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1997-12-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Don't forget to quote the CDPATH substitution.  From
	Tor Lillqvist.

1997-12-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (CDPATH): Unset this environment variable
	so that HP-UX shells, at least, don't print out the directory name
	after a `cd' command.  From Tor Lillqvist.

1997-12-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (hardcode): Change a bunch of references to
	`$(LIBS)' to `-lm', since we no longer put -lm in LIBS.

	* demo/ Delete the test for libm, since it is
	standard on every system.

	* demo/ (libhello_la_LDFLAGS): Change to include -lm,
	in accordance with new inter-library dependency code.

	* (dependency_libs): Added to help people link programs
	without having to explicitly specify inter-library dependencies.

	* (COLLECT_NAMES): Oops... I forgot to apply the AIX 3
	restriction to the generated libtool script.  Reported by Stefan

1997-12-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (thisdir): Quote $echo in the generated libtool
	script for HP-UX.  From Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer.

	* (link): Recognize the `.s' suffix.  From Markus
	F.X.J. Oberhumer.

	* (link_static_flag): Don't quote ${wl} on HP-UX
	because link_static_flag is never evaled.  From Eric Backus.

	* tests/suffix.test (extensions): Recognize `.s'.  From Markus
	F.X.J. Oberhumer.

1997-12-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (helldl_DEPENDENCIES): Add `' to our
	dependencies so that parallel builds work correctly.  From Jim

	* ($(srcdir)/ltconfig, $(srcdir)/ Rewrite
	these rules so that they are parallelizable.  Reported by Jim

	* (ltecho): We need special handling to quote the
	`echo' variable itself.  From Alexandre Oliva.

1997-11-29  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (COLLECT_NAMES): Enable this workaround for a broken
	collect2 only on AIX 3.  This avoids problems on other AIX
	versions.  Reported by Stefan Westerfeld.

	*, (finish_eval): Variable like finish_cmds,
	except it is a single command which is evaled, and not shown.

	* Port to AmigaOS.  From Joop van de Wege.

	* (echo): Delete preamble to check for a working echo,
	since we just use the one included in the generated libtool.

	* (echo): Include this definition in the generated
	libtool script.

1997-11-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, libtool.m4 (NM): Add /usr/ccs/bin to the PATH
	before checking.  From Kaveh R. Ghazi.
	(NM): Delete an extraneous egrep from ltconfig.

	* (finish_cmds): Change back to using `ldconfig -n'.
	This makes Linux behave like other systems, which is more in line
	with what libtool needs.

1997-11-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change a whole bunch of `progname' variables to
	`modename'.  This is for clarity, and to fix a tiny typo in finish

	* libtool.spec (Name, Version): Ditto.

	* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Use PRCS to automatically generate
	the proper package name and version number.

	* (gnu_ld_acts_native): Treat GNU ld like the native
	linker on SunOS 4.x.  Suggested by Alexandre Oliva.
	(deplibs): Change the defaults all over, since most systems cannot
	handle inter-library dependencies.

	* libtool.m4, (NM): Only look at the first line of the
	output from NM when determining whether it supports a command line
	option.  This prevents false positives on OSes which ignore
	invalid flags, like HP-UX, which prints `nm: unknown option "B"
	ignored'.  Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* (finish_cmds): On Linux, update by
	removing the `-n' flag from ldconfig.  Suggested by Kenneth

	* (maintainer-checkin, maintainer-release): New
	commands to reap the full benefit of using PRCS to maintain
	libtool version numbers.

	*, (global_symbol_pipe): Explicitly cast all
	addresses to __ptr_t.  This fixes a bug due to a strict IRIX
	compiler.  Suggested by Kaveh R. Ghazi.

1997-11-23  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (echo): For aesthetics, avoid using `$echo' when
	`echo' will do *exactly* the same thing.  This prevents ugly
	`printf %s\n timestamp > some.lo' commands from appearing in the
	libtool output.
	(link): Delete the `-allow-undefined' flag because it is now the
	default.  Make `-no-undefined' in order for people to declare that
	a library is entirely self-contained.  This prevents maintainers
	from accidentally creating shared libraries that won't work on
	AIX.  Reported by Stefan Westerfeld and Danny Backx.

	* (echo): Use an echo variable, just as in,
	because we need it for quoting substitutions.  For most of the
	script, though, use the default echo, just like Autoconf does.
	Without this patch, character \001 ends up in global_symbol_pipe.
	Reported by Lars Hecking and J�rgen Fluk.

	* (echo): Set default to `echo=echo'.  Ooops.  That's
	what you get for testing obscure code paths and forgetting to
	revert to the original version.  Reported by Danny Backx.

1997-11-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (hardcode_libdir_flag_spec): Set to `-R' for FreeBSD
	2.2.  From Sean Kelly.
	(postuninstall_cmds, old_postuninstall_cmds): Commands to run
	after uninstall mode deletes the libraries.  Suggested by Joop van
	de Wege.
	(export_dynamic_flag_spec): On HP-UX, add the `${wl}-E'
	export_dynamic_flag_spec.  Reported by Matthias Hoelzer.

