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2007-08-31  Murray Cumming  <>

	* tests/ Added some includes to 
	fix the build in some environments, such as when using Sun CC.
	Thanks to Vladimir Marek in bug #469872.

2006-06-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind.h.m4:
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/retype.h.m4:
	* sigc++/functors/macros/functor_trait.h.m4:
	* sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4:
	* sigc++/macros/retype.h.m4:
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Revert the previous changes, because none is 
	used in the exported symbol names from gtkmm, so this would break the ABI 
	of gtkmm.

2006-05-26  Régis Duchesne <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind.h.m4:
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/retype.h.m4:
	* sigc++/functors/macros/functor_trait.h.m4:
	* sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4:
	* sigc++/macros/retype.h.m4:
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4:
	Renamed 'nil' to 'none' to allow an Objective-C++ compiler to compile
	the library header files.


2005-12-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Make all operator--() methods 
	return by reference, like the operator++() methods. 
	Bug #304402 from John Profic.

This is the libsigc-2-0 branch, for maintenance of libsigc++ 2.0.
API/ABI-compatible API-addition happens in the HEAD branch.

2005-12-01  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/functors/ 
	slot_base::disconnect(): Set call_ to 0, 
	to invalidate the slot, even if parent_ is 0. 
	I think parent_ is, for instance, a signal, but 
	disconnect should still work on a slot that is not 
	connected to a signal, because a slot can be invoked 
	Fixes bug #311057 from James Lin.

2005-12-01  Murray Cumming <>

	* tests/
	* tests/ Added test 
	case from bug #311057.

2005-11-16  Philipp Berndt  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/exception_catch.h.m4: Make member
	exception_catch_functor<T_functor, T_catcher, void>::catcher_
	public so that it can be accessed by visit_each()
	(bug fixed for generalization on 2004-11-06)


2005-08-01  Neal E. Coombes  <>

 	* sigc++/signal_base.h: Updated the documentation for temp_slot_list
 	as requested in bug #303896.

2005-08-01  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/hide.h.m4: Added missing 
	) in call to sun_forte_workaround(), fixing
	build on SUN Forte 5.5. Bug #312020.

2005-08-19  Bruno Martinez <>

	* sigc++/type_traits.h: Renamed
	::sigc::is_base_and_derived::internal to 
	in order to avoid conflict with
	namespace internal. 

2005-07-13  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/manual/libsigc_manual.xml: Correct mentions of 
	1.2 stuff instead of 2.0. Patch in bug #310213 from  

2005-07-13  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/manual/libsigc_manual.xml: Fixed typo 
	found by Antonio Coralles.

2005-07-09  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Did the same (see 
	last commit) for slot_const_iterator and 

2005-07-09  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: slot_iterator:
	operator--() now returns value, not reference, like 
	operator++() already did. This caused crashes when 
	using --no-inline with g++. Bug #308651 by 
	Michael Andres.


2005-07-04  Philip Langdale  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/compose.h.m4: Add a setter typedef to 
	compose*_functor and use it instead of the (incorrect) getter 
	typedef in the compose* specialization of visit_each<>().
	This corrects the lifetime management of slots created with 
	compose(). Bug #308433.

2005-06-13  Marek Rouchal  <>

	* tests/ Specify int return type 
	for main(), to be more ISO C++ compliant. Bug #307478.

2005-06-11  Andris Pavenis <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/base.h.m4:
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/select.h.m4
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/hide.h.m4: Specify only a type (not a
	parameter name) for unused member function parameters

2005-06-12  Paul Pogonyshev  <>

	* scripts/cxx.m4: 
	* Add test for whether the compiler allows
	referencing to member functions of the class/structure being
	declared from a definition of a static member variable.
	Supposedly a generic solution for GCC 3.2 compilation problems.

	* sigc++/type_traits.h: Define SIGC_WRAP_IS_BASE_CLASS_ based on
	results of the above test.
	(struct is_base_and_derived): Wrap up is_base_class_() functions
	in an internal class if SIGC_WRAP_IS_BASE_CLASS_ is defined.

2005-06-10  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind.h.m4:
	* sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4:
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Use CALL_SIZE instead of 
	hard-coded 7s and 6s.


2005-06-10  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/visit_each.h: Make the 
        limit_derived_target::with_type inner class an outer class, 
	to satisfy the SUN CC 5.7 compiler, though I think it is a 
	compiler bug. Bug #302098 has the test case.


2005-06-07  Murray Cumming <>

	* tests/ Specify the actual class when 
	using test_int(), instead of the derived class, to fix the build 
	on SUN Forte CC 5.5. Patch from Friedemann Kleint in 
	Bug #305647

2005-06-07  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: signal_emit::emit(): Use scope to 
	ensure a certain order of destruction of the member variables, to 
	avoid a leak on MSVC++. Patch by Andreas Ames in Bug #306249.

2005-06-07  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Added comments about commenting-out
        SIGC_TYPEDEF_REDEFINE_ALLOWED when using SUN Forte CC 5.7, 
        because I can not seem to create a test for it.

2005-06-07  Murray Cumming <>

	* scripts/cxx_std.m4:
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4:
	* Added check for 
	the non-standard SUN Forte reverse_iterator<>,
	and used it. This is based on the same stuff in 

2005-06-07  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/visit_each.h: limit_derived_target(): Just some whitespace 

2005-05-16  Neal E. Coombes  <>
	* sigc++/signal_base.h:  Modified temp_slot_list to be a temporary view
	into a slot list.  Instead of emptying the original it now simply tacks
	a placeholder to the end of the original.  It then uses this as it's
	'end' iterator.  This should allow for conscious recursiveness, as well
	as inserting a slot to any position in the slot list during emittion.
	See bug #303896.

2005-06-04  Friedemann Kleint <>

	* sigc++/macros/limit_reference.h.m4: 
	visit_each() template specializations: 
	Mention the bool I_derives_trackable 
	template type, to fix the build on Solaris 
	Forte 5.5.


2005-05-06  Régis Duchesne <>

	* sigc++/macros/limit_reference.h.m4 (added):
	* sigc++/
	New class that just stores a reference, and makes sure that if the
	reference derives from trackable, then the trackable reference will be
	used instead of the derived reference in visit_each().
	* sigc++/functors/macros/mem_fun.h.m4: Better fix for bug #169225 by
	Régis Duchesne and Christian Hammond, based on the new limit_reference
	* sigc++/adaptors/bound_argument.h (added): New class (built upon the
	new limit_reference class) that handles all 3 kinds of bound arguments:
	by value, by reference, and by constant reference. References are
	unwrapped in the bound_argument's constructor.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind.h.m4: Fix for bug #302327 by Régis
	Duchesne. Bound arguments now need to know whether they are passed by
	reference or not. So bind() now builds bind_functor instances using
	'reference_wrapper<Foo>' types, instead of 'Foo &' types. The
	bind_functor code is modified to compensate.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind_return.h.m4: Similar fix for a similar
	bug (unfiled) with bound return arguments.
	* sigc++/reference_wrapper.h:
	* sigc++/type_traits.h:
	The reference_wrapper class is only used in bound_argument.h. Put
	correct but unused code under #if 0.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/base.h: This file needs reference_wrapper.h,
	but was incorrectly relying on type_traits.h to include it.
	* tests/
	* tests/ (deleted):
	* tests/ (deleted):
	* tests/ (added):
	Replaced test_virtualbase_delete*.cc with a simpler which checks for all 3 aspects of the same bug
	in one file.
	* tests/ Slots must use 'Foo &' types. We were lucky
	this broken usage worked before this change. The change in
	type_traits.h made this bug obvious, by preventing the code to compile.
	* tests/ After my change, bind() and bind_return()
	must use 'reference_wrapper<Foo>' types.
	* tests/ Made this test a no-op (so it does not perturb
	'make check' on released versions of the library) and made it a
	template ready to be modified by hackers.

