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* Fix a build error in the examples, on Sun CC.
 (Vladimir Marek, bug #469872)


* slot::disconnect(): Make this work.
  sigc::connection::disconnect() already worked.
  (James Lin, Murray Cumming)
* visit_each compilation problem fixed.
  (Philipp Berndt)


* Fixed build for SUN Forte C++ 5.5
* Fixed build for MSVC++ 7.1
* Fixed crash when using --no-inline with g++.


* g++ 3.2 (and Mac OS X g++ 3.3) build fix.
  (Paul Pogonyshev)
* Compose: Fix slot lifetime regression introduced in 
  2.0.9. (Philip Langdale)
* tests: Small ISO C++ correctness fix (Marek Rouchal)
* Don't specify unused function parameter names.
  (Andris Pavenis)


* SUN Forte 5.7 build fix for ambiguity when using 
  inner template class. However, you still need the 
  patch in bug #302098 to finish the build.


* signal_emit::emit(): Ensure the correct order of 
  destruction of the member variables, to avoid a leak.
  (Andreas Ames, bug #306249)
* Allow recursive signal emission again.
  (Neal E. Coombes, bug #303896)
* SUN Forte CC 5.5 build fixes:
  - test_compatibility minor fix.
  - visit_each() template specializations: 
  Mention the bool I_derives_trackable template type,
  (Friedemann Kleint, bug #305647)
 - Check for the non-standard SUN reverse_iterator,
  and use alternative code if necessary.
  (Murray Cumming)


* Fixes crashes when using virtual inheritance, particularly 
  with bound by-reference parameters, caused by casting 
  from derived to base when the derived destructor has run.
  (Régis Duchesne)
  This might affect non-g++ compilers, so do tell us about 
  any problems.


* Build fixes for SUN Forte, Tru64
  (Murray Cumming), and MSVC++ (Cedric Gustin).


* tests: Include <new> to avoid unresolved symbols on Tru64.
  (Tim Mooney)
* When signal handlers are connected made during an emit
  of the same signal, prevent them from being called in the
  same emit, to prevent infinite loops.
  (Neal E. Coombes)
* Performance improvement in a corner case.
  (Neal E. Coombes).


* sigc::bind() now works with the AIX and Tru64 compilers.
  See the comments in sigc++/visit_each.h: visit_each_type() 
  if you have compilation problems.
  (Murray Cumming)
* sigc::var() is now documented. (Roger Ferrer Ibáñez)


* Maybe avoid (incorrect) warning with g++ 3.3.5.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Fix namespace ambiguity when using multiple 
  major versions of libsigc++. (Liza Klerck)


* Now builds with the following compilers, in addition to 
the existing GNU g++, SUN Forte CC 5.5, MSVC++ .Net 2003, 
and Intel compilers: 
- IBM AIX xlC v7
- Tru64 C++ V6.5-042
- IRIX MIPSpro 7.4.2m
  (Older versions of all these compilers might also work.)
  (Murray Cumming,
* MSVC++ .Net 2003 build improvements.
  (Cedric Gustin, Timothy M. Shead)
* Replace C-style casts with reinterpret_cast<> and 
  static_cast<>. (e97_far at
* Documentation: Added manual, based on the manual in 
  libsigc++ 1.2, but updated for the new API.
  (Murray Cumming)


* Fixed a memory leak in sigc::slot.
* Fixed compilation for gcc-3.4.
* Fixed compilation for Intel C++ compiler (upgraded libtool).
* Fixed project files for MSVC .Net (Timothy M. Shead).
* Fixed segfaults when compiled with MSVC .Net 2003 (moved
  all calls to new and delete into non-inline library code).
* In the compatibility module use correct bound_mem_functor
  variants for const (volatile) methods when creating a slot.
* Minor documentation fix.
* Resolved bugs: #152327 #148744 #152323 #151404 #153143


* Distribute pregenerated configuration header for MSVC .Net.


