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Released on: 7 December 2003.

- Runtime fixes:
	- Use a per-user directory for storing the extracted contents files.
	  This avoids problems when multiple users share /tmp and use
	- Do XInclude processing on documents before extracting information.
	- By default, do not use the network to retrieve required DTDs.
		- Can be changed using the '-n' parameter to
		  scrollkeeper-install and friends.
	- Do not segfault if an OMF file is invalid.

- Build fixes:
	- Install various package documentation files.
	- Tidy up the build process a little bit and fix some portability bugs.
	- Update included gettext code.
	- Build fixes for specific platforms (Solaris and *BSD systems).
	- Detect installed version of the DocBook DTD at build time.
	- Allow the location of system XML catalog to be specified.
		- see the --with-xml-catalog flag.
	- Install locale-specific program files correctly (i.e. portably).
	- Allow scrollkeeper data directory to be customised
		- see the --with-partial-db-dir flag.
	- Upgrade supplied gettext and automake versions.

- Miscellaneous:
	- Correctly register translated versions of documents by considering
	  their category, rather than their titles.
	- Don't leak file descriptors when updating the database. This fixes
	  resource starvation problems on some systems.
	- Fix some memory leaks.
	- Should now work with IPv6-enabled systems.
	- When using a non-default prefix, the scrollkeeper log files are
	  updated correctly.
	- Many Sourceforge bug tracker bugs fixed and all outstanding patches
	  in the patch tracker evaluated and applied if appropriate.

- New maintainers
	- Malcolm Tredinnick
	- Miloslav Trmac (i18n maintainer)

- Translation updates:
	- All translations coordinated via the Translation Project now.

	- Updated translations
		- am (Amharic) - Ge'ez Frontier Foundation
		- ca (Catalan) - Jordi Mallach
		- cs (Czech) - Miloslav Trmac
		- da (Danish) - Ole Laursen
		- hu (Hungarian) - Emese Kovacs
		- ja (Japanese) - Yukihiro Nakai, Shun-ichi Tahara
		- kn (Kannada) - Pramod
		- nl (Dutch) - Tino Meinen
		- no (Norwegian) - Kjartan Maraas
		- ro (Romanian) - Marius Andreiana
		- ru (Russian) - Dmitry Mastrukov
		- sk (Slovak) - Stanislav Visnovsky
		- sr (Serbian) - Danilo Segan
		- sv (Swedish) - Christian Rose
		- tr (Turkish) - Gorkem Cetin
		- vi (Vietnamese) - pclouds
		- zh_TW (Traditional Chinese) - Abel Cheung

Earlier versions
There were no NEWS entries prior to the 0.3.13 release.
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