2005-05-01  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/functors/ 
	slot_base::slot_base(src): If the source 
	slot_base has a null rep->call_, meaning that the 
	slot is invalid, just return a default-constructed 
	slot, to prevent the crash shown in 
	tests/ Bug #302515 by 
	Régis Duchesne.

2005-05-01  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/functors/macros/mem_fun.h.m4: bound_*<>: 
	Add a new is_base_and_derived<sigc::trackable> 
	parameter to the template and thereby provide a 
	specialization for T_Obj types that derive from 
	sigc::trackable. This prevents a crash when casting 
	from the derived type to sigc::trackable after the 
	derived destructor has run. This cast can sometimes 
	fail when using multiple inheritance, at least with 
	g++. Bug #169225 by Régis Duchesne and Christian 
	* sigc++/type_traits.h: Add documenation for 
	the internal is_base_and_derived<> template, which 
	allows us to specialize other templates for certain 
	template types.

2005-04-28  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/type_traits.h: Added comments for users of 
	g++ 3.2.

2005-04-28  Murray Cumming <>

	* tests/
	* tests/ Added 
	simplified test case from bug #169225. We have a patch 
	to make this succeed but I am not ready to commit it 
	just yet.

2005-04-27  Murray Cumming <>

	* tests/
	* tests/
	Added a place to put extra test code, so I don't have 
	to keep installing my crazy libsigc++ versions.

2005-04-27  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/visit_each.h: Revert back to the non-explicit 
	template call, because we can not specify the 
	template specialization so easily, because the 
	specializations have different numbers of types.
	* tests/Makefile/am:
	* tests/ Add a simple test only for 
	sigc::ref disconnection.

2005-04-26  Murray Cumming <>

	* sigc++/visit_each.h: Use the explicit template 
	specialization, needed for Tru64 and AIX compilers. 
	This causes a crash in some uses of sigc::ref() 
        (when using g++ 3.3.4 or 3.3.5 , but not with 3.4) but 
	seems to fix a crash in some uses of multiple inheritance 
	(bug #169225).
	* tests/ Comment out the crashing (not with 
	g++ 3.4) use of sigc::ref() with an explanatory comment.

2005-03-09  Cedric Gustin <>

	* Moved MSVC_Net2003 directory to SUBDIRS.
	* MSVC_Net2003/ Added blank.cpp to EXTRA_DIST.
	* MSVC_Net2003/libsigc++2_msvcNet2003.sln: Removed
	test_accumulated and test_lambda projects as the tests are
	disabled in the standard, configure-based build.
	* MSVC_Net2003/MSVC_Net2003/libsigc++2_msvcNet2003.vcproj:
	Generate a PDB file in the Debug target.

2005-03-05  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/website/stable.html: Mention actual supported compilers.
	* docs/website/docs.html: Removed broken examples links. Change 
	reference link to the reference overview page.

2005-02-23  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/functors/slot_base.h: Make slot_base::operator=() public, to 
	fix the build with SUN Forte C++ 5.5 and Tru64.


2005-02-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* tests/, #included <new> to avoid 
	an unresolved symbol error with the Tru64 compiler. Solution found by 
	Tim Mooney in bug #161503.

2005-02-20  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/signal_base.h: Add some documentation.

2005-02-20  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/ Reset deferred_ flag to false in
	signal_impl::sweep() (Neal E. Coombes). Partly fixes bug #167714.

2005-02-11  Martin Schulze  <>

	* docs/manual/ Set the correct group in post-html.

2005-02-11  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/website/doc.shtml: Fix typo in url for reference docs. Found by 
	James Lin.

2005-02-06  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/signal_base.h: temp_slot_list::begin(), end(): Actually 
	return the iterators.

2005-02-03  Neal E. Coombes <>

	* sigc++/signal_base.h: Add temp_slot_list struct to facilitate
	allowing new connections to a signal during an emittion without
	affecting that emittion.
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Use the new struct temp_slot_list to
	prevent connections made during an emittion from being called in the
	same emittion (which has the potential of causing things like
	infinite loops).  This guarantees an emittion will be finite, as well
	as maintaining any order of emittion guarantees that may have already
	been in place.

2005-02-02  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/visit_each.h: visit_each_type(): Reverted the change, so that 
	we do not specify the template types ot visit_each<>(), because it 
	crashes on g++ 3.3.4 (but not g++ 3.4.2). Added a comment telling users 
	of AIX (and maybe IRIX MipsPro and Tru64) to use the alternative version 
	if they have compilation problems.

2005-02-01  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/adapators/macros/base.h.m4: Add sigc::var<>() documentation, 
	from Roger Ferrer Ibáñez in bug #149483.

2005-02-01  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/compose.h.m4: In the template specializations 
	of visit_each(): As before, specify the specific other template 
	specializations of visit_each that we use. Needed by AIX.
	* tests/ Reenabled most tests, because AIX can now 
	build them.

2005-02-01  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/visit_each.h: visit_each_type(): Specify the specific 
	template specialization of visit_each<>() to use. The AIX compiler, 
	and possibly the Tru64 compiler, need this extra hint.

2005-02-01  Murray Cumming  <>

	* bind.h.m4: Define bind_functor::operator() inline because the AIX 
	compiler/linker sometimes fails to find it when it is defined 
	outside of the class.


2005-01-30  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/type_traits.h: is_base_and_derived: Added 
	avoid_gcc3_warning_(), to avoid an incorrect warning when using 
	g++ 3.3.5

2005-01-28  Liza Klerck   <>

	* sigc++/functors/macros/mem_fun.h.m4: Add a sigc:: namespace 
	prefix to the nested use of visit_each(), to avoid ambiguity when 
	using 2 versions of the libsigc++ API inside different namespace.
2005-01-27  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/adaptor_trait.h.m4: Add a sigc:: namespace 
	prefix to the nested use of visit_each(), to avoid ambiguity when 
	using 2 versions of the libsigc++ API inside different namespace, 
	which is not very advisable anyway. Bug #165222 from 
	liza at


2005-01-24  Cedric Gustin <>

	* : Moved the SIGC_USING_STD macro definition
	out of the SIGC_CONFIGURE section. We also need it for MSVC.
	* MSVC_Net2003/.cvsignore : Added .def and .aps files
	* MSVC_Net2003/ Rewrote rule for local copy of
	sigc++config.h (required for 'make distcheck').
	* MSVC_Net2003/libsigc++2_msvcNet2003.sln: Added test_retype and
	test_disconnect_during_emit tests.
	* MSVC_Net2003/tests/test_disconnect_during_emit/*,
	MSVC_Net2003/tests/test_retype/*: Initial commit.

