08-24	igor
	7a2d1d3: Sending translation for Brazilian Portuguese

2009-08-24	Lennart Poettering
	57e1f84: Merge commit 'jprvita2/master'
	57fb771: remap: fix build for non-x86 builds
	419b071: detect: recommend module-udev-detect instead of module-hal-detect
	ba17ff4: build-sys: add missing header files to tarball

2009-07-24	João Paulo Rechi Vita
	2772521: bluetooth: add discover of bluetooth sources

2009-07-30	João Paulo Rechi Vita
	65c3e65: bluetooth: handle bluetooth source

2009-08-24	Lennart Poettering
	be46eaa: i18n: run make update-po
	60a3502: Merge commit 'origin/master-tx'
	050a3a9: alsa: automatically decrease watermark after a time of stability

2009-08-23	Lennart Poettering
	80c6937: alsa: increase interval between smoother updates exponentially for alsa sources, following the scheme for sinks
	a0f01dd: port a few things over to use xmalloc and friends instead of low-level libc malloc/free directly
	ab5ac06: Merge commit 'wtay/optimize'

2009-08-23	beckerde
	57117d4: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-08-22	Lennart Poettering
	d6fb8d1: udev: check busy status of alsa cards before loading alsa modules and hence initiating profile probing
	560da5b: udev: process all inotify events queued up, not just the first one in the queue
	1a05d67: core: relex validity checks when destructing half-set up source outputs/sink inputs
	5b0683d: ladspa/remap: handle failing stream moves properly
	2595b9d: add usergroup-test to .gitignore
	aa54298: daemon: don't free script_commands twice

2009-08-22	raven
	857e055: Sending translation for Polish

2009-08-21	Ted Percival
	17dc410: core: Remove wrong doc on how to free returned data
	15eb03a: core: Add thread-safe group info functions with dynamic buffers

2009-08-21	Finn Thain
	601fb63: Solaris: fixed latency (resent)
	87d2dde: Solaris: use smoother (resent)
	44c7aa5: Solaris: build fixes (resent)
	b96390f: Solaris: bootstrap portability

2009-08-22	Lennart Poettering
	9d1cc13: i18n: run make update-po
	aaf0d5a: Merge commit 'origin/master-tx'

2009-08-21	Scott Reeves
	de19bdd: daemon: fix leak of script_commands

2009-08-21	Lennart Poettering
	066e160: udev: tell inotify to actually inform us about ACL changes
	2d01204: udev: watch for both ACL changes and processes closing devices
	4ec701a: udev: don't access string after free()
	d06680a: udev: always verify access before loading modules
	14c27c7: gconf: use correct path for gconf-helper tool when running from build tree
	9abc010: object: speed up type verification by not relying on strcmp()
	5317e35: udev: when a device appears that we cannot access right-away try again later on inotify
	fe9a577: alsa: leave headphone jack enabled in normal mixer paths
	ac05619: combine: quieten gcc a bit
	8a2a6b2: adjust various data/library paths automatically if we are run from a build tree
	a562978: ladspa: forward volume changes from ladspa sink to stream and hence via flat volume logic to master sink
	9f97b7c: sink-input: add callbacks that are called whenever the mute/volume changes

2009-08-21	igor
	c5d7860: Sending translation for Brazilian Portuguese

2009-08-20	Wim Taymans
	6076cef: remap: make the MMX code pretier
	6e5dbed: remap: add MMX mono to stereo
	e961efc: remap: init the do_remap function to NULL
	28baa53: remap: allow specialisations to install NULL
	ac1f2e0: remap: move remapping code in separate file
	a3f4a4f: resamples; refactor the channel remapping bits
	05fef5f: sconv: allow for setting custom functions
	c1b6a87: alsa-sink: reduce the amount of smoother updates
	f8ffe0d: svolume: cleanups
	f09b511: whitespace fixes

2009-08-19	Wim Taymans
	3cc1278: resampler: avoid some multiplies when we can
	aeae567: svolume: add comment
	8aa86f5: arm: implement ARM cpu detection
	078bde1: x86: keep the cpu flags local
	370016c: svolume: fix compilation in 32bits
	d2389ef: sample: manually inline table lookups
	548b735: resampler: fix identity check
	d04a6e9: resample: fix counters
	b4e9942: resample: refactor the channel remapping a little
	bd49d43: svolume: add CPU guards around code
	951bf1b: svolume: add ARM optimized volume scaling
	a98fa95: svolume: remove unneeded compare

2009-08-17	Wim Taymans
	601e5f1: resampler: cache integer channel_map

2009-08-14	Wim Taymans
	25724cd: Get rid of liboil
	591baac: volume: remove ref functions
	f24c24c: volume: improved comments
	a123544: volume: make the benchmark more meaningfull
	dcae9a3: svolume: add some comments

2009-08-13	Wim Taymans
	e396fe6: cpu-x86: guard header with ifdef
	563cb2d: main: hook up cpu detection code
	a83f552: cpu-x86: add cpu detection code and helpers
	5998cf9: svolume: improve SSE and MMX code

