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libusbprog0 - Library for programming the USBprog hardware…  more info»


  * Print error when downloading fails with a non 400 status code.
  * Fix GUI on MacOS X (contributed by Nabil Sayegh)

  * fix tab completion for multiple matches (like 'device' and 'devices')
  * Fix problem with recent wxGtk versions that the whole GUI was
    hanging when updating the progress bar.

  * fix problem that firmware with more than 16k can't be flashed
  * add warning to installer that Microsoft Windows Vista is not supported

  * CLI: fix mechanism to avoid downloading the index file again and again if
    the CLI is invoked repeatedly in small intervals
  * remove GPL-incompatible md5_loc.h from source distribution

 * Linux: add desktop file and install icon
 * GUI: implemented -h / -v / -D command line options for GUI
 * CLI: implement command completion

 * Windows: honor IE proxy settings
 * CLI: make (Internet) download progress working
 * CLI: always re-discover devices with the "devices" command
 * CLI: new "start" command to only start the firmware without uploading
   anything and added "-nostart" option to "upload" command
 * Unix: build system fixes

0.1.3 (2007-01-13, r948)
 * GUI: fix local upload
 * GUI: make offline mode working, show only firmwares that are
   available offline

0.1.2 (2007-01-06, r931)
 * improved error handling
 * autoconf fixes (building without GUI is now possible)
 * CLI: new string tokenizer to be able to deal with spaces
   (use "string with spaces" or string\ with\ spaces like in bash)
 * GUI: new firmware and pin information

0.1.1 (2007-01-02, r914)
 * compilation and build fixes
 * CLI: improve debugging messages
 * GUI: new "logfile" option for debugging
 * Windows: fix problem that download is corrupted
 * add support for checksum testing after download to ensure that the download
   was correct

0.1.0 (2007-12-27, r877)
 * initial release with basic features
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