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libvala0 - C# like language for the GObject system - library…  more info»


Vala 0.8.1

 * Support constants in enums.
 * Add clutter-gst-1.0 bindings (Ali Sabil).
 * Add gdu and gdu-gtk bindings.
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.8.0

 * Infer type arguments when calling generic methods.
 * Support `in' operator for arrays.
 * Add experimental support for regular expression literals.
 * Add experimental support for chained relational expressions.
 * Add va_list support.
 * Add clutter-gtk-0.10 bindings (Gordon Allott).
 * Add gdl-1.0 bindings (Nicolas Joseph).
 * Add gstreamer-app-0.10 bindings (Sebastian Dröge).
 * Add gstreamer-cdda-0.10 bindings (Sebastian Dröge).
 * Add gudev-1.0 bindings (Jim Nelson).
 * Add libgda-report-4.0 bindings (Shawn Ferris).
 * Add libgvc (graphviz) bindings (Martin Olsson).
 * Add purple bindings (Adrien Bustany).
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.10

 * Support coalescing operator ??.
 * Support to_string and bitwise complement with enums.
 * Return handler id when connecting signal handlers.
 * Support struct comparison.
 * Support constructor chaining in structs.
 * Enforce protected member restrictions.
 * Improve performance of flow analysis.
 * Support automatic line continuations in Genie.
 * Improvements to the .gir reader and writer.
 * Add --enable-mem-profiler commandline option.
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.9

 * Support array and string slicing.
 * Add --symbols commandline option.
 * Add avahi-gobject bindings (Sebastian Noack).
 * Add ccss-1 bindings (Ali Sabil).
 * Add libarchive bindings (Julian Andres Klode).
 * Add libmagic bindings (Jens Georg).
 * Add readline bindings (Jukka-Pekka Iivonen).
 * Add twitter-glib-1.0 bindings (Adrien Bustany).
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.8

 * Support constructor chain up to GObject using Object (...).
 * Add syntax for string templates.
 * Support (!) non-null casts.
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.7

 * Support `using' directives inside namespaces.
 * Use const only for immutable structs.
 * Support string marshalling for enums in D-Bus (Didier Ptitjes).
 * Update Genie parser (Jamie McCracken).
 * Add libgda-4.0 bindings (Shawn Ferris).
 * Many bug fixes for closures and async methods.

Vala 0.7.6

 * Add support for closures.
 * Improve support for asynchronous methods.
 * Support async methods in D-Bus servers.
 * Add clutter-1.0 bindings (Rob Taylor).
 * Add GVariant, GSettings, and dconf bindings (Ryan Lortie).
 * Add linux, libnl-1, and libasound bindings (Michael 'Mickey' Lauer).
 * Add gnutls bindings (Jiří Zárevúcky).
 * Add librest bindings (Adrien Bustany).
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.5

 * Add support for static properties.
 * Add support for delegate properties.
 * Support virtual default handler for signals.
 * Add limited support for derived compact classes.
 * Add libgdata bindings (Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal).
 * Add libusb-1.0 bindings (Evan Nemerson).
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.4

 * Add support for array properties.
 * Support implicit and explicit GValue casts.
 * Add initial support for generic methods.
 * Add postgres bindings.
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.3

 * Add initial support for POSIX profile.
 * Add --vapi and --gir commandline options.
 * Add initial x11, xcb, and cairo-xcb bindings.
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.2

 * Improvements to the .gir reader and writer (Didier Ptitjes).
 * Many bug fixes and binding updates.

Vala 0.7.1

 * Introduce new syntax to connect/disconnect signal handlers.
 * Add experimental support for fixed-length arrays.
 * Update Genie parser (Jamie McCracken).
 * Updates to the GLib, Cairo, GTK+, GStreamer, and POSIX bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.7.0

 * Do not generate header files unless requested by the -H commandline
   option. This requires changes in the build system of Vala projects.
 * Support conditional compilation.

