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RRDtool 1.4.3 - 2010-03-22
New Features

* rrdcached: Log to stderr (in addition to syslog) when running in foreground.
  -- Sebastian Harl

* rrdcached: Added -m command line option. This option may be used to specify
  the file permissions of a UNIX socket. The option affects the following
  sockets only, i.e., it's possible to specify different modes for different
  sockets. -- Sebastian Harl

* rrdcached: Added -s option so set group permissions of the UNIX domain
  socket. Obviously this will only work if rrdcached is running as root which in
  my case it has to be (as upstart can't currently monitor non-root
  daemons). As you may have RRD data sources (data loggers) and RRD
  consumers (e.g. CGI scripts) that both need to talk to the cache
  daemon one solution is to set the group permissions of the socket.

  This offer some flexibility over trying to get every RRD user/daemon
  running under the same user context. -- Alex Bennee  ajb

* rrdcached: Let -s affect the following sockets only. This way, it's possible
  to specify different groups for different sockets. -- Sebastian Harl

* rrd_create: added --no-overwrite option. It prevents rrdtool from
  clobbering existing rrd files. -- Chris - LINX

* ruby bindings: rb_rrd_xport function  -- Pavel Pachkovskij pavel.pachkovskij

* use locale settings and _NL_TIME_WEEK_1STDAY to determine the first
  day of the week. Works on Linux at least -- Tobi Oetiker

* rrd_graph: \u to backup one line for special legend placement tricks 
  -- tobi oetiker

* rrd_update: new (better) checker for incoming COUNTER or DERIVED data. -- Florian

Bug Fixes

* rrdcached: Do not put any code in assert(). -- Sebastian Harl

* add 'm' as a shortcut for 'zoom' in rrd_graph as it was in 1.3 
  -- Sebastian Harl
* rrd_update: fix for max calculation ... the MAX value of the current
  consolidation interval was pre-initialized with the MAX value from the
  previous interval (an over optimization). -- Tobi Oetiker

* build: additional dependencies on Makefile to make sure bindings makefiles
  get rebuild after reconfig -- Tobi Oetiker

* ruby bindings: reset rrd_state for grapv in ruby bindings -- Sven Engelhardt

* rrd_cgi: make sure that (argv-1)[0] points to something sensible ... 
  hack to undo the damage caused by a senseless optimization. see bug #251
  -- tobi oetiker

* rrd_graph: fix right aligned text -- tobi oetiker

* python bindings: pass DESTDIR to as --root=<DESTDIR> iff a DESTDIR
  was given. --- Bernhard Reutner-Fischer

* rrd_graph: backward compatibility fix - only draw the new type of marker
  in the graph legend when called with --dynamic-labels -- tobi oetiker

* rrd_restore: portability fix - sizeof(time_t) is 4 byte not 32 bit -- tobi oetiker

* rrd_xport: The end of the export range should not be adjusted DOWN but UP to hit the
  next matching step interval or the response will be one row short. -- tobi oetiker

* rrd_graph: the end time itself is not part of a time range ... this fixes the segfault
  reported in #248 -- tobi oetiker

* rrd_restore: teach rrd_restore to be able to read the #text value of <a></a> ... this
  fixes problems with blank last_ds entries ... as reported in #247. -- tobi oetiker

* rrd_update: be more diligent in checking the input arguments for rrdtool  update and
  complain if they are wrong. fix for #243 (and more) -- tobi oetiker

----- Older Changelog --------------------

2009-11-15 11:54  oetiker

	* bindings/perl-piped/, bindings/perl-shared/,, doc/rrdbuild.pod, rrdtool.spec, src/pngsize.c,
	  src/rrd.h, src/rrd_cgi.c, src/rrd_create.c, src/rrd_datalang.c,
	  src/rrd_diff.c, src/rrd_dump.c, src/rrd_error.c, src/rrd_fetch.c,
	  src/rrd_first.c, src/rrd_format.c, src/rrd_format.h,
	  src/rrd_gfx.c, src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph_helper.c,
	  src/rrd_hw.c, src/rrd_hw.h, src/rrd_i18n.h, src/rrd_info.c,
	  src/rrd_is_thread_safe.h, src/rrd_last.c, src/rrd_lastupdate.c,
	  src/rrd_not_thread_safe.c, src/rrd_open.c, src/rrd_resize.c,
	  src/rrd_restore.c, src/rrd_rpncalc.c, src/rrd_rpncalc.h,
	  src/rrd_thread_safe.c, src/rrd_thread_safe_nt.c, src/rrd_tool.c,
	  src/rrd_tool.h, src/rrd_tune.c, src/rrd_update.c,
	  src/rrd_version.c, src/rrd_xport.c, src/rrd_xport.h,
	  src/rrdupdate.c: prepare for the release of rrdtool-1.4.2

2009-11-15 11:53  oetiker

	* doc/librrd.pod, doc/rrdcached.pod: fix pod syntax

2009-11-15 10:51  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_tool.c, src/rrd_tool.c: Switch
	  LC_NUMERIC to C prior to creating rrd_xport output. This makes
	  sure that numbers are always output with a . and not with a ,

2009-10-30 22:49  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: clarify rrd_daemon code with JOURNAL_REPLAY
	  macro -- kevin

2009-10-28 05:15  oetiker

	* bindings/perl-piped/, bindings/perl-shared/,
	  doc/rrdbuild.pod, rrdtool.spec, src/pngsize.c, src/rrd.h,
	  src/rrd_cgi.c, src/rrd_create.c, src/rrd_datalang.c,
	  src/rrd_diff.c, src/rrd_dump.c, src/rrd_error.c, src/rrd_fetch.c,
	  src/rrd_first.c, src/rrd_format.c, src/rrd_format.h,
	  src/rrd_gfx.c, src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph_helper.c,
	  src/rrd_hw.c, src/rrd_hw.h, src/rrd_i18n.h, src/rrd_info.c,
	  src/rrd_is_thread_safe.h, src/rrd_last.c, src/rrd_lastupdate.c,
	  src/rrd_not_thread_safe.c, src/rrd_open.c, src/rrd_resize.c,
	  src/rrd_restore.c, src/rrd_rpncalc.c, src/rrd_rpncalc.h,
	  src/rrd_thread_safe.c, src/rrd_thread_safe_nt.c, src/rrd_tool.c,
	  src/rrd_tool.h, src/rrd_tune.c, src/rrd_update.c,
	  src/rrd_version.c, src/rrd_xport.c, src/rrd_xport.h,
	  src/rrdupdate.c: prepare for the release of rrdtool-1.4.1

2009-10-28 05:15  oetiker

	* updated versions to account for rrd cached fix

2009-10-28 05:14  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: Avoid unnecessary string handling for UPDATE
	  commands in rrd_deaemon for 20x speed increasse. Only copy as many
	  bytes as necessary. During journal replay, avoid unnecessary copy
	  (string is discarded). Bug reported by Thorsten von Eicken Patched
	  by kevin brintnall

2009-10-27 21:44  oetiker

	* src/rrd_tool.c: we have 2009 now

2009-10-27 21:40  oetiker

	* NEWS: added links to documentation

2009-10-27 17:55  oetiker

	* bindings/perl-piped/, bindings/perl-shared/,, doc/rrdbuild.pod, rrdtool.spec, src/pngsize.c,
	  src/rrd.h, src/rrd_cgi.c, src/rrd_create.c, src/rrd_datalang.c,
	  src/rrd_diff.c, src/rrd_dump.c, src/rrd_error.c, src/rrd_fetch.c,
	  src/rrd_first.c, src/rrd_format.c, src/rrd_format.h,
	  src/rrd_gfx.c, src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph_helper.c,
	  src/rrd_hw.c, src/rrd_hw.h, src/rrd_i18n.h, src/rrd_info.c,
	  src/rrd_is_thread_safe.h, src/rrd_last.c, src/rrd_lastupdate.c,
	  src/rrd_not_thread_safe.c, src/rrd_open.c, src/rrd_resize.c,
	  src/rrd_restore.c, src/rrd_rpncalc.c, src/rrd_rpncalc.h,
	  src/rrd_thread_safe.c, src/rrd_thread_safe_nt.c, src/rrd_tool.c,
	  src/rrd_tool.h, src/rrd_tune.c, src/rrd_update.c,
	  src/rrd_version.c, src/rrd_xport.c, src/rrd_xport.h,
	  src/rrdupdate.c: set version to 1.4.0 for all files

2009-10-27 17:51  oetiker

	* rrdtool-1.3-release, rrdtool-1.4-release: create build script for
	  1.4 release

2009-10-27 17:49  oetiker

	*,, src/rrd_client.c, src/rrd_graph.h,
	  src/rrd_restore.c: * remove intl from build process ... someone
	  who does actually need it should fix this ... * make the code work
	  on solaris 10 (tested on opencsw server farm. thanks!)

