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libunicap2 - unified interface to video capture devices - shared libraries…  more info»


unicap is a library to access different kinds of ( video ) capture

It uses a .so loading mechanism for the device layers so new device
drivers can easily be added.

unicap provides a simple yet flexible and powerfull API. The capture
application is able to access very different kinds of capture devices
and set all of their properties ( such as brightness/contrast... )
without the exact knowledge of the device.

Currently unicap provides support for IIDC cameras, video-4-linux,
video-4-linux-2 and video-to-firewire converters.

 /Arne Caspari <>



 * Gtk+ 2.0 or newer for libunicapgtk

 * libraw1394 0.10.0 or newer for dcam or vid21394 plugins


 * Have a look at the examples subdirectory!
   Note: Currently the examples expect the device to deliver UYVY
	 color format
 * run the sdl_display example at first to see if you can get a live
   video with your video capture device

 Note: unicap needs to be installed with 'make install' to be able to
       compile these examples

 * sdl_display: Display a live video image using the SDL library
 * xv_display: Displays a live video image using the Xv extension of
               the X server. This example comes in it's own .tar.gz
               archive and has it's own configure script. Untar the
               xv_display-x.y.z.tar.gz file in any directory after
               installing unicap and run the usual 
               './configure && make'

 * device_info: Lists all devices and properties. Use this to get an
                idea how properties ( ie. brightnes, contrast etc )

 * unicapgtk_*: These examples use the GTK+ widget.


 * v4l and v4l2 support is rudimentary. Tuners are currently not

 * Time stamping might be inaccurate, depending on the plugin used to
   access the device


 Provide feedback about working / not working devices and patches

 Please contact me at 

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