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2010-04-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Release 0.8.1

2010-04-21  Travis Reitter  <>

	vapigen: Support is_array attribute for delegate parameters
	Fixes bug 615971.

2010-04-21  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux: add reboot(2) and assorted commands

2010-04-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

	libxml-2.0: correct cname for Xml.Node.ns_def
	Fixes bug 616037.

2010-04-21  Ali Sabil  <>

	posix: Fix posix_fadvise binding
	Fixes bug 615418.

	Add clutter-gst-1.0 bindings
	Fixes bug 608336.

2010-04-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	vapigen: Support instance_pos attribute for delegates

2010-04-21  Luca Bruno  <>

	Make C code modules and declaration space public
	Fixes bug 615775.

2010-04-21  Ole André Vadla Ravnås  <>

	glib-2.0: fix binding of g_variant_get_string

2010-04-21  Ali Sabil  <>

	Fix code generation for destroy_notify calls for delegate targets
	Fixes bug 615440.

2010-04-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	glib-2.0: Set D-Bus type signature for uchar
	Fixes bug 615282.

2010-04-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

	Make argument of NullType constructor nullable

2010-04-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix crash on valid recursive struct usage
	Fixes bug 614417.

	Fix assignment to array fields using array_length_type
	Fixes bug 614919.

	Fix type declaration order for captured variables and parameters

2010-04-21  Sebastian Dröge  <>

	tests: Add a test for enum methods and constants

	Add support for constant members inside enums

2010-04-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

	dbus-glib-1: Add stub DBusGMethodInvocation binding

2010-04-07  Sebastian Dröge  <>

	gstreamer: Gst.AppSrc.push_buffer() takes ownership of the buffer

2010-04-07  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

	libxml-2.0: assorted SAX-related fixes
	Fixes bug 613953.

2010-04-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gtksourceview-2.0: update to 2.10.0

2010-04-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

	Add gdu and gdu-gtk bindings to the build system.

	libsoup-2.4: add many missing type_arguments
	Partially fixes bug 609875.

2010-04-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gdk-2.0: add many missing type_arguments
	Partially fixes bug 609875.

	clutter-1.0: add missing type_arguments for several new methods
	Partially fixes bug 609875.

	gtk+-2.0: Make Gtk.Window's arg default value Gtk.WindowType.TOPLEVEL

	vapigen: add support for member access based default values

	gsl: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

2010-04-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Add gdu and gdu-gtk bindings

2010-04-02  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux: bind console ioctls, structs, and enums

	linux: bind virtual terminal ioctls, structs, and constants

2010-04-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gstreamer-cdda,dataprotocol-0.10: fix some invalid enum values

	libnl-2.0: add linux as a dependency

	fuse: fix reference to Posix.mode_t in Fuse.Create

2010-04-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

	D-Bus: Fix string array properties in client interfaces

	Fix virtual write-only properties

	Fix construct properties in interfaces

2010-03-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Release 0.8.0

	valac: Do not enable experimental-non-null with --enable-experimental

2010-03-31  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

	Use thread-safe initialization for regular expression literals
	Fixes bug 613943.

2010-03-31  Sergey Nizovtsev  <>

	Fix memory management with g_object_get and struct properties
	Fixes bug 613918.

2010-03-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Update to 2.20.0

	gio-2.0: Update to 2.24.0

2010-03-31  Luca Bruno  <>

	Support string[] (G_TYPE_STRV) properties for GObject
	Fixes bug 614355.

2010-03-31  Gordon Allott  <>

	Add clutter-gtk-0.10 bindings
	Fixes bug 614376.

2010-03-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix code generation for unreachable declaration statements

2010-03-31  René Post  <>

	cogl-1.0: fix cogl_path_polygon and cogl_path_polyline bindings

2010-03-31  Ali Sabil  <>

	cogl-1.0: update to 1.2.4

2010-03-30  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

	gdk-2.0: mark Gdk.Window.input_shape_combine_mask as nullable
	Fixes bug 613952.

	dbus-glib-1: various enhancements
	Fixes bug 613951.

2010-03-30  Łukasz Pankowski  <>

	dbus-glib-1: Fix Connection.get_connection, other small changes
	Fixes bug 611270.