2009-10-27 17:04  oetiker

	* src/rrd_client.c, src/rrd_graph.h, src/rrd_restore.c: more solaris
	  10 portability changes ....

2009-10-27 16:18  oetiker

	*, src/rrd_dump.c, src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_restore.c,
	  src/rrd_tool.c: remove HAVE_LOCALE_H and HAVE_TIME_H and
	  HAVE_SETLOCALE since they have not been used consistantly anyway

2009-10-27 16:12  oetiker

	* if we use HAVE_TIME_H we should have a check for
	  this in configure ...

2009-10-27 13:57  oetiker

	* NEWS: updated for 1.4 release

2009-10-27 13:54  oetiker

	* src/rrd_graph.c: simplify rrd_graph LC_NUMERIC fix so that all
	  call paramters are affected by it.

2009-10-27 13:13  oetiker

	* doc/rrdgraph.pod, src/rrd_graph.c: allow the grid on:off pattern
	  to be configured

2009-10-27 13:07  oetiker

	* src/rrd_restore.c: needs locale.h to compile

2009-10-23 15:58  oetiker

	*, src: optional software is expected to live in /opt,
	  so lets follow this custom ... /usr/local is really old school.

2009-10-22 23:22  oetiker

	* src/rrd_tool.c: fix memory handling when argument separation in
	  pipe mode fails. fix for #230

2009-10-20 19:23  oetiker

	* src/rrd_restore.c: set locale to C while restoring

2009-10-15 08:42  oetiker

	* doc/rrdtutorial.pod: another typo fixed by Justin T Pryzby

2009-10-15 04:47  oetiker

	* src/ Removed left-over occurrence of LIB_LIBINTL --

2009-10-14 08:04  oetiker

	* bindings/perl-piped/, doc/rpntutorial.pod,
	  doc/rrd-beginners.pod, doc/rrdbuild.pod, doc/rrdcached.pod,
	  doc/rrdcreate.pod, doc/rrddump.pod, doc/rrdflushcached.pod,
	  doc/rrdgraph-old.pod, doc/rrdgraph.pod, doc/rrdgraph_data.pod,
	  doc/rrdgraph_graph.pod, doc/rrdgraph_libdbi.pod,
	  doc/rrdgraph_rpn.pod, doc/rrdpython.pod, doc/rrdruby.pod,
	  doc/rrdtool.pod, doc/rrdtutorial.pod: Fixed various typos in the
	  manpages. Debian bug #550919. -- Justin T. Pryzby

2009-10-11 16:00  oetiker

	* src/rrd_client.c, src/rrd_client.h: load rrd_config.h before
	  rrd_client.h since its content is expected to be present --
	  Florian Forster

2009-10-04 21:16  oetiker

	* src/rrd_flushcached.c: Fix potential memory leak in
	  rrd_flushcached during failure. -- kevin

2009-10-04 12:18  oetiker

	* CONTRIBUTORS: sebastian was missing from the contributors list

2009-10-04 12:00  oetiker

	* src/rrd_graph.c: Do not mess with the locale settings. The main
	  program takes care of that (rrd_tool.c calls setlocale(LC_ALL,"")
	  already. We do call setlocale on LC_NUMERIC a few times to get
	  predictable number formats when parsing strings into floats, but
	  apart from that the code is written in a portable manner and can
	  take whatever the local system supports.

2009-10-04 11:48  oetiker

	* src/rrd_tool.c: * comment on the reson for calling setlocale * to
	  not force the message encoding ... messages should be encoded in
	  the current locale

2009-10-04 11:37  oetiker

	* src/rrd_client.c, src/rrd_daemon.c: rrd_client, rrd_daemon: Do not
	  require hostnames to contain a dot. Non-FQDN (e.g. "localhost")
	  are now supported as well. Anything that does not start with '['
	  should be (and is now) treated as <name>[:<port>]. -- Sebastian

2009-10-04 11:36  oetiker

	* src/rrd_client.c: rrd_client: Improved error handling / reporting.
	  * Report getaddrinfo() errors using gai_strerror(). * Replaced
	  "Internal error" with a more verbose error message, if available.
	  -- Sebastian Harl

2009-10-04 11:35  oetiker

	* src/rrd_client.c: rrd_client: Do not rewrite path names when
	  accessing remote daemons. When talking to a local daemon (thru a
	  UNIX socket), relative path names are resolved to absolute path
	  names to allow for transparent integration into existing solutions
	  (as requested by Tobi). However, when talking to a remote daemon,
	  absolute path names are not allowed, since path name translation
	  is done by the server (relative to the base directory). --
	  Sebastian Harl

2009-10-04 11:34  oetiker

	* src/rrd_flushcached.c: rrdflushcached: Do not free 'opt_daemon'
	  before checking the connection. -- Sebastian Harl

2009-10-04 11:33  oetiker

	* src/rrd_fetch.c: rrdfetch: Print a usage summary if not enough
	  parameters have been given. -- Sebastian Harl

2009-10-04 11:32  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: Handle journal replay in
	  socket_permission_check(). -- Sebastian Harl

2009-10-04 11:30  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: Create the base directory on startup.
	  -- Sebastian Harl

2009-10-04 11:29  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: Improved the "base-dir symlink
	  check". The daemon checks if the specified base directory contains
	  symlinks by comparing the canonicalized path name (by realpath())
	  with the path name specified on the command line. The GNU libc's
	  implementation of realpath() removed trailing slashes ('/') from
	  the pathname. Thus, specifying a base directory with a trailing
	  slash results in rrdcached aborting, complaining about an invalid
	  base directory, which is quite annoying imho. Now, trailing
	  slashes are removed before comparing the two path names. --
	  Sebastian Harl

2009-10-04 11:28  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: Improved an error message. --
	  Sebastian Harl

2009-10-04 11:27  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: Create the pidfile and (UNIX) socket
	  directories as well. Those files may be located in a subdirectory
	  of, e.g., /var/run/. To avoid the need to manually create (and
	  recreate, e.g. in case /var/run/ is on a tmpfs) that subdirectory,
	  let the daemon handle the creation of those directories. --
	  Sebastian Harl

2009-10-01 18:54  oetiker

	* src/rrd_fetch_libdbi.c, src/rrd_tool.h: rrd_fetch_libdbi: Fixed
	  some compiler warnings. While at it, declared some private helper
	  functions as static. -- Sebastian Harl

2009-09-28 16:21  oetiker

	* doc/librrd.pod: Moved rrd_dump_cb_r() to section "CORE FUNCTIONS"
	  since this is not a utility function but rather part of RRDtool's
	  core. -- Sebastian Harl

2009-09-28 16:16  oetiker

	* doc/ Moved the 'librrd' manpage to section 3 --
	  Sebastian Harl

2009-09-28 16:16  oetiker

	* doc/librrd.pod: documentation for rrd_mkdir_p added -- Sebastian

2009-09-28 16:16  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: free config_pid_file after using it for the last
	  time ... Else, the daemon might either segfault or leave the PID
	  file around. -- Sebastian Harl

