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2009-04-04  Bernhard Walle <>

	* Fix GUI on MacOS X (contributed by Nabil Sayegh)

2009-03-17  Bernhard Walle <>

	* Change some autoconf/automake/libtool stuff.
	* Print error when downloading fails with a non 400 status code.

2009-01-31  Bernhard Walle <>

	* Fix problem that prevented the last byte of the firmware from
	  being copied

2009-01-27  Bernhard Walle <>

	* Fix problem with recent wxGtk versions that the whole GUI was
	  hanging when updating the progress bar.

2008-11-09  Bernhard Walle <>

	* Fix build with gcc 4.4, patch from Martin Michlmayr <>

2008-08-03  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fix tab completion for multiple matches (like 'device' and 'devices')

2008-07-03  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fix indentation
	* fix compiler warning: warning: control reaches end
	  of non-void function

2008-07-02  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fix problem that firmware with more than 16k can't be flashed

2008-06-28  Bernhard Walle <>

	* add warning in Windows installer that Windows Vista is unsupported
	  so that users don't get broken systems

2008-03-31  Bernhard Walle <>

	* use "usbprog-gui" in the usbprog.desktop instead of the command line
	  "usbprog" binary (thanks to Uwe Herrmann for the patch)

2008-03-25  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fix mechanism to avoid downloading the index file again and again if
	  the CLI is invoked repeatedly in small intervals
	* remove GPL-incompatible md5_loc.h from source distribution

2008-03-23  Bernhard Walle <>

	* add '2008' to 'license' command

2008-03-21  Bernhard Walle <>

	* add 'Categories' and 'X-SuSE-translate' to usbprog.desktop

2008-03-18  Bernhard Walle <>

	* only install the desktop file and icon when GUI is compiled

2008-03-17  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fix completion of "-nostart" for the "upload" command

2008-03-16  Bernhard Walle <>

	* implement command completion
	* increase library version due to added string functions

2008-03-02  Bernhard Walle <>

	* add .desktop file and install icon
	* moved OptionParser from usbprog to libusbprog
	* implemented -h / -v / -D command line options for GUI

2008-02-09  Bernhard Walle <>

	* always re-discover devices with the "devices" command
	* new "start" command to only start the firmware without uploading
	* added "-nostart" option to "upload" command

2008-02-05  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fix order and add missing checks in so that the
	  automatic reconfiguration with make works when something has
	  changed in (thanks to Raymund Will for the patch)
	* use autoconf to detect endianess of the system (instead of macros
	  that contain a whitelist of architectures) to increase portability

2008-01-20  Bernhard Walle <>

	* Windows: fix proxy settings when different proxys for different
	  protocols are specified

2008-01-19  Bernhard Walle <>

	* Windows: honor IE proxy settings
	* CLI: make (Internet) download progress working

2008-01-10  Bernhard Walle <>

	* GUI: make offline mode working, show only firmwares that are
	  available offline

2008-01-07  Bernhard Walle <>

	* GUI: Fix local upload function (error in conversion from wxString
	  to std::string)
	* GUI: Fix alignment of the device information label (below the
	  combo box) if the string is long, especially on Windows

2008-01-06  Bernhard Walle <>

	* GUI: implement firmware information dialog (and pin information)
	* GUI: Add in the main window

2008-01-05  Bernhard Walle <>

	* new string tokenizer that can deal with spaces by using quoting
	* Unix: local paths can contain "~" and "~user" now
	* new function Firmwarepool::readFromFile() to unify reading a
	  firmware file into a ByteVector

2008-01-04  Bernhard Walle <>

	* delete the versions.xml file if parsing was not possible
	* moved strip(), parse_long() and wordwrap() from to

2008-01-03  Bernhard Walle <>

	* new option --disable-gui in the configure script
	* if wxGTK is not detected in the configure script, don't build and
	  install the GUI instead of failing to build

2008-01-02  Bernhard Walle <>

	* add support for checksum testing after download to ensure
	  that the download was correct
	* don't include XML stuff in usbprog headers to fix compilation
	  with some old wxWidgets stuff
	* before reporting that a file is already on disk, check the
	  checksum, if it's wrong, try to download the file again

2008-01-01  Bernhard Walle <>

	* trace downloading
	* Windows: fix problem that download is corrupted since Windows
	  discriminates between binary and text files and the ios::binary
	  was missing in the download code

2007-12-31  Bernhard Walle <>

	* GUI: report downloading in status bar
	* CLI: re-discover update devices after upload, and reset the current
	  update device in that case
	* bump version to 0.1.1
	* GUI: implement logfile option

2007-12-30  Bernhard Walle <>

	* CLI: enable USB debugging in debugging mode (-D)
	* improve debugging functions (Debug class to print debug messages)

2007-12-27  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fix compilation with gcc 4.3
	* fix libusb detection for old libusb versions that have no .pc file

2007-12-16  Bernhard Walle <>

	* implemented cache commands in the GUI
	* small corrections in command descriptions
	* added manpages

2007-12-11  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fixed wrong "firmware file invalid" error in the GUI when specifying
	  a local file for uploading
	* it's now possible to specify a device name for the "device" command
	  instead of the device number

2007-12-10  Bernhard Walle <>

	* the "upload" command also accepts filenames directly now

2007-11-22  Bernhard Walle <>

	* fixed and tested GUI on Win32
	* added the GUI to the installer on Win32

2007-11-21  Bernhard Walle <>

	* implemented GUI (tested on Linux)

2007-11-18  Bernhard Walle <>

	* created installer (based on installer for the USBprog GUI)
	* added resource file to get an application icon on MS Windows

2007-11-17  Bernhard Walle <>

	* Win32 port.
	* replace strptime() by snprintf() for Win32
	* reset fill character to ' ' in the "devices" and "list" command
	  to fix the "pin" command
	* make the output of the "devices" command 2 lines for each device
	  because the device "number" is much longer on Win32 than on Linux
	* various other small improvements
	* make "pins" an alias for "pin"
	* make 'x' and 'q' an alias for "quit" (mostly for Windows where
	  Ctrl-d doesn't work)

2007-11-16  Bernhard Walle <>

	* remove superfluous usbprog/ file (which was only there for
	* always print the current update device (*) in the "devices" command,
	  not only if there are more than 1 update devices
	* run DeviceManager::discoverUpdateDevices() in the "devices" command
	  instead of printing an error message when zero update devices are
	  currently registered

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