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2.1.9 2011-12-21
	* Fix setenforce man page to refer to selinux man page
	* Cleanup Man pages
	* merge freecon with getcon man page

2.1.8 2011-12-05
	* selinuxswig_python.i: don't make syscall if it won't change anything
	* Remove assert in security_get_boolean_names(3)
	* Mapped compute functions now obey deny_unknown flag
	* get_default_type now sets EINVAL if no entry.
	* return EINVAL if invalid role selected
	* Updated selabel_file(5) man page
	* Updated selabel_db(5) man page
	* Updated selabel_media(5) man page
	* Updated selabel_x(5) man page
	* Add man/man5 man pages
	* Add man/man5 man pages
	* Add man/man5 man pages
	* use -W and -Werror in utils

2.1.7 2011-11-03
	* Makefiles: syntax, convert all ${VAR} to $(VAR)
	* load_policy: handle selinux=0 and /sys/fs/selinux not exist
	* regenerate .pc on VERSION change
	* label: cosmetic cleanups
	* simple interface for access checks
	* Don't reinitialize avc_init if it has been called previously
	* seusers: fix to handle large sets of groups
	* audit2why: close fd on enomem
	* rename and export symlink_realpath
	* label_file: style changes to make Eric happy.

2.1.6 2011-09-15
	* utils: matchpathcon: remove duplicate declaration
	* src: matchpathcon: use myprintf not fprintf
	* src: matchpathcon: make sure resolved path starts
	* put in /lib not /usr/lib
	* tree: default make target to all not

2.1.5 2011-0826
	* selinux_file_context_verify function returns wrong value.
	* move realpath helper to matchpathcon library
	* python wrapper makefile changes

2.1.4 2011-0817
	* mapping fix for invalid class/perms after selinux_set_mapping
	* audit2why: work around python bug not defining
	* resolv symlinks and dot directories before matching

2.1.2 2011-0803
	* audit2allow: do not print statistics
	* make python bindings for restorecon work on relative path
	* fix python audit2why binding error
	* support new python3 functions
	* do not check fcontext duplicates on use
	* Patch for python3 for libselinux

2.1.1 2011-08-02
	* move .gitignore into utils
	* new setexecon utility
	* selabel_open fix processing of substitution files
	* mountpoint changing patch.
	* simplify SRCS in Makefile

2.1.1 2011-08-01
	* Remove generated files, introduce more .gitignore

2.1.0 2011-07-27
	* Release, minor version bump

2.0.102 2011-04-11
	* Give correct names to mount points in load_policy by Dan Walsh.
	* Make sure selinux state is reported correctly if selinux is disabled or
	fails to load by Dan Walsh.
	* Fix crash if selinux_key_create was never called by Dan Walsh.
	* Add new file_context.subs_dist for distro specific filecon substitutions
	by Dan Walsh.
	* Update man pages for selinux_color_* functions by Richard Haines.

2.0.101 2011-03-23
	* db_language object class support for selabel_lookup from KaiGai

2.0.100 2011-03-09
	* Library destructors for thread local storage keys from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.99 2011-03-01
	* SELinux man page fixes from Dan Walsh.
	* selinux_status interfaces from KaiGai Kohei.

2.0.98 2010-12-16
	* Turn off default user handling when computing user contexts by Dan Walsh

2.0.97 2010-12-02
	* Thread local storage fixes from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.96 2010-06-14
	* Add const qualifiers to public API where appropriate by KaiGai Kohei.

2.0.95 2010-06-10
	* Remove duplicate slashes in paths in selabel_lookup from Chad Sellers
	* Adds a chcon method to the libselinux python bindings from Steve Lawrence

2.0.94 2010-03-24
	* Set errno=EINVAL for invalid contexts from Dan Walsh.

2.0.93 2010-03-15
	* Show strerror for security_getenforce() by Colin Walters.
	* Merged selabel database support by KaiGai Kohei.
	* Modify netlink socket blocking code by KaiGai Kohei.

2.0.92 2010-03-06
	* Fix from Eric Paris to fix leak on non-selinux systems.
	* regenerate swig wrappers
	* pkgconfig fix to respect LIBDIR from Dan Walsh.

2.0.91 2010-02-22
	* Change the AVC to only audit the permissions specified by the
	policy, excluding any permissions specified via dontaudit or not
	specified via auditallow.
	* Fix compilation of label_file.c with latest glibc headers.

2.0.90 2009-11-27
	* add/reformat man pages by Guido Trentalancia <>.
	* Change to be called with bash by Manoj Srivastava <>

2.0.89 2009-10-29
	* Add pkgconfig file from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.88 2009-10-22
	* Rename and export selinux_reset_config()

2.0.87 2009-09-25
	* Add exception handling in libselinux from Dan Walsh. This uses a
	  shell script called to generate a swig interface file.
	* make swigify
	* Make matchpathcon print <<none>> if path not found in fcontext file.