2010-03-30  Sebastian Dröge  <>

	gstreamer: Don't use the accessor method when accessing Gst.Pad:caps property
	Gst.Pad.get_caps() returns something completely different than the caps

	Fixes bug #608005.

2010-03-29  Evan Nemerson  <>

	clutter-1.0: update to 1.2.4
	Fixes bug 614268.

2010-03-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix invalid has_type_id attributes in bindings

2010-03-28  Ryan Lortie  <>

	Add missing args to Variant.new_from_data
	and fix argument order.

	update GVariant bindings

2010-03-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Add [CCode (destroy_notify_pos = ...)] attribute for simple generics

2010-03-28  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	readline: s/weak/unowned/

2010-03-27  Sebastian Dröge  <>

	gstreamer: Gst.ByteWriter is a subclass of Gst.ByteReader

	gstreamer: Add gstreamer-cdda-0.10 bindings

	gstreamer: Add gstreamer-app-0.10 bindings

	gstreamer: Regenerate vapi files and update metadata files to use the correct headers

	gstreamer: Update GStreamer introspection files to 0.10.28
	...and also remove lots of unstable API which was included here, most
	probably because the introspection files were generated with a patch
	GStreamer version (e.g. on Maemo).

2010-03-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

	vapigen: Support pointer type for type arguments and field types

	D-Bus: Support [DBus (timeout = ...)] attribute in static clients
	The attribute can be applied to D-Bus methods, properties, and parent
	declarations. The timeout is specified in milliseconds.

2010-03-27  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gio-2.0: various ownership and type_arguments fixes for generics

2010-03-27  Julian Andres Klode  <>

	gio-2.0: several GLib.VolumeMonitor methods falsely marked as unowned
	Fixes bug 614044.

2010-03-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

	D-Bus: Fix criticals when using generic errors

	valac: Fix C warning in add_package method
	Fixes bug 532902.

	Do not use thread-safe type registration in plugins
	Plugin types are registered when module is being initialized.

	Never try to use GValue take functions for primitive types

2010-03-25  Sebastian Dröge  <>

	glib-2.0.vapi: Fix stupid typo in the GByteArray type ID

	compiler: Automatically define GLIB_2_XX if --target-glib is used

	glib-2.0.vapi: Add some more type ids

	gobject-2.0.vapi: Add free function for GValueArray

	glib-2.0.vapi: Add some more unref/ref functions when using newer GLib

2010-03-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gio-unix-2.0: Fix header filenames for some classes

2010-03-25  Luca Bruno  <>

	Support adding modules in derived code generators

2010-03-25  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

	Add experimental support for regular expression literals
	Fixes bug 607702.

2010-03-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Require and target GLib >= 2.14
	Regular expression literals will require GLib 2.14. Thread-safe
	get_type functions also require GLib 2.14. Generating code for
	GLib 2.12 is still possible by using --target-glib=2.12.

	Eliminate unnecessary error check after try statements
	This fixes a C warning about missing return in non-void function.

2010-03-25  Jim Nelson  <>

	gdk-pixbuf-2.0: metadata fix to make Gdk.PixbufError an errordomain
	Fixes bug 613861.

2010-03-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gdk-pixbuf-2.0: GdkPixbufDestroyNotify doesn't have a length parameter
	Fixes bug 613855.

	vapigen: support no_array_length for delegate parameters

2010-03-24  Luca Bruno  <>

	Add support for generic array duplication
	Fixes bug 613745.

2010-03-24  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix struct initialization with member initializers
	Fixes bug 613825.

2010-03-24  Evan Nemerson  <>

	glib-2.0: add byte order swap macros
	Fixes bug 613473.

	glib-2.0: add g_date_set_time_t binding

2010-03-24  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Update THANKS from git log

	dova: Do not require @"..." for string templates
	Support string interpolation in normal "..." strings.

	Fix passing delegate field without target as method argument
	Fixes bug 592769.

2010-03-24  Jiří Zárevúcky  <>

	Fix lock statement
	This patch converts lock statements into try finally statements to
	ensure that unlock is always called.

	Fixes bug 582553.