2009-09-28 16:15  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: try to create missing journal directories rather
	  than abort with an error. -- Sebastian Harl

2009-09-28 16:13  oetiker

	* src/, src/rrd.h, src/rrd_utils.c: added
	  rrd_mkdir_p - This function may be used to recursively create some
	  directory, similar to "mkdir -p" on the command-line. -- Sebastian

2009-09-24 19:21  oetiker

	* src/rrd_restore.c: adjusted copyright wording according to
	  sebastians suggestions

2009-09-15 12:21  oetiker

	* trunk/tutorial/lisa2009/rrd-by-example/body.tex: adapted for 2009

2009-09-15 12:20  oetiker

	* trunk/tutorial/lisa2009/abstract-rrdexample.txt,
	  trunk/tutorial/lisa2009/abstract-rrdtut.txt: initial

2009-09-15 12:17  oetiker

	* trunk/tutorial/lisa2009, trunk/tutorial/lisa2009/rrd-intro.odp:

2009-09-01 08:49  oetiker

	* NEWS, src/rrd_graph.c: show element type in legend

2009-08-25 09:01  oetiker

	*, src/rrd_client.h, src/rrd_daemon.c: detect if
	  stdint.h is available. if not, use inttypes. this should fix #239
	  and make compilation on solaris 9 work.

2009-08-24 12:04  oetiker

	* debian/README, debian/README.Debian, debian/,
	  debian/changelog, debian/control, debian/copyright,
	  debian/librrd0-dev.files, debian/librrd0.files,
	  debian/librrd0.postinst, debian/librrd0.postrm,
	  debian/librrd0.shlibs, debian/librrdp-perl.files,
	  debian/librrds-perl.files, debian/rrdtool-tcl.files,
	  debian/rrdtool.files, debian/rules, debian/watch: replae with

2009-08-24 12:02  oetiker

	* src/rrd_config_bottom.h: call fpclass only once when replacing
	  isnan for solaris

2009-08-22 22:03  oetiker

	* MakeMakefile: remove misspellt keyword ...

2009-08-21 05:03  oetiker

	* m4/acinclude.m4, src/rrd_config_bottom.h: make sure all elements
	  required in the definition of isinf are defined in their turn

2009-08-20 22:02  oetiker

	* src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_tool.c: Trim trailing whitespace, reoder
	  getopt_long per shortopt char; Fix -D while at it -- Bernhard

2009-08-19 15:24  oetiker

	* NEWS, doc/rrdgraph.pod, src, src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.h,
	  src/rrd_tool.c: The attached patch allows to $ rrdtool graph
	  --border=0 to disable the 3d border around the image. -- Bernhard

2009-08-19 07:44  oetiker

	* src/rrd_graph.c: yes this should not matter, but I think it is the
	  right thing todo ...

2009-08-17 21:34  oetiker

	* src/rrd_dump.c, src/rrd_tune.c: added missing prototypes

2009-08-17 21:31  oetiker

	* CONTRIBUTORS, doc/librrd.pod, src/, src/rrd.h,
	  src/rrd_dump.c: Added a call back interface to rrd_dump to be able
	  to call the function from c. See librrd.pod for documentation. --
	  Benny Baumann BenBE

2009-08-16 22:22  oetiker

	* doc/rrdcached.pod, src/rrd_daemon.c: From: Florian Forster
	  <> This patch introduces
	  per-socket, per-command permissions to the RRD caching daemon,
	  RRDCacheD. This allows administrators to limit access to the
	  daemon in a fine-grained manner. The patch removes the command
	  line option `-L' and introduces `-P' instead. The option must
	  appear *before* the `-l' option and the given permissions are set
	  for all following sockets or another `-P' option. For example:
	  rrdcached -P FLUSH,PENDING -l -P UPDATE -l
	  unix:/some/path Allow `FLUSH' and `PENDING' commands to clients
	  connected via IPv4 networking and `UPDATE' to clients connected
	  via a UNIX domain socket only. There are a couple of exceptions: -
	  The commands `HELP' and `QUIT' are always allowed. - If the
	  command `BATCH' is allowed, the command `.' is automatically
	  allowed, too. By default, i.´┐Że. if no `-P' option is specified,
	  all commands will be allowed. As a shortcut to reset the behavior
	  to the default behavior, you can use the slightly hackish `-P ""'
	  syntax. Signed-off-by: Florian Forster

2009-08-16 22:05  oetiker

	* with my Debian Testing box I had to apply the
	  following small changes to the `' file in order to
	  make `autoconf' happy. Don't know what the problem precisely is ?
	  m4 and its square parenthesis is too high for me ;) -- Florian

2009-08-16 22:00  oetiker

	* there is no config directory ... so lets not search
	  for it in

2009-08-11 14:00  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_restore.c, src/rrd_restore.c: fix
	  freeing order when generating error messages. found by Dmitry V.

2009-08-10 11:47  oetiker

	* m4/acinclude.m4: include math.h when testing IEEE

2009-08-08 14:06  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/rrd-beginners.pod, doc/rrd-beginners.pod:
	  remove extra \ in perl example

2009-08-08 09:38  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: The journal files are time-stamped and replayed
	  in order. This allows systems with 32-bit signed off_t to write
	  more than 2GB of journal entries per flush interval. --kevin

2009-08-08 09:36  oetiker

	* doc/rrdgraph.pod: add some shell proggramming advice ... Bernhard

2009-08-08 09:34  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: Remove PID file later in the cleanup process

2009-08-08 09:29  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: Increment the DataSetsWritten counter before
	  freeing the RRD values. --kevin

2009-08-08 09:28  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: The current method may have caused flushes (and
	  journal rotations) more often than necessary. The problem was
	  introduced in r1600. --kevin

2009-08-08 09:27  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: Two-phase shutdown for rrdcached ensures that
	  values are flushed. Previously, it was possible for the queue
	  threads to exit before the flush thread completed queueing values.
	  If running with -F, rrdcached may have crashed due to assertion
	  failure before writing all values. -- kevin

2009-08-07 06:04  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/bindings/python/rrdtoolmodule.c,
	  bindings/python/rrdtoolmodule.c: include PACKAGE_VERSION as
	  version number for python module to fix #236

2009-08-03 18:51  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_info.c, src/rrd_info.c: in rrd > 1.3
	  it's called rrd_info_push ... and not just info_push ...

2009-08-03 18:45  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_info.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_info.c, src/rrd_info.c: Show the
	  index of each data source in the rrd_info output. Patch for #231
	  provided by Glenn Herteg, GroundWork Open Source, Inc.

2009-07-30 07:57  oetiker

	* NEWS: new news

2009-07-30 07:56  oetiker

	* src/rrd_tune.c: rrd_tune HW Update Allow to set the smoothing
	  window (alpha, beta, gamma) to zero. I'm using rrdtool 1.3.8 with
	  abberant behavior detection from the Brutlag method. I need to use
	  a week seasonality and no smoothing for the SEASONAL and
	  DEVSEASONAL. So I use rrdtune in order to set the smoothing window
	  to 0.0. This calls the set_hwarg(). But this method is also used
	  to tune the alpha, beta and gamma that can't be set to 0.0 So when
	  I tune my smoothing window size to 0.0, it returns -1 due to the
	  if(window<=0.0) then do nothing. I join here a small correction
	  with a differnent method used to set only the smoothing window
	  size and allowing it to be zero. -- sylvain.luiset

2009-07-28 16:49  oetiker

	* update conditional silent-rules

2009-07-14 12:00  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: Handle race condition for "UPDATE" with new
	  files. Problem found by Sebastian Harl. Patch by Kevin.