2.0.86 2009-09-02
	* Removal of reference counting on userspace AVC SID's.

2.0.85 2009-07-14
	* Reverted Tomas Mraz's fix for freeing thread local storage to avoid
	pthread dependency.
	* Removed fini_context_translations() altogether.
	* Merged lazy init patch from Stephen Smalley based on original patch
	by Steve Grubb.

2.0.84 2009-07-07
	* Add per-service seuser support from Dan Walsh.
	* Let load_policy gracefully handle selinuxfs being mounted from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.83 2009-07-07
	* Check /proc/filesystems before /proc/mounts for selinuxfs from Eric

2.0.82 2009-06-19
	* Fix improper use of thread local storage from Tomas Mraz <>.
	* Label substitution support from Dan Walsh.
	* Support for labeling virtual machine images from Dan Walsh.

2.0.81 2009-05-15
	* Trim / from the end of input paths to matchpathcon from Dan Walsh.
	* Fix leak in process_line in label_file.c from Hiroshi Shinji.
	* Move matchpathcon to /sbin, add matchpathcon to clean target from Dan Walsh.
	* getdefaultcon to print just the correct match and add verbose option from Dan Walsh.

2.0.80 2009-04-07
	* deny_unknown wrapper function from KaiGai Kohei.
	* security_compute_av_flags API from KaiGai Kohei.
	* Netlink socket management and callbacks from KaiGai Kohei.

2.0.79 2009-03-11
	* Netlink socket handoff patch from Adam Jackson.
	* AVC caching of compute_create results by Eric Paris.

2.0.78 2009-02-27
	* Fix incorrect conversion in discover_class code.

2.0.77 2009-01-12
	* add restorecon to python bindings from Dan Walsh.

2.0.76 2009-01-08
	* Client support for translating raw contexts to colors via setrans.

2.0.75 2008-11-18
	* Allow shell-style wildcards in x_contexts file.

2.0.74 2008-11-03
	* Correct message types in AVC log messages.

2.0.73 2008-10-14
	* Make matchpathcon -V pass mode from Dan Walsh.
	* Add man page for selinux_file_context_cmp from Dan Walsh.

2.0.72 2008-09-29
	* New man pages from Dan Walsh.
	* Update flask headers from refpolicy trunk from Dan Walsh.

2.0.71 2008-08-05
	* Add group support to seusers using %groupname syntax from Dan Walsh.
	* Mark setrans socket close-on-exec from Stephen Smalley.
	* Only apply nodups checking to base file contexts from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.70 2008-07-30
	* Merge ruby bindings from Dan Walsh.

2.0.69 2008-07-29
	* Handle duplicate file context regexes as a fatal error from Stephen Smalley.
	  This prevents adding them via semanage.

2.0.68 2008-07-18
	* Fix audit2why shadowed variables from Stephen Smalley.
	* Note that freecon NULL is legal in man page from Karel Zak.

2.0.67 2008-06-13
	* New and revised AVC, label, and mapping man pages from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.66 2008-06-11
	* Add swig python bindings for avc interfaces from Dan Walsh.

2.0.65 2008-05-27
	* Fix selinux_file_context_verify() and selinux_lsetfilecon_default() to call matchpathcon_init_prefix if not already initialized.
	* Add -q qualifier for -V option of matchpathcon and change it to indicate whether verification succeeded or failed via exit status.

2.0.64 2008-04-21
	* Fixed selinux_set_callback man page.

2.0.63 2008-04-18
	* Try loading the max of the kernel-supported version and the libsepol-supported version when no manipulation of the binary policy is needed from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.62 2008-04-18
	* Fix memory leaks in matchpathcon from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.61 2008-03-31
	* Man page typo fix from Jim Meyering.

2.0.60 2008-03-20
	* Changed selinux_init_load_policy() to not warn about a failed mount of selinuxfs if selinux was disabled in the kernel.

2.0.59 2008-02-29
	* Merged new X label "poly_selection" namespace from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.58 2008-02-28
	* Merged reset_selinux_config() for load policy from Dan Walsh.

2.0.57 2008-02-25
	* Merged avc_has_perm() errno fix from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.56 2008-02-21
	* Regenerated Flask headers from refpolicy flask definitions.

2.0.55 2008-02-08
	* Merged compute_member AVC function and manpages from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.54 2008-02-08
	* Provide more error reporting on load policy failures from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.53 2008-02-07
	* Merged new X label "poly_prop" namespace from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.52 2008-02-06
	* Disable setlocaldefs if no local boolean or users files are present from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.51 2008-02-05
	* Skip userspace preservebools processing for Linux >= 2.6.22 from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.50 2008-01-28
	* Merged fix for audit2why from Dan Walsh.