2010-03-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix temporary variable handling for class field initializers

	Use BOXED marshaller for compact classes with type id

2010-03-23  Tomaž Vajngerl  <>

	libxml-2.0: add support for TextWriter
	Fixes bug 610573.

2010-03-23  Evan Nemerson  <>

	Add libgda-report-4.0 bindings, based on patch by Shawn Ferris
	Fixes bug 604208.

2010-03-23  Shawn Ferris  <>

	libgda-4.0: add ellipsis to gda_data_model_array_new_with_g_types
	Partially fixes bug 604208.

2010-03-23  Evan Nemerson  <>

	libgda-4.0: update to 4.0.8, regenerate

	gdk-2.0: GdkEvent* structs do not have a type id
	Fixes bug 585476.

	gudev-1.0: make GUdev.DeviceNumber inherit from Posix.dev_t

	libxml-2.0: remove superfluous (and deprecated) static from delegates

2010-03-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix assertion failure on large rollback in parser
	Fixes bug 573080.

2010-03-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_property_get binding
	Fixes bug 611250.

	Fix automatic property access in structs
	Fixes bug 609142.

	Fix crash on invalid field initializer
	Fixes bug 608635.

	Fix public array fields with initializers
	Fixes bug 609066.

	Fix private fixed-length array fields
	Fixes bug 609171.

	Report error when using instance method as argument in static methods
	Fixes bug 598839.

	Generate dummy return statement to avoid C warning

	Do not generate C code for unreachable Vala code
	Fixes bug 598190.

	Avoid conflicts for internal array size variables
	Fixes bug 570547.

	Improve error message on duplicate definition
	Display location of previous definition.

	Fixes bug 591977.

	Fix code generation for large integer literals
	Fixes bug 583669.

	Fix error message on duplicate definition in root namespace
	Fixes bug 601349.

	Simplify for statements whose condition is false
	Fixes bug 601351.

	Fix declaration of free function for compact classes
	Fixes bug 605495.

	Fix instance access check for static lambda expressions
	Fixes bug 612139.

	Report error when using instance member as initializer in static method

	Visit all expressions in flow analyzer

2010-03-22  Tomaž Vajngerl  <>

	libxml-2.0: Add XmlIO callbacks
	Fixes bug 600295.

2010-03-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Simplify while statements whose condition is false
	Fixes bug 601339.

2010-03-22  Jim Nelson  <>

	Add gudev-1.0 bindings.
	Fixes bug 606172.

2010-03-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Set error field when detecting duplicate switch label

2010-03-22  Michal Hruby  <>

	Fix compatibility with GLib 2.16 for D-Bus and GAsync support
	Fixes bug 598546.

2010-03-22  Adam Folmert  <>

	Capture array size variable in closures as well
	Fixes bug 599951.

	Fix protected member access in interfaces
	Fixes bug 609726.

2010-03-22  Sebastian Dröge  <>

	Use g_type_class_add_private() when targeting GLib >= 2.24
	Fixes bug 592942.

2010-03-22  Adam Folmert  <>

	Fix postconditions for methods returning structs
	Fixes bug 602927.

2010-03-21  Luca Bruno  <>

	Separate async state switch from the code using goto and labels
	Fixes bug 602200.

2010-03-21  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Use TypeRegisterFunction for enum/flags
	Fixes bug 592904.

2010-03-21  Luca Bruno  <>

	Report error on duplicate switch label
	Fixes bug 572556.

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix code generated for interface implementations with error mismatch
	Fixes bug 598862.

	Fix struct initialization in async methods

2010-03-21  Luca Bruno  <>

	Rename _main to _vala_main to avoid conflicts
	Fixes bug 582540.

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Add experimental support for chained relational expressions
	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 606480.

	D-Bus: Add simple signal test

	Fix implicit GValue conversion from owned values

	Fix crash when unable to infer generic type arguments

	Fix crash with owned property getters and interfaces

	Fix memory leak with owned property getters and g_object_get
	Fixes bug 576152.

	Fix struct initialization when temporary variables are used
	Fixes bug 613513.

	GAsync: Fix async methods with struct parameters
	Fixes bug 613484.