2009-07-12 06:28  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: Do not trust cache tree pointers after releasing
	  the cache lock. It's possible that a "FORGET" was issued in the
	  mean time. -- kevin

2009-07-10 05:52  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: destroy flush condition variable

2009-07-10 05:51  oetiker

	* src/rrd_graph.c: Move <libgen.h> include so we know whether we
	  HAVE_LIBGEN_H -- kevin

2009-07-09 20:14  oetiker

	* doc/, src/rrd_thread_safe.c: Silence automake
	  portability warnings caused by multiple inference rules. -- kevin

2009-07-05 08:41  oetiker

	*, src/rrd_restore.c, win32/rrd_config.h.msvc: check
	  for the size of time_t and behave accordingly

2009-07-04 14:51  oetiker

	* src/rrd_restore.c: be more careful when converting to string to
	  time_t ... test if time_t is long long

2009-06-10 19:05  oetiker

	* bindings/lua/compat-5.1r5/compat-5.1.c,
	  bindings/lua/compat-5.1r5/compat-5.1.lua: add the real license ...

2009-06-10 12:17  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/bin_dec_hex.pod,
	  branches/1.3/program/doc/, doc/bin_dec_hex.pod,
	  doc/ fix bad pdf links

2009-06-09 19:22  oetiker

	* bindings/lua/compat-5.1r5/compat-5.1.c,
	  bindings/lua/compat-5.1r5/compat-5.1.lua: added compat 5.1 license
	  copied from website

2009-06-08 05:12  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/, make config.h a
	  symlink to rrd_config.h so that intl/Makefile is happy

2009-06-08 04:56  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/MakeMakefile,
	  branches/1.3/program/, MakeMakefile,
	  Relax automake requirements and make 1.11 features optional --
	  kevin brintnall

2009-06-07 20:48  oetiker

	* bindings/perl-shared/RRDs.xs, bindings/python/rrdtoolmodule.c,
	  bindings/ruby/main.c: fix some missing rrd_flushcached instances
	  -- kevin

2009-06-07 14:46  oetiker

	* bindings/tcl/tclrrd.c: switch to the rrd_flushcached interface

2009-06-07 14:45  oetiker

	* src/rrd_cgi.c: consider fgets return value

2009-06-07 14:33  oetiker

	* intl, po/ do not try to mess with autopoints files

2009-06-07 14:27  oetiker

	* src/rrd_open.c: check return value from write

2009-06-07 14:19  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: check return values of dup and ftruncate

2009-06-07 14:12  oetiker

	* src/rrd_fetch.c, src/rrd_flushcached.c, src/rrd_info.c: fix some

2009-06-07 13:57  oetiker

	* intl, intl/ added a copy to svn since it is changed
	  from the original

2009-06-07 13:53  oetiker

	* po/ changed from original version, so include it

2009-06-07 13:42  oetiker

	*, include libtool with the distro

2009-06-07 11:36  oetiker

	* another ID tag

2009-06-07 11:35  oetiker

	*, README: more id tags added

2009-06-07 11:34  oetiker

	* COPYRIGHT: updated for release

2009-06-07 11:34  oetiker

	* COPYRIGHT, TODO: updated for release

2009-06-07 11:20  oetiker

	* CONTRIBUTORS: added $Id:$

2009-06-07 11:16  oetiker

	* NEWS: initial news

2009-06-02 13:55  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdupdate.pod, doc/rrdupdate.pod: Mention
	  that negative time values should be separated by '--' in
	  rrdupdate.pod -- Sebastian Harl

2009-06-02 05:55  oetiker

	* trunk/talks/op5-09, trunk/talks/op5-09/3days-solar-graph.pdf,
	  trunk/talks/op5-09/body.tex, trunk/talks/op5-09/cache-flow.pdf,
	  trunk/talks/op5-09/nmn09_200.jpg, trunk/talks/op5-09/pings.png,
	  trunk/talks/op5-09/update-schematics.xar: initial

2009-06-01 14:01  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/m4/acinclude.m4, m4/acinclude.m4: Make
	  rrdtool compile on GNU/kFreeBSD. Fix for Debian bug 494874. Patch
	  by Petr Salinger.

2009-06-01 13:58  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_update.c, src/rrd_update.c: make
	  negative update times work as diescribed in the documentation (-5
	  is NOW-5seconds) this takes care of debian bug 332766

2009-05-28 05:25  oetiker

	* src/rrd_open.c: madvise hints may not be ORed since they are
	  enumerated ... #224

2009-05-27 16:23  oetiker

	* back to 0.14.4

2009-05-27 16:21  oetiker

	*, get the latest gettext

2009-05-27 16:03  oetiker

	* src/ added gettext.h to dist

2009-05-27 15:00  oetiker

	* src/gettext.h: added missing gettext.h

2009-05-27 14:59  oetiker

	* po/LINGUAS, po/de.po: we don't have any translations ... so do not

2009-05-27 14:31  oetiker

	*, reduce gettext version requirements

2009-05-27 14:14  oetiker

	* MakeMakefile: fix path

2009-05-27 13:39  oetiker

	* MakeMakefile,, acinclude.m4,,
	  bindings/,, doc/,
	  m4/acinclude.m4, po/ChangeLog, po/Makevars, src/,
	  src/rrd_i18n.h: the get ready for 1.4rc patch * updated to
	  automake 1.11 with silet build, with this warnings stand out much
	  better in the build process. use make V=1 to see all as before *
	  switched from intltoolize to autopoint for gettext support * moved
	  m4 bits into their own subdirectory --tobi

2009-05-27 13:11  oetiker

	* src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.h: Only include libgen.h when we
	  have it. use pbbasename if we do not. Also fixes #223.

2009-05-26 15:25  oetiker

	* doc/rrdtool.pod: update flush to flushcached

2009-05-26 15:24  oetiker

	* bindings/lua/rrdlua.c, bindings/perl-shared/,
	  bindings/perl-shared/RRDs.xs, bindings/python/rrdtoolmodule.c,
	  bindings/ruby/main.c, bindings/tcl/tclrrd.c: bindings should
	  invoke new rrd_flushcached (instead of rrd_cmd_flush) -- kevin

2009-05-26 15:20  oetiker

	* src/rrd_restore.c: "ulong" is not portable. must be unsigned long
	  -- kevin

2009-05-26 08:55  oetiker

	* doc/ update flush document name

2009-05-26 07:14  oetiker

	* src/ rename rrd_flush.c to rrd_flushcached.c in

2009-05-26 07:13  oetiker

	* doc/rrdflush.pod, doc/rrdflushcached.pod, src/,
	  src/rrd.h, src/rrd_flush.c, src/rrd_flushcached.c, src/rrd_open.c,
	  src/rrd_tool.c: resolve the "flush inconsistency": * rrd_flush (a
	  leftover from when rrdtool was using stream based io) is turned
	  into a no-op but still exported to preserve library compatibility.
	  * rrd_cmd_flush (the implementation of "rrdtool flush") is renamed
	  to rrd_flushcached along with its command line invocation which is
	  now rrdtool flushcached --tobi

2009-05-25 22:23  oetiker

	* src/rrd_restore.c: While restoring, rrd_restore uses between 30
	  and 40 times as much memory as the size of the rrd file to be
	  restored. This is due to the use of libxml2 for parsing the the
	  whole file prior to turning it into rrd structs. This patch
	  switches rrd_restore to using the xmlTextReader interface for
	  incremental consumtion of xml files. This reduces the memory
	  requirements to about twice the size of the rrd file which should
	  be quite manageable for most cases. The parsing is about 25% less
	  efficient than with the original libxml2 version of rrd_restore.
	  This could be in part due to the more liberal use of malloced
	  memory. Optimizing this is for another day though. --tobi

2009-05-25 06:05  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_open.c, src/rrd_open.c: only include
	  utime.h when necessary

2009-05-24 10:31  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/,
	  src/rrd_info.c, src/rrd_open.c, src/rrd_update.c: * in 1.3:
	  Changed types used in rrd_file_t from off_t to size_t to prevent:
	  warning: comparison between signed and unsigned * Misc other off_t
	  -> size_t changes to prevent signed warning * in 1.3: Added
	  rrd_dump_opt_r declaration to prevent undef warning * Explicit
	  cast to time_t of check in rrd_fetch to prevent signed warning *
	  Added vasprintf path to sprintf_alloc to prevent excessive
	  mallocing * in 1.3: fixed STRERROR_R_CHAR_P undef warning patch by
	  Steven Hartland killing

2009-05-22 14:54  oetiker

	* src/rrd_update.c: reset errno right befor the call I want to test

2009-05-22 13:55  oetiker

	* src/rrd_update.c: inline is something for the compiler to figure

2009-05-22 11:32  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_update.c, src/rrd_update.c: fix error
	  messages on the road to fix #222

2009-05-21 05:20  oetiker

	* doc/rrdgraph.pod: fix text organisation

2009-05-18 14:23  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/bindings/python/rrdtoolmodule.c,
	  bindings/python/rrdtoolmodule.c: integrated fix for debian bug
	  #529291 as supplied by Anders Hammarquist

2009-05-11 21:25  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/,
	  src/rrd_getopt.c: fix rrd_getops use of external variables (optarg
	  and friends) ... most prominently is kills a segfault when using
	  rrdtool perl bindings on solaris ... thanks to Ihsan Dogan for
	  helping with tracking this down and providing access to sparc
	  solaris boxes.

