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This is the Debian Linux prepackaged version of sox, a comprehensive sound
conversion tool.

This package was put together by Guenter Geiger <> with sources
obtained from:

The following copyright applied to this software:

  Copyright 1991 Lance Norskog And Sundry Contributors
  This source code is freely redistributable and may be used for
  any purpose.  This copyright notice must be maintained. 
  Lance Norskog And Sundry Contributors are not responsible for 
  the consequences of using this software.

Version 12.16 and above of sox is available from

sox.c, and thus SoX-the user application, is distributed under the GPL.

The remaining files that make up libst are licensed under the less
restrictive license LGPL.

There is currently only one exception to this.  The files FFT.c and
FFT.h are original from the Audacity program and fall under its
license of GPL.  The noise profiling and noise reduction effects
both make use of this FFT code and would need to be removed from
any program that requires LGPL only software.

On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public License
can be found in the '/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL' file.
The complete text of the GNU Lesser General Public License can be found in the 
'/usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL' file.

The original copyright owner was Lance Norskog.
Current upstream development is being made by Chris Bagwell and others.

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