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- 0.1.7 release.
- Remove deprecated Encoding key from desktop file.
- Fix wrong use of QOF_DATE_FORMAT_LOCALE instead of
  a format that can be reliably parsed. Switch to
  QOF_DATE_FORMAT_CE as a temporary measure.
- Handle devhelp support targets. Drop Doxygen search
  engine and export XML for devhelp support, borrowed
  from QOF.
- Drop colour support in GPE categories - not implemented
  in the main UI. Fixes a couple of intermittent crashes
  when changing categories.
- Align signedness of max_list in call to gpe_pim_category_new.
  Fixes build failure with upcoming gcc-4.4. Patch from Martin

- 0.1.1 release.
- support translating the string representations of expense types
  and expense payments. The translations are held in the library
  and are available to any process using the library via dgettext.
  Translations for the rest of the user interface remain in the
  gpe-expenses package.  

- 0.1.0 release.
- Split the QofExpense and QofCurrency objects
  into a shared library with -dev, -dbg and -doc
  to support gpe-cash.
- Add German translation.

- 0.0.6 release.
- Corrected the currency handling to use
	string references.
- Reduce the backend workload by checking
	values have changed before committing.
- Use ~/.gpe instead of custom ~/.gpe-expenses
- Set default sort order in main list to 
	Date: most recent first.

- Moved qof-sqlite code to QOF to create

- Moved to SourceForge
- Temporary fix to debian/control until libxml2 can
  be removed from libqof1 build dependencies.

- Progressing the QSQLite backend.
- fixing manpage generation
- Inherit currencies from pilot-qof.
- Implement currencies in Gtk

- Removed glade file.

- Added first Gtk outline.
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