2005-01-21  Murray Cumming  <>

	* tests/: Disabled the test_accumulator, test_bind, and test_compose 
	tests, and part of test_mem_fun because the AIX xlC compiler can not 
	build them, but it can still do most things, including the examples.
	See the comments in tests/

2005-01-21  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/bind.h.m4: non-member operator()(): Specify the 
	extra nil arguments in the templated class name prefix. Oddly, the 
	AIX xlC compiler says that the type of the first parameter does not 
	match the template if you don't do this.

2005-01-21  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/type_traits.h: is_base_and_derived struct: Move the 
	is_base_class_() functions out of the inner class, because the AIX 
	xlC compiler does not like that - see the comments in the code.
	* sigc++/adaptors/bind.h.m4: Add the extra nil template types to 
	the template specializations, as in slot and signal.
2005-01-21  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4, sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: 
	slot and signal template specialization for 
	various numbers of template args: In the class slot line, specify 
	all the remaining template types as null, instead of expecting the 
	compiler to guess them in itself. This partly fixes the build on 
	AIX with the xlC compiler. Bug #164685.

2005-01-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/type_traits: struct is_base_and_derived: Make the test inner 
	struct a friend, so that it can use the big inner struct. This is 
	required by the Tru64 compiler.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/base.h: Put the unwrap_lambda_value() 
	definitions at the top, because Tru64 (understandably) needs them to 
	be declared before use.

2005-01-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* scripts/: Added cxx_std.m4, with a test copied from 
	glibmm/scripts/cxx_std.m4 to check if the compiler has the std:: 
	* sigcconfig.h: #undef the new #define and add SIGC_USING_STD(), 
	like GLIBMM_USING_STD, to put stuff in the std:: namespace when it 
	is not there already,
	* Used the new test.
	* tests/*: Uses SIG_USING_STD() for every std:: thing that we use.
	This is needed by the Tru64 and HP-UX compilers when using their 

2005-01-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* AC_INIT(): Provide the extra tarball name parameter, 
	so that it does not create a libsigc--- tarball.

2005-01-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* AC_INIT(): Use libsigc++ instead of sigc++, attempting 
	to get the correct tarball name.

2005-01-18  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Used the autoconf 2.93 and AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE() 
	technique to specify ustar format for the tarball, to prevent files 
	with long file names from appearing at the top of the tarball. 
	Based on the same fix in gtkmm 2.6.

2005-01-18  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/functors/macros/slot_h.m4: Specify the base class when 
	using the rep_ member variable. This stops the HP-UX aCC compiler 
	from saying that a Nonstatic member  is referenced in a nested class, 
	local class or static member initializer. Bug #150719.

2005-01-18  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Bug #159597 - patch from e97_far at to replace C-style 
	casts with reinterpret_cast<> and static_cast<> to avoid warnings.

2005-01-17  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/manual/ Specifying html/index.html instead of 
	just the html directory as a target seems to fix distcheck problems.
	I can also now confirm that the install works on solaris, when using 
	gmake, though not when using make.

2005-01-17  Murray Cumming  <>

	* MSVC_Net2004/ Add built files to DISTCLEANFILES to fix 
	the distcheck.
	* docs/reference/, manual/ Specify $srcdir in 
	paths, to fix distcheck of the manual, and maybe fix install problems 
	on Solaris.

2005-01-11  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/website/stable.html: Updated the text about binary packages.
	* docs/website/docs.html: Link to the 2.0 documentation instead of the 
	1.2 documentation.

2004-12-17  GregSchussman  <>
 	* glossary.shtml: Clean up punctuation, make definitions complete
        sentences, and add clarifications for certain definitions according to
        what Murray Cumming's suggestions and answers to my questions.
 	Bug #161580.

2005-01-11  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/: Added manual, copied from the libsigc++-1.2 cvs module, 
	and updated it for the new 2.0 API.

2005-01-11  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/: Added website, copied from the libsigc++-1.2 cvs module.
	We will use it from here from now on.

2004-12-11  Cedric Gustin <>

	* : parse version tags at configure time (for
	* MSVC_Net2003/ : New resource file.
	* MSVC_Net2003/ include sigc-2.0.rc in distribution.

2004-12-08  Cedric Gustin <>

	* MSVC_Net2003/ get sigc++config.h from $(top_builddir)
	instead of $(top_srcdir).

2004-12-08  Cedric Gustin <>

	* MSVC_Net2003/*/*.vcproj: Renamed libsigc++ target to
	sigc-2.0d.dll (Debug) and sigc-2.0.dll (Release). Added
	$(SolutionDir) and $(SolutionDir)\.. to "Additional Include
	Directories" in tests projects.
	* Rewrote dllexport/dllimport macros for
	MSVC, for better consistency with glibmm/gtkmm.
	* MSVC_Net2003/ copy sigc++config.h from $(top_srcdir)
	at build time.

2004-11-27  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Revert the AC_PROG_LIBTOOL change, so that this builds
	with actually released libtool versions, and in jhbuild, so that it 
	gets testing.

2004-11-06  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/exception_catch.h.m4: Make catcher_ member
	public so that it can be accessed by visit_each() (bug reported on
	ml by Philip Langdale <>).

2004-10-24  Martin Schulze  <>

	* MSVC_Net2003/*/*.vcproj: Link with the "multithreaded DLL" runtime
	libraries and enable RTTI for the MSVC build
	(patch from Timothy M. Shead <>).
	* MSVC_Net2003/*/.cvsignore: Hide generated build files from cvs
	(patch from Timothy M. Shead <>).


2004-10-12  Martin Schulze  <>

	* MSVC_Net2003/*/*.vcproj, MSVC_Net2003/blank.cpp: Fix project files
	to compile out-of-the-box and add dummy file so that .cc files get
	recognized as c++ code files (patch from Timothy M. Shead).

2004-10-10  Martin Schulze <>

	* sigc++/signal_base.{h,cc}, sigc++/functors/slot_base.{h,cc},
	sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4: If SIGC_NEW_DELETE_IN_LIBRARY_ONLY
	is defined, implement signal_base::operator new/delete and
	slot_rep::operator new/delete (suggested by Timothy M. Shead).
	Remove old work-around from 2004-10-02 since it didn't work.

2004-10-07  Martin Schulze <>

	* Update for libtool 1.5a (with support for Intel C++).
	* MSVC_Net2003/sigc++config.h: Remove bogus '#define'
	(reported by Timothy M. Shead <>).

2004-10-02  Martin Schulze <>

	* Bump version number to 2.0.6.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 2.0.6.