1997-11-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (sed_quote_subst): Oops.  We forgot to
	quote backticks.  Reported by Joop van de Wege.

	* tests/quote.test: Add backticks to the backslashify test.

1997-11-09  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (symcode): On IRIX, don't extract undefined
	symbols.  When a function is inlined by G++, references to it are
	still marked as undefined in the object file.  This means that our
	symbol file causes undefined references, because there are
	actually no matching global symbols.  Reported by Paul Kendall.

1997-11-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Don't forget to redirect the COLLECT_NAMES libtool
	script fragment to the generated libtool, rather than to stdout.

1997-11-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Add a more sophisticated test to determine the
	ABI flag on IRIX 6.  Suggested by Lars Hecking and Ian Lance

	*, (COLLECT_NAMES): Only export this
	variable if we are running under AIX.  Otherwise, we tickle a g++
	bug under IRIX.  From Paul Kendall.

	* Change bug reporting address to <>.

	* (allow_undefined_flag): OSF/1 3.x also requires a
	wildcard argument to `-expect_unresolved'.  From Stephan Kulow.

1997-11-06  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Use libname_spec.

	* (pic_flag): Somehow, the HP-UX pic_flag (`+Z') was
	dropped between libtool-1.0 and now.  Add it back in.  Reported by
	Akim Demaille.
	Integrated more patches for OS/2.  From Jeff Freedman.
	(libname_spec): New variable for OSes that don't require their
	libraries to look like `libNAME.a'.

	* (link): Only use global_symbol_pipe if it has been
	defined.  From Stephan Kulow.

	* (global_symbol_pipe): Protect C fragment under C++
	compilers.  From Stephan Kulow.

	* ($(srcdir)/acinclude.m4,
	$(srcdir)/demo/acinclude.m4): Change rules to use LN_S so that
	they can be run on any system.

	* (archive_cmds): For NetBSD, don't include deplibs.
	From Dieter Baron.

	* (mkdir): Check that the directory doesn't exist before
	we exit with error, so that we don't get races during parallel
	builds.  From H.J. Lu.
	(fbsd_hideous_sh_bug): Apparently, some FreeBSD /bin/sh's have a
	bug that will empty base_compile unless we do this dummy
	assignment.  From Marc van Kempen.

1997-10-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (libtool_shared, libtool_static): Fixed logic error
	to reenable override of libtool's defaults by setting
	enable_shared or enable_static in  Reported by Tom
	Tromey and Stephan Kulow.

	* (link): Add explicit support for compiler options that
	begin with `+'.  Reported by Aubert Pierre.

1997-10-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Silly me.  Change a bunch of occurances of "* $dir *"
	into *" $dir "*.

	* (pic_flag): PIC is the default for AIX.  From Mark
	Kettenis.  It is also the default for OSF/1.

	* demo/ (objdir): Quote double-quotes.  From Mark

	* (global_symbol_pipe): This variable is not
	double-evaled, so it should not be double quoted.  From Mark

1997-10-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (LD): Same as below.

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Set LD if we discover an absolute path to GNU
	ld.  This prevents breakage when `$CC -print-prog-name=ld' returns
	an absolute directory name.  Reported by Ulrich Drepper.

	* Port to OS/2 using EMX.  From Jeff Freedman.

	* (link): Use old_archive_from_new_cmds.

	* (old_archive_from_new_cmds): New variable to
	support DLL libraries.

	* (link): Only `eval' export_dynamic_flag_spec if it is
	not empty.  Reported by Stephan Kulow.

1997-10-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (objdir): Use the .libs directory on all systems for
	which that name is valid, and _libs on the others (like MS-DOS).
	Suggested by Juergen Erhard.

1997-10-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Added a bit more inter-language support to the
	symbol file generation process.
	Instead of complaining about unrecognized argument suffices, pass
	them to the linker.  This prevents libtool from barfing on
	mandatory arguments to linker flags.  Reported by Michael

1997-10-09  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Change the wrapper script to follow symlinks
	in order to find thisdir.  This should put the final nail in the
	coffin for problems with wrapper scripts.  From Ian Lance Taylor.

1997-10-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change a few `$echo' commands into `$show' to make
	--silent mode behave as advertised.

	* (allow_undefined_flag): On OSF/1 4.x, use
	`-expect_unresolved \*'.  From Christian Mondrup.

	* (install): Change install mode to allow a specified
	/bin/sh argument at the beginning of the install_prog.  Also,
	specify the shell to run when invoking libtool recursively for
	finish mode.  From Chris Provenzano.

	* libtool.m4 (LIBTOOL): Change definition to include $(SHELL).
	From Chris Provenzano.

	* Port to UTS 4.x.  From Alistair Crooks.

	* demo/ (hc-libflag): Add rules to make this binary for

	* tests/hardcode.test (hardcode_libdir_flag_spec): Check the hardcoding
	properties of the flag_spec, too.

1997-09-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (LD): As with libtool.m4, don't override LD.
	Do a whole bunch of ac_t quoting.

1997-09-24  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LD): Don't override LD in the environment.