2.0.49 2008-01-23
	* Merged audit2why python binding from Dan Walsh.

2.0.48 2008-01-23
	* Merged updated swig bindings from Dan Walsh, including typemap for pid_t.

2.0.47 2007-12-21
	* Fix for the avc:  granted null message bug from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.46 2007-12-07
	* matchpathcon(8) man page update from Dan Walsh.

2.0.45 2007-11-20
	* dlopen rather than from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.44 2007-11-20
	* Based on a suggestion from Ulrich Drepper, defer regex compilation until we have a stem match, by Stephen Smalley.
	  A further optimization would be to defer regex compilation until we have a complete match of the constant prefix of the regex - TBD.

2.0.43 2007-11-15
	* Regenerated Flask headers from policy.

2.0.42 2007-11-08
	* AVC enforcing mode override patch from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.41 2007-11-06
	* Aligned attributes in AVC netlink code from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.40 2007-11-01
	* Merged refactored AVC netlink code from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.39 2007-10-19
	* Merged new X label namespaces from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.38 2007-10-15
	* Bux fix and minor refactoring in string representation code.

2.0.37 2007-10-05
	* Merged selinux_get_callback, avc_open, empty string mapping from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.36 2007-09-27
	* Fix segfault resulting from missing file_contexts file.

2.0.35 2007-09-24
	* Make netlink socket close-on-exec to avoid descriptor leakage from Dan Walsh.
	* Pass CFLAGS when using gcc for linking from Dennis Gilmore. 

2.0.34 2007-09-18
	* Fix selabel option flag setting for 64-bit from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.33 2007-09-12
	* Re-map a getxattr return value of 0 to a getfilecon return value of -1 with errno EOPNOTSUPP from Stephen Smalley.
	* Fall back to the compat code for security_class_to_string and security_av_perm_to_string from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.32 2007-09-10
	* Fix swig binding for rpm_execcon from James Athey.

2.0.31 2007-08-23
	* Fix file_contexts.homedirs path from Todd Miller.

2.0.30 2007-08-06
	* Fix segfault resulting from uninitialized print-callback pointer.

2.0.29 2007-08-02
	* Added x_contexts path function patch from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.28 2007-08-01
	* Fix build for EMBEDDED=y from Yuichi Nakamura.

2.0.27 2007-07-25
	* Fix markup problems in selinux man pages from Dan Walsh.

2.0.26 2007-07-23
	* Updated av_permissions.h and flask.h to include new nscd permissions from Dan Walsh.
	* Added swigify to top-level Makefile from Dan Walsh.

2.0.25 2007-07-23
	* Fix for string_to_security_class segfault on x86_64 from Stephen

2.0.24 2007-09-07
	* Fix for getfilecon() for zero-length contexts from Stephen Smalley.

2.0.23 2007-06-22
	* Refactored SWIG bindings from James Athey.

2.0.22 2007-06-20
	* Labeling and callback interface patches from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.21 2007-06-11
	* Class and permission mapping support patches from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.20 2007-06-07
	* Object class discovery support patches from Chris PeBenito.

2.0.19 2007-06-05
	* Refactoring and errno support in string representation code.

2.0.18 2007-05-31
	* Merged patch to reduce size of libselinux and remove need for libsepol for embedded systems from Yuichi Nakamura.
	  This patch also turns the link-time dependency on libsepol into a runtime (dlopen) dependency even in the non-embedded case.

2.0.17 2007-05-31
	* Updated Lindent script and reindented two header files.

2.0.16 2007-05-09
	* Merged additional swig python bindings from Dan Walsh.

2.0.15 2007-04-27
	* Merged helpful message when selinuxfs mount fails patch from Dax Kelson.

2.0.14 2007-04-24
	* Merged build fix for avc_internal.c from Joshua Brindle.

2.0.13 2007-04-12
	* Merged rpm_execcon python binding fix, matchpathcon man page fix, and getsebool -a handling for EACCES from Dan Walsh.

2.0.12 2007-04-09
	* Merged support for getting initial contexts from James Carter.

2.0.11 2007-04-05
	* Merged userspace AVC patch to follow kernel's behavior for permissive mode in caching previous denials from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.10 2007-04-05
	* Merged sidput(NULL) patch from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.9 2007-03-30
	* Merged class/av string conversion and avc_compute_create patch from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.8 2007-03-20
	* Merged fix for avc.h #include's from Eamon Walsh.

2.0.7 2007-03-12
	* Merged patch to drop support for CACHETRANS=0 config option from Steve Grubb.