2004-10-02  Martin Schulze <>

	* sigc++/functors/slot_base.{h,cc}, sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4:
	Rename (typed_)slot_rep::detach to (typed_)slot_rep::destroy.
	Call the dtor of the functor stored in typed_slot_rep from destroy().
	A cleaner solution would be to add an additional "virtual" function
	that calls 'delete' or a real virtual dtor. However, this would be
	less efficient and might break the ABI. (Fixes #152323.)

2004-10-02  Martin Schulze <>

	*, MSVC_Net2003/sigc++config.h,
	sigc++/, sigc++/functors/slot_base.{h,cc},
	sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4: Define and use new macro
	all calls to new and delete into non-inline library code.

2004-09-26  Martin Schulze <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/group.h.m4: Add a missing
	template keyword in the definition of deduce_result_type::type
	(hopefully fixes #152327).

2004-09-26  Martin Schulze <>

	* sigc++/macros/object_slot.h.m4: Use correct bound_mem_functor
	variants for const (volatile) methods (fixes #148744).

2004-09-01  Martin Schulze <>

	* docs/index.html: Correct link to lambda module.

2004-09-01  Martin Schulze <>

	* README: Update compatibility section.


2004-09-01  Martin Schulze <>

	* MSVC_Net2003/ Add sigc++config.h to EXTRA_DIST.
	* Bump version number to 2.0.5.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 2.0.5.


2004-08-21  Martin Schulze <>

	* tests/ Use sigc::var("\n") instead of sigc::ref("\n").
	Comment out the affected lines, nevertheless.
	Sun FORTE and Compaq C++ can handle neither sigc::ref("\n") nor
	sigc::var("\n"). I see more chances fixing sigc::var("\n").
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/base.h.m4: Add a comment about a
	possible work around for sigc::var("\n") compiler problems.
	* tests/ Remove a 'const' keyword that prevents
	the test case from compiling with the Sun FORTE.
	* tests/ Remove a 'virtual' keyword and an unused
	variable to avoid compiler warnings.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 2.0.4.

2004-08-03  Martin Schulze <>

	* scripts/cxx.m4,,,
	sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/operator.h.m4, tests/
	Rollback change from 2004-07-15: configure check
	SIGC_OPERATOR_OVERLOAD_AMBIGUITY is not needed - the overload
	ambiguity doesn't occur if the lambda operators take all arguments
	as const reference.
	* Bump version number to 2.0.4.

2004-08-03  James Lin <>

	* Added SIGC_API qualifier to all externally-visible non-template 
	* Added #include <sigc++config.h> to the files that use SIGC_API.
	* Added empty SIGC_API definition to for non-MSVC
	compilers.  I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this
	(probably not).
	* Added MSVC-specific sigc++config.h to the MSVC project directory.
	(The comment in it probably should be edited.)
	* Changed MSVC project settings to output a multi-threaded DLL, set 
	the include paths to work (hopefully) out-of-the-box.  Disabled
	precompiled headers, since they just complicate things and 
	shouldn't be necessary for such a relatively project.

2004-08-01  Martin Schulze <>

	* sigc++/type_traits.h: Remove type_trait<>::instance()
	(was unimplemented and unused; caused problems with the MSVC).

2004-07-23  Martin Schulze <>

	* Fix typo concerning distribution of libsigc++-2.0.spec.
	* AUTHORS: Mention our contributors for platforms Sun FORTE and Intel C++.

2004-07-15  Martin Schulze <>

	* *.h.m4: Don't call operator()() in sun_forte_workaround(); rather copy
	operator()(). Calling operator()() makes a copy of the arguments causing
	wrong results if an argument type is a reference. Hopefully fixes #147311.

2004-07-15  Martin Schulze <>

	* tests/ Break "std::cout << [expr] << a << std::endl;"
	into "std::cout << [expr]; std::cout << a << std::endl;".
	I hope this fixes #147313 where the right values for "[expr]" but wrong
	values for "a" were written to std::cout for some compiler with optimizations
	turned off.

2004-07-15  Martin Schulze <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/operator.h.m4: Correct return type deduction
	of lambda expressions in lambda_operator*::operator()(). Might be related to
	bug #147313.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/group.h.m4: Use m4 macro _P_().

2004-07-15  Martin Schulze <>

	* scripts/cxx.m4,,,
	sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/operator.h.m4, tests/
	compiler problem (bug #147391). Use it to decide whether the lambda
	action operators may be overloaded (not doing so restricts the API slightly).
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/operator.h.m4: Add some doxygen comments
	and remove attic code.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/base.h.m4:
	Add templates unwrap_lambda_type and unwrap_lambda_value() to support
	the non-overloaded lambda action operators. Also add some doxygen comments
	and remove attic code.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/group.h.m4: Fix a bug that resulted in
	gargabe values being passed on to the functor contained in the group adaptor
	(partly fixes #147313).

2004-07-11  Martin Schulze <>

	* scripts/cxx.m4,,, *.h.m4:
	Remove LIBSIGC_TEMPLATE_PREFIX. Add template keyword to
	SIGC_WORKAROUND_OPERATOR_PARENTHESES depending on the configure checks.
	Should fix the compiler problems with MSVC.

2004-07-11  Martin Schulze <>

	* examples/ Use sigc::ptr_fun instead of std::ptr_fun.
	(fixes bug #144846)

2004-07-11  Eric Bourque <>

	* new file
	* : patched generate spec file
	* .cvsignore: ignore generated file (Martin Schulze)
	* distribute spec file (Martin Schulze)

2004-07-11  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/ Added some comments.
	* sigc++/ operator=(): Check for self-asignment, though I 
	do not know of any actual bug that this fixes. Added some comments.
	* sigc++/trackable.h Added some doxygen documentation.

2004-07-09  Murray Cumming  <>

	* tests/: Added, to prove that this 

2004-07-08  Murray Cumming  <>

	* tests/ foo::operator(int): return a 
	value. The SUN Forte 5.5 compiler complains about this, as it should.

2004-07-08  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: class signal*: Rename the slot_list 
	typedef to slot_list_type, because there is already a template class 
	called slot_type. SUN Forte 5.5 seems to complain about this and I am 
	not surprised. The old typdef is still there for backwards 
	compatibility, except when building with SUN Forte.

2004-07-07  Murray Cumming  <>

	macro at all if the test fails. This might fix the build on SUN Forte.
	* sigc++/functors/macros/mem_fun.h.m4: Default constructor: Initialize 
	the func_ptr_ member variable. I have no evidence that this solves any 
	problems, but it worried me.
	* sigc++/functors/slot_base.h: operator bool(): Correct documentation, 
	to use @code instead of <code>
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Remove the documentation for the 
	parameters named first and last, because they do not exist.

2004-05-31  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Add '--force'-flag to the 'libtoolize'-command (bug #143425).


2004-05-30  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 2.0.3.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 2.0.3.
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Fix segfault on emission of unconnected signal.
	* tests/, tests/ Emit unconnected signal.
	* sigc++/macros/object_slot.h.m4: Suppress compiler warning at
	dynamic_cast<>-test (tested by Christof Petig/Timothy M. Shead).


2004-05-22  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 2.0.2.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 2.0.2.

2004-05-20  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: If a custom accumulator is specified
	invoke it on signal emission even if the signal's slot list is empty.
	(This used to be the case in libsigc++-1.2 as pointed out by Timothy.)