2010-03-21  Michal Hruby  <>

	D-Bus: Fix methods returning GLib.Value in dynamic clients

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix closures in property accessors
	Fixes bug 613483.

	Fix member access for derived generic types
	Fixes bug 613486.

	Fix variable shadowing check with implicit result variable in properties

	Do not warn when internal member is unused with --internal-header
	Fixes bug 613035.

	gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkRadioToolButton:group binding

	vapigen: Report error when omitting --library option
	Fixes bug 611322.

	Do not allow access to members using generic types without type args
	Fixes bug 604649.

	Report error when number of type arguments does not match

	Fix fixed-length array fields
	Fixes bug 603293.

	Fix printf format in GIRWriter

	Avoid generating unused temporary variables with out arguments

	Avoic C warnings for some possibly unused functions

	Use exact pointer type in CodeContext.push to fix C warning

	Use default in switch to fix C warning

2010-03-21  julien  <>

	libxml-2.0: add several missing free_functions
	Fixes bug 604321.

2010-03-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

	libsoup-2.4: fix arguments to several methods which take delegates

	Do not use `weak' modifier in *-custom.vala where it is not applicable

2010-03-21  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	build: Enable silent rules by default

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	valac: Add --enable-version-header option
	Writes Vala version in generated files. Disabled by default for
	bootstrapping reasons.

	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 608371.

2010-03-21  Frederik Zipp  <>

	sdl, tiff: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable
	Fixes bug 613426.

2010-03-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Hide gtk_tree_iter_{copy,free} bindings
	Current bindings are broken, however, these functions should never be
	used from Vala anyway.

	Fixes bug 595697.

	Check rank when checking array type compatibility
	Fixes bug 577222.

	Report error when using `construct' with incompatible properties
	Fixes bug 574146.

	Use generics for g_object_*_{,q}data bindings
	Fixes bug 531043.

	Fix memory management with inferred generic type arguments

	Avoid GPOINTER_TO_* macros with va_arg

	Add va_list support
	Based on patch by Michael Lauer, fixes bug 573337.

	Avoid temporary variable on struct initialization

	Fix constructor chain up within the same class
	Fixes bug 603375.

	Infer type arguments when calling generic methods
	Fixes bug 611235.

	Fix double free with owned named arguments
	Fixes bug 601930.

	Report error on invalid array creation expressions for stacked arrays
	Fixes bug 540730.

	libusb: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

	sqlite3: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

	gmodule-2.0: Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

	gstreamer-0.10: Do not hide GstBuffer.size to retain compatibility

	Support explicit constructors for boolean, integer, and floating types

	Improve error reporting for local variable initializers

	Do not support constructors for boolean, integer, and floating types
	Fixes bug 578968.

	Do not warn on assignment to same variable of different instance

	Fix constructor chain up to generic compact classes
	Fixes bug 594063.

	gobject-2.0: Remove Object.finalize binding
	Overriding Object.finalize conflicts with destructors.

	Fixes bug 592265.

	Do not allow access to instance members of outer classes
	Fixes bug 595216.

2010-03-20  Luca Bruno  <>

	GType: Do not allow 'type' properties
	Generated get_type function would cause conflicts.

	Fixes bug 586817.

2010-03-20  Jens Georg  <>

	Add Signal attribute for signal declarations
	This supports the following arguments:
	  - detailed (bool) -> G_SIGNAL_DETAILED
	  - run (string) ["first", "last", "cleanup"] -> G_SIGNAL_RUN_*
	  - no_recurse (bool) -> G_SIGNAL_NO_RECURSE
	  - action (bool) -> G_SIGNAL_ACTION
	  - no_hooks (bool) -> G_SIGNAL_NO_HOOKS

	The default is unchanged (G_SIGNAL_RUN_LAST and nothing else).

	Fixes bug 577623.

2010-03-20  Luca Bruno  <>

	Support .connect() and .connect_after() for dynamic signals
	Fixes bug 607936.

2010-03-20  Jonathan Conder  <>

	Fix disconnecting from detailed signal
	Fixes bug 602293.

2010-03-20  Frederik Zipp  <>

	D-Bus: Fix C warning with array return values in dynamic clients
	Fixes bug 612997.

2010-03-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix critical when accessing implicit result variable
	The implicit result variable is used in postconditions and in the
	dova profile.