2009-04-29 06:52  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/CONTRIBUTORS,
	  branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdgraph_data.pod, CONTRIBUTORS,
	  doc/rrdgraph_data.pod: added some remarks on CDEF versus VDEF to
	  the docs -- Pablo Sanchez

2009-04-20 06:48  oetiker

	* doc/, doc/librrd.pod, src/, src/rrd.h,
	  src/rrd_daemon.c, src/rrd_utils.c: This patch includes utility
	  functions to support dynamically sized arrays. This simplifies the
	  code that manages some of the dynamic structures inside rrdcached.
	  A few data types have been changed to size_t. -- kevin

2009-04-20 06:46  oetiker

	* doc/rrdinfo.pod, src/rrd_format.c, src/rrd_info.c, src/rrd_open.c,
	  src/rrd_tool.h: introduced header_property in info output --

2009-04-17 09:53  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_tool.c, src/rrd_tool.c: add
	  documentation for graph-render-mode

2009-04-15 07:05  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_restore.c, src/rrd_restore.c: fix
	  comments and error messages in rrd_restore patch

2009-04-15 07:02  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_restore.c, src/rrd_restore.c: Fix
	  casting issues in rrd_restore. The bug manifested when compiled on
	  sparc v9 as explained in #218. Patch based in input provided by
	  poster of #218.

2009-04-14 13:55  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/bindings/ruby/main.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/bindings/ruby/main.c, bindings/ruby/main.c:
	  make ruby bindings compile with newer ruby versions ... fix for
	  #217 patch provided by rrd trac user.

2009-04-14 07:51  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/bindings/perl-piped/,
	  bindings/perl-piped/ Generate an error message when using
	  RRDp with graph - this can not work reliably. (Debian Bug#251701)
	  -- Sebastian Harl

2009-04-14 06:10  oetiker

	* src/, src/, src/rrd.h,
	  src/rrd_daemon.c, src/rrd_open.c, src/rrd_restore.c,
	  src/rrd_utils.c: rrd_random() is a wrapper around random() that
	  ensures the PRNG is seeded exactly ONCE per process. rrd_utils.c
	  is introduced for functions that do not have a better home.

2009-04-10 08:52  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: This patch consolidates several aspects of the
	  command handling in rrdcached: * all commands, help, and context
	  information is reduced to a single data structure. * all checks
	  for command validity (context and permission) are handled in the
	  main dispatch routine This removes duplicate help/syntax text, and
	  long if..elseif..else chains. It facilitates the addition of new
	  commands. -- kevin

2009-04-09 15:07  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: The bookkeeping of all threads is not necessary,
	  since we cannot pthread_join() them anyway. We only need to know
	  when the last one has exited. -- kevin

2009-04-09 15:05  oetiker

	* doc/rrdcached.pod: added missing docs -- kevin

2009-04-09 15:04  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdtutorial.pod, doc/rrdtutorial.pod:
	  added missing newline -- by sebastian harl

2009-04-07 17:33  oetiker

	* trunk/talks/swinog18/body.tex,
	  trunk/talks/swinog18/presentation.tex: minor adjustments

2009-04-07 07:23  oetiker

	* m4: make sure an empty m4 is in the checkout

2009-04-07 06:37  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdgraph.pod,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_graph.c, NEWS, doc/rrdgraph.pod,
	  src/rrd_graph.c: fix for #213 restore old behaviour of --lazy.
	  Even in lazy mode all the data calculation elements are run. The
	  main time saving comes from the fact that the graph is not being
	  drawn and the image does not have to be compressed.

2009-04-07 06:03  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_dump.c, src/rrd_dump.c: make sure
	  rrd_dump outputs numbers with C locale so that . does not suddenly
	  become , this fixes #212

2009-04-06 14:49  oetiker

	* CONTRIBUTORS, bindings/python/rrdtoolmodule.c, doc/rrdpython.pod:
	  I thought that it would be nice to be able to pass parameters to
	  python bindings as a list (array) of strings. -- Vytautas
	  Zdanavicius vytaszd at

2009-04-06 14:14  oetiker

	* src/rrd_dump.c: use %lld with (long long) conversion when printing

2009-04-06 14:12  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_update.c, src/rrd_update.c: printf
	  for time_t with %lli can easily cause a segfault since on many
	  platforms time_t is only 32bit ... by adding (long long) to the
	  time value this gets fixed.

2009-04-06 14:08  oetiker

	* src/rrd_graph.c: lets have an error message when creating the
	  graph fails

2009-04-06 12:02  oetiker

	* trunk/talks/goopen-09/active-acache-management.pdf,
	  trunk/talks/goopen-09/update-schematics.xar: go open presentation

2009-03-30 18:33  oetiker

	* trunk/talks/swinog18/active-acache-management.xar: sync xara file

2009-03-30 18:31  oetiker

	* trunk/talks/swinog18,
	  trunk/talks/swinog18/update-schematics.xar: initial

2009-03-21 10:45  oetiker

	* src/rrd_hw.c: remove excess flush calls ...

2009-03-21 09:56  oetiker

	* src/, src/rrd.h: remove flush symbol

2009-03-21 09:53  oetiker

	* src/rrd_hw.c, src/rrd_open.c: the call to rrd_flush has appeared
	  when rrd_open was fleshed out. It used to be an fflush call which
	  is something entirely different than the current rrd_flush
	  implementation with fdatasync was ... we can safely drop this and
	  gain performance for holt winters in the process ... -- tobi

2009-03-18 17:12  oetiker

	* CONTRIBUTORS, NEWS, doc/rrdgraph.pod, src/rrd_graph.c,
	  src/rrd_graph.h: New rrd_graph functions for legend placement
	  control added -- Patch by Melchior Rabe rrdtool

2009-03-08 11:12  oetiker

	* src/rrd_flush.c: rrd_flush.c: Provide a more useful error message.
	  by Sebastian Harl

2009-03-08 08:02  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/WIN32-BUILD-TIPS.txt,
	  WIN32-BUILD-TIPS.txt, bindings/,
	  bindings/perl-shared/MANIFEST, bindings/perl-shared/ntmake-build,
	  bindings/perl-shared/ntmake.PL: Renaming to ntmake.PL
	  (r1742) had unforseen side effects. At least on freebsd ntmake.PL
	  gets called automatically during build. This is not desired. I
	  renamed the file to ntmake-build sinc it gets called explicilty on
	  windows anyway. Reported by Kevin modified by Tobi

2009-03-07 10:31  oetiker

	* NEWS, bindings/lua/rrdlua.c, bindings/perl-shared/,
	  bindings/perl-shared/RRDs.xs, bindings/python/rrdtoolmodule.c,
	  bindings/ruby/main.c, bindings/tcl/tclrrd.c, doc/rrdflush.pod,
	  src/rrd_flush.c: This 2-patch series exposes 'flush' methods to
	  the various language bindings.