* Fixed warnings and compiler errors in the test cases.
* Added a new test case (Murray Cumming).
* Fixed 'hello_world' example.
* Don't test optional features that fail with the Sun FORTE.
* Fixes for the Sun FORTE to compile out-of-the-box
  (Damien Carbery, Murray Cumming, Martin Schulze).
* Fixes for MSVC to build a DLL out-of-the-box (James Lin).
* Improved compiler specific configuration during 'configure'.
* Added rmp description file libsigc++-2.0.spec (Eric Bourque).
* Minor documentation improvements (Murray Cumming).
* Resolved bugs: #147311 #147313 #147391 #144846 #145541


* Fix segfault on emission of unconnected signal.
* Test emission of unconnected signals in the test case.
* Suppress compiler warning at dynamic_cast<>-test for good.
  (Help from Christof Petig and Timothy M. Shead.)


* Suppress compiler warning in compatibility module at
  dynamic_cast<>-test (fix suggested by Timothy M. Shead).
* If a custom accumulator is specified invoke it on signal
  emission even if the signal's slot list is empty. (This used
  to be the case in libsigc++-1.2 as pointed out by Timothy.)


* Fixed serious bug in reference counting in sigc::signal_base::impl().
* Fixed SigC::Object-derivation check in SigC::slot() compatibility module.
* Fixed compilation on Apple gcc 3.3 (assisted by Spundun Bhatt).
* Fixed configure check for gcc 3.4 (Murray Cumming).


* Implemented sigc::connection::blocked() (Murray Cumming).
* Added the scripts directory to the make dist target (Murray Cumming).
* Added more documentation (Martin Schulze).


* Fixed compiler warning in sigc::connection (Alexander Nedotsukov, Murray Cumming).
* Fixed examples and made them part of the regular build (Murray Cumming).
* Added header sigc++config.h for configure time checks (Murray Cumming).
* Added configure time checks to determine the correct syntax
  for explicit template method specializations (Murray Cumming).
* Removed code using partial specializations of overloaded template methods
  from test cases. SUN Forte doesn't support this feature (Martin Schulze).
* Fixed compilation for gcc 3.4 (Murray Cumming).


API additions:
* Add numbered slot# templates.
* Allow for methods of the object's base types to be passed into sigc::mem_fun().

Other fixes and cleanups:
* Make is_base_and_derived template compatible with the SUN Forte.
* Non-template code moved from .m4 macro source to .h/.cc files (Murray Cumming).
* Implementation moved to .cc files (Murray Cumming).
* More fixes for the SUN Forte. Make some more ctors explicit.


* Added sigc::slot_base::operator bool() (Murray Cumming).
* Build docs directory by default (Murray Cumming).
* Fixed minor doxygen issues (Murray Cumming).
* Fixed compiler warning in signal.h (Murray Cumming).


* Fixed passing references through sigc::slot (Reported by Jeff Franks).
* Enabled binding of objects to method slots through sigc::bind().
* Reworked sigc::bind() API: Made the template argument for the
  parameter position zero-based and optional. Added overloads for
  binding of up to 7 arguments at a time when no position is specified.
* Reworked sigc::hide() API: Made the template argument for the
  parameter position zero-based and optional.
* Fixed compilation problems with MSVC .Net 2003 (Roel Vanhout).
* Distribute MSVC .Net 2003 project files in the tarballs.
* Improved and extended documentation.
* Minor cleanups.


* Added adaptor retype(). With this final API addition all adaptors
  are in place that are available in libsigc++-1.2.
* Added negation lambda operator. Use STL names for lambda actions.
* Remove formerly disabled support for gcc extension typeof().
* Added project files for MS Visual Studio .Net 2003. (Roel Vanhout)
* Make libsigc++2 compile with .Net 2003. (Roel Vanhout, Martin Schulze)
* Build shared version of libsigc++2 by default. (Cedric Gustin)
* Add support for win32 platform. (Cedric Gustin)
* Install .m4 files. (requested by Ron Steinke)
* Cleaned up functors.
* Restructured and completed documentation of the core library parts.