	Fixes bug 601346.

	Report error when using reference parameters in async methods
	Fixes bug 610624.

	Drop ReadOnly* collection classes
	They are not very useful in the compiler as they are not immutable,
	which means that they do not allow iteration while modifying the
	underlying collection.

2010-03-20  pancake  <>

	glib-2.0: Drop unused PlusOperator attribute
	Fixes bug 611164.

2010-03-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Warn when using `weak' modifier where it is not applicable
	Based on patch by Jiří Zárevúcky.

	Do not use `weak' modifier where it is not applicable

2010-03-20  Luca Bruno  <>

	Use switch instead of do-while for string switch statements
	Fixes bug 541229.

2010-03-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Warn on assignment to same variable

2010-03-19  Luca Bruno  <>

	Return NULL in to_string() for invalid enum values
	Fixes bug 612141.

	Use fmod/fmodf for modulo operation between floating point values
	Fixes bug 610660.

2010-03-17  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux: add framebuffer constants, structs, and ioctls

2010-03-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gstreamer-0.10: Fix Gst.Buffer subclassing

2010-03-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

	glib-2.0: GLib.static_assert returns void

	json-glib-1.0: Make json_parser_load_from_data.length default to -1
	Fixes bug 612601.

	vapigen: Support default_value for arguments

	Make all Literal constructors accept null SourceReferences

	Regenerate all bindings

2010-03-14  Adrien Bustany  <>

	Purple bindings: fix excludes and add GI file

2010-03-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

	glib-2.0: Use strtol instead of atol for string.to_long

2010-03-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Split large string literals into multiple lines
	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 606838.

2010-03-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

	json-glib-1.0: Use metadata instead of json-glib-1.0-custom.vala

	libgnomeui-2.0: Update to 2.24.2.

	librsvg-2.0: Update to 2.26.0, remove librsvg-2.0-custom.vala

	gtk+-2.0: Hide many unwanted user data and destroy notify arguments
	Fixes bug 611021.

2010-03-14  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <>

	webkit-1.0: Update webkit bindings to 1.1.22
	Fixes bug 610569.

2010-03-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Make GtkContainer::set_focus_child's argument nullable
	Fixes bug 611492.

	gtk+-2.0: Fix several GtkIMContext-related bindings
	Fixes bug 611533.

	gdk-2.0: Mark Gdk.Region.get_rectangles rectangles param as out
	Fixes bug 612632.

	gtk+-2.0: Add many missing type arguments
	Partially fixes bug 609875.

	vapigen: Improve support for type_arguments
	Fixes bug 609693.

	gstreamer-video-0.10: don't hide Gst.VideoFormat members

	gstreamer-netbuffer-0.10: Hide Gst.NetBufferClass

2010-03-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

	sdl: Remove unnecessary argument to SDL.Key.get_keys

2010-03-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix instance_pos attribute writing in VAPI files
	Fixes bug 609088.

	dova: Do not write `owned' in VAPI files

	dova: Do not support foreach without iterator

	dova: Add implicit result variable

	dova: Do not accept `owned' for property get accessors

	dova: Pass structs by value by default

	dova: Use long/ulong for 64-bit integer literals

	dova: Classes derive from Object by default

	dova: Accept list, set, and map literals and tuples

	Drop support for bootstrapping with vala < 0.7.6

	dova: Do not support array or object member initializers

	dova: Do not accept `unowned' or `owned' in dova profile
	This also changes property get accessors to return owned values.

	dova: Do not require types uchar and int8 in dova profile

	valac: Add --nostdpkg option
	Do not include standard packages.

	Add stub dova profile

	Do not use static modifier for extern methods
	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 584105.

2010-03-13  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Fix nested struct expression as method argument
	Fixes bug 580046.

2010-03-13  Luca Bruno  <>

	Support connect_after for signals
	Fixes bug 560773. will ref_sink() the returned instance if it is floating
	Fixes bug 555006.

2010-03-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

	Support array_length_type for fields
	Fixes part of bug 529866.

2010-03-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Report error on use of tuples
	Tuples are not supported as primary expressions.