2009-03-06 17:30  oetiker

	* trunk/talks/goopen-09, trunk/talks/goopen-09/abstract.txt,
	  trunk/talks/goopen-09/bio.txt: initial

2009-03-06 05:51  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_xport.c, src/rrd_xport.c: there were
	  two lines of debug info printed by rrd_xport, messing up the xml
	  code. Fix by Alejandro Galue.

2009-03-06 05:39  oetiker

	*, src/rrd_thread_safe.c: Even though POSIX/XSI
	  requires "strerror_r" to return an "int", some systems (e.g. the
	  GNU libc) return a "char *" _and_ ignore the second argument (user
	  provided buffer). The configure script now checks for that
	  behavior using AC_FUNC_STRERROR_R. rrd_strerror() in
	  rrd_thread_safe.c has been updated to (hopefully) handle all
	  possible cases. Previously, rrd_strerror() would have returned
	  "strerror_r failed. sorry!" in mostly any cases when using glibc,
	  since "if (strerror_r())" had been used to check for errors which
	  evaluates to true if a (non-NULL) pointer was returned. Now, we,
	  at least, return the error number in case anything else fails.
	  Thanks to Alessandro Iurlano for reporting this issue after
	  spotting it in collectd <>. patch by Sebastian

2009-03-06 05:30  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: Make sure we use correct sizes for vsnprintf
	  (sizeof) and strncpy (sizeof-1). -- kevin

2009-02-21 09:43  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/doc/bin_dec_hex.pod,
	  branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdtutorial.pod, doc/bin_dec_hex.pod,
	  doc/cdeftutorial.pod, doc/rrdgraph.pod, doc/rrdgraph_data.pod,
	  doc/rrdgraph_examples.pod, doc/rrdgraph_graph.pod,
	  doc/rrdgraph_rpn.pod, doc/rrdresize.pod, doc/,
	  doc/rrdtutorial.pod: Misc documentation fixes by Alex van den

2009-02-21 09:23  oetiker

	* doc/rrdgraph.pod, doc/rrdgraph_rpn.pod: Documentation fixes by
	  Bernhard Reutner-Fischer

2009-01-25 22:39  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdgraph.pod, doc/rrdgraph.pod: added doc
	  on new graphv graph_start und graph_end info variables

2009-01-25 22:02  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_dump.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_dump.c,
	  src/rrd_first.c, src/rrd_graph.c: fix type conversion error (on
	  windows) unsigned/signed affecting timestamps on rrd_dump.

2009-01-25 21:52  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/bindings/,
	  bindings/, bindings/perl-shared/ntmake.PL,
	  bindings/perl-shared/ rename to ntmake.PL so
	  that it does not get installed

2009-01-25 18:38  oetiker

	* src/rrd_tool.c: define cwd where we need it and not outside

2009-01-14 08:14  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.c: In
	  rrd_graph: the width/height values are written into
	  rrd_infoval_t's u_cnt but read out of u_int (u_long vs. int). This
	  breaks on LP64BE. Patch by Rafal Boni rafal

2009-01-14 07:22  oetiker

	* NEWS, doc/rrdgraph_rpn.pod, src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.h:
	  added percentnan (VDEF PERCENT variant that ignores NAN) -- patch
	  by Martin Sperl

2009-01-13 07:37  oetiker

	* trunk/talks/opentuesday/rrd-intro.odp: make the talk ready

2009-01-09 15:42  oetiker

	* trunk/status2: seems to wrok

2009-01-09 15:41  oetiker

	* trunk/status2: test

2009-01-09 15:40  oetiker

	* trunk/status/x: test

2009-01-06 16:32  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_resize.c, src/rrd_resize.c: with MMAP
	  enabled rrd resize GROW was broken ... this fixes it ...

2009-01-06 15:45  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_graph.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.c: TICK with
	  negative numbers should 'start from the top of the graph' looking
	  down ... now it does.

2009-01-06 14:54  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_cgi.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_cgi.c, src/rrd_cgi.c: fix for
	  segfault in rrd_cgi: caused by freeing a invalid address when
	  printing an error message.

2008-12-26 08:05  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/,
	  src/rrd_graph.h: Include libgen.h to get prototype for basename in
	  a POSIX conformant way. Fix for #202.

2008-12-26 08:03  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdbuild.pod, doc/rrdbuild.pod:
	  improvements for build docs by Zorzoli, Pablo

2008-12-22 21:23  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_fetch.c, src/rrd_fetch.c: should free
	  memory after a successful fetch too ...

2008-12-22 21:23  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/bindings/perl-shared/,
	  bindings/perl-shared/ documentation fixes

2008-12-22 07:21  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdgraph.pod, doc/rrdgraph.pod: Fix for
	  POD error by Sebasian Harl

2008-12-22 07:20  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/bin_dec_hex.pod,
	  branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdtutorial.pod, doc/bin_dec_hex.pod,
	  doc/rpntutorial.pod, doc/rrdbuild.pod, doc/rrdcgi.pod,
	  doc/rrdgraph-old.pod, doc/rrdgraph.pod, doc/rrdgraph_data.pod,
	  doc/rrdgraph_examples.pod, doc/rrdgraph_graph.pod,
	  doc/rrdgraph_libdbi.pod, doc/rrdtool.pod, doc/rrdtutorial.pod:
	  Fixes some typos by Sebastian Harl.

2008-12-19 14:26  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/,
	  branches/1.3/program/win32/rrdlib.vcproj, src/,
	  src/plbasename.c, src/plbasename.h, src/rrd_graph.c,
	  src/rrd_update.c, win32/rrdlib.vcproj: win32 fixes by Stefan .
	  Ludewig . exitgames . com * added portable plbasename since
	  basename is not available on stock win32 * rrd_update was using %d
	  to show a timestamp ... %lli is better since it also will show
	  64bit time_t correctly.

2008-12-18 23:56  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/, fix extra dist to
	  include missing win32 files

2008-12-11 14:31  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_fetch.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_fetch.c, src/rrd_fetch.c: fixed
	  another seek issue ...

2008-12-11 10:01  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/rrdtool.spec,
	  branches/1.3/program/rrdtool.spec, rrdtool.spec: The spec file for
	  building the rrdtool as an RPM that comes with the release is not
	  "friendly" to older versions of RHEL and derivatives. -- Martin
	  Sperl <>

2008-12-11 09:59  oetiker

	* doc/ include luapod into distro

2008-12-10 13:18  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_restore.c, src/rrd_restore.c: On some
	  architectures, strtod does not turn "NaN" into 'Not A Number
	  (NAN)' se we better provide our own code here.

2008-12-10 12:42  oetiker

	* NEWS, doc/rrddump.pod, src/rrd_dump.c: rrdtool dump is now
	  backward compatible with rrdtool 1.3 dump again. Default is
	  --header=dtd and --no-header is an alias for --header=none

2008-12-10 08:29  oetiker

	* NEWS: minichange

2008-12-09 18:30  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdgraph.pod,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_tool.c, doc/rrdgraph.pod,
	  src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.h, src/rrd_tool.c: * forward ported
	  right axis patch from 1.2 branche * fixed --full-size-mode sizing
	  issue when used in combination with --title the work in the axis
	  patch has been sponsored by VoltWerk.

2008-12-08 16:07  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/bindings/ruby/main.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/bindings/ruby/test.rb, bindings/ruby/main.c,
	  bindings/ruby/test.rb: Fix for last method in ruby bindings --
	  Hiroyuki Ikezoe

2008-12-05 15:39  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/bindings/perl-shared/Makefile.PL,
	  bindings/perl-shared/Makefile.PL: integrate osx build hints as
	  indicated in #192

2008-12-05 15:23  oetiker

	* src/rrd_open.c: deleted a bit much from rrd_open ... merged back

2008-12-05 15:18  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/acinclude.m4,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_open.c, acinclude.m4,,
	  src/rrd_open.c: check for broken implementations of msync /
	  MS_ASYNC where the mtime does not get updated. warn and explicitly
	  call utime in rrd_open when a file is opened rw.