2009-08-12	Wim Taymans
	7086784: volume_sse: add sse optimisations
	08f3e16: volume_mmx: fix mmx code a bit
	3a0b012: volume: add first mmx optimized function
	2d73f13: samples-util: add padding to volume array

2009-08-11	Wim Taymans
	3d00896: sample-util: move volume code to separate file
	e71e644: sample-util: move some functions around
	5b8b654: sample-utils: coding style cleanup
	26839c4: sample-utils: split out functions from case

2009-06-30	Xabier Rodriguez Calvar
	52e5d4b: Modification of the thread-mainloop doc to ensure that nobody frees the api as it is owned by the loop.
	65f86ef: Modification of the mainloop doc to ensure that nobody frees the api as it is owned by the loop.
	30ba903: Modification of the glib-mainloop doc to ensure that nobody frees the api as it is owned by the loop.

2009-08-20	Lennart Poettering
	c5bd725: core: check return value of getgrnam_r() instead of errno

2009-08-19	raven
	d2f50ea: Sending translation for Polish

2009-08-19	beckerde
	9b6add3: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-08-19	Lennart Poettering
	f4f16ab: i18n: run make update-po
	8f29090: i18n: add ko to LINGUAS
	b2cb8ef: Merge commit 'origin/master-tx'
	7af3833: lirc: replace manual code by pa_cvolume_{inc	2f54798: mmkbd: replace manual code by pa_cvolume_{inc	8c31974: sink: volume handling rework, new flat volume logic
	5207e19: match: document how broken the module-match logic is
	cfef930: volume: introduce pa_cvolume_{inc	1421eff: volume: use PA_VOLUME_MAX instead of (pa_volume_t) -1
	d6f598a: udev: allow passing of ignore_dB= parameter to alsa modules
	24e5828: source: rework volume handling
	2838b78: macro: extend comments a bit
	a69b729: voltest: extend test to verify correctness of _multiply() and _divide()
	2223a9f: dbus: never return DBUS_HANDLER_RESULT_HANDLED in filter callbacks, since other callbacks might stell want to have the messages
	ef01baf: volume: round properly when showing human readable volume percentages
	96f01b8: volume: simplify volume multiplifactions, do them in integer only
	d634555: volume: introduce pa_cvolume_min() and pa_cvolume_min_mask()

2009-08-17	Lennart Poettering
	8f928b2: macro: simplify page/word alignment macros a bit
	fe3a21f: macro: add PA_ROUND_UP/PA_ROUND_DOWN macros
	319d187: bluetooth: fix match syntax
	90a0743: bluetooth: make NameOwnerChanged filter matches more focussed
	ffeb1b8: volume: document when arguments of certain functions may overlap
	caa7928: libpulse: some minor optimizations when checking equality
	50de2d8: channelmap: minor doxygen fix
	6dd580d: channelmap: document where the WAVEX channelmap is documented
	32a1ef3: channelmap: adjust RFC3551 channel maps to follow spec more closely
	c579cb5: reserver: update from upstream git
	8208214: volume: add pa_cvolume_merge() call

2009-08-17	pmkovar
	91e06c1: Sending translation for Czech

2009-08-16	Lennart Poettering
	01e4b61: aupdate: implicitly call _write_swap() if it wasn't called explicitly
	8dd0d87: core: add to FIXMEs
	4c29ba9: modules: add various checks to avoid selecting objects that are not linked or in another unclear state
	2a39663: bluetooth: move installation of mq's earlier to avoid context asserts to be triggered

2009-08-15	Lennart Poettering
	de4968c: bluetooth: ask first for Headset and AudioSink properties, followed by Audio
	fa52a91: bluetooth: recognize only those BT devices that implement both the Audio and either AudioSink or Headset interfaces
	5c90cf2: bluetooth: drop PA_BT_AUDIO_STATE_LAST since it is unused and we normally call that _MAX anyway
	011add1: thread-mq: do final q flush only when we aren't dispatching anyway
	0c20e74: asyncmsgq: introduce pa_asyncmsgq_dispatching()
	e5b08a8: ladspa/remap: sync latency flags from master sink when moving between sinks
	0c08dbd: core: introduce pa_{sink
2009-07-20	Marc-André Lureau
	d8a90a3: pulse: even in case of record stream, let's initialize req_bytes to 0
	3ecb80e: bluetooth: fix typo with service_{read,write}_type

2009-07-06	Marc-André Lureau
	fd32fee: bluetooth: don't call pa_sink_render with 0 bytes request

2009-08-12	Juho Hämäläinen
	ea5cdcb: database: simple hashmap based database implementation

2009-08-15	Maarten Bosmans
	61105df: combine: determine sample parameters of combined sink from underlying sinks