2.0.6 2007-03-12
	* Merged patch to drop support for old /etc/sysconfig/selinux and
	  /etc/security policy file layout from Steve Grubb.

2.0.5 2007-02-27
	* Merged init_selinuxmnt() and is_selinux_enabled() improvements from Steve Grubb.

2.0.4 2007-02-23
	* Removed sending of setrans init message.

2.0.3 2007-02-22
	* Merged matchpathcon memory leak fix from Steve Grubb.

2.0.2 2007-02-21
	* Merged more swig initializers from Dan Walsh.

2.0.1 2007-02-20
	* Merged patch from Todd Miller to convert int types over to C99 style.

2.0.0 2007-02-01
	* Merged patch from Todd Miller to remove sscanf in matchpathcon.c because
	  of the use of the non-standard format %as. (original patch changed
	  for style).
	* Merged patch from Todd Miller to fix memory leak in matchpathcon.c.
1.34.1 2007-01-26
	* Merged python binding fixes from Dan Walsh.

1.34.0 2007-01-18
	* Updated version for stable branch.	

1.33.6 2007-01-17
	* Merged man page updates to make "apropos selinux" work from Dan Walsh.

1.33.5 2007-01-16
	* Merged getdefaultcon utility from Dan Walsh.

1.33.4 2007-01-11
	* Merged selinux_check_securetty_context() and support from Dan Walsh.

1.33.3 2007-01-04
	* Merged patch for matchpathcon utility to use file mode information
	  when available from Dan Walsh.

1.33.2 2006-11-27
	* Merged patch to compile with -fPIC instead of -fpic from
	  Manoj Srivastava to prevent hitting the global offset table
	  limit. Patch changed to include libsepol and libsemanage in
	  addition to libselinux.

1.33.1 2006-10-19
	* Merged updated flask definitions from Darrel Goeddel.
 	  This adds the context security class, and also adds
	  the string definitions for setsockcreate and polmatch.

1.32 2006-10-17
	* Updated version for release.

1.30.30 2006-10-05
	* Merged patch from Darrel Goeddel to always use untranslated
	  contexts in the userspace AVC.

1.30.29 2006-09-29
	* Merged av_permissions.h update from Steve Grubb,
	  adding setsockcreate and polmatch definitions.

1.30.28 2006-09-13
	* Merged patch from Steve Smalley to fix SIGPIPE in setrans_client
	* Merged c++ class identifier fix from Joe Nall.

1.30.27 2006-08-24
	* Merged patch to not log avc stats upon a reset from Steve Grubb.
	* Applied patch to revert compat_net setting upon policy load.

1.30.26 2006-08-11
	* Merged file context homedir and local path functions from
	  Chris PeBenito.

1.30.25 2006-08-11
	* Rework functions that access /proc/pid/attr to access the
	  per-thread nodes, and unify the code to simplify maintenance.

1.30.24 2006-08-10
	* Merged return value fix for *getfilecon() from Dan Walsh.

1.30.23 2006-08-10
	* Merged sockcreate interfaces from Eric Paris.

1.30.22 2006-08-03
	* Merged no-tls-direct-seg-refs patch from Jeremy Katz.

1.30.21 2006-08-03
	* Merged netfilter_contexts support patch from Chris PeBenito.

1.30.20 2006-08-01
	* Merged context_*_set errno patch from Jim Meyering.

1.30.19 2006-06-29
	* Lindent.

1.30.18 2006-06-27
	* Merged {get,set}procattrcon patch set from Eric Paris.
	* Merged re-base of keycreate patch originally by Michael LeMay from Eric Paris.

1.30.17 2006-06-27
	* Regenerated Flask headers from refpolicy.

1.30.16 2006-06-26
	* Merged patch from Dan Walsh with:
	  - Added selinux_file_context_{cmp,verify}.
	  - Added selinux_lsetfilecon_default.
	  - Delay translation of contexts in matchpathcon.

1.30.15 2006-06-16
	* Merged patch from Dan Walsh with:
	*   Added selinux_getpolicytype() function.
	*   Modified setrans code to skip processing if !mls_enabled.

1.30.14 2006-06-16
	* Set errno in the !selinux_mnt case.

1.30.13 2006-06-02
	* Allocate large buffers from the heap, not on stack.
	  Affects is_context_customizable, selinux_init_load_policy,
	  and selinux_getenforcemode.

1.30.12 2006-06-02
	* Merged !selinux_mnt checks from Ian Kent.

1.30.11 2006-05-24
	* Merged matchmediacon and trans_to_raw_context fixes from 
	  Serge Hallyn.

1.30.10 2006-05-22
	* Merged simple setrans client cache from Dan Walsh.
	  Merged avcstat patch from Russell Coker.

1.30.9 2006-05-22
	* Modified selinux_mkload_policy() to also set /selinux/compat_net
	  appropriately for the loaded policy.