1997-09-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4, (NM): Arguments to the for loop must be
	whitespace separated.  This fixes a bug under FreeBSD's /bin/sh.
	From George Scott.

	* tests/defs, tests/ (clean-local): Change =inst to
	_inst to fix portability on MS-DOS.  From Robert Hoehne.

1997-09-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (deplibs): When building shared libraries, always add
	-lc to deplibs.  Reported by Andreas Jellinghaus.

1997-09-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	environment variable has not been set, set it to empty.  This
	apparently fixes the AIX bug with GCC's collect2.  Reported by
	Mark Kettenis.

	* demo/,, tests/hardcode.test (objdir):
	Changed objdir variable .libs to _libs.  This is another MS-DOS
	portability fix.  Suggested by Robert Hoehne.

	* tests/hardcode.test (objdir): New variable to simplify change from
	.libs to _libs (MS-DOS portability fix).

1997-09-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (hardcode_minusL): Fix typo by renaming
	hardcode_minusL to hardcode_minus_L.  Also add FreeBSD
	hardcode_libdir_flag_spec. From Paul Traina.

	* (link): Honour multiple `-rpath' flags when linking
	programs.  Suggested by Bengt Martensson.
	Quote appearances of $echo in the wrapper script.  From Alexandre

	*,, tests/tlibtool: Use instead

	* Rename to  This fixes a
	portability problem (on MS-DOS, of all places!).  From Robert

1997-09-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Do not transform libtool objects to regular
	objects if we did not build old libs.  Reported by Tomas Hiller.

1997-09-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (hell_debug_LDFLAGS): Change hell.static to
	hell.debug in order to reflect the new static linking semantics.

	* (link): Add new `-all-static' flag to prevent all
	dynamic linking.  The old `-static' flag just prevents dynamic
	linking against libtool libraries.  Suggested by Bengt

	* (with_gnu_ld): Add a test to make sure that we are
	actually using GNU ld.  This fixes an inconsistency when running
	ltconfig without using libtool.m4.  Reported by Ulrich Drepper.
	(global_symbol_pipe): Delete symbols that are not valid C
	identifiers.  Reported by Johan Danielsson and Bengt Martensson.

	* tests/demo-exec.test, tests/demo-inst.test: Change references from
	hell.static to hell.debug.

	* tests/quote.test (echo): Add the same Digital Unix echo test fixes as
	the ones to from Todd Kover.

	* tests/if.test, tests/test-e.test (scripts): Add ../lineno to
	the scripts we check.
	* tests/if.test: Check for accidental use of test X$something rather
	than test "X$something".

1997-09-04  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (echo): Quote all the uses of `echo' in all eval
	statements.  Reported by Bengt Martensson and Alexandre Oliva.
	(echo): Need to surround test args with double quotes, or the echo
	test fails on Digital Unix 4.0.  From Todd Kover.

1997-08-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (echo): Change test to one that uses printf.
	This works on AIX, which has the same problems that Solaris does,
	but no working echo program.

	* tests/quote.test (echo): Change test to version that uses printf.
	Be less strict about return results.

1997-08-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Make sure that compile_command and
	finalize_command are always evaled.  Quote any unknown linker
	flags we need to pass through.
	(compile): Use quoting for flags we pass.
	(echo): I hate Sun!  The /usr/bin/echo on Solaris handles
	backslash sequences, which makes it impossible to do backslash
	quoting using echo and sed.  So, we search for an echo that obeys
	the `echo '\t'` = '\t' equality.  Then we use `$echo' everywhere
	Put tabs back into the ${IFS=	} sequences.  Emacs untabify is
	libtool bane.

	* Quote all variable values that may contain
	metacharacters creating the libtool script.  This provides
	complete protection, so that even single-quotes may appear inside
	a libtool variable value.

	* (link): Quote finalize_command before putting it in
	the wrapper script.

	* tests/quote.test (echo): Add the test for a non-backslash-mangling

1997-08-26  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (sed_quote_subst): Change the quoting procedure
	again.  I think that the new one is robust for *all* characters,
	including whitespace and metacharacters.

	* tests/quote.test: New torture test for libtool metacharacter quoting.

1997-08-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change quoting procedure because some shells
	cannot handle `]' in scan sets.  From Ian Dall.

1997-08-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (execute): Added -dlopen flag handling.  Suggested
	by Alexandre Oliva.

1997-08-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Change executable wrapper to fix up value
	of thisdir, as well as progdir, if the $0 path doesn't work.  This
	guarantees that shlibpath_var is set correctly.  Add support for
	execute mode.

	* (execute): New mode to automatically set
	shlibpath_var, which allows easy debugging of uninstalled
	executables and libraries.  Suggested by Kenneth Albanowski.

1997-08-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* ($(srcdir)/ltconfig): Use lineno.

	* Add AM_PROG_AWK for lineno.

	* lineno: New program to automatically put line numbers in

	* libtool.m4, (AM_PROG_LD): Yet Another Rewrite, which
	incorporates the results of `gcc -print-program-name=ld'.
	Suggested by Alexandre Oliva.

