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This is an incomplete list of contributors to SoX. Your name could be
here, too! I've probably lost a few, and several people fixed the same

	Lance Norskog

	Chris Bagwell
	Reuben Thomas
		Build system makeover, libsndfile and ffmpeg sound
		format support, libao playback, Secret Rabbit Code
		resampling; many fixes and much cleanup.
	Rob Sykes
                Formats: M3U, PLS, FLAC, AMR, 24bit support for popular
		Effects: key, tempo, pad, bass, treble, new reverb, new
		flanger, soft-knee companding, speed via resampling, filters
		makeover inc.  gnuplot & octave plotting; new effects chain
		with buffering and any # channels.
                Others: open input files via URL, file merging, play
                multiple files with mixed format types, play with replay-gain,
                building with cmake, much manual improvement and expansion,
                various fixes, enhancements and clean-ups.

	Juergen Mueller
		chorus, echo, echos, flanger, phaser, and reverb
	Guido Van Rossum
		AU, AIFF, AUTO, HCOM, reverse, many bug fixes.
	Jef Poskanzer
		original code for u-law and delay line
	Bill Neisius
		DOS port, 8SVX, Sounder, Soundtool formats,
		Apollo fixes, stat with auto-picker.
	Rick Richardson
		WAV and SB driver handlers, fixes.
	David Champion
		Amiga port.
	Pace Willisson
		Fixes for ESIX.
	Leigh Smith
		SMP and comment movement support, AIFF Loop/MIDI
	David Sanderson
		AIX3.1 fixes.
	Glenn Lewis
		AIFF chunking fixes.
	Brian Campbell
		QNX port and 16-bit fixes.
	Chris Adams
		DOS port fixes.
	John Kohl
		BSD386 port, VOC stereo support.
	Ken Kubo
		VMS port, VOC stereo support.
	Frank Gadegast 		<>
		Microsoft C 7.0 & C Borland 3.0 ports.
	David Elliot		<>
		CD-R format support.
	David Sears		<>
		Linux support.
	Tom Littlejohn          <>
		Raw textual data
	Boisy G. Pitre
		OS9 port.
        Sun Microsystems, Guido Van Rossum
	        CCITT G.711, G.721, G.723 implementation
	Graeme Gill
		A-LAW format, Good .WAV handling, avg channel
	Allen Grider
		VOC stereo mode, WAV file handling
	Michel Fingerhut
		Upgrade 'sf' format to current IRCAM format,
		float file support.
	Chris Knight
		Acorn Archimedes support.
	Richard Caley
		Psion WVE handler.
	Lutz Vieweg
		MAUD (Amiga) file handler
	Tim Gardner
		Windows NT port for V7.
	Jimen Ching
		Libst porting bugs.
	Lauren Weinstein
		DOS porting, scripts, professional use.
	Stan Brooks
		Rewrite of resample and polyphase code,
		DSP filter effect, some test code/scripts.
	Stuart Daines <>
		Patches for r/w support of gsm-encoded wav files,
		cleanup of wav.c.
	Chris Bagwell
		OSS and Sun players, bugfixes, ADPCM support,
		patch collection and maintance.
	Matthias Nutt
		Multiple effects from command line.
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