2008-12-05 10:23  oetiker

	* examples/rrdcached/ added rrdcached examples to
	  extra_dist to make sure they get distributed

2008-12-04 16:01  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.c: Legends
	  should NOT be placed in reverse order when using --full-size-mode
	  ... this fixed #198.

2008-12-04 15:49  oetiker

	* src/rrd_fetch.c: add de-referencing to step in fetch check

2008-12-04 15:48  oetiker

	* src/rrd.h: fix merg error with win32 port

2008-12-04 09:03  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_graph_helper.c,
	  src/rrd_graph_helper.c: Catch CDEF:tot= and raise and error to fix
	  #199. Thanks to Jeron Massar for reporting this.

2008-12-04 07:02  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/CONTRIBUTORS,
	  branches/1.3/program/win32/rrdtool.vcproj, CONTRIBUTORS,
	  WIN32-BUILD-TIPS.txt, src/rrd_tool.c, win32/rrd.sln,
	  win32/rrdtool.vcproj: Update to WIN32-BUILD-TIPS.txt and VC
	  project files so that the rrdtool.exe can be built too. -- Stefan
	  Ludewig Stefan.Ludewig

2008-12-03 11:08  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_fetch.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_fetch.c, src/rrd_fetch.c: When
	  fetching data from 'past' an rra, rrd_fetch was seeking past the
	  rrd file. This did cause seek errors in some setups. Fixed. Thanks
	  to Daniel Pocock for finding the problem.

2008-12-03 09:54  oetiker

	*, examples/,
	  examples/rrdcached/ integrated rrdcached examples into
	  build process

2008-12-03 08:47  oetiker

	* examples/rrdcached, examples/rrdcached/,
	  examples/rrdcached/ add rrdcached examples --

2008-12-02 12:35  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/doc/rrdbuild.pod,
	  branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdbuild.pod, doc/rrdbuild.pod: fixed
	  solaris build instructions

2008-12-01 11:05  oetiker

	* doc/ added libdbi doc to extradist

2008-11-24 16:08  oetiker

	* trunk/status/2008-11-24.txt: updates by fritz

2008-11-24 14:20  oetiker

	* trunk/status/2008-11-24.txt: slightly revised

2008-11-24 14:00  oetiker

	* trunk/status/2008-11-24.txt: initial

2008-11-20 13:04  oetiker

	* doc/rrdgraph_libdbi.pod, src/rrd_fetch_libdbi.c: Attached a patch
	  for the rrd-tool LIBDBI integration with the following
	  improvements: a) correct error handling in case of libdbi being
	  unable to load the driver was producing segmentation faults. b)
	  better parsing of datasources * until now timestamp fields had to
	  be integer and had to contain a unix timestamp - now you can now
	  also use DateTime fields (you still need to specify it, as the
	  time-range needs to be defined correctly) * data fields are now no
	  longer limited to (var)char or DOUBLE fields - FLOAT, INTEGER,...
	  are now also supported. c) there is a bug with at least LIBDBI
	  0.8.1 in conjunction with mysql that can result in segmentation
	  faults when BINARY/BLOB fields are accessed - rrdtool will now
	  tell you about this fact before dying ;) d) also the value of
	  rrdderivemaxstep only gets applied if derive has been selected
	  correctly. e) "GROUP BY timestamp" has been removed from SQL
	  statement. f) "ORDER BY timestamp" will be added only in the case
	  of fetching "derived" data. -- Martin Sperl

2008-11-18 17:19  oetiker

	* CONTRIBUTORS, src/rrd.h, src/rrd_client.h, src/rrd_create.c,
	  src/rrd_daemon.c, src/rrd_diff.c, src/rrd_error.c,
	  src/rrd_fetch.c, src/rrd_first.c, src/rrd_format.c,
	  src/rrd_getopt.c, src/rrd_getopt.h, src/rrd_getopt1.c,
	  src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.h, src/rrd_hw.c, src/rrd_hw_math.c,
	  src/rrd_hw_update.c, src/rrd_info.c, src/rrd_open.c,
	  src/rrd_parsetime.c, src/rrd_resize.c, src/rrd_restore.c,
	  src/rrd_rpncalc.c, src/rrd_thread_safe_nt.c, src/rrd_tool.c,
	  src/rrd_tune.c, src/rrd_update.c, src/rrd_xport.c, win32/config.h,
	  win32/rrdlib.vcproj: win32 portability patch and
	  win32/rrdlib.vcproj file for the source -- christof wegmann
	  Christof.Wegmann with some fixes to make the result
	  work on unix again ...

2008-11-18 08:37  oetiker

	* trunk/contrib/php4/rrdtool.c: added patch suggested by Lars

2008-11-18 07:14  oetiker

	* missing , added to help string

2008-11-17 16:21  oetiker

	* doc/ added build instruction for libdbi docu

2008-11-16 22:24  oetiker

	* doc/RRDp.pod, doc/RRDs.pod, doc/rrdgraph_libdbi.pod: missing pod

2008-11-15 14:35  oetiker

	* switch tu using AS_HELP_STRING for formatting ...

2008-11-15 14:15  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: fix typo in handle_request_help --kevin

2008-11-15 14:14  oetiker

	* doc/rrdcached.pod: doc fixups for rrdcacehd * documented the -p
	  option * added nbsp between option and argument * layout one
	  option per line --kevin

2008-11-11 16:36  oetiker

	* src/rrd_graph.c: make basename work

2008-11-11 16:36  oetiker

	* doc/rrdcached.pod, src/rrd_daemon.c: This patch allows for
	  multiple RRD writer threads to service the queue. Now, rrdcached
	  can have more simultaneous I/O requests into the kernel. This may
	  allow the kernel to re-order disk writes, resulting in better disk
	  throughput. In practice, throughput is increased by 2-3x. The
	  flush (-f) timer maintenance has been moved from queue_thread_main
	  into its own thread. Be more careful about when to use
	  pthread_cond_signal vs _broadcast, since multiple threads may be
	  waiting on &queue_cond. --kevin

2008-11-10 16:41  oetiker

	* trunk/tutorial/lisa2008/rrd-intro.odp: added 1.4 notes

2008-11-09 19:19  oetiker

	* branches/1.3/program/, be even more
	  liberal with NOT using isfinite on solaris2.8

2008-11-09 00:00  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_graph.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.c: use
	  basename to determine filename for imginfo as suggested by

2008-11-08 22:57  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: move queue length decrement into
	  remove_from_queue -- kevin

2008-11-08 22:57  oetiker

	* doc/rrdcached.pod, src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: examine the
	  current queue with the "QUEUE" command -- kevin

2008-11-08 22:50  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: This helps with portability on platforms where
	  realloc doesn't handle NULL. -- kevin

2008-11-08 18:01  oetiker

	* doc/rrdcached.pod, src/rrd_daemon.c: document the "QUIT" command
	  -- kevin

2008-11-08 18:01  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: journal_replay default failure
	  reason, just in case avoids a "may be used uninitialized" warning
	  -- kevin

2008-11-08 18:00  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: added "quit" command -- kevin

2008-11-08 17:57  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached now frees all of its resources
	  correctly. This facilitates memory debugging. g_tree now knows how
	  to free the nodes when it removes them. Also, use g_tree_replace
	  instead of g_tree_insert. This fixes a bug triggered when the same
	  file was simultaneously inserted by two clients. --kevin

2008-11-08 17:56  oetiker

	* do not quit when libdbi is missing

2008-11-07 22:46  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/src/rrd_graph.c,
	  branches/1.3/program/src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_graph.c: fixed
	  --font TITLE:12: problem -- tobi

