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Changelog for librtas-1.3.4
    - Several minor fixes from Olaf Hering; use correct open mode for O_CREAT,
      fix out-of-bounds access in parse_post_scn() and alloc the trailing null 
      in open_prop_file().
    - Update to install 64-bit libraries to /usr/lib64
    - Update librtasevent for recent PAPR+ updates.
    - Add libofdt

Changelog for librtas-1.3.3
    - Changed ibm,get-vpd call to reuse the same RMO buffer for both
      input and output.  Obtaining two RMO buffers (one for input and one
      for output) was failing on large-page systems.

Changelog for librtas-1.3.2
    - Fixed rtas_mem_scn and rtas_ibmsp_scn reserved padding bits and 
      variable initialization to get rid of compiler warnings.
    - Add support for ibm,get_config_addr_info2 rtas call (
    - Add update_os_id_scn() interface to allow systems to update the dump
      section of RTAS events with the dump file name before writing the
      RTAS event out (

Changelog for librtas-1.3.0
    - Applied patch from David Boutcher for Partition Migration changes.
    - Large re-design to the API for librtasevent. 
    - Correct the dumping of raw sections in librtasevent to use unsigned chars
    - Added devball target in Makefile
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