1997-08-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Accept `--quiet' and `--silent' flags to turn off
	command echoing.  From Juergen A. Erhard.

	(compile): Recognize the Objective C `.m' extension.  From Juergen
	A. Erhard.

	(compile): Suppress error output from the second compilation (if
	any) so that we don't get those frustrating duplicate error

	* tests/suffix.test (extensions): Added Objective C extension, `.m'.

1997-08-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Added messages to config.log to describe what sort
	of test we are running.
	(pic_flag): Added a sanity check for pic_flag.  This should fix
	bugs reported using the cc bundled with HP-UX 10.  Suggested by
	Bruno Haible and Akim Demaille.

1997-08-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Add -dlopen and -dlpreopen support for
	libtool objects.  This means that dlopened modules no longer need
	to be shared libraries.

	* (pic_flag): GCC on IRIX 6 always builds PIC.
	Reported by Ian Lance Taylor.

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Always add `-n32' to the linker if we are using
	GCC on IRIX 6.  Reported by Ian Lance Taylor.

1997-07-30  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LIBTOOL): Explicitly check enable_shared and
	enable_static rather than just enableval.  This allows scripts to set their own defaults.  Suggested by
	Tommy Reilly.

1997-07-29  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Add NLS environment variable handling copied from  Reported by Akim Demaille.
	(link): If allow_undefined_flag is not supported, then turn on old
	libraries.  Reported by Akim Demaille.

	* demo/dlmain.c (main): Use dld_preloaded_symbol_count to display
	a message about the sortedness of the symbol table.

	* (nlist): Use an nlist convenience variable, so that
	code can be shared directly with

	*, (dld_preloaded_symbol_count): Count up
	the number of symbols in the dld_preloaded_symbols.  Set to `-1'
	if the list wasn't both sorted and counted.  This allows
	applications to do a quick binary search, if they are so inclined.

1997-07-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Remove code for `-version-file', since it
	has been long-deprecated.

	Disable static linking if hardcode_direct is unsupported and there
	is no working link_static_flag.  This provides correct behaviour
	for all cases on AIX 3, regardless of whether collect2 is broken
	or not.  Reported by Mark Kettenis.

	* Fix typo in test polarity.  From Mark Kettenis.

1997-07-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (hardcode_direct): Set to `unsupported' if aix3 uses
	a broken collect2.  Adapted out of test results from Mark
	(link_static_flag): Make sure the link_static_flag actually works
	with a trivial binary.

	*, (export_dynamic_flag_spec): Renamed
	from export_dynamic_flag because we eval it in

	* (link_static): Don't eval link_static_flag.

	* demo/dlmain.c (main): Change function prototype to be KNR
	compatible.  From Kaveh R. Ghazi.

	* (link): Use no_builtin_flag.  This works around
	conflicting definitions of builtin functions with at least GCC.
	Reported by Kazuhiro Sasayama.

	* (no_builtin_flag): New flag to turn off builtin
	functions when compiling an object file.
	(pipe_works): Use it.

	* tests/demo-exec.test (status): Use status variables so that we try to
	execute all the programs.

1997-07-23  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (pic_flag): According to the libg++ 2.7.2 configure
	script, DEC alpha CPUs are PIC-only, as well.  Reported by Kevin

1997-07-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, Replace all occurances of "sed 'X;
	Y'" with "sed -e 'X' -e 'Y'".

	* (link): Finish full integration for `-dlopen' and

	Fix two silly typos where I used a compile_command in place of a
	finalize_command, and vice versa.

	Change the wrapper script to check a hardcoded path only if the
	argv[0] method fails.  This is a compromise for the previous two
	patches, and should solve the majority of problems with wrapper
	scripts.  From Kenneth Albanowski.

	(link): Change a reference to hardcode_libdir_colon_separated to
	use the new hardcode_libdir_separator variable.

	* demo/ (helldl_LDFLAGS): Add `-export-dynamic' and
	`-dlpreopen' for building helldl.

	* demo/dlmain.c (main): Succeed, even if none of the libhello
	symbols have been preloaded.

1997-07-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (global_symbol_pipe): Add `U' to the accepted global
	symbol types.  This means that we will get duplicate symbols, but
	we'll also be sure to get all global symbols used by the program.

	* (pipe_works), (link): Sort and make
	symbol output unique.

1997-07-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (pipe_works): Check to make sure our guessed
	global_symbol_pipe actually works.

	* (link): Revert change from Kenneth Albanowski.  The
	wrapper scripts are more reliable when they just use the argv[0]
	value.  Generally, when the argv[0] method doesn't work, the user
	is trying to do something weird with an uninstalled binary, and
	should try a different approach.

	*, (CC): Always use `$CC' instead of
	`$cc'.  This fixes a FreeBSD bug.  Reported by Chuck Robey, and

1997-07-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): In wrapper scripts, hardcode the current
	directory to prevent phony argv[0] values from screwing up our
	program.  From Kenneth Albanowski.

1997-07-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (demo_distfiles): Add demo/dlmain.c to the

1997-07-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ Add helldl, made from dlmain.c, to demostrate
	`-dlopen' usage.