2009-08-15	Lennart Poettering
	1eeddd8: combine: warn when the latency of a stream gets too high
	e1f3f5e: combine: big rework
	8947d65: combine: drop adjust_timestamp variable because it is unused
	a5b2dee: ladspa: name sink after human readable plugin name, not the id string
	7638662: module-ladspa: allow moving of sink, forward fixed latency
	1b3848e: module-remap: allow moving of sink, forward fixed latency
	c44f518: ladspa: move LADSPA_Data size check to compile time
	fb5205d: remap: unify argument order with other modules
	d9e4605: hook-list: make use of PA_LLIST_FOREACH
	d7d86e3: native-protocol: downgrade volume change log messages
	3c271ae: core: document difference between IO and main thread view on requested latency
	c6080d8: core: don't update latency range if not changed
	3f9c67a: core: call pa_sink_get_latency_within_thread() instead of going directly via process_msg()
	350a2bc: core: make fixed latency dynamically changeable
	4eb59fb: core: move rtpoll to thread_info sub structure
	58d441f: log: place more rate limit invocations
	fd1266c: rescure-stream: handle failed moves as well as dying sinks/sources
	e4db56b: core: split of FAIL_ON_SUSPEND into KILL_ON_SUSPEND and NO_CREATE_ON_SUSPEND
	e53d2fc: native: handle moving() callback with NULL destination properly
	0989be1: core: introduce pa_{sink_input
2009-08-14	Lennart Poettering
	7891f96: module-stream-restore: don't fiddle with sinks/sources/streams that are not fully set up yet
	0f2a4ed: volume: guarantee dB/linear conversion is reversible
	72d2540: protocol-native: log explicitly each time a client triggers a volume change
	a1598c7: daemon: reset gids too, not just uids
	fecd0dc: resampler: round up when estimating input/output sizes
	9e21182: thread-mq: never drop queued messages for the main loop
	446fb2c: asyncmsgq: add pa_asyncmsgq_flush() call
	a42c597: memblockq: add pa_memblockq_get_maxrewind() API
	b0cabfe: shm: bump shm size limit to 1GB
	aae7054: pacmd: handle multi word commands in argv[] properly

2009-08-13	eukim
	82b7e72: Sending translation for po/ko.po

2009-08-13	Lennart Poettering
	5ee4069: core: add functions to query max_rewind/max_request values from streams
	9a95fe4: core: add assert macros for verifying calling context

2009-08-12	Lennart Poettering
	17d5741: start-child: clean up child environment a bit better
	5fcb8a3: pacmd: port pacmd from select() to poll() so that we notice writer side hangups
	286ab2f: memblock: rate limit 'Pool full' message
	5921324: context: document why we only do minimal cleanups before the autospawn exec()
	27b8cd7: daemon: reset scheduling priority on startup, too
	ef176ec: core-util: move personality resetting into core-util
	9f53aa5: daemon: unconditionally clean up priviliges
	facae1f: conf: invert all negative boolean configuration option
	8998cba: conf: add pa_config_parse_not_bool() for parsing inverse boolean configuration options
	eb40da2: daemon: install D-Bus system policy file for PA system instances
	e834034: alsa: enable ext. amplifier by default
	462cdf4: alsa: adjust priority bonus of mappings that match the configured default channel map

2009-08-11	Lennart Poettering
	d27e26d: volume-restore: forward module load return value of stream-restore back to caller
	c117feb: hal: replace subdevs= parameter by subdevices= parameter
	c1039c9: udev: drop definition of LIBUDEV_I_KNOW_THE_API_IS_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE
	c904f97: hal: add stub module that loads module-udev-detect instead of module-hal-detect

2009-08-10	Lennart Poettering
	ebe3596: Revert "build-sys: drop libcap checks, since we don't use caps anymore"
	a99e3b5: Merge commit 'origin/master-tx'
	d8d2697: Merge commit 'flameeyes/master'

2009-08-09	Maxim Levitsky
	23a294c: Correctly deal with events in the past in calc_next_timeout

2009-08-10	logan
	0f77afe: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-08-08	igor
	de68d36: Sending translation for Brazilian Portuguese

2009-08-08	Lennart Poettering
	9bd3398: mix-test: fix test for s24-32 samples
	9ade136: build-sys: drop libcap checks, since we don't use caps anymore

2009-08-08	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	10e4171: Update the end-of-configuration summary for OSS output/wrapper split.
	4c15115: Split OSS support in output and wrapper.

2009-08-07	Lennart Poettering
	7d49163: ladspa/remap: make sure we process all requested rewinds unconditionally
	51b3899: core: save volume/mute changes coming from the hardware automatically

2009-08-05	Lennart Poettering
	aa7408b: run make update-po
	42f92a8: Merge commit 'origin/master-tx'
	8483de4: simple: bump libpulse-simple library revision
	ff52588: smoother: readd #ifdef protection

2009-08-05	ruigo
	19f2ffb: Sending translation for Portuguese
	40b2dde: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-08-04	ruigo
	20d62e2: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-08-05	Lennart Poettering
	2cab6a2: simple: check for == RUNNING instead of != DONE when waiting for operations
	5bbeb51: simple: split data/length validity checks into two
	53fcf3a: simple: call pa_context_disconnect() just to be sure
	a73c615: simple: always loop around pa_threaded_mainloop_wait() to handle spurious wakeups properly
	b553e72: simple: use pa_xnew0 instead of manual reset to 0
	a4bc41a: simple: use PA_xxx_IS_GOOD for state checks