	Based on patch by Adam Folmert, fixes bug 597955.

	build: Use git-version-gen
	Add git-version-gen script from gnulib.

	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau.

2010-03-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

	build: Use separate directory for auxiliary build tools

2010-03-12  Jörn Magens  <>

	Fix use of memory profiler in multithreaded applications
	Fixes bug 607973.

2010-03-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix memory leak of method arguments in error case
	Fixes bug 611242.

2010-03-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix retrieving array length from constants in other source files
	Fixes bug 612315.

2010-03-10  Evan Nemerson  <>

	libsoup-2.4: Make Soup.Session.queue_message callback nullable
	Fixes bug 612050.

	goocanvas: Correct cname of Goo.CanvasImage.create
	Fixes bug 612221.

2010-03-10  Adrien Bustany  <>

	rest bindings: Mark parameter as nullable
	This commit marks the weak_object parameter of rest_proxy_call_run_async as

	rest bindings: Mark nullable parameters as such
	This commit marks the weak_object parameter of RestProxyCallAsyncCallback and
	OAuthProxyCallAuthCallback as nullable

	Update libdata bindings

2010-03-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix flow analysis for catch clauses with specific error types

	Mark return type of `as` operator as nullable
	Fixes bug 612382.

	Fix (!) non-null cast for structs
	Fixes bug 612380.

2010-03-10  Ryan Lortie  <>

	posix: Use __compar_fn_t as cname for compar_fn_t
	There is no standard name in the ISO C specification for this type.
	compar_fn_t isn't defined anywhere.  comparison_fn_t is a glibc
	extension that is only defined with _GNU_SOURCE.

	__compar_fn_t at least has the advantage of always working on glibc.

	more GVariant vapi updates

	fix typo in posix vapi ([CCOde] -> [CCode])

2010-03-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Make BinaryExpression.get_operator_string public

	Fix generated destroy function wrappers
	The function declaration was missing the static modifier.

	Use correct marshaller for fundamental classes
	Fixes bug 611845.

	Fix constants used in multiple source files
	Fixes bug 611246.

2010-03-07  Sandino Flores  <>

	gstreamer-0.10: Fix arguments for Gst.Pad.start_task
	Fixes bug 612061.

2010-03-05  Martin Olsson  <>

	libgvc: add Gvc.Graph.read_string and Gvc.Context.render_data
	Based on a patch by pancake <>

	Fixes bug 611007.

2010-03-05  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gio-2.0: nullability fixes for g_file_replace_contents
	Fixes bug 611282.

	gstreamer-0.10: Clean up binding
	Fixes bug 610330.

	vapigen: fix changing the type_name of an array field via metadata

2010-03-05  Adrien Bustany  <>

	twitter-glib bindings: Mark TwitterError as errordomain

	twitter-glib bindings: Fix signal param nullability
	This commit marks the status param of the TwitterClient::status-received signal
	as being nullable.

2010-03-03  Adrien Bustany  <>

	POSIX binding: add sigaction function

2010-03-03  Ryan Lortie  <>

	Dehackify GVariantBuilder bindings

2010-03-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix memory management of captured variables in error handlers
	Fixes bug 611624.

	Support returns_floating_reference attribute for methods

2010-03-02  Adrien Bustany  <>

	Twitter-glib bindings: Fix error types
	Errors in the TwitterClient signals were typed as gpointer. This commit changes
	their type to GError.

2010-03-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix expression type of new GLib.Error (...)
	Fixes bug 610584.

2010-03-01  Evan Nemerson  <>

	vapigen: Add support for array_length_cname for fields

2010-02-28  Rob Taylor  <>

	fuse: Various fixes

2010-02-28  Luca Bruno  <>

	Add CharacterLiteral.to_string() to fix writing vapi file

2010-02-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

	posix: Fix timespec binding

2010-02-25  Patrick Dignan  <>

	avahi-gobject: Fix typo in COLLISION constant
	Fixes bug 611037.

2010-02-25  Luca Bruno  <>

	gobject-2.0: Use instance_pos=0 in WeakNotify delegate.
	Fixes bug 609834.

2010-02-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

	glib-2.0: locale arguments to KeyFile methods should be nullable
	Fixes bug 609145.

	gio-unix-2.0: update to 2.22.4
	Fixes bug 610074.