2008-11-07 22:23  oetiker

	* src/rrd_fetch_libdbi.c: fix scaling issue -- Martin

2008-11-07 14:09  oetiker

	* src/rrd_fetch_libdbi.c: extra file to make libdbi patch work

2008-11-07 14:07  oetiker

	* CONTRIBUTORS,, src/, src/rrd_fetch.c,
	  src/rrd_tool.h: As some of you may know that I have created a
	  patch for rrdtool 1.2 a few years ago, so that a database could be
	  queried for values for graphing. The patch has been mostly
	  rewritten and the following changes have been made: * high
	  dependency on mysql has been reduced by avoiding the temporary
	  tables (which was bad for mysql replication) * The number of
	  executed SQL-Statements for one CDEF has been reduced to 1
	  compared to 11 SQLs (including CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE) - for patch
	  against version 1.2 * All consolidation is done in rrdtool itself
	  (MIN,MAX,AVERAGE) * Additional consolidation functions are COUNT
	  and SIGMA, which give information on statistics on a per
	  "time-bin" basis. * All these consolidation values are always
	  returned as separate columns, that are returned by RRD and the
	  consolidation function given as Argument is ignored. Main reason
	  is that this way there is only one call to rrd_fetcht and thus the
	  database even if we need to fetch for example min, avg and max.
	  Compare this to 3 calls in case of different consolidation
	  functions - and if you want to get SIGMA and COUNT as well it is
	  still only one call to the backend and the database. * Some
	  previous existing features have been taken out at the moment to
	  allow for this reduced set of SQL queries. o prediction using the
	  values from the last X days at the same time o the corresponding
	  sigma calculation * The idea is to create generic CDEF's that will
	  do the same thing, but that is also available when using RRD-files
	  (similar to TREND, but with another scope) This will get posted as
	  a separate patch. * Overall performance should be much better and
	  the patch as a whole simpler. * The patch also includes
	  modifications to the configuration infrastructure, to make libdbi
	  support optional. -- Martin Sperl

2008-11-07 14:02  oetiker

	* CONTRIBUTORS, doc/rrdgraph_rpn.pod, src/rrd_rpncalc.c,
	  src/rrd_rpncalc.h: new CDEF functions for predictions PREDICT and
	  PREDICTSIGMA -- Martin Sperl

2008-11-07 13:51  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: Much simpler handling of timestamp errors.
	  Return an error to the user when any of the time stamp values are
	  invalid. This is similar to RRDTool's normal behavior. Removed the
	  complex logic previously used to return error codes to the user.
	  This solves a bug where non-advancing timestamps could have
	  produced incorrect error output during "BATCH" mode. The bug was
	  cause by using the sock->wbuf pointer for the error output. --
	  kevin brintnall

2008-11-07 13:45  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: rrdcached: pull in rrd_config.h so we can use
	  its defines ... particularly HAVE_VSNPRINTF -- kevin brintnall

2008-11-04 07:12  oetiker

	* bindings/, bindings/lua/, doc/ I
	  realize now that the problem is the line test -f lua/Makefile &&
	  cd lua && $(MAKE) install || true in the target
	  "install-data-local", in bindings/ It forces execution
	  of bindings/lua/Makefile independently of lua being found or not.
	  I added that line in my first patch, following perl, python and
	  ruby build style, but it's not needed after I switched to
	  automake. The make recursion is controlled by SUBDIRS, which will
	  only contain "lua" if BUILD_LUA is true. -- Fidelis Assis

2008-11-02 17:25  oetiker

	* bindings/lua/ fix build process for systems without

2008-11-02 17:09  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: PTHREAD_COND_INITIALIZER may only be used to
	  initialize static cond variables. -- Sebastian Harl

2008-11-02 15:25  oetiker

	* reverting non build makefile patch ... we need to
	  lua makefile for building the ditribution

2008-11-01 09:09  oetiker

	* do not create the lua makefile if lua is not to be

2008-10-30 14:32  oetiker

	* doc/cdeftutorial.pod: fix from alex

2008-10-28 08:57  oetiker

	* NEWS, doc/rrddump.pod, doc/rrdtool-dump.xsd, src/rrd_dump.c,
	  src/rrd_tool.c: - remove the spaccing between the elements - add
	  xsd support to dump output - change the argument
	  "[--no-header|-n]" to [--header|-h {xsd,dtd}] -- tobias.lindenmann

2008-10-28 08:47  oetiker

	* trunk/website/rrdtool-dump.xsd: xsd for rrdtool

2008-10-26 15:18  oetiker

	*, src/, src/,
	  src/ make compilation on older OSX versios work
	  by removing the # from the librrd.sym file

2008-10-24 07:59  oetiker

	* trunk/talks/opentuesday/rrd-intro.odp: added talk

2008-10-24 06:20  oetiker

	* branches/1.2/program/doc/rrdpython.pod,
	  branches/1.3/program/doc/rrdpython.pod, doc/rrdpython.pod: fixed
	  typo ... GAUGE not GUAGE

2008-10-22 20:41  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: The previous code relied on the assumption that
	  pthread_cond_init(&cond) was equivalent to memset(&cond,0). This
	  may not be true on all platforms. -- kevin

2008-10-22 06:02  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: remove_cache_item() did not check whether a file
	  was in queue before modifying the cache head/tail pointers.
	  Therefore, the process of flushing old files may perturb the
	  cache_queue_head pointer. This caused some nodes with
	  CI_FLAGS_IN_QUEUE to be un-linked from the queue list. Thereafter,
	  they would not be flushed by any periodic process (although they
	  could be revived with FLUSH or UPDATE). This caused a slow memory
	  leak for files that are no longer updated. Pending updates for
	  these "abandoned" files would remain in memory ad infinitum. With
	  this patch, remove_from_queue() will check that the item is queued
	  before modifying the head/tail pointers. This restores the
	  intended behavior. --kevin

2008-10-22 05:08  oetiker

	* bindings/lua/ this was replaced by

2008-10-21 06:10  oetiker

	* bindings/lua/ guess one needs that in svn too for
	  luabindings to work

2008-10-21 05:42  oetiker

	* src/rrd_daemon.c: * Open all listen sockets in daemonize(), while
	  we still have stderr. Changed open_listen_socket_* routines to
	  complain to stderr. Now, any errors in binding to the listen
	  sockets are much more obvious. * Simplified exit of parent after
	  fork() * PID file will be correctly cleaned up if there is a
	  failure in daemonize(). * unlink the unix socket before trying to
	  bind() (after we're sure we have the PID file) -- kevin

2008-10-20 11:46  oetiker

	* src/rrd.h, src/rrd_create.c, src/rrd_open.c, src/rrd_update.c:
	  rrd_notify_row patch: - Delegate choice of starting row for newly
	  created RRD files to the rrd_open.c API. - Introduce the
	  rrd_notify_row() function so that an implementation can choose to
	  align the rows of new RRDs with existing RRDs, if desirable. -
	  Maintain the existing behaviour (random starting row) by default.
	  -- Daniel.Pocock

2008-10-20 06:06  oetiker

	* bindings/, bindings/lua/README,
	  bindings/lua/compat-5.1r5, bindings/lua/compat-5.1r5/compat-5.1.c,
	  bindings/lua/compat-5.1r5/compat-5.1.lua, bindings/lua/rrdlua.c,
	  bindings/lua/test.lua, bindings/lua/test.lua.bottom,
	  - Lua module build and install process rewritten using
	  automake+libtool - improved check for compat-5.1 availability --
	  Fidelis Assis

2008-10-18 22:32  oetiker

	* src/rrd_open.c: rrd_open should not create files with restrictive
	  masks Removed unnecessary "mode" varaible. The mode is only used
	  when O_CREAT is specified, where we want to use 0666 (as
	  rrd_create_fn did r<=1612). --kevin

2008-10-18 15:50  oetiker

	* src/rrd.h, src/rrd_open.c: - encapsulate fd and mmap related
	  variables within a private data structure - rrd_file_t keeps a
	  pointer to the private data structure of type void*, so that other
	  block storage implementations can store their internal data with
	  rrd_file_t -- Daniel.Pocock

2008-10-17 05:50  oetiker

	* src/rrd_client.c: rrdc_flu
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