2004-05-20  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/macros/object_slot.h.m4: Suppress compiler warning at
	dynamic_cast<>-test (suggested by Timothy M. Shead).

2004-05-01  Martin Schulze  <>

	* README: Updated for libsigc++-2.0.


2004-04-27  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 2.0.1.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 2.0.1.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/base.h.m4: Fixed documentation.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind.h.m4: Hide work-arounds from doxygen.
	* scripts/cxx.m4,,,
	sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind.h.m4: Removed configure	check. It
	showed that the Apple gcc can also compile the sophisticated version
	of the work-around.

2004-04-26  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/macros/object_slot.h.m4: Modified test for SigC::Object
	inheritance so that it also works if SigC::Object is virtual base.
	(Fixes bug 141094 reported by Jonathan Brandmeyer)

2004-04-26  Martin Schulze  <>

	* scripts/cxx.m4: Updated the configure check. It would probably
	have succeeded on the Apple.

2004-04-26  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind.h.m4: Add work-arounds for
	bind<-1>::deduce_result_type compilation error on Apple gcc 3.3.
	* scripts/cxx.m4,, Add configure
	check for the compilation error above.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/operator.h.m4: Replace _A with
	_Aa. _A is a reserved keyword on Apple gcc 3.3 (Spundun Bhatt).
	(fixes bug #10444 reported by Spundun Bhatt)

2004-04-19  Martin Schulze  <>

  * sigc++/ Fixed serious bug in signal_base::impl():
  Only reference a newly created object (initial reference).
  (This fixes bug #140269 reported by Andris.)

2004-04-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* scripts/cxx.m4: Updated the operator() template check, because it
	failed with gcc 3.4 (from cvs). Apparently the template keyword can
	only be used from another template.


2004-04-06  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 2.0.0.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 2.0.0.
	* TODO, AUTHORS: Bring up to date.
	*, 1.9 -> 2.0
	* Added more documentation.

2004-04-10  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/connection.[h|cc]: Implement blocked() to avoid undefined 
	symbol linker error.

2004-04-08  Murray Cumming  <>

	* dist the scripts directory.


2004-04-06  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 1.9.16.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.16.

2004-04-02  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/ Make block() and unblock() always return a 
	value, to fix compiler warnings. Patch from bug #138620 by
	Alexander Nedotsukov.

2004-04-02  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Fix the compile of examples/ Bug #131701 from 
	Kirill Smelkov. I also made the examples build as part of the regular

2004-04-02  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++config.h.m4: Remove every undef apart from the one we need, to
	avoid clashes, because we #include this in a public header.

2004-03-25  Murray Cumming  <>

	* scripts/cxx.m4,, Rename the 
	template_keyword check to template_specialization, because the problem
	is with or without the keyword.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/adaptor_trait.h.m4: Define 
	SIGC_WORKAROUND_OPERATOR_PARENTHESES, which calls either operator() or 
	sun_forte_workaround() depending on the result of the compiler test.
	* many .m4 files: Add sun_forte_workaround methods that call the 
	operator() methods. Put them in #ifdefs so that only SUN Forte C++ 
	sees them.

2004-03-22  Murray Cumming  <>

	*, sigc++/ Fix the disting,
	to fix make distcheck.

2004-03-21  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Rename to so that gtkmm does not 
	include some other config.h at strange times - fixes a problem in
	the gtkmm demos. This should really be in the sigc++ directory, but
	that seems to add that as an include path, which causes the STL
	headers to include sigc++/signal.h instead of some STL signal.h header.

2004-03-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Install the config.h platform-specific header.
	* Report the include path for config.h

2004-03-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Added, using autoheader, from which config.h will be 
	generated, so we can detect compiler features.
	* Added AC_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h) to generate config.h
	* scripts/cxx.m4: Added this directory and file, with a 
	* Added -I scripts to the aclocal call, so that it finds
	the m4 macro for
	* sigc++/adapators/macros/adaptor_trait.h.m4: Include config.h and

2004-03-18  Martin Schulze  <>

  * tests/, tests/ Don't test
  making functors from overloaded methods with partial template
  specialization. Not portable among different compilers (SUN FORTE).
  * adaptors/macros/apdaptor_trait.h.m4: Only gcc seems to use the
  notation A.template operator()<...>(...) => adapt preprocessor check
  for #define LIBSIGC_TEMPLATE_PREFIX. TODO: replace with configure check.

2004-03-13  Murray Cumming  <>

	* g++ 3.4 (pre-release) build fixes:
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: slot_iterator_buf::operator*():
	Use blocked() and empty() instead of non-existant blocked_and_empty().
	* sigc++/functors/macros/mem_fun.h.m4: memfun_functor*::operator()(): 
	Use this->func_ptr_ instead of just func_ptr_.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/deduce_result_type.h.m4: Use 
	T_functor::template deduce_result_type<> instead of just
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/base.h.m4, operator.h.m4, group.h.m4:: 
	Use template keyword again. operator[](): Use this->value_ instead of 
	just value_.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/bind/m4: Use template keyword, and 
	this-> again.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/compose.h.m4, hide.h.m4, bind_return.h.m4, 
	rettype.h.m4, rettype_return.h.m4: Use template keyword,and this-> again


2004-02-27  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 1.9.15.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.15.

2004-02-27  Martin Schulze  <>

  * sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4: Make the unnumbered slot templates'
  copy ctors use the copy ctors of the base class. Fixes bug #24698.
  * tests/ Test copy ctor (Bryan Forbes).

2004-02-27  Martin Schulze  <>

  * tests/ Bring it up-to-date (use sigc::ref).
  Make it work with the SUN Forte.

2004-02-24  Martin Schulze  <>

  * sigc++/type_traits.h: Make is_base_and_derived<> work with the SUN Forte.

2004-02-19  Martin Schulze  <>

  * sigc++/type_traits.h: Make is_base_and_derived<> platform independant.
  * sigc++/adaptors/lambda/macros/base.h.m4: Make lambda_core<> ctors
  explicit. Remove an unused ctor from lambda_core<T_type, true>.

2004-02-14  Martin Schulze  <>

  * sigc++/functors/slot_base.h, sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4:
  Move some documentation to slot_base.h.
  * sigc++/signal_base.h, sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4:
  Move some documentation to signal_base.h.

  API addition:
  * sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4: Add numbered slot# templates.
  Make unnumbered slot templates inherit from slot#.

  API change:
  * sigc++/functors/macros/mem_fun.h.m4: Allow for methods of the object's
  base types to be passed into sigc::mem_fun(). (Used to be the case in

2004-02-13  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/functors/slot_base.[h|cc], sigc++/trackable.[h|cc]: Create 
	and use a typedef for the destroy_notify callback functions, to avoid
	confusion function pointer declaration syntax in the API.