	* demo/dlmain.c: New file to demonstrate preloaded modules.

	* (link): Add `-dlopen' flag to preload dynamic
	modules, even on static platforms.  Use `$NM' and
	`$global_symbol_cmd' to extract symbols from required files.
	(dlname): Delete dlname mode entirely.  It is rendered obsolete
	because the `.la' file format is now a public interface.

	* (NM): New variable for BSD-compatible nm program.
	(global_symbol_cmd): Pipeline to extract global symbols from the
	nm output.

	* The .la file header should depend on `',
	not `$PROGRAM'.
	(link): Make sure $export_dynamic_flag is eval'ed before it is

	* tests/demo-exec.test, tests/demo-inst.test: Check the new
	helldl program,	too.

1997-07-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.spec: New Red Hat Package Manager specification file in
	order to help people prepare distributions of libtool for Linux.

	* Eliminate two accidental uses of the NONE magic
	value.  These were breaking libtool's behaviour when no mode is

	* tests/nomode.test: New test to make sure there is correct behaviour
	when we don't specify a mode.

1997-07-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 1.0.

	* On SunOS, append /usr/etc to the PATH before
	running ldconfig; on *BSD, append /sbin.  This was done in line
	with the Linux change suggested by Kenneth Albanowski.

	* demo/ (hardcode_tests): Aesthetic change to
	alphabetize order of compiling the hardcode tests.

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Delete README-automake.

	* README-automake: Remove from distribution.

1997-07-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): In the executable wrapper, strip trailing
	colons from the shlibpath_var because some's, notably
	OpenBSD 2.0's (!), don't parse colon-terminated values correctly.
	From Tim Pierce.

1997-07-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, Eliminate uses of the NONE magic
	variable value.  Use an empty variable instead.

	* (with_gcc, with_gnu_ld): Do the tests for the C
	compiler and linker if the variables are unset, or if they are not
	GNU C and ld.
	(RANLIB): Eliminate redundant `if' statement.

	* Use AM_PROG_LD.

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PROG_LD_GNU): New macro to determine if LD is GNU
	(AM_PROG_LD): Rename AM_PATH_PROG_LD to AM_PROG_LD.  Parameterize
	so that the user can specify `--with-gnu-ld' or `--without-gnu-ld'
	to indicate his preference.

1997-06-30  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Append /sbin to the path before running ldconfig on
	Linux.  This helps superusers who haven't set their PATH
	correctly.  Suggested by Kenneth Albanowski.

	* tests/if.test: New test to make sure that we haven't forgotten to
	follow an `if' statement with a `test' command.  This should avoid
	the majority of hard-to-track bugs.

1997-06-29  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change all the `eval "$run ..."' sequences to
	`$run "eval ..."'.

	Change all `$ln_s ...' sequences to use `(cd /dir && $LN_S ...)'.
	This is the sequence recommended by the Autoconf manual, and
	should avoid any problems on older machines.  Eliminate all uses
	of `cp -p'.  Reported by Akim Demaille.

	(install): Use `test $# -gt 0' instead of `test -n "$1"'.

	* (LN_S): Add test to see if `ln -s' works.

	* libtool.m4: Increment serial number, and require AC_PROG_LN_S.

1997-06-26  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Add missing `test' statement.  Reported by
	Akim Demaille.

1997-06-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (LD): Consistently use ac_cv_path_ld instead of
	am_cv_path_ld.  From Tim Pierce.

1997-06-20  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Redo two robustness fixes.  Alexandre had the
	correct approach, but I botched them.

	* (dynamic_linker): Disable shared libraries on
	MkLinux unless GNU libc is in use.  Reported by Akim Demaille.

1997-06-19  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (install): Add a missing `test' command.  Reported
	by Joel Weber.
	Miscellaneous fixes to improve robustness.  From Alexandre Oliva.

	* tests/demo-conf.test (CONFIG_SITE): Set to /dev/null, so that the file doesn't mess up our prefix.  Reported by Joel

	* tests/demo-inst.test: Always run both hell.static and hell.

	* tests/demo-conf.test: Always remove the local config.cache, but run
	`make distclean' only if the Makefile exists.  Otherwise, the demo
	directory is not cleaned up if a user uses their own config.cache.
	Reported by Joel Weber.

1997-06-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Create invalid libtool objects when partial
	linking if we don't have PIC.  From Jeff Dairiki.
	(install): Fix bug if libtool object is installed to a file name
	without directory components.  From Jeff Dairiki.

1997-06-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (demo/configure): Fix up rules to run autoconf.
	(aclocal.m4): Now we depend on our own libtool.m4.

	* (AM_PATH_PROG_LD): Use it.

	* libtool.m4 (AM_PATH_PROG_LD): New macro to find the linker used
	by the C compiler.

	* (install, uninstall): Support installing and
	uninstalling `.lo' files.  From Jeff Dairiki.

1997-06-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (ltconfig, Only move if $(srcdir) is not
	the current directory.  Don't regenerate every time the package is
	reconfigured.  Reported by Tom Tromey.
	(MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Added ltconfig,, so that
	$(srcdir) is not messed with during a regular clean.

