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Text-Sass - A Perl implementation of Sass & SCSS

This is most definitely a work-in-progress. It only implements a
subset of the specification but it's being actively developed so if
there's functionality missing, drop me a line at and
send me patches and tests.

And yes, this should all really be done with a proper language tools,
i.e. grammar, parser, tokeniser etc.

Bugs & Limitations
 - Compound class/id/element are unreliable:
   .element1, .element2

 - Variables are currently global. This can be quite unpleasant.

There is no support for colorfunctions. 
There is no support for @extends.
No support of default for values.
No support for #{} interpolation.
No support for @import of sass and scss.
No support for @debug.
No support for @warn.
No support for @if.
No support for @for.
No support for @while.
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