2009-08-04	Luke Yelavich
	5e61111: POTFILES - Remove references to more non-existant files in the source tree

2009-08-04	Lennart Poettering
	9b2534b: alsa: properly treat ESTRPIPE as system suspend

2009-08-03	Lennart Poettering
	3e2ab9b: client: extend documentation on pa_operation_cancel() a bit
	a44cb64: build-sys: take preset CFLAGS into account

2009-08-02	Lubomir Rintel
	34f31f6: Recover stream when it's suspended upon rewind

2009-08-01	Lennart Poettering
	2778220: autospawn: if creating the lock file fails, pass error code cleanly back to main process
	49fd8ee: core-util: replace remaining fixed size destination string functions by _malloc() versions
	c6ea9fe: core-util: rework pa_strlcpy() to not rely on strncpy()
	e5c2256: pipe: replace PIPE_BUF macro pa pa_pipe_buf call

2009-07-31	Lennart Poettering
	0113e72: hal: add option to initialize all subdevices of an OSS device
	478f325: client: documented that pa_stream_drain() may only have a single operation active at a time
	2952f28: client: fix documentation for threaded mainloop

2009-07-01	Alam Arias
	66db0c8: update about realtime-scheduling
	6d0c5a1: update about exit-idle-time

2009-07-31	Lennart Poettering
	39aa1cf: alsa: revert to first set number of periods, then set buffer size
	c14f6c1: tunnel: don't assert on misaligned reads, closes #597 and rhbz #496310

2009-07-30	Lennart Poettering
	4f5e2b7: threaded-mainloop: loop around pa_cond_wait() invocation in pa_threaded_mainloop_signal()

2009-07-28	igor
	7463edd: Sending translation for Brazilian Portuguese

2009-07-28	raven
	1cc375c: Sending translation for Polish

2009-07-28	Lennart Poettering
	f8873ab: build-sys: bump binary version
	115d853: i18n: run make-update-po
	09e57c2: Merge branch 'master' into master-tx

2009-07-25	Lennart Poettering
	8343360: client: minor modernizations
	6ce7d20: client: if a child we created was already reaped, assume that it was successful

2009-07-24	Lennart Poettering
	59659e1: interpol-test: allow configuration of latency
	211d0f3: client: limit block size for zero-copy operations to mempool block size
	e7ca058: client: make volume struct const
	5efb072: alsa: throw timing data away after device resume
	f676391: autospawn: refuse autospawning if process disabled waitpid()
	5e24b6d: memblock: try to hit an assert earlier when ref counting doesn't work
	2bbdf63: udev: explain what happened when inotify_add_watch() returned ENOSPC, rhbz #513571
	18433c1: alsa: handle correctly if alsa returns us 0 or EAGAIN on snd_pcm_mmap_begin if we didn't call snd_pcm_avail immediately before

2009-07-23	logan
	835a2ae: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-07-23	Lennart Poettering
	a81244a: pacat: use zero-copy write calls when playing audio file
	e02e025: client: include zerocopy write calls in map file
	c325b93: alsa: don't reset volume/mute when selecting path
	5a0ef5f: daemon: replace colons by dash in per-machine directory names for compat with weird filesystems
	ac38c4d: build-sys: add a couple of stub Makefiles
	1160cad: alsa: control 'Speaker' element as well
	efe5b65: po: run make update-po
	638f9a5: Merge branch 'master-tx'
	88d5749: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://rootserver/home/lennart/git/public/pulseaudio
	3d6278b: Merge commit 'flameeyes/osx'

2009-07-23	raven
	097c0cb: Sending translation for Polish

2009-07-23	Wim Taymans
	3b01d3a: protocol-native: use the right samplerate

2009-07-22	Lennart Poettering
	41ad33d: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://rootserver/home/lennart/git/public/pulseaudio
	e3b0ce5: udev: don't fail if /dev/snd is not available right-away
	2f54b5d: daemon: reset personality, to make the autospawn env cleaup complete
	7e2afff: alsa: deal properly with IO functions asking us to write 0 bytes

2009-07-20	Lennart Poettering
	0225ef6: memtrap: clarify that we are not interested in the return value of write()
	23039af: client: allow zero-copy writing to the stream
	a2b207e: daemon: before exec'ing ourselves, make sure nobody plays games with /proc/self/exe

2009-07-18	xconde
	0aca5ad: Sending translation for Catalan

2009-07-17	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	d18eb61: Again make sure that the wait() definition is not shadowed.
	542607f: Make the rtstutter tests mostly pointless without CLOCK_REALTIME.
	8c85c99: Further simplify on Daniel's patch for
	0a5257b: Also request Darwin extensions, as they are needed for stuff like NSIG.
	a6d6718: Request explicitly POSIX.1-2001 for clock_gettime.
	673112b: Check for support of -z nodelete LD flag, don't use it unconditionally.