1997-06-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (ltconfig, Be sure to move these files
	into $(srcdir) once they are created.

	* (link): Disable building static libraries.
	People should use their favourite AR and RANLIB commands.
	Disable building old-style objects if `--disable-static' is
	given.  Suggested by Tom Lees and Stephan Kulow.

1997-06-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (host_cpu, host_vendor, host_os): Patch up
	definitions, to allow for the fact that the host_os may contain
	hyphens (as in linux-gnu).  From Scott Goehring.

	* (link): Move the `dlname' setting closer to the top
	of the file.  Suggested by David Mosberger-Tang.
	Symlink the libtool archive into the `.libs' directory so that it
	can be found by programs that want to find a library's dlname by
	searching LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  Reported by David Mosberger-Tang.

1997-06-06  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Tell people to report bugs to the new libtool mailing list,

1997-06-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (allow_undefined_flag): New variable that implements
	(archive_cmds): Enable C++ constructors for FreeBSD 2.2.  From
	David Nugent.

	* (link): Accept new `-allow-undefined' flag when
	building libtool libraries.  This tells libtool to allow
	unresolved symbols to exist in shared libraries.  Basically, this
	turns off shared libraries on AIX.  Suggested by Ian Lance Taylor.

1997-05-26  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4 (LD): On at least IRIX, many different flags need to
	be propagated to the linker if they are part of the compiler
	command line.  Reported by Anthony Green.

1997-05-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Trivial port to FreeBSD 3.  From David Nugent.

1997-04-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Remove all traces of `-whole-archive',
	`-no-whole-archive', and libtool convenience libraries.  They were
	more trouble than they're worth.  If these are ever reimplemented,
	they need more careful attention to make portable.

	* libtool.m4, Added a `--disable-static' flag to turn
	off static library creation.  From Tom Lees (who finally convinced
	me that it was the Right Thing to do).

1997-04-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (hardcode_runpath_var, runpath_var): Use them, if
	the linker has no -rpath flag.
	Quote the values we use to set runpath_var and shlibpath_var.
	(link): Use libobjlibs for libtool convenience libraries.

	* (hardcode_runpath_var, runpath_var): Add new
	variables to describe linkers that honour `LD_RUN_PATH'.
	(host_cpu, host_os): Use these more specific variables, rather
	than the full canonical host system name.

	* (dlname): Distinguish between missing
	`-export-dynamic' and when the library is only statically linked.

1997-04-21  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Trivial port to OpenBSD by making it an alias for
	NetBSD.  From Tim Pierce.

1997-04-16  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Temporary measures to check for a broken collect2
	program.  Right now, we just see if we're using GCC on AIX 3.

	* tests/hardcode.test: AIX also has arbitrary limits on the line length
	of input to fgrep(1), so we need to translate NUL characters to
	newlines in order to properly detect embedded `.libs'.  From Bruno
	Also redirect stderr to /dev/null, so that AIX users don't get
	worried by `fgrep: Maximum line length of 2048 exceeded.'.

1997-04-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (mode): Use `egrep -e' when inferring the operation

1997-04-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (linker): Some GNU ld's don't accept `--version',
	but do accept `-v'.  From Jukka Honkela.
	(ld_shlibs): AIX lossage may be settling down.  AIX 3.2.5 ld does
	*not* hardcode direct libraries, but AIX 4.1.[45] ld does.

1997-04-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (hardcode_action): Fix silly logic error.  From
	Bruno Haible.

1997-04-05  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (install): Relink if hardcode_action is `relink',
	rather than using complex conditionals based on the other
	hardcode variables.

	* (hardcode_action): Set to `relink', not `immediate',
	if we can only hardcode existing directories.  Rearrange
	conditionals to make the intent clearer, otherwise this can be one
	hellish piece of code for the already-dizzy libtool maintainer.

1997-04-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* replfunc.m4: Delete from the distribution.  Documentation now
	describes how to set LTALLOCA and LTLIBOBJS in your own

	* (link): Make sure a libtool library only counts as
	a shared library if its library_names are non-null.
	Use timestamps for .lo's when PIC is turned off, rather than
	symlinking to the real object.  This helps invalid mixtures of PIC
	and non-PIC to fail.

1997-04-01  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute libtool.prj.

	* Shameless plug: Changed source code management system from CVS
	to PRCS.

	* libtool.scm: Initial Guile implementation of libtool.

	* An unexpected inconsistency in my whole approach
	to shared libraries has proven that libtool needs to be completely
	rewritten if I'm going to give full shared library support for
	platforms that don't use the GNU C library version 2 (which to my
	knowledge currently only works on GNU Hurd and Linux/GNU systems).
	Porting the GNU C library should not be difficult, though.

	Platforms that don't have the dlopen(3) family of functions will
	need to install GNU DLD version 4 in order to build any kind of
	libraries at all.  Unfortunately, DLD 4 won't be released for a
	while, because I maintain it, and I'm too busy working on libtool.