2004-02-13  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Moved implementation to .cc files:
	* sigc++/functors/: Added slot_base.[h|cc] which contains non-template
	code that was previsouly in the generated functors/slot.h and 
	non-generated files. All non-inline implementation is now in 
	the .cc file.
	* sigc++/functors/macros/slot.m4: Removed the code that has been moved
	to slot_base.[h|cc].
	* sigc++/: Added signal_base.[h|cc] which contains non-template code 
	that was previously in the generated signal.h and non-generated file. All non-inline implementation is now in the .cc file.
	* sigc++/macros/signal.m4: Removed the code that ahs been moved to
	* sigc++/connector.[h|cc]: method implementation moved to the .cc file.


2004-02-13  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 1.9.14.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.14.

2004-02-09  Murray Cumming  <>

	* sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4: slot_base: Added operator bool(), needed to
	check for a slot that is created with the default constructor. This was
	present in libsigc++ 1.2 also.

2004-02-06  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Build the docs directory, by adding it to SUBDIRS.
	* docs/ Updated to be more glibmm-like.
	* Added some @deprecated doxygen bits.
	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Call base constructor from signal_base
	constructor - this is an error-as-warning when building gtkmm.


2003-11-30  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 1.9.13.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.13.
	*, MSVC_Net2003/,
	Distribute MS .Net project files.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/[bind,hide].h.m4: Correct and add
	documentation. Make hide_functor ctor explicit.

2003-11-11  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/[bind,hide].h.m4: Change to zero-based
	argument index in numbered bind() and hide() overload
	(Agreement on the mailing list).
	Support binding up to CALL_SIZE arguments with one bind adaptor.
	(Requested by joey yandle and others).
	Only support binding of multiple arguments in unnumberd overloads
	to keep the API simple (Requested by Murray Cumming).
	* tests/test_[bind,hide,functor_trait].cc, sigc++/bind.h:
	Reflect API changes in compatibility module and test cases.

2003-11-10  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/[bind,hide].h.m4: Add unnumbered
	bind() and hide() overloads to make specifying the argument
	position optional (Proposed by Jeff Franks).
	* tests/test_[bind,hide].cc: Test unnumbered bind() and hide().
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/adaptor_trait.h.m4:
	Change "#ifdef MSVC" to "#ifdef _MSC_VER" (Roel Vanhout).

2003-11-09  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/functors/macros/slot.h.m4: Change functor type in
	typed_slot_rep to adaptor_trait::adaptor_type<T_functor>
	and use explicit function template instantiation in
	internal::slot_call::call_it(). Avoids copying of arguments
	in call_it() and enables binding of object instances
	to class methods through bind() (Reported by Jeff Franks).
	* tests/ Test binding object instances to
	class methods through bind().
	* sigc++/adaptors/adaptors.h: Include retype[_result].h.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/adaptor_trait.h.m4:
	- Add documentation.
	- Mark some c-tors as explicit.
	- Remove ununsed operator T_functor&() from adaptor_functor.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/deduce_result_type.h.m4:
	Rewrite parts of the documentation.
	* sigc++/adaptors/macros/bind.h.m4: Add documentation.
	* sigc++/functors/macros/mem_fun.h.m4: Remove unnecessary
	explicit markers. Minor fixes to documentation.
	* sigc++/functors/macros/functor_trait.h.m4:
	Minor fixes to documentation.


2003-11-04  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 1.9.12.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.12.

2003-11-03  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/macros/signal.h.m4: Document accumulators.
	Move slot_iterator_buf into namespace internal. Since
	accumulators have the iterator type as a template argument
	there is no need to expose this very internal type.
	* sigc++/functors/macros/*.m4: Regroup documentation.
	Documentation of the core parts of the library should be
	complete by now.

2003-11-02  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Improve documentation of the core parts of the library.
	* tests/ Test ptr_fun() with static
	member functions.

2003-11-02  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Move all .m4 files into new subdirectories
	sigc++/[...]/macros. Install the .m4 files on
	"make install" (Reported by Ron Steinke).

2003-11-01  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/[class,method,object]_slot.h.m4: Include
	sigc++/functors/mem_fun.h (Reported by Ron Steinke).

2003-11-01  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/operator.h.m4: Add negation
	operator I have completely overlooked until now.
	* sigc++/tests/ Test negation operator.

2003-11-01  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/[class_slot,method_slot,object_slot,hide].h.m4,
	sigc++/signal.h.m4, sigc++/functors/mem_fun.h.m4:
	- Use a shorter notation for ..._mem_function variants.
	- Change order of mem_funcotr<>'s template arguments to
	match std::mem_fun_t and to be more consistent with adaptors.
	- Use ::sigc::slot's implicit ctor in compatibility module.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/operator.h.m4: Change some
	lambda action names to match action names in std.

	API addition:
	* sigc++/adaptors/retype.h.m4: New file adding
	adaptor retype.
	* sigc++/ Build and distribute new file.
	* tests/ New file testing adaptor retype.
	* MSVC_Net2003/tests/test_retype/test_reytype.vcproj,
	tests/ Build and distribute new test case.

2003-11-01  Martin Schulze  <>

	* MSVC_Net2003: New directory containing project
	files for Visual Studio .Net 2003.
	Credits to Roel Vanhout <>!

2003-11-01  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/retype.h.m4: Use LIBSIGC_TEMPLATE_PREFIX
	in explicit function template instantiations.
	* sigc++/type_traits.h: Add template specialization
	for arrays (T_type[N]) to disable non-working member
	* sigc++/visit_each.h: Remove more disturbing
	limit_derived_target<>::operator() overloads.
	(Should have noticed earlier that they are unnecessary.)
	* sigc++/adaptors/deduce_result_type.h.m4,
	Completely removed support for typeof(). We don't need
	it any more and it is completely non-standard!

2003-10-30  Cedric Gustin <>
 	* Added test of win32 platform. Commented
 	out AM_DISABLE_SHARED (DLLs are shared libraries).
 	* sigc++/ added a few LDFLAGS for win32

2003-10-30  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/signal.h.m4: Add SigC::Signal#<>::slot().
	* sigc++/slot.h.m4: Comment out make_slot() work-around.
	* sigc++/adaptors/bind.h.m4: Remove unnecessary brackets
	in template argument lists. They are confusing MSVC.
	* sigc++/adaptors/*.h.m4, sigc++/adaptors/lambda/*.h.m4:
	Use LIBSIGC_TEMPLATE_PREFIX in explicit function
	template instantiations.
	* sigc++/tests/test_*.cc:
	- Include <string> where std::string is used.
	- Use double instead of float.

2003-10-27  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/retype.h.m4: Cleanup.
	* TODO: Bring it up to date.


2003-10-26  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 1.9.11.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.11.

2003-10-26  Martin Schulze  <>

	Compatiblity module:
	* sigc++/signal.h.m4: Move definition of compatiblity
	classes SigC::SignalN to here.
	* sigc++/connection.h:
	- Add connection::connected().
	- Add compatibility typedef SigC::Connection.
	* sigc++/bind.h, sigc++/bind_return.h,
	sigc++/class_slot.h.m4,	sigc++/hide.h.m4,
	sigc++/method_slot.h.m4, sigc++/object.h,
	sigc++/object_slot.h.m4, sigc++/retype.h.m4,
	sigc++/retype_return.h sigc++/slot.h.m4,
	New files to complete compatibility module.
	Split content of compatibility.h.m4 among the new files.
	* sigc++/compatibility.h.m4: Removed.
	* Build and distribute new files.
	* tests/ Test new stuff.

