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Version 0.8.1

* Ensure directories exist before reading them - bug #15755
* Close files and clean up behind us - bug #15654
* Fix potential crash when no info page exists - bug #15274 (Saleem Abdulrasool)
* Remove longopts to make non-linux work properly - bug #11839
  - These options should be unused in normal operation
* If $USERNAME isn't set (MacOS), use a default name - bug #14872
* Fix potential crasher on mangled info dir file - bug #12515

Version 0.8.0

* Remove debug output that got left in
* Slightly better categorisation

Version 0.7.1

* Improve parsing of omf categories

* Add LZMA support - bug #13255 
  - Per √ėyvind Karlsen
* Make attributes insensitive to ordering

Version 0.7.0
Please note: The 0.7 / 0.8 branch is backwards-incompatible with
       	     version 0.6 and previous.

New features:

* Add new attributes for hidden (NoDisplay) and default 
  section (DocDefaultSection) to the .document file parsing
* Increase scrictness of parsing in line with the spec.
* omf files now return (approximate) fd.o categories
* Add new requirement to define I_KNOW_RARIAN_0_8_IS_UNSTABLE before
* rarian.h is now a general inclusion guard and main functions have
  moved to rarian-main.h
* Update example program to use new features

Bug fixed:
* #13201 - Compiler warnings
* #12279 - _new functions don't return new structs [1]
           Iterators take the wrong argument type
* Many other minor errors and warnings

Version 0.6.0

 * Only export required symbols - based on patch from Daniel Macks
  - bug #12147 and #11969
 * Fix build on OSX and Solaris
  - bugs #12359 and #12043
 * Various crash fixes in .document files - Hans Petter Jansson
  - bugs #12226 and #12131
 * Make sk-config return decent results when OMF reading is enabled
  - bug #12212
 * Fix silly spelling errors
  - bug #12008
 * Fix copyright headers
 * Fallback languages now work correctly
  - GNOME bug #474556
 * Fix potential off-by-one issue in sk-preinstall - Ghee Teo
  -bug #12052

Version 0.5.8

 * Fix build on FreeBSD and Solaris (mostly) - Damien Carbury
 * rarian-example now goes through man and info pages again
 * Add MAINTAINER file, since someone asked for it

Bug fixed:
 * Missing argument to sprintf added (bug #11976 and #11957)
 * Fix crashes on invalid info files (bug #11896)
 * Fix crashes on man pages with no section (bug #11901)
 * Fix update script when not reading OMF's directly
 * Don't free environment variables - they don't belong to us 
   - Jan de Groot (bug #11799)
 * Fix categoried with omf files (the one everyone complained

Version 0.5.6
 * By default, we now read omf files directly
   and don't do translations when update script is
   run.  This fixes everyone's install (hopefully)
   and helps out packagers

Version 0.5.4

 * Fix README to not display version stuff
 * Write the rarian-update-mtimes file to $statedir
   - Fixes FHS compliance
 * Remove some uneccessary memory allocations (Jens Granseuer)
 * Fix infinite loop bug in update script --help
 * Store in SVN as executable
 * Fix install when no prefix is specified (as autofoo insists on 
   specifying to prefix variable as NONE instead of not defining it)
 * Reenable the rebuild script and fix it when the mtimes file 
   doesn't exist
Version 0.5.2

New stuff since 0.5.0:
* Moved to new home at
* Added documentation

* Fix template naming error (that stopped yelp working)
* Make scrollkeeper-update optional at install time
  - Florian Steinel
* Make build work in chroot
  - based on patch from Florian Steinel
* Fix #include's for potentially non-included files
* Fix man pages to not repase all man pages on every single call
* Only check for xsltproc instead of libxslt (as that's what we 
actually use)
* Only install / link sk-extract if it's actually possible (ENABLE_EXTRACT is set)
* Fix stupid, broken omf parsing when no seriesid is available
* Make failing omf conversion errors slightly less cryptic
* Override default dest dir for omf translation when asked
  (fixes things for packagers)
* Fix older autoconf datarootdir issue
  - Shaun McCance
* Don't do scrollkeeper-rebuilddb when distchecking
* Make update script work correctly with dash (Daniel Holbach)
* Fix symlinks for packagers (Daniel Holbach)
* Fix silly error in rarian-man that caused a warning in linked programs
* Make distcheck pass properly

Version 0.5.0

New stuff since 0.4 release:
* Add new pkg-config file
* install headers correctly
* add lots of useful functions for getting info out of rarian
* Add info page support
* Add man page support
* Add scripts and programs to emulate all scrollkeeper scripts
* (optionally) depend on libxslt for scrollkeeper-extract
* Add all necessary stuff so installing in place of scrollkeeper in 
  jhbuild works fully
* Add proper COPYING attribution files for utils and lib
* Remove autogen dependance on gnome-autogen
* Oh, and change package name to Rarian (from Spoon)
* turn on installed mode by default
* Turn on scrollkeeper compatibility by default
* When scrollkeeper files exist, move them out the way and symlink 
* Fix loads of compiler errors
* Oh, and change package name to Rarian (from Spoon)
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