	I'll keep the old ltconfig/ implementation around for as
	long as I can, and continue applying bug fixes, so that I'll have
	a reasonable starting point for this new libtool implementation.

	It looks like this implementation will be even more complex than
	the original (pre-0.7) libtool.  Initial estimates show that it
	may be up to 3 times slower, and 5 times larger than libtool-0.9.
	I'll probably have to rewrite it in Guile to get reasonable
	performance, which will severely limit its portability for a

	That will also introduce a bootstrapping issue, since the next
	release of Guile will use libtool to build shared libraries.  So,
	if users want to have shared Guile libraries, they will have to
	configure Guile with `--disable-shared', compile it, install it,
	then reconfigure Guile with `--enable-shared' and repeat.

	I was hoping to get libtool 1.0 out the door by early April, but
	now it looks like it will take at least another year before it'll
	be usable by the public at large.  April fools.  libtool.scm
	doesn't exist yet, either.

	* (verify_host): Remove redundant `Transform *-*-linux*
	to *-*-linux-gnu*'.  From Bruno Haible.

	* tests/hardcode.test: AIX 3 doesn't have strings(1) so we need to do a
	funny tr and pipe the output to fgrep.  From Bruno Haible.

1997-03-31  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Use the new AUTOMAKE and ACLOCAL variables.

	* (link): Only fail if a convenience library doesn't
	exist, and the user specified -whole-archive.
	Fix shell quoting that was breaking @OUTPUT@ substitution.

1997-03-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Use the hardcode_libdir_separator.
	Convenience libraries are libtool objects if we're not building
	libtool libs.

	* (hardcode_libdir_separator): Added in case the
	linker only honours the last of the -rpath flags (but it can
	contain multiple colon-separated directories), such as on OSF/1.
	Reported by Carl D. Roth.

	* (link): Set the dlname if -export-dynamic is given.
	(install, uninstall): Handle the dlname file separately.

	* (export_dynamic_flag): Added to allow programs to
	use reflexive dlopens.

	* Include the mode name in any help messages.
	(dlname): New mode to give the name to be used with dlopen(3).

	* (AR): Allow AR to be set by the user, and export it

	* Remove broken profiled library support.
	Added `-whole-archive' and `-no-whole-archive' to manipulate
	convenience libraries.

1997-03-27  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Allow the creation of static convenience
	libraries made of libtool objects.  Suggested by David

1997-03-25  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* On AIX, libtool also needs to look for `B' symbols
	in nm output.  These are global variable definitions.

	* Linking with -static should link against the
	linklib if old_library is empty (like it is on AIX).

	* Change the order of OS detection, so that
	linux-gnu* is detected before gnu*.

	* (libtool): Use the correct CC, RANLIB, LD, when
	generating libtool.  From Carl D. Roth.

	* Find out the user-supplied CC, LD, RANLIB.  From
	Carl D. Roth.

1997-03-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Linking with -static should link against the old
	library, not linklib.

	* README-automake: Updated to point to Automake 1.1m.

1997-03-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/main.c: Use it.

	* demo/foo.h: Declare it.

	* demo/foo.c: Added definition of `nothing' so that we have an
	global variable definition, as well as functions.

1997-03-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Make sure either enable_shared or enable_static is
	configured.  Reported by Tom Tromey.

	* Bomb out if no library types are configured.

1997-02-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (hardcode_libdir_flag_spec): Renamed
	from `hardcode_libdir_flag'.
	(library_names_spec): Renamed from `lib_names'.

	*, (hardcode_action): Change value from
	`rpath' to `immediate'.

	* replfunc.m4: Add AM_FUNC_ALLOCA, AM_FUNC_MEMCMP, and

1997-02-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Transform *-*-linux* to *-*-linux-gnu* to support
	old-style config.guess scripts.

1997-02-17  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Create objdir *before* linking a program into it.

1997-02-12  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Any ld --version that returns GNU is probably a GNU
	ld.  From Marcus Daniels.

	* libtool.m4: Added AM_REPLACE_FUNCS.

1997-02-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Trivial port to *-*-osf4.  From Bruno Haible.

1997-02-10  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* AIX 3 and 4 ld only hardcodes LIBPATH if -L is not
	specified.  This behaviour is the same with both xlc and gcc.

1997-02-07  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* doc/platforms.texi: Yaay!  We found a workaround for HP-UX
	/bin/sh buffer overflows.  From Eric Backus.

1997-02-03  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 0.9.

	* PLATFORMS, doc/platforms.texi,, doc/
	Move PLATFORMS to doc/platforms.texi.

	* (link): Use hardcode_libdir_flag to get a library
	directory into the resulting binary.
	Use hardcode_action, and make many simplifying changes to have
	compilation and finalization be consistent with each other.

	* Not so amazing!  It's AIX cc that hardcodes direct
	libraries... gcc doesn't, though.
	(link_rpath_flag): Change link_rpath_flag to be
	(hardcode_action): New variable to simplify

	* tests/ (TESTS): Do the full make sequence with
	--disable-shared, then without.

	* tests/demo-sttc.test: Configure the demo directory with

1997-01-29  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Change to take advantage of linkers that don't
	hardcode direct libraries.

