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0. Table of Content
  1. Introduction
  2. The lexicon
  3. The reference count
  4. The syllable
  5. Current Development
  6. Author Information

1. Introduction

  The original tsi.src had 138,614 entries of Chinese words in Big5
  encoding.  The lexicon were compiled from 3 sources:

  (1) Chih-Hao Tsai

  (2) IOME

  (3) Xcin

  Entries from these sources were then slightly modified.

  Each entry, a line, in tsi.src describes a word.  Each entry
  consists of the following two or three fields:

  (1) the word itself in Big5 encoding

  (2) the reference count summarized by the work at
      Computer Systems and Communication Lab,
      Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

  (3) the syllables annotated in BoPoMoFo, which were collected
      from various sources and mostly edited manually

  The syllables may not be present, and each field is separated by
  a space character (' ').

2. The lexicon

  Despite of the first source listed in the previous section, the
  author can hardly find any reference point for the second and the
  third sources.

  The first source contributes over 95% lexicons to the collection.

3. The reference count

  The reference count of each entry is important for some
  applications, but there is no freely accessible corpus for
  generating this data.  The author asked CCL, IIS, Academia Sinica,
  where he was working for, for the permission of gathering such data
  from a corpus that consists of HTML pages crawled from various
  Internet sites in Taiwan.  The request was granted.

  The author sampled 1,200,000 pages from the database (which contains
  more than 2,000,000 pages at that time) at the beginning of March,
  1999.  The pages are collected in December, 1998.

  "Maximum Matching Segmentation Algorithm" is the method used to
  identify words present in each HTML page.  You can read

  for more information about the algorithm.

  Some words have 0 reference count because of no occurrence in the

4. The syllable

  Syllable is also important for some applications, so the author
  started to collect available data from the Internet as well as
  revise each entry manually with other developers.

  Some of the syllable annotation are not correct, and some of them are
  not present.

5. Current Development

  After the release of libtabe and bims in 1999, it became part of
  xcin.  Xcin is a Chinese input method for X window system, and bims
  is used as the engine of its phonetic input method as well as the
  engine for phoneme-to-character resolution.

  Developers of xcin soon realized that the data contains in the
  lexicon affects the performance of the input method, for example,
  incorrect words in the lexicon were sometimes chosen when user is
  entering text, and the user must be interrupted to correct those
  errors.  Another problem is the lack of syllables preventing correct
  words from being chosen, and making incorrect words to be chosen,
  during the process.

  One easy solution is to revise the lexicon and correct these errors,
  and the developers are actively working on this.  For more
  information, please visit

6. Author Information

  Pai-Hsiang Hsiao <> and numerous contributors.

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