2010-02-24  Ryan Lortie  <>

	glib vapi: add new GVariant binding

	glib vapi: rip out old GVariant bindings

2010-02-24  Luca Bruno  <>

	Do not support instance field initializers in structs
	Fixes bug 567711.

2010-02-24  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix coverage-report Makefile rule

2010-02-24  Ryan Lortie  <>

	GAsync: Hold refcount on 'self' while waiting
	Fixes bug 610912.

2010-02-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Clear array ouptut parameters

2010-02-19  Luca Bruno  <>

	gobject-2.0: Add convenience method Object.disconnect()

2010-02-19  Adam Folmert  <>

	Fix error message for 'incompatible operand' - added line number
	Fixes bug 610414.

2010-02-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

	glib-2.0: Make GLib.String.erase erase the entire string by default

2010-02-19  Martin Olsson  <>

	Add libgvc (graphviz) bindings.
	Fixes bug 596656.

2010-02-19  Luca Bruno  <>

	gio-2.0: Nullability fix fro GSocketService incoming signal, regenerate

2010-02-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Support nullable error types in VAPI files

2010-02-17  Sandino Flores  <>

	Fix arguments of FileStream read write
	Fixes 610218

2010-02-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix public struct constants
	Fixes bug 610067.

2010-02-16  Sandino Flores  <>

	gstreamer-0.10: Gst.PluginDesc is a structure
	Gst.PluginDesc must be binded as structure and not a class.

	Fixes bug 610065

2010-02-15  Ryan Lortie  <>

	Add alternative iterator protocol for foreach
	If the iterator object has a .next_value() function that returns a
	nullable type then we iterate by calling this function until it returns

	Fixes bug 609812.

2010-02-14  Adrien Bustany  <>

	libxml bindings: Improve coverage
	This commit adds the following functions:
	- xmlNextElementSibling
	- xmlFirstElementChild
	- xmlChildElementCount

	libxml binding: Fix static delegates
	The syntax has changed from static delegate to [CCode (has_target=false)].
	This commit fixes the libxml binding.

2010-02-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

	libxml-2.0: Fix instance position in several methods
	Fixes bug 609814.

2010-02-13  Nicolas Joseph  <>

	Add GDL bindings
	Fixes bug 609294.

2010-02-13  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	glib-2.0: add likely, unlikely and static_assert
	Fixes bug 608935.

2010-02-13  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	readline: various fixes to delegates and attributes
	It's now possible to do readline completion.

2010-02-12  Sandino Flores  <>

	glib-2.0: add bindings for fread and fwrite
	Fixes bug 609496.

2010-02-12  Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal  <>

	Put the instance_pos attribute in delegates in code writer
	Fixes bug 609591.

	gstreamer-0.10: regenerate gi and vapi files

	gstreamer-0.10: hide the members of the GstIterator structure
	The members of the GstIterator structure are private, so they should
	be hidden, instead of the accesor functions. Also, the parameter elem
	in gst_iterator_next outs a value.

	gstreamer-0.10: Add Gst.TagSetter interface

2010-02-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

	D-Bus: Add DBus.Object.get_all method

	GAsync: Declare functions for abstract async methods
	Fixes bug 598266.

2010-02-12  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gdk-2.0: update to 2.18.6
	Fixes bug 609293.

2010-02-12  Simon Wenner  <>

	gnome-keyring-1: Add out to some parameters of *_sync methods.
	Fixes bug 609261.

2010-02-12  Evan Nemerson  <>

	Update delegate has_target syntax in *-custom.vala

2010-02-12  Jürg Billeter  <>

	D-Bus: Handle errors on property access in static clients

2010-02-11  Adrien Bustany  <>

	GIR parser: Always add the cname attribute to generated methods

2010-02-11  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Fix unsafe C generated when copying array property
	Argument evaluation order is not guaranteed in C.

	Fixes bug 607280.

2010-02-11  Robin Sonefors  <>

	Support `in' operator for arrays
	This is already supported for some non-array types, so this patch
	merely extends it.

	Fixes bug 602511.