1.30.8 2006-05-17
	* Added matchpathcon_fini() function to free memory allocated by

1.30.7 2006-05-16
	* Merged setrans client cleanup patch from Steve Grubb.

1.30.6 2006-05-08
	* Merged getfscreatecon man page fix from Dan Walsh.
	* Updated booleans(8) man page to drop references to the old
	  booleans file and to note that setsebool can be used to set
	  the boot-time defaults via -P.

1.30.5 2006-05-05
	* Merged fix warnings patch from Karl MacMillan.	

1.30.4 2006-05-05
	* Merged setrans client support from Dan Walsh.
	  This removes use of libsetrans.
	* Merged patch to eliminate use of PAGE_SIZE constant from Dan Walsh.
	* Merged swig typemap fixes from Glauber de Oliveira Costa.

1.30.3 2006-04-12
	* Added distclean target to Makefile.
	* Regenerated swig files.

1.30.2 2006-04-11
	* Changed matchpathcon_init to verify that the spec file is
	  a regular file.
	* Merged python binding t_output_helper removal patch from Dan Walsh.

1.30.1 2006-03-20
	* Merged Makefile PYLIBVER definition patch from Dan Walsh.

1.30 2006-03-14
	* Updated version for release.

1.29.8 2006-02-27
	* Altered rpm_execcon fallback logic for permissive mode to also
	  handle case where /selinux/enforce is not available.

1.29.7 2006-01-20
	* Merged install-pywrap Makefile patch from Joshua Brindle.

1.29.6 2006-01-18
	* Merged pywrap Makefile patch from Dan Walsh.

1.29.5 2006-01-11
	* Added getseuser test program.

1.29.4 2006-01-06
	* Added format attribute to myprintf in matchpathcon.c and
	  removed obsoleted rootlen variable in init_selinux_config().

1.29.3 2006-01-04
	* Merged several fixes and improvements from Ulrich Drepper
	  (Red Hat), including:
	  - corrected use of getline
	  - further calls to __fsetlocking for local files
	  - use of strdupa and asprintf
	  - proper handling of dirent in booleans code
	  - use of -z relro
	  - several other optimizations
	* Merged getpidcon python wrapper from Dan Walsh (Red Hat).

1.29.2 2005-12-14
	* Merged call to finish_context_translations from Dan Walsh.
	  This eliminates a memory leak from failing to release memory
	  allocated by libsetrans.

1.29.1 2005-12-08
	* Merged patch for swig interfaces from Dan Walsh.

1.28 2005-12-07
	* Updated version for release.

1.27.28 2005-12-01
	* Added MATCHPATHCON_VALIDATE flag for set_matchpathcon_flags() and
	  modified matchpathcon implementation to make context validation/
	  canonicalization optional at matchpathcon_init time, deferring it
	  to a successful matchpathcon by default unless the new flag is set
	  by the caller.

1.27.27 2005-12-01
	* Added matchpathcon_init_prefix() interface, and
	  reworked matchpathcon implementation to support selective
	  loading of file contexts entries based on prefix matching
	  between the pathname regex stems and the specified path
	  prefix (stem must be a prefix of the specified path prefix).

1.27.26 2005-11-29
	* Merged getsebool patch from Dan Walsh.

1.27.25 2005-11-29
	* Added -f file_contexts option to matchpathcon util.
	  Fixed warning message in matchpathcon_init().

1.27.24 2005-11-29
	* Merged Makefile python definitions patch from Dan Walsh.

1.27.23 2005-11-28
	* Merged swigify patch from Dan Walsh.

1.27.22 2005-11-15
	* Merged make failure in rpm_execcon non-fatal in permissive mode
	  patch from Ivan Gyurdiev.

1.27.21 2005-11-08
	* Added MATCHPATHCON_NOTRANS flag for set_matchpathcon_flags()
	  and modified matchpathcon_init() to skip context translation
	  if it is set by the caller.

1.27.20 2005-11-07
	* Added security_canonicalize_context() interface and
	  set_matchpathcon_canoncon() interface for obtaining
	  canonical contexts.  Changed matchpathcon internals
	  to obtain canonical contexts by default.  Provided
	  fallback for kernels that lack extended selinuxfs context

1.27.19 2005-11-04
	* Merged seusers parser changes from Ivan Gyurdiev.
	* Merged setsebool to libsemanage patch from Ivan Gyurdiev.
	* Changed seusers parser to reject empty fields.

1.27.18 2005-11-03
	* Merged seusers empty level handling patch from Jonathan Kim (TCS).

1.27.17 2005-10-27
	* Changed default entry for seusers to use __default__ to avoid
	  ambiguity with users named "default".