	* sigc++/functors/slot.h.m4: Fix copy constructor and
	operator=() of slot template.
	* sigc++/adaptors/bind.h.m4: Fix deduce_result_type
	template specializations. bind<0>() probably compiles
	with gcc-3.3, now.

2003-10-26  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/functors/slot.{cc,h.m4}:
	- Fix notification process: don't defer detaching of a
	slot from all referred trackables during signal emission!
	- Size optimization: replace virtual functions from
	struct typed_slot_rep with function pointers in slot_rep
	(reduces size of a typical typed_slot_rep instantiation
	by 30% !!!).
	* tests/ Test sigc::slot more thoroughly.
	* sigc++/functors/mem_fun.h.m4: Fix visit_each().
	* sigc++/adaptos/bind_return.h.m4: Add support for
	* tests/ Use sigc::ref().
	* sigc++/signal.h.m4: Avoid compiler warning about
	uninitialized variable r_ in emit().
	* sigc++/visit_each.h: Cleanup.

	API additions:
	* sigc++/adpators/lambda/operators.h.m4: Add
	lambda actions sigc::{reinterpret,static,dynamic}_cast_
	to support explicit parameter conversion.
	* tests/ Test sigc::static_cast_.
	* sigc++/adaptors/retype_return.h.m4: New file adding
	adaptor retype_return (and hide_return).
	* sigc++/ Build and distribute new file.
	* tests/ New file testing
	adaptor retype_return (and hide_return).
	* tests/ Build and distribute new test case.

2003-10-25  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/visit_each.h: Remove disturbing
	limit_derived_target<>::operator() overloads.
	* sigc++/adaptors/bind.h.m4: Add support for sigc::ref().
	* tests/ Test sigc::ref().
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/{operator,group,base}.h.m4:
	- Move support for sigc::ref() from lambda_core<> into
	lambda operator and lambda group creator functions.
	- Add missing visit_each() overload for lambda<> template.
	* tests/ Test auto-disconnection.
	TODO: Fix a strange bug that leads to "Bus error"
	during auto-disconnection.


2003-10-23  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 1.9.10.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.10.

2003-10-23  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/functors/{functor_trait,slot}.h.m4:
	Move definition of struct nil into functor_trait.h.

2003-10-23  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Disable typeof() compiler checks.
	* sigc++/adaptors/bind.h.m4: Remove unnecessary
	deduce_result_type<> template specializations.

2003-10-20  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/compose.h.m4:
	Correct order of typedefs for good. (Patch from Jeff Franks.)


2003-10-20  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/connection.h: Add constructor that takes
	a sigc::slot_base& to support 3rd-party slot lists
	like they are used in glibmm/gtkmm.
	* sigc++/functors/slot.h.m4: Make sigc::slot::call_type public.
	(Fixes compile problems reported by Jeff Franks.)
	* sig++/type_traits.h: Don't use long long in
	(Fixes compile problems reported by Jeff Franks.)
	* sigc++/adaptors/{bind,compose,hide,exception_catch}.h.m4:
	Correct order of typedefs. (Repoted by Jeff Franks.)
	* Bump version number to 1.9.9.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.9.


2003-10-19  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/functors/slot.h.m4: Define doxygen group functors.
	* Bump version number to 1.9.8.
	* NEWS: Add ChangeLog summary for version 1.9.8.

2003-10-19  Martin Schulze  <>

	* NEWS: Add announces of versions 1.9.6 and 1.9.7.
	* sigc++/compatibility.h.m4: New file. Defines namespace SigC.
	namespace SigC should be API compatible to libsigc++-1.2.
	* sigc++/ Build compatibility.h.
	* tests/, tests/
	Add test case for compatibility module.
	* docs/index.html: Change group names.
	* sigc++/sigc++.h: Include connection.h.
	* sigc++/connection.{cc,h}:
	- Rename dependency to destroy_notify_callback.
	- Change parameter name in set_slot() from d to data.
	- Fix operator=(): Add "return *this;"
	- Get rid of namespace functor.
	- Corrections in documentation.
	* sigc++/signal.{cc,h.m4}:
	- Add reference counter to signal_impl. Replaces "bool destroy_".
	- Move signal_base, slot_iterator[_buf], slot_list out of
	namespace internal. They are part of the public API.
	- Add convenience function signal#::make_slot().
	- Get rid of namespace functor.
	- Corrections in documentation.
	* sigc++/trackable.{cc,h}:
	- Rename dependency to destroy_notify_callback.
	- Rename trackable::clear() to trackable::notify_callbacks().
	- Corrections in documentation.
	* sigc++/type_traits.h: Add documentation.
	* sigc++/visit_each.h:
	- Get rid of namespace functor.
	- Add documentation.
	* sigc++/adaptors[/lambda]/*: Get rid of namespace functor.
	* sigc++/functors/{functor_trait.h,ptr_fun.h.m4,mem_fun.h.m4}:
	- Get rid of namespace functor.
	- Corrections in documentation / add documentation.
	* sigc++/functors/slot.{cc,h.m4}:
	- Move slot_base out of namespace internal. It's public API.
	- Get rid of one-letter-parameter-names.
	- Get rid of namespace functor.
	- Corrections in documentation.
	* tests/*.cc: Get rid of "using namespace ...".

2003-09-10  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/{base,operators}.h.m4:
	Add subscript ([]) and assign (=) operator. I think there are now
	enough operators available to make any future power user happy.
	The only one missing is the comma operator and if we added it
	the logical consequence would be to also add if(), switch(), do(),
	etc. lambda expressions which are really out of place in libsigc++.
	* sigc++/type_traits.h: Fix is_base_and_derived<> for const types.
	* tests/ Test new operators.


2003-09-05  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Bump version number to 1.9.7.

2003-09-03  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/operator.h.m4:
	- Restructure so that the size of the generated source file stays
	reasonable for 34 operators: There are only two lambda templates
	lambda_operator and lambda_operator_unary. The action is an additional
	template parameter. A small template lambda_action[_unary] is specialized
	for all actions.
	- Add most operators that boost::lambda supports. Missing operators are
	"=", "[]", "," and support for pointer arithmetic. I don't know if it's
	worth adding these. In libsigc++, the purpose of lambda operators is to
	provide some extra functionality for the group adaptor.
	* tests/
	Test pre-increment, address and dereference operator.

2003-08-31  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/reference_wrapper.h, sigc++/type_traits.h, sigc++/
	New file reference_wrapper.h provides ref() to specify that adaptors/lambdas
	should take a reference to the object passed into ref() instead of a copy.
	* tests/
	- Test group() with mem_fun().
	- Use ref() where lambdas should store references to objects.
	- Test var() and constant().
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/base.h.m4:
	- Support ref() in return type deduction.
	- Add var() and constant() which create lambdas for usage with lambda operators.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/operator.h.m4:
	- Fix return type deduction.
	- Remove operator{+,-,*,...} overloads added on 2003-08-29. ref() is way cleaner.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/group.h.m4,
	sigc++/adaptors/bind.h.m4, sigc++/adaptors/compose.h.m4,
	sigc++/adaptors/exception_catch.h.m4, sigc++/adaptors/hide.h.m4:
	Fix return type deduction.