Vala 0.6.0

 * Improvements to the .gir reader and writer (Didier Ptitjes).
 * Add librsvg-2.0 bindings (Evan Nemerson).
 * Add Maemo libosso bindings (Jukka-Pekka Iivonen).
 * Add V4L2 bindings (Matías De la Puente).
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.5.7

 * Support signals in static D-Bus clients.
 * Various improvements to asynchronous method support (Ryan Lortie).
 * Report unused internal methods.
 * Extend POSIX bindings.
 * Add FUSE bindings (John Carr).
 * Add libdaemon bindings (Jukka-Pekka Iivonen).
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.5.6

 * Do not require libgee for custom indexer access.
 * Add Log.FILE, Log.LINE, and Log.METHOD constants.
 * Various improvements to the .gir reader.
 * Add Lua bindings (pancake and Phil Housley).
 * Add MySQL bindings (Jukka-Pekka Iivonen).
 * Add partial POSIX bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.5.5

 * Improve syntax of owned property getters.
 * Add --enable-deprecated and --enable-experimental commandline options.
 * Remove --disable-non-null commandline option.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.5.4

 * Support array initializers as expressions.
 * Support += to efficiently append elements to arrays.
 * Calculate length for null-terminated arrays.
 * Support initializers for multi-dimensional arrays.
 * Add `owned' keyword to replace `#'.
 * Various fixes in coroutine support.
 * Support boxed structs as GObject properties.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.5.3

 * Rewrite D-Bus server support to directly use libdbus.
 * Register structs as boxed types.
 * Improve error reporting on invalid code.
 * Support private class fields and class destructors.
 * Add partial raptor and rasqal bindings.
 * Drop vala-gen-project, moved to vtg.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.5.2

 * Report uninitialized local variables.
 * Report unused fields, methods, and local variables.
 * Fix error handling in complex statements.
 * Improve support for generic types.
 * Support parameter arrays in bindings.
 * Do not require libgee for foreach statements.
 * Support enums in D-Bus clients and servers.
 * Support structs in hash tables in D-Bus servers.
 * Experimental static D-Bus client support.
 * Add --dump-tree commandline option to write code tree to file.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.5.1

 * Support type checks for error domains and error codes.
 * Experimental support for yield statements and coroutines.
 * Support GValue and GHashTable in D-Bus clients.
 * Various improvements to the .gir reader.
 * Drop deprecated support for static classes.
 * Modularize code generator.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.4.0

 * Support more flexible constructors.
 * Partial support for reading and writing .gir files.
 * Improve compiler performance.
 * Copy arrays where necessary.
 * Basic support for static properties.
 * Partial support for struct holding object references.
 * Add tracker indexer bindings (Roberto Majadas)
 * Updates to the GLib, GTK+, and GStreamer bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.3.5

 * Notify on property changes by default (Jared Moore)
 * Add unique-1.0 bindings (Phil Housley)
 * Updates to the GLib, GTK+, and GStreamer bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.3.4

 * Various improvements to D-Bus client and service support.
 * Basic support for detailed signals.
 * Check types of printf arguments.
 * Support `in' operator for Gee.Collection and Gee.Map (Jamie McCracken)
 * Add libgsf-1 bindings (Michael Lawrence)
 * Add loudmouth-1.0 bindings (Ali Sabil)
 * Updates to the GLib, GTK+, and GStreamer bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.3.3

 * Support overriding default method handlers of signals.
 * Support dynamic access to properties and signals of GObjects.
 * Experimental support for nullable value types.
 * Improve support for classes not deriving from GLib.Object.
 * Support """verbatim strings""".
 * Add parser for Genie (Jamie McCracken)
 * Experimental support for arrays of arrays.
 * Documentation improvements (Phil Housley)
 * Improvements to D-Bus support (Ali Sabil, Philip Van Hoof, Yu Feng)
 * Add libepc-1.0 bindings (Ali Sabil)
 * Add libtiff bindings (Christian Meyer)
 * Updates to the GStreamer bindings (Ali Sabil and Jaap A. Haitsma)
 * Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