	* Amazing!  AIX 3 linker doesn't hardcode direct
	libraries, which makes it less buggy than AIX 4.  Reported by Mark

	* demo/ Check for the math library.

	* demo/foo.c (foo): Change to use the `cos' function, so that we
	need to link against another library.

	* tests/hardcode.test: Rewrite to use fgrep on output from ``strings
	-a'' if using fgrep directly on the binary files fails.  From Mark

1997-01-28  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Export the PATH variable in order to find
	the program, rather than giving a full path.  This helps give the
	program a less confusing value for argv[0].

	* tests/hardcode.test: Make sure that ../demo/ really is a
	shared library before running hardcoding tests.

1997-01-26  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Release 0.8.

1997-01-24  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (demo_distfiles): Add demo/acinclude.m4 to the

1997-01-22  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* libtool.m4: For IRIX 6, ld needs -n32 if cc uses it.  Reported
	by Bruno Haible.

	* IRIX ld does not hardcode direct libraries.
	Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-18  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*, (hardcode_shlibpath_var): Allow new
	value, `unsupported', since most linkers do not allow you to use
	shlibpath_var for initial linking.

	* Lots of bug fixes from Bruno Haible.  Set wl on
	OSF/1, fix definitions of hardcode_* variables.
	(archive_cmds): Fix not to use +h on HP-UX 9.x.  Reported by Bruno

	* tests/demo-conf.test: Use the CONFIG_SHELL environment variable when
	running configure in the demo directory.  From Bruno Haible.

	* tests/ (clean-local): Make distclean in the demo directory,
	so that ``make clean; env CC=cc make check'' works as one would

	* tests/demo-make.test: Fix typo (use $make instead of make).  Reported
	by Akim Demaille.

1997-01-17  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Handle explicit AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR settings.
	Suggested by Akim Demaille.

	* libtool.m4: Change ltconfig line to use $CONFIG_SHELL when it is
	specified.  Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-16  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* demo/ (hc-direct): Do better searching for the proper
	name to do a direct link.
	(hc-libpath): Make allowances if shlibpath_var cannot be used
	to find libraries at link time, such as on AIX.

	* (demo_distfiles): Remove ansi2knr.1 and ansi2knr.c.

	* demo/foo.c, demo/hello.c, demo/main.c: Change ANSI prototypes to
	KNR form, for better portability, and less ansi2knr hair.

	* demo/ Remove AM_FUNC_PROTOTYPES.

	* demo/ Remove ansi2knr from the AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS.

	* demo/ansi2knr.1, demo/ansi2knr.c: Removed these files.

	* Use 1>&2 consistently to direct errors and
	warnings to stderr.
	(compile): Fix missing single quote.

	* (hardcode_direct): On Solaris at least, using
	DIR/ does not hardcode DIR, so introduce a new hardcode
	variable to reflect that.

	* (link): If linking with $link_static_flag fails,
	then retry without it, but still use the .a versions of
	uninstalled libtool archives.

	* tests/tlibtool: Rewrote to grab all the settings from the generated
	libtool script.

	* tests/hardcode.test: Make allowances if shlibpath_var cannot be used
	to find libraries at link time, such as on AIX.

1997-01-15  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): Eval $link_static_flag.  Reported by Bruno

	* PLATFORMS: Add to distribution.  Suggested by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-14  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* tests/demo-conf.test, tests/demo-inst.test, tests/demo-unst.test,
	Use $make instead of make.

	* tests/defs (make): Add definition of $make that uses the $MAKE
	environment variable, if set.  Suggested by Bruno Haible.

	* tests/demo-unst.test (leftovers): Change the find command to ignore
	files beginning with a dot, as egrep -v doesn't seem to do the
	trick.  Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-13  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Add support for SCO OpenServer 5.x.  From
	Christopher Olsen.

	(can_build_shared): Initialize at the top of the file, so that
	shared libraries aren't built on platforms that don't support

	* tests/hardcode.test: Added a test to make sure that libtool's idea of
	hardcoding system linkers is correct.

1997-01-11  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	*,,, doc/libtool.texi:
	Update the copyright completion years.

1997-01-08  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* Port to IRIX 5.3, 6.2.

1997-01-06  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* HP-UX 9 support is the same as HP-UX 10, so the
	port is trivial.

	* Add --dry-run option, -n for short.

1997-01-03  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (link): On at least SunOS, /bin/sh doesn't
	understand "export something=val".  From Bruno Haible.

	* tests/ (distclean-local): Remove all files that the tests
	may have created.  Reported by Bruno Haible.

	* For all tests, discover srcdir when running from the command

	* tests/demo-unst.test: Don't fail if make uninstall doesn't delete
	files beginning with a dot, since spurious .nfsXXX files may be
	present when running NFS.  Reported by Bruno Haible.

1997-01-02  Gordon Matzigkeit  <>

	* (compile): Recognize valid source file suffixes for
	Fortran and C++.

	* tests/suffix.test: New test to guarantee that libtool compile
	recognizes valid source file suffices.

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