1.27.16 2005-10-27
	* Fixed init_selinux_config() handling of missing /etc/selinux/config
	  or missing SELINUXTYPE= definition.
	* Merged selinux_translations_path() patch from Dan Walsh.

1.27.15 2005-10-25
	* Added hidden_proto/def for get_default_context_with_role.

1.27.14 2005-10-25
	* Merged selinux_path() and selinux_homedir_context_path()
	  functions from Joshua Brindle.
1.27.13 2005-10-19
	* Merged fixes for make DESTDIR= builds from Joshua Brindle.

1.27.12 2005-10-18
	* Merged get_default_context_with_rolelevel and man pages from
	  Dan Walsh (Red Hat).

1.27.11 2005-10-18
	* Updated call to sepol_policydb_to_image for sepol changes.

1.27.10 2005-10-17
	* Changed getseuserbyname to ignore empty lines and to handle
	no matching entry in the same manner as no seusers file.

1.27.9 2005-10-13
	* Changed selinux_mkload_policy to try downgrading the
	latest policy version available to the kernel-supported version.

1.27.8 2005-10-11
	* Changed selinux_mkload_policy to fall back to the maximum
	policy version supported by libsepol if the kernel policy version
	falls outside of the supported range.

1.27.7 2005-10-06
	* Changed getseuserbyname to fall back to the Linux username and
	NULL level if seusers config file doesn't exist unless 
	REQUIRESEUSERS=1 is set in /etc/selinux/config.
	* Moved seusers.conf under $SELINUXTYPE and renamed to seusers.

1.27.6 2005-10-06
	* Added selinux_init_load_policy() function as an even higher level
	interface for the initial policy load by /sbin/init.  This obsoletes
	the load_policy() function in the sysvinit-selinux.patch. 

1.27.5 2005-10-06
	* Added selinux_mkload_policy() function as a higher level interface
	for loading policy than the security_load_policy() interface.

1.27.4 2005-10-05
	* Merged fix for matchpathcon (regcomp error checking) from Johan
	Fischer.  Also added use of regerror to obtain the error string
	for inclusion in the error message.

1.27.3 2005-10-03
	* Changed getseuserbyname to not require (and ignore if present)
	the MLS level in seusers.conf if MLS is disabled, setting *level
	to NULL in this case.

1.27.2 2005-09-30
	* Merged getseuserbyname patch from Dan Walsh.

1.27.1 2005-09-19
	* Merged STRIP_LEVEL patch for matchpathcon from Dan Walsh.  
	  This allows file_contexts with MLS fields to be processed on 
	  non-MLS-enabled systems with policies that are otherwise 
	  identical (e.g. same type definitions).
	* Merged get_ordered_context_list_with_level() function from
	  Dan Walsh, and added get_default_context_with_level().
	  This allows MLS level selection for users other than the
	  default level.

1.26 2005-09-06
	* Updated version for release.
1.25.7 2005-09-01
	* Merged modified form of patch to avoid dlopen/dlclose by
	the static libselinux from Dan Walsh.  Users of the static libselinux
	will not have any context translation by default.

1.25.6 2005-08-31
	* Added public functions to export context translation to
	users of libselinux (selinux_trans_to_raw_context,

1.25.5 2005-08-26
	* Remove special definition for context_range_set; use
	common code.

1.25.4 2005-08-25
	* Hid translation-related symbols entirely and ensured that 
	raw functions have hidden definitions for internal use.
	* Allowed setting NULL via context_set* functions.
	* Allowed whitespace in MLS component of context.
	* Changed rpm_execcon to use translated functions to workaround
	lack of MLS level on upgraded systems.

1.25.3 2005-08-23
	* Merged context translation patch, originally by TCS,
	  with modifications by Dan Walsh (Red Hat).

1.25.2 2005-08-11
	* Merged several fixes for error handling paths in the
	  AVC sidtab, matchpathcon, booleans, context, and get_context_list
	  code from Serge Hallyn (IBM).   Bugs found by Coverity.

1.25.1 2005-08-10
	* Removed setupns; migrated to pam.
	* Merged patches to rename checkPasswdAccess() from Joshua Brindle.
	  Original symbol is temporarily retained for compatibility until 
	  all callers are updated.

1.24 2005-06-20
	* Updated version for release.
1.23.12 2005-06-13
	* Merged security_setupns() from Chad Sellers.

1.23.11 2005-05-19
	* Merged avcstat and selinux man page from Dan Walsh.
	* Changed security_load_booleans to process booleans.local 
	  even if booleans file doesn't exist.
1.23.10 2005-04-29
	* Merged set_selinuxmnt patch from Bill Nottingham (Red Hat).