Vala 0.3.2

 * Add support for class constructors, class fields, and class methods.
 * Various improvements to methods in D-Bus services.
 * Add support for properties and signals in D-Bus services (Yu Feng)
 * Add Time API to GLib bindings.
 * Documentation improvements (Phil Housley)
 * Updates to the GLib and GTK+ bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.3.1

 * Enable non-null types by default.
 * Add --disable-non-null commandline option.
 * New handwritten parser.
 * Support virtual methods in interfaces.
 * Add `dynamic' type modifier for D-Bus client support.
 * Add experimental support for writing D-Bus services.
 * Don't require `new' operator for structs.
 * Warn when using deprecated syntax.
 * Add libsexy bindings (Evan Nemerson)
 * Updates to the GLib and GTK+ bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.2.0

 * Support nested namespaces.
 * Support static constructors.
 * Register enums with GType (Marc-André Lureau)
 * Small syntax change for default values of properties.
 * Add --verbose commandline option (Daniel Silverstone)
 * Improve pointer support.
 * Add GNOME Keyring bindings (Andrea Del Signore)
 * Add SDL bindings (Levi Bard)
 * Add libftdi bindings (Evan Nemerson)
 * Updates to the GLib, GTK+, GStreamer, and SQLite bindings.
 * Many bug fixes all over the place.

Vala 0.1.7

 * Support private property accessors.
 * Support default values for properties.
 * Improve support for array length and delegate target parameters.
 * Improve delegate and signal handler support.
 * Introduce new syntax to declare errordomains.
 * Improve exception support.
 * Report errors for missing return statements.
 * Report warnings for unreachable code.
 * Improve support for generic types.
 * Support pointer member access and pointer element access.
 * Support pointer arithmetic.
 * Add --quiet commandline option (Emmanuele Bassi)
 * Add WebKit bindings.
 * Add JSON-GLib bindings (Ali Sabil)
 * Add goocanvas bindings (Roberto Majadas)
 * Add hildon-fm-2 bindings (Levi Bard)
 * Add taglib bindings (Andreas Brauchli)
 * Add libusb bindings (Evan Nemerson)
 * Add bzip2 bindings (Maciej Piechotka)
 * Updates to the GLib, GTK+, GStreamer, and libsoup bindings.
 * Fixes for Windows.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.1.6

 * Add support for instance delegates.
 * Support conditional method compilation.
 * Add support for nested generic types.
 * Add size_t and ssize_t.
 * Use non-null types by default with --enable-non-null option.
 * Limited support for nullable types.
 * Add basic support for method pre- and postconditions.
 * Improve pointer support.
 * Always enable memory management.
 * Add libgnome-menu bindings (Roberto Majadas)
 * Add liboobs-1 bindings (Roberto Majadas)
 * Updates to the GLib, GTK+, GStreamer, SQLite, and libxml2 bindings.
 * Small documentation improvements.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.1.5

 * Add Vala Project Generator.
 * Support `in` operator for enums.
 * Support typeof for generic type parameters.
 * Replace gidlgen by vala-gen-introspect with a real C parser.
 * Update all bindings to use vala-gen-introspect.
 * Fix many gcc warnings.
 * Fix build with Cygwin and MinGW (Yaakov Selkowitz).
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.1.4

 * Use .vapi as file extension for bindings.
 * Add Vala Reference Manual.
 * Add support for object initializers.
 * Emit #line directives in debug mode.
 * Add --basedir option.
 * Support creation methods in structs.
 * Add support for [Notify] attribute for properties.
 * Add experimental support for registering new fundamental classed types.
 * Improve support for non-GObject classes.
 * Improve error reporting.
 * Add vapicheck to verify generated bindings (Mathias Hasselmann).
 * Drop xml_pp dependency (Alberto Ruiz).
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.1.3