2003-08-29  Martin Schulze  <>

	* tests/ Add more tests.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/select.h.m4, sigc++/adaptors/lambda/
	Make _1, _2, ... constant.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/operator.h.m4:
	Add operator{+,-,*,...} overloads to distinguish between const and non-const objects.
	Store references to non-const objects rather than copies.
	This allows expressions like e.g. std::cout << _1.
	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/base.h.m4, sigc++/adaptors/lambda/group.h.m4:
	Remove void specializations. Functors returning void are tested and work fine.

2003-08-27  Martin Schulze  <>

	* tests/, tests/
	Rename, correct and improve this test case.
	* tests/ Build and run test_deduce_result_type
	instead of test_callof.

2003-08-27  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Update TODO.

2003-08-27  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/hide.h.m4: Remove usage of callof_ignore_arg<>.
	* sigc++/callof.h.m4, sigc++/adaptors/deduce_result_type.h.m4,
	Remove the first and move deduce_result_type templates from
	functor_trait.h.m4 into new file deduce_result_type.h.m4.
	* sigc++/, sigc++/sigc++.h, sigc++/adaptors/adaptor_trait.h.m4:
	Build and include sigc++/adaptors/deduce_result_type.h instead of callof.h.
	* sigc++/functors/slot.h.m4: Document struct nil.

2003-08-24  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/functors/functor_trait.h.m4: Simplify usage of convenience
	namespace sigc{ namespace functor{ SIGC_FUNCTORS_HAVE_RESULT_TYPE }}

2003-08-24  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/functors/functor_trait.h,m4, sigc++/adaptors[/lambda]/*.h.m4:
	Merge adaptor return type deduction and typeof() into
	sigc::functor::deduce_result_type. Use it for all adaptors.
	* tests/ Only test multi-type get-functor if
	typeof() if supported.

2003-08-24  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors[/lambda]/*.h.m4:
	- Remove unnecessary void specializations. In fact, only the one
	for sigc::functor::exception_catch<> is needed and I don't really
	understand why. For the lambda stuff the void specializatoins are
	just commented out at the moment.
	- Make typeof() optional. Surprisingly, I got the lambda stuff working
	without typeof()! The test suite doesn't catch all cases yet, so maybe
	some thing are still not working.
	TODO: Implement configure check.
	* tests/, tests/ tests/,
	tests/, tests/
	Only test multiple functor return types if typeof() is supported.

2003-08-06  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/trackable.{cc,h}: Add function trackable::clear().

2003-06-24  Andreas Rottmann  <>

	* TODO: Minor tweaks.

2003-06-23  Andreas Rottmann  <>

	* docs/reference/ Use these variables.
	* docs/reference/ (html/index.html): Provide doxygen 
	with SRCDIR and TOP_SRCDIR environment variables.
	* sigc++/functors/slot.h.m4: Make slot::call_type typedef public;
	this fixes a g++ 3.3 error in signal.h.

	* sigc++/signal.h.m4: Make the signal::accumulated class public;
	this fixes a g++ 3.3 error in

2003-06-15  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/functor/slot.h.m4: Correct typing error in docs.
	* sigc++/functor/ptr_fun.h.m4: Document the whole thing.

2003-05-31  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Reference documentation: Rearranged the groups to make it all
	a bit more like the libsigc++ 1.2 reference documentation.
	Corrected some spelling and grammar too.
	This needs a lot of work. The text is very hard to read and it's
	generally not appropriate for a user of the code who doesn't
	care about the internals. But it's not impossible - our examples
	should show us what we need to say in the documentation.
	We probably need some more groups for the extra stuff, like we do
	in libsigc++ 1.2.

2003-05-29  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/signal.h.m4: Fix documentation.
	* sigc++/connection.h, sigc++/functor/slot.h.m4:
	Document the whole thing.

2003-05-29  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/signal.h.m4:
	- Remove bogus operator() from unnumbered signal<> and
	  signal<>::accumulated templates.
	- Document the whole thing.

	* docs/index.html: Fix some links.

2003-04-06  Martin Schulze  <>

	* TODO,,, docs/*:
	Add Doxygen framework.

2003-04-06  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/callof.h.m4, sigc++/adaptors/*, tests/
	Move sigc::callof<> to sigc::functor::internal::callof<>.

	* sigc++/functors/mem_fun.h.m4, tests/
	Add new types [bound_][const_]volatile_mem_functor, visit_each()
	and mem_fun() overloads for volatile qualifier.
	Add ctor overloads in bound_*mem_functor and mem_fun() overloads
	that take reference instead of pointer.

2003-03-26  Martin Schulze  <>

	* Change "closure" to "slot" throughout sigc++2 (file names,
	class names, member variables, documentation, etc.).

2003-03-26  Martin Schulze  <>

	* TODO: Rewrite to reflect recent changes as well as recent discussions.

2003-03-24  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/adaptors/bind_return.h.m4: Make the adaptor's data member
	public so that visit_each() can access it.

	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/*.h.m4: More fixes. Add a note about
	malfunctioning typeof() (probably compiler bug in gcc-3.2).

	* tests/*.cc: Test references. Fix compose equivalent in test_lambda.

2003-03-24  Martin Schulze  <>

	* sigc++/, sigc++/functors/functor_trait.h[.m4],
	sigc++/adaptors/adaptor_trait.h.m4: Move detection of function
	and member method pointers' return types from adaptor_trait into
	functor_trait. (We'll use functor_trait rather than adaptor_trait for
	our lambda stuff.) functor_trait.h needs to be generated from .m4 now.

	* sigc++/functors/functor_trait.h.m4: Add convenience macros:
	- SIGC_FUNCTORS_HAVE_RESULT_TYPE indicates that the existance of
	T_functor::result_type should be assumed for all unknown functors.
	- SIGC_FUNCTOR_TRAIT(T_functor, T_result) explicitly specifies the
	result type of a functor.
	("typename functor_trait<T_functor>::result_type") is used to
	determine the return type of our adaptors' operator()() overloads.

	* sigc++/adaptors/[lambda/]*.h.m4: Various fixes in visit_each() and
	operator()() overloads to make these operator()() overloads usable.
	Most of them were just commented out before. Some adaptor types also
	have void specializations, now.

	* sigc++/adaptors/lambda/group.h.m4: Change syntax from
	"[some_functor] % grp([args])" to "group([some_functor], [args])"
	like we agreed on the ml some time ago.

	* sigc++/tests/test_[all adaptors].cc: Test stuff that didn't work

2003-03-22  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Added pgk-config file, from a mystery person in bug #108857

2003-03-22  Martin Schulze  <>

	* tests/ Test and show how to use functor_trait
	for user defined or 3rd-party functors so that a
	bind<0>([functor],[arg1])() call with no arguments can r
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