1.23.9 2005-04-26
	* Rewrote get_ordered_context_list and helpers, including
	  changing logic to allow variable MLS fields.
1.23.8 2005-04-25
	* Merged matchpathcon and man page patch from Dan Walsh.

1.23.7 2005-04-12
	* Changed boolean functions to return -1 with errno ENOENT 
	  rather than assert on a NULL selinux_mnt (i.e. selinuxfs not

1.23.6 2005-04-08
	* Fixed bug in matchpathcon_filespec_destroy.
1.23.5 2005-04-05
	* Fixed bug in rpm_execcon error handling path.

1.23.4 2005-04-04
	* Merged fix for set_matchpathcon* functions from Andreas Steinmetz.
	* Merged fix for getconlist utility from Andreas Steinmetz.

1.23.3 2005-03-29
	* Merged security_set_boolean_list patch from Dan Walsh.
	  This introduces booleans.local support for setsebool.

1.23.2 2005-03-17
	* Merged destructors patch from Tomas Mraz.

1.23.1 2005-03-16
	* Added set_matchpathcon_flags() function for setting flags
	  controlling operation of matchpathcon.  MATCHPATHCON_BASEONLY
	  means only process the base file_contexts file, not 
	  file_contexts.homedirs or file_contexts.local, and is for use by
	  setfiles -c.
	* Updated matchpathcon.3 man page.

1.22 2005-03-09
	* Updated version for release.

1.21.13 2005-03-08
	* Fixed bug in matchpathcon_filespec_add() - failure to clear fl_head.

1.21.12 2005-03-01
	* Changed matchpathcon_common to ignore any non-format bits in the mode.

1.21.11 2005-02-22
	* Merged several fixes from Ulrich Drepper.

1.21.10 2005-02-17
	* Merged matchpathcon patch for file_contexts.homedir from Dan Walsh.
	* Added selinux_users_path() for path to directory containing
	  system.users and local.users.

1.21.9 2005-02-09
	* Changed relabel Makefile target to use restorecon.

1.21.8 2005-02-07
	* Regenerated av_permissions.h.

1.21.7 2005-02-01
	* Modified avc_dump_av to explicitly check for any permissions that
	  cannot be mapped to string names and display them as a hex value.

1.21.6 2005-01-31
	* Regenerated av_permissions.h.

1.21.5 2005-01-28
	* Generalized matchpathcon internals, exported more interfaces,
	  and moved additional code from setfiles into libselinux so that
	  setfiles can directly use matchpathcon.
1.21.4 2005-01-27
	* Prevent overflow of spec array in matchpathcon.

1.21.3 2005-01-26
	* Fixed several uses of internal functions to avoid relocations.
	* Changed rpm_execcon to check is_selinux_enabled() and fallback to
	  a regular execve if not enabled (or unable to determine due to a lack
	  of /proc, e.g. chroot'd environment).

1.21.2 2005-01-24
	* Merged minor fix for avcstat from Dan Walsh.

1.21.1 2005-01-19
	* Merged patch from Dan Walsh, including:
	     - new is_context_customizable function
	     - changed matchpathcon to also use file_contexts.local if present
	     - man page cleanups

1.20 2005-01-04
	* Changed matchpathcon to return -1 with errno ENOENT for 
	  <<none>> entries, and also for an empty file_contexts configuration.
	* Removed some trivial utils that were not useful or redundant.
	* Changed BINDIR default to /usr/sbin to match change in Fedora.
	* Added security_compute_member.
	* Added man page for setcon.
	* Merged more man pages from Dan Walsh.
	* Merged avcstat from James Morris.
	* Merged build fix for mips from Manoj Srivastava.
	* Merged C++ support from John Ramsdell of MITRE.
	* Merged setcon() function from Darrel Goeddel of TCS.
	* Merged setsebool/togglesebool enhancement from Steve Grubb.
	* Merged cleanup patches from Steve Grubb.

1.18 2004-11-01
	* Merged cleanup patches from Steve Grubb.
	* Added rpm_execcon.
	* Merged setenforce and removable context patch from Dan Walsh.
	* Merged build fix for alpha from Ulrich Drepper.
	* Removed copyright/license from selinux_netlink.h - definitions only.
	* Merged matchmediacon from Dan Walsh.
	* Regenerated headers for new nscd permissions.
	* Added get_default_context_with_role.
	* Added set_matchpathcon_printf.	
	* Reworked av_inherit.h to allow easier re-use by kernel. 
	* Changed avc_has_perm_noaudit to not fail on netlink errors.
	* Changed avc netlink code to check pid based on patch by Steve Grubb.
	* Merged second optimization patch from Ulrich Drepper.
	* Changed matchpathcon to skip invalid file_contexts entries.
	* Made string tables private to libselinux.
	* Merged strcat->stpcpy patch from Ulrich Drepper.
	* Merged matchpathcon man page from Dan Walsh.
	* Merged patch to eliminate PLTs for local syms from Ulrich Drepper.
	* Autobind netlink socket.
	* Dropped compatibility code from security_compute_user.
	* Merged fix for context_range_set from Chad Hanson.
	* Merged allocation failure checking patch from Chad Hanson.
	* Merged avc netlink error message patch from Colin Walters.