 * Convert reference-type structs to classes for a more consistent type system.
 * Support `as` operator (Mathias Hasselmann).
 * Improve array support.
 * Experimental D-Bus client support.
 * Add GConf bindings.
 * Add libgnome and libgnomeui bindings.
 * Add Glade bindings.
 * Add libnotify bindings (Nicolas Christener, Roland Hostettler).
 * Add GnomeVFS bindings.
 * Add GtkSourceView bindings.
 * Add Panel Applet bindings.
 * Add GNOME Desktop Library bindings.
 * Add libsoup bindings.
 * Add libwnck bindings.
 * Add GtkMozEmbed bindings (Alberto Ruiz).
 * Add Poppler bindings (Alberto Ruiz).
 * Add Enchant bindings (Mathias Hasselmann).
 * Add Hildon bindings (Marcelo Lira).
 * Add SQLite bindings.
 * Add curses bindings (Ed Schouten).
 * Build system fixes (Nicolas Trangez).
 * Add manual pages for gidlgen and vapigen (Kumar Appaiah).
 * Many bug fixes all over the place.

Vala 0.1.2

 * Use and support libgee collection library (internal copy for now).
 * Performance improvements.
 * Improve support for generic types.
 * Many memory management fixes.
 * Add support for inner classes.
 * Add --cc and -X commandline options to control the C compiler.
 * Use GSlice for reference-type structs.
 * Add experimental GStreamer bindings.

Vala 0.1.1

 * Support simple exception handling.
 * Improve array and string support.
 * Support multi-dimensional arrays.
 * Add --thread commandline option.
 * Improve bindings.
 * Bug fixes.

Vala 0.1.0

 * Add commandline options for running the C compiler and linker.
 * Use # modifier for reference transfer in method parameters.
 * Replace callback keyword by delegate.
 * Improve and update GLib and GTK+ bindings.
 * Add experimental GVFS binding.
 * C89/MSVC portability fixes (Hans Breuer).
 * Refactor code generator.
 * Add experimental bindings generator.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.0.9

 * Add support for defining new generic classes.
 * Improve array support.
 * Memory management fixes.
 * Improve abstract property support.
 * Add basic support for flags types.
 * Improve GLib binding.
 * Add VTE binding.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.0.8

 * Add support for overridden properties.
 * Support properties and signals in interfaces.
 * Improve interface runtime suport.
 * Verify that classes implement all abstract and interface methods.
 * Basic compile-time support for generic types.
 * Default to strong references for return values and local variables.
 * Improve signal support.
 * Add support for pointers.
 * Improve support for numeric types.
 * Support writing GTypeModule-based plug-ins.
 * Improve manual memory management support.
 * Improve GTK+ bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.0.7

 * New object construction syntax.
 * Interface implementations don't have to specify override anymore.
 * Improve interface support.

Vala 0.0.6

 * Improve interface support.
 * Support do loops.
 * Improve array support.
 * Improve enum support.
 * Add automated testing infrastructure.
 * Fixes for prefix and postfix operators.
 * Add more types to GLib bindings.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.0.5

 * Support base access.
 * Support typeof expressions.
 * Improve array support.
 * Fix possible memory leak in foreach statements.
 * Fix many warnings during C compilation.
 * Improve GTK+ bindings.

Vala 0.0.4

 * Support + operator in strings.
 * Support unicode character literals.
 * Add implicit conversions for numeric types.
 * Improve interface support.
 * Improve array support.
 * Support arbitrary signal parameters.
 * Add threading support.
 * Support lock statements.
 * Many improvements to the GTK+ bindings.

Vala 0.0.3

 * Interface fixes.
 * Support namespace constants.
 * Support switch statements.
 * Array creation support.
 * Provide complete but experimental bindings for GTK+ 2.10 and Cairo 1.2.
 * Add implicit array length parameter.
 * Follow package dependencies.
 * Support hexadecimal and octal integer literals and hexadecimal escape
 * Install libvala as shared library.

Vala 0.0.2

 * Support named construction methods.
 * Basic interface support.
 * Improve error handling.
 * Many bug fixes.

Vala 0.0.1

 * Initial release.
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