2009-07-17	Daniel Mack
	191c57e: make aware of Darwin environment

2009-07-16	Colin Guthrie
	7e4509f: Merge commit 'flameeyes/master'

2009-07-07	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	84200b4: Remove exploitable LD_BIND_NOW hack (CVE-2009-1894).

2009-07-12	Colin Guthrie
	61fefd6: introspect: Fix two memory issues in port handling code.

2009-07-07	pmkovar
	cea1b8c: Sending translation for Czech

2009-07-04	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	ff252cb: Check for the library containing the backtrace() function.

2009-07-01	Lennart Poettering
	6fdd584: stream-restore: mark volume changes from instant apply as saved ones

2009-06-29	Marc-André Lureau
	95d3faa: bluetooth: don't connect on unconnected profile

2009-07-01	Marc-André Lureau
	e93c6c3: bluetooth: warn on EAGAIN after POLLOUT

2009-07-01	Lennart Poettering
	7dabe05: memtrap: properly lock access to memtrap changer
	28e4625: memblock: rearrange locking order
	efdd3d0: reserve: update from upstream git repo
	5d4769b: alsa: fix a few comments
	5bb1883: build-sys: add missing dependency to libcli
	b174a51: libpulse: minor cleanups
	a10b7cd: native: don't hit assert when user uploads zero-sized sample
	cd70d7f: bluetooth: don't busy loop when device is not writable but we want to write
	c3958aa: bluetooth: handle absence of bluez D-Bus service properly

2009-06-30	Lennart Poettering
	1104141: reserve: fix build without D-Bus

2009-06-28	Colin Guthrie
	00c392d: bootstrap: Ship git-version-gen with the tarball.
	59376b0: introspect: Fix a bug in sink/source info protocol handling related to ports.

2009-06-27	Colin Guthrie
	a007d47: combine: Do not set (and update) description if the user passed one in during load.
	7ee1b47: udev: Don't install the udev rules if we're not compiling udev support

2009-06-25	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	1ca7603: Add missing headers includes for FreeBSD.
	bce211e: Rename the flock variable to f_lock.
	6f44792: Only declare saved_errno when it's going to be used (on Linux).
	9a2ac32: Rename the wait parameter to wait_op, to avoid shadowing wait().
	2266a39: Remove the call for pa_rtpoll_install() in the Solaris module.
	24564af: Fix the moved rtclock.h header in the Solaris module.

2009-06-24	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	de40e41: Also alias MAP_ANONYMOUS to MAP_ANON in shm.c, for FreeBSD.
	2f7bce9: Add a missing sys/stat.h include for FreeBSD to declare umask().
	fc649ad: Don't try to compile the rtkit sources when dbus is not enabled.
	ad4e025: Implement mix-test for s24le and s24be sample formats.
	595f80f: Use static constants to keep the generated sample blocks.
	080f630: Ignore IPv6 tests, if IPv6 was built in but the system doesn't have it.
	cd375da: Use the new CC_CHECK_CFLAGS_APPEND macro instead of a manual for.
	e7c3a12: Properly link module-zeroconf-publish against libnative-protocol.
	a4703ce: Check for and use flags to reject undefined symbols in libraries.
	e61795c: Update attributes.m4 file from xine-lib.

2009-06-13	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	e832383: Make it more clear that PulseAudio needs libtool 2.2.

2009-06-23	Lennart Poettering
	2654eb7: sndfile: fix build on BE archs
	0b52bf4: build-sys: don't make pulseaudio binary suid on install anymore
	390c275: build-sys: properly drop '-' from major/minor/micro strings
	b4b1f03: build-sys: teacch git versioning script to not kill - in version strings
	5651c03: build-sys: drop compat with old git versions so that tarballs for -test1 style evrsions are properly created
	5b78752: intended-roles: drop quite a few unnecessary includes
	ef85558: modules: pass properly initialized userdata pointers to various hooks
	b6d0b0e: intended-roles: properly initialize split state
	d965000: rtclock: make use of constants when converting between nsec and usec
	b627d68: intended-roles: fix symdef header inclusion
	bcae796: build-sys: use pax tar format to allow longer file names
	da6b156: builds-sys: work around automake 1.11 borkage
	38e3d83: build-sys: bump udev revision to pull in new rules files
	882cdfc: rtclock: fix type of PA_TIMEVAL_RTCLOCK
	9217b47: timeval: don't create the wrong illusion that nsecs should be stored in pa_usec_t
	f3bbbd0: rtclock: document that we fallback to wallclock time if monotonic time is not supported