API Additions and important bug fixes:
* Compatibility module completed. libsigc++-1.2 filenames are preserved.
* Fixed critical bug in auto-disconnection: don't defer detaching
  of a slot from all referred trackables during signal emission.
* Reduced size of slots significantly.
* Fixed support for sigc::ref() in adaptors.
* Fixed sigc::visit_each(): only hit targets that are passed by
  reference; pass bound members in bound_member_functor by reference.
* Add lambda actions sigc::{reinterpret,static,dynamic}_cast_
  to support explicit parameter conversion.
* Add adaptors sigc::retype_return<>() and sigc::hide_return().

Minor fixes:
* Fixed return type deduction for bind<0>.
  libsigc++-1.9.11 should compile with gcc-3.3.
* Fixed copy constructor and operator=() of slot template.
* Fixed a compiler warning in signal_emit#<>::emit().
* Improved test case.


* Fix compiler issues with gcc-3.3.2 (patch from Jeff Franks).
* Remove compiler check for the gcc extension typeof().
* Simplify bind_functor templates.
* Move definition of struct nil into functor_trait.h.


* Add a constructor to sigc::connection that takes a slot_base&
  to support user defined slot lists like they are used in gtkmm.
* Fix compiler issues with gcc-3.3.2 (reported by Jeff Franks).


* Add compatibility module that defines namespace SigC.
  namespace SigC should be API compatible to libsigc++-1.2.
  Currently only the core parts of the library are supported.
  Adaptors are still to follow.
* Fix connection::operator=(). Include connection.h in sigc++.h.
* Get rid of namespace functor.
* Rename dependency to destroy_notify_callback.
* Rename trackable::clear() to trackable::notify_callbacks().
* Move slot_base, signal_base, slot_iterator[_buf], slot_list
  out of namespace internal. They are public API.
* Add reference counter to signal_impl enabling signals
  to share the underlying information.
* Add convenience function signal#::make_slot().
* Get rid of one-letter-parameter-names.
* Get rid of "using namespace ..." in the test cases.
* Add lambda operators subscript ([]) and assign (=).
* Fix is_base_and_derived<> for const types.
* New and updated documentation.
* Add previous announces to file NEWS.


* Added sigc++/sigc++.h. (Murray Cumming)
* Added member_method example. (Murray Cumming)
* Renamed closure to slot.
* Fixed issues with gcc-3.3. (Adreas Rottmann)
* Removed unnecessary void specializations.
* Made adaptors' operator()() (overload with no arguments) return a value.
* Made visit_each() support adaptors.
* Overhauled return type deduction to make it work without typeof().
* Added convinience macros SIGC_FUNCTORS_HAVE_RESULT_TYPE and 
SIGC_FUNCTOR_TRAIT(T_functor, T_result) to make return type deduction system 
support 3rd-party funtors.
* Changed syntax of group adaptor from "[functor] % grp([lambdas])" to "group
([functor], [lambdas])".
* Made many fixes to lambda functionality.
* Added var() and constant() lambda creators.
* Added many lambda operators.
* Added ref() which creates a reference wrapper to enable storage of 
references in bind and group adaptors.
* Expanded test suite.
* Added documentation. (Corrections by Murray Cumming)


* First public release of the unstable 2.0 generation.
  libsigc++ 2.0 uses modern C++ mechanisms to achieve a highly
  flexible, yet typesafe callback system. It supports all features of
  libsigc++ 1.2 and improves upon it by:
  - No need to specify the number of arguments in signal definitions.
  - Connection of any compatible (=implicitly convertable) functor
   to a signal.
  - Implicit type conversions of parameters during signal emission.
  - Lambda adaptor for complete restructuring of functor parameter
   lists in one line (subject to changes).
  - Signal has a fully featured stl style list interface.
  - A convinient accumulator API (replacing the old marshaller API).
  - Removal of unnecessary memory management functionality.
  - Lightweight class "trackable" for use as base class of your
   class hierarchy replaces class "Object".
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