1.16 2004-08-19
	* Regenerated headers for nscd class.
	* Merged man pages from Dan Walsh.
	* Merged context_new bug fix for MLS ranges from Chad Hanson.
	* Merged toggle_bool from Chris PeBenito, renamed to togglesebool.
	* Renamed change_bool and show_bools to setsebool and getsebool.
	* Merged security_load_booleans() function from Dan Walsh.
	* Added selinux_booleans_path() function.
	* Changed avc_init function prototype to use const.
	* Regenerated headers for crontab permission.
	* Added checkAccess from Dan Walsh.
	* Merged getenforce patch from Dan Walsh.
	* Regenerated headers for dbus classes.

1.14 2004-06-16
	* Regenerated headers for fine-grained netlink classes.
	* Merged selinux_config bug fix from Dan Walsh.
	* Added userspace AVC man pages.
	* Added man links for API calls to existing man pages documenting them.
	* Replaced $HOME/.default_contexts support with /etc/selinux/contexts/users/$USER support.
	* Merged patch to determine config file paths at runtime to support
	  reorganized layout.
	* Regenerated flask headers with stable ordering.
	* Merged patch for man pages from Russell Coker. 

1.12 2004-05-10
	* Updated flask files to include new SE-X security classes.
	* Added security_disable function for runtime disable of SELinux prior
	  to initial policy load (for /sbin/init).
	* Changed get_ordered_context_list to omit any reachable contexts
	  that are not explicitly listed in default_contexts, unless there
	  are no matches.
	* Merged man pages from Russell Coker and Dan Walsh.
	* Merged memory leak fixes from Dan Walsh.
	* Merged policyvers errno patch from Chris PeBenito.

1.10 2004-04-05
	* Merged getenforce patch from Dan Walsh.
	* Fixed init_selinuxmnt to correctly handle use of "selinuxfs" as
	  the device specification, i.e. mount selinuxfs /selinux -t selinuxfs.
	  Based on a patch by Russell Coker.
	* Merged matchpathcon buffer size fix from Dan Walsh.

1.8 2004-03-09
	* Merged is_selinux_mls_enabled() from Chad Hanson of TCS.
	* Added matchpathcon function.
	* Updated userspace AVC to handle netlink selinux notifications. 

1.6 2004-02-18
	* Merged conditional policy extensions from Tresys Technology.
	* Added userspace avc and SID table implementation.	
	* Fixed type on size in getpeercon per Thorsten Kukuk's advice.
	* Fixed use of getpwnam_r per Thorsten Kukuk's advice.
	* Changed to use getpwnam_r rather than getpwnam internally to 
	  avoid clobbering any existing pwd struct obtained by the caller.
	* Added getpeercon function to encapsulate getsockopt SO_PEERSEC
	  and handle allocation ala getfilecon.
	* Changed is_selinux_enabled to return -1 on errors.
	* Changed to discover selinuxfs mount point via /proc/mounts 
	  so that the mount point can be changed without rebuilding.

1.4 2003-12-01
	* Merged another cleanup patch from Bastian Blank and Joerg Hoh.
	* Regenerate headers for new permissions. 
	* Merged static lib build patch from Bastian Blank and Joerg Hoh.
	* Export SELINUXMNT definition, add SELINUXPOLICY definition.
	* Add functions to provide access to enforce and policyvers.
	* Changed is_selinux_enabled to check /proc/filesystems for selinuxfs.
	* Fixed type for 'size' in *getfilecon. 
	* Dropped -lattr and changed #include's to <sys/xattr.h>
	* Merged patch to move shared library to /lib from Dan Walsh.
	* Changed get_ordered_context_list to support a failsafe context.
	* Added selinuxenabled utility.
	* Merged const patch from Thorsten Kukuk.

1.2 2003-09-30
        * Change is_selinux_enabled to fail if policy isn't loaded.
	* Changed Makefiles to allow non-root rpm builds.
	* Added -lattr for to ensure proper binding.

1.1 2003-08-13
	* Ensure that context strings are padded with a null byte
	  in case the kernel didn't include one.
	* Regenerate headers, update helpers.c for code cleanup.
	* Pass soname flag to linker (Colin Walters).
	* Fixes for various items: add const as appropriate, handle missed OOM condition, clean up compile warnings (Colin Walters).
1.0 2003-07-11
	* Initial public release.
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