2009-06-22	Lennart Poettering
	f753ef2: rtclock: enable rtclock for our own mainloop implementations
	3ee2900: rtclock: fix build after merge
	fc33f7e: Merge most of elmarco/rtclock2
	048e576: build-sys: dropo shave support, depend on automake's new silent build support instead
	de5219a: daemon: enable module-intended-roles by default
	374efbd: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://rootserver/home/lennart/git/public/pulseaudio
	aa2570c: rescue: make sure module-rescue-streams is used only as last fallback
	60d36c7: module-stream-restore: recheck stream database on hotplug/unplug and potentially move streams
	27af460: modules: add module-intended-roles that automatically puts streams marked with a role on devices that are intended for that role
	c4d90ea: restore: change 'save' flag behaviour to reflect whether an entry shall and/or is in the on-disk databases

2009-06-20	Marc-André Lureau
	e4d914c: rtclock: fix issues found by Lennart

2009-04-05	Marc-André Lureau
	0955e3d: Base mainloop on pa_rtclock_now()

2009-04-04	Marc-André Lureau
	125c528: pulse: move pa_rtclock_now in pulsecommon

2009-06-19	Lennart Poettering
	32e2cd6: core: get rid of rt sig/timer handling since modern Linux' ppooll() is finally fixed for granularity
	a62db27: daemon: enable real-time by default
	06ec5fd: mergo

2009-04-04	Marc-André Lureau
	5dcdd5e: perl -p -i -e 's/pa_rtclock_usec/pa_rtclock_now/g' `find . -name '*.[ch]'`

2009-06-19	Lennart Poettering
	9c438bc: daemon: strip all special suid/caps log from our startup code, we'll now rely on RealtimeKit for all high-priority/RT scheduling policy issues
	bacc5ca: core: use rtkit to acquire high-priority scheduling
	8474fd7: core: ask RealtimeKit for RT scheduling
	6ad3855: alsa: synthesize volume values more sensibly for channels that are not controllable in hw
	b1ea7c0: alsa: document alsa mixer path/profile sets a bit more
	b70b5ed: alsa: add copyright blobs and comments to all mixer paths/profile sets

2009-06-19	logan
	f21457e: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-06-19	barney
	8f81555: Sending translation for German

2009-06-18	Lennart Poettering
	11d2a7e: alsa: move udev rules file behind the other sound related rules
	131f76a: alsa: move mixer config files to subdir in /usr/share
	0fd17c6: alsa: document default profile set a bit better
	8a5f8f4: alsa: add profile set for Native Instruments 4 DJ
	348dcd6: alsa: unify alsa log handling and snd_config_update_free_global() handling in one place
	25e5197: alsa: merge mic boost into volume slider
	8fe50b0: alsa,core: include mapping name in description strings
	ca560cc: alsa: add profile set for Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ sound card
	60df970: alsa: properly count mappings of manually defined profiles
	b5cea8d: alsa: fix duplicate mapping detection
	34b4888: alsa: when creating alsa sinks/sources include mapping name in device name to allow profiles mit multiple sinks or multiple sources
	8d3362c: device-restore: properly check save_muted flag when storing muted state
	39b37a2: core: be a bit more verbose when registering a sink/source fails
	4951e08: card,stream-restore: minor cleanups
	0e4ac56: device-restore: save last used port in database
	59bd793: card-restore: we don't need to save card data that came from the database
	d773638: stream-restore: e don't need to save stream data that came from the database

2009-06-18	raven
	4dccbe3: Sending translation for Polish

2009-06-17	Lennart Poettering
	53b8703: Merge commit 'origin/master' into master-tx
	a9f82f1: i18n: update i18n
	f1ef2f6: Merge commit 'origin/master-tx'
	75256fb: pactl: show list of supported ports
	46b8ca2: native-protocol: allow enumerating ports
	c65ebee: raop: move all raop files to subdir
	6b2ca09: pactl: implement pactl set-{sink	914ef89: libpulse: implement client side for sink/source port selection commands
	6d7cf14: native: implement command to change sink/source port
	bd8e043: bluetooth: return sensible error code in set_profile()
	334325e: alsa: allow placing device id in alsa device strings at arbitrary positions
	31575f7: alsa: rework mixer logic
	e9c70ac: pdispatch: fix s/recieve/receive/ typos
	1ec33f3: pstream: fix s/recieve/receive/ typos
	dddb4b0: gdbm: set default block size to 1K
	279e0d6: card: get rid of description field which is unused
	4f44fe8: card: make sure to always hand failure code back in some calls
	325c01b: card: some modernizations
	dda0f5a: rtp: fix s/recieve/receive/ typo
	0fa1ddf: core-util: implement pa_maybe_prefix_path()
	7fa05be: core-util: implement pa_split_spaces_strv()
	c5dbf75: core-util: implement pa_xstrfreev()
	7de7b01: conf-parse: implement .include directive
	083b17b: volume,channelmap: reimplement a couple of calls based on channel masks
	77901e5: channelmap: define a couple of standard channel masks
	697b8de: malloc: implement pa_xrenew()
	4f36cc7: channelmap: make sure a mask is generated is 64 bit int
	26d5f28: version: fix prefix in PA_CHECK_VERSION macro
	d993969: channelmap: implement pa_channel_position_from_string()
	64b0f38: volume: implement functions for multiplicating a cvolume with a scalar
	c6830bd: hashmap: implement pa_hashmap_last()
	a1d84e3: hashmap: implement api to iterate a hashmap backwards
	277e8c5: idxset: implement pa_idxset_copy()
	0b479ff: daemon: write a warning blurb to syslog when folks use --system mode

2009-06-13	ruigo
	550b619: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-06-12	xconde
	f0f30fb: Sending translation for Catalan

2009-06-12	dennistobar
	88730fd: Sending translation for Spanish

2009-06-10	Lennart Poettering
	1e8a374: alsa: fix bad memory access for devices that lack a mixer

2009-06-08	raven
	a87f8a2: Sending translation for Polish

2009-06-08	Lennart Poettering
	89e3adf: sample: fix build on BE archs
	3c4c1f4: udev: reshuffle the properties we read from udev a bit
	f13bbd5: prop: introduce new PA_PROP_DEVICE_INTENDED_ROLES property
	12d5382: i18n: update po data
	983aa5d: Merge commit 'origin/master-tx'
	e7a6d53: core: replace tabs by spaces
	587fc2a: core: make sure soft mute status stays in sync with hw mute status

2009-06-08	rajesh
	cc9354f: Sending translation for po/hi.po

2009-06-07	Lennart Poettering
	ab5adce: rtstutter: increase log level by default

2009-06-07	ruigo
	00cc168: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-05-14	Jyri Sarha
	8eaea3a: optimization: Optimized pa_sink_render_full.

2009-06-07	Lennart Poettering
	8adf1d5: man: document that tsched doesn't use fragment settings
	3aefc45: man: document 24bit sample types in man page
	5be1cc5: man: document log related daemon.conf options
	78bccde: conf: remove obsolete module-idle-time directive from default config file/man page
	a9b38b3: daemon: optionally call mlockall() on startup
	71ce195: udev: properly initialize userdata to 0

2009-06-06	Lennart Poettering
	3a118f2: build-sys: bump libsndfile dependency
	bab4b94: udev: try to unsuspend devices whenever they are closed by other processes
	d1646f7: core: monitor sources need to inherit the suspend cause from their sinks
	69eab1e: core: suppress suspending/resume when we are already in the right state
	496be21: hashmap: introduce PA_HASHMAP_FOREACH macro
	e84644a: hal,udev: deprecate HAL support in favour of udev
	8080ab1: udev: add module-udev-detect for discovering and configuring devices

2009-06-06	aalam
	86f3961: Sending translation for Punjabi

2009-06-05	Lennart Poettering
	e5dd9df: rtp: remove gcc warning
	f398407: augment: try to deduce the media role from the menu category
	561c0af: alsa: monitor device reservation status and resume automatically when device becomes unused
	00797b8: core: add a suspend cause flags field
	3af5f8c: reserve: wrap device reservation monitor reference implementation
	1748fd2: reserve: update reserve.[ch] from upstream git

2009-06-04	Lennart Poettering
	3e10f3f: tdb: include signal.h before tdb.h for compat reasons
	4d87475: utils: use pa_path_get_filename() where applicable

2009-05-28	Lennart Poettering
	8bada74: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://rootserver/home/lennart/git/public/pulseaudio
	c224aac: modules: introduce PA_MODULE_DEPRECATED() macro for marking modules deprecated
	1c4393a: modules: add {sink
2009-05-27	Lennart Poettering
	6044aab: Merge commit 'flameeyes/master'
	2088626: null: introduce sink_properties= argument
	6601e09: simple: set ADJUST_LATENCY by default
	19d7ced: modargs: introduce pa_modargs_get_proplist()

2009-05-27	jassy
	8c6c8e5: Sending translation for Punjabi

2009-05-26	Lennart Poettering
	699bd54: libpulse: introduce PA_CHECK_VERSION macro
	e8f7eb6: oss: don't deadlock when we try to resume an OSS device that lacks a mixer
	d2198c9: alsa: fix wording, we are speaking of card profiles, not output profiles
	5c10b84: sndfile: big rework of libsndfile interfacing code

2009-05-26	jassy
	ed105ef: Sending translation for Punjabi

2009-05-25	Lennart Poettering
	759a9d0: core-util: introduce pa_disable_sigpipe()
	ebce318: cli: allow easy repeating of commands with '/'
	8b180b6: volume: implement pa_cvolume_{scale	5f2d848: map-file: add missing channel map/cvolume position functions
	8f23a2e: proplist: add two new generic properties, media.copyright and
	01fa34b: channelmap: introduce pa_channel_map_mask() and pa_channel_position_mask_t
	261a483: sample: introduce pa_proplist_setp()
	346a708: sample: introduce pa_sample_format_is_{le,be,ne,re}()
	3533599: upnp: s/org.Rygel./org.gnome.UPnP/ following the newest version of the spec

2009-05-24	ruigo
	911f890: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-05-24	Lennart Poettering
	f809284: channelmap: document how apple's/microsoft's channel names map to ours

2009-05-22	Lennart Poettering
	e2aba15: core-util: fall back to sysconf(_SC_OPEN_MAX) to find maximum file descriptor
	ce3fbb5: tests: show dB in
	000bdb8: volume: change pa_volume_t mapping to cubic

2009-05-21	ruigo
	4b9aac2: Sending translation for Portuguese

2009-05-20	ruigo
	0ba756b: Sending translation for po/LINGUAS
	0e23210: Sending translation for po/pt.po

2009-05-19	Lennart Poettering
	e7bca90: upnp: s/url/URL/ in GetAll() D-Bus call

2009-05-17	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	ce6643e: Use the _ONCE variation of AC_CHECKs where applicable.

2009-05-15	Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
	ff5b7fb: Add missing headers' include to build on FreeBSD 7.1.
	99f2541: Add missing include directory path for OSS modules.
	d45c909: When MAP_ANONYMOUS is missing, fallback to MAP_ANON.
	0de6877: Don't use == for comparison in tests. Fix build with non-bash shells.

2009-05-15	Lennart Poettering
	862a05f: upnp: update to newest spec

2009-05-14	Lennart Poettering
	0921b1b: shm: rework alignment when punching memory
	763954c: upnp: convert all property names to CamelCase to follow D-Bus spec
	1a39acc: rescue: make we don't end up in an endless loop when we can't move a sink input
	234c61b: upnp: implement item-count/container-count properties
	0cb3837: alsa: be a bit more verbose when a hwparam call fails
	b7e2223: database: port restore modules to new database API
	003e03d: macro: include string.h because we need it for memset
	6df14e0: database: add tdb backend
	46bceed: database: add gdbm backend
	c69ed91: database: add abstracted database API

2009-05-13	Lennart Poettering
	905c800: volume: introduce pa_cvolume_{get	28069ef: core: automatically add icons for headsets/headphones/speakers for devices

2009-05-12	Lennart Poettering
	dfd6b61: alsa: include mixer name in sink/source properties
	21ab720: http: fix segfault on connection termination

2009-05-12	Marc-André Lureau
	86caf45: context: don't fail if session bus is not there
	4c3aef3: suspend-on-idle: add per-device timeout property

2009-05-11	Lennart Poettering
	a7a7358: git: activate default commit hook
	37c3620: upnp: rework property handling
	35b7ce5: upnp: use new rygel @HOSTNAME@ wildcard for server name
	dc5dce5: upnp: properly issue method not found exception when we don't now it
	98a6454: upnp: update to newest spec, generate 'Updated' signal
	6c4c61d: upnp: fix URL of MediaServer spec
	eb20564: mime: drop additional whitespace from mime types

2009-05-07	Jyri Sarha
	35faedb: core: Take samples from silence cache rather than write zeros
	d7b8947: core: optimize pa_sink_render_full()

2009-05-08	Lennart Poettering
	a714861: channelmap: add pa_channel_map_has_position()
	7f767e5: core: liberalize 99a6a4 a bit
	8d9c26e: core: cache requested latency only when we are running, not while we are still constructing
	99a6a47: core: make sure we fix up flags/monitor flags already in pa_sink_new() instead of pa_sink_put()
	3766850: core: introduce pa_{sink,source}_set_fixed_latency()

2009-05-08	Jyri Sarha
	44e566a: bluetooth-device: Add safe guard against BT streaming irregularities.

2009-05-07	Lennart Poettering
	92a6141: macro: add macros for initializing memory

2009-05-05	troubi51
	9dd1af6: Sending translation for French
	dd1cd9e: Sending translation for French

2009-05-03	pmkovar
	4caa33b: Sending translation for Czech

2009-05-01	Lennart Poettering
	e0f0821: sconv: fix a few minor conversion issues
	5caf09d: resampler-test: add tests for 24bit sample formats
	76caa27: resampler-test: use global PA_FLOAT32_SWAP implementation
	4bffc78: alsa: initialize buffer size before number of periods to improve compat with some backends
	d2b5ae5: sample-util: fix iteration loop when adjusting volume of s24 samples
	3a7b287: sample-util: properly allocate silence block for s24-32 formats
	076830a: endian: fix LE/BE order for 24 bit accessor functions
	947bf5d: zeroconf: properly unref native protocol object
	d4b10d8: sample: correctly pass s24-32 formats
	4129f51: alsa: don't hit an assert when invalid module arguments are passed

2009-04-30	Lennart Poettering
	5a2898d: zeroconf: use pa_get_{user	3522b7d: zeroconf: copy more sink/source properties into DNS-SD TXT data
	407a810: zeroconf: computer native protocol port automatically
	d696416: headers: minor cleanups
	5326f5f: rygel: get rid of forgotten debug trap
	93db3cb: rygel: instead of always handing out wildcard address find out the actual address we are listening on
	8dfdfd4: http: export information about currently active server strings
	23a798c: strlist: add new calls pa_strlist_{next	9208b86: parseaddr: add new call pa_is_ip_address()

2009-04-29	Lennart Poettering
	d5f9057: rygel: make server name configurable
	c95cc9e: rygel: add m
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