2010-02-11  Jürg Billeter  <>

	glib-2.0: Fix g_utf8_validate binding

2010-02-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix closures in constructors
	Fixes bug 602138.

	Fix error handling checks in switch statements

	D-Bus: Fix memory leaks when handling signals in static clients

	D-Bus: Fix memory leaks when calling async methods in static clients

	GObject: Fix invalid code with string-derived properties
	Fixes bug 609475.

	Allow using array element access as ref and out method arguments
	Fixes bug 609388.

2010-02-08  Adrien Bustany  <>

	purple bindings: Add files to

	purple bindings: Put the .deps file in the right folder

	Add bindings for libpurple

2010-02-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

	linux: Do not use doc comment for file header comment

	dbus-glib-1: Add bindings for constants from libdbus
	Fixes bug 598629.

	D-Bus: Move DataType.get_type_signature to D-Bus modules
	Fixes bug 607558.

	glib-2.0: Add g_main_context_*_thread_default bindings

2010-02-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix crash when opening file fails
	Based on patch by pancake, fixes bug 606837.

2010-02-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Do not use string.replace
	GRegex requires GLib 2.14.

2010-02-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.7.10

	Do not check unexpected errors if there is a general catch clause
	Fixes bug 608553.

	Do not check unexpected errors within finally blocks
	Jump out of finally block is not supported.

	glib-2.0: Include stdlib.h when using abs function family

	Include string.h when using strcmp

	Fix symbol resolving in enums

	Fix crash on invalid field initializer
	Fixes bug 595725.

	GAsync: Support async callback from closure
	Fixes bug 608184.

	Fix symbol resolving for base types of structs
	Fixes bug 607955.

2010-02-04  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux: bind mount(2) and friends as well as the rest of net/if.h, net/route.h

2010-02-03  Jürg Billeter  <>

	D-Bus: Fix crash on properties without set accessors

	dbus-glib-1: Fix type id of BusName

	dbus-glib-1: Fix marshalling of ObjectPath

2010-02-03  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Use intermediate variables to initialize static structs
	Fixes bug 608250.

2010-02-03  Rob Taylor  <>

	Fix GIR writing to only add <include> lines for API dependencies
	This refactors GIRWriter quite a bit so we can collect the GIR
	namespace dependencies when writing the type names, so only
	namespaces that are actually used get <include> lines.

2010-02-03  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	posix: bind struct sockaddr_in

2010-02-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

	libsoup-2.4: nullability fixes for Soup.MessageHeaders methods
	Fixes bug 604907.

2010-02-03  Luca Bruno  <>

	libxml-2.0: many binding improvements, add Html namespace
	Fixes bug 606633.

2010-02-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

	Change many static delegates to has_target = false

	cairo: Use closure param to ReadFunc and WriteFunc for delegate target

	tracker-indexer-module-1.0: regenerate

2010-02-02  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	dbus-glib-1: bind more lowlevel (raw) dbus entities from libdbus
	This allows us to do more advanced things such as constructing
	or inspecting method calls part by part.

2010-02-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

	GAsync: Support calling async methods that finish immediately
	Fixes bug 608708.

	Fix protected member access check in inner classes

2010-02-01  Rob Taylor  <>

	GIR Namespace support
	This patch introduces two new CCode annotations for use in VAPI files,
	gir_namespace and gir_version. This allows us to correctly map vala
	namespaces to gobject-introspection namespaces when generating GIR

	The mapping is actually done on a SourceFile level. This allows us to
	work around cases where one vala namespace maps into multiple GIR
	namespaces (in particular, GLib vs GLib and GObject).

	In the absense of annotations, the old 'guess it' method will be

	This commit also adds annotations to some core vapis.

	Fixes bug 584683.

2010-02-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Do not consider struct creation as chain-up
	Fixes bug 608548.

2010-01-31  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	posix: use new syntax for delegates without target

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix foreach for inline-allocated arrays
	Fixes bug 607547.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Initialize array_size in init_fragment
	Fixes bug 607714.

	D-Bus: Fix access to array structs members in static clients
	Fixes bug 607799.

	Perform flow analysis on lambda expressions
	Fixes bug 606478.

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Report error for instance methods used as delegates without target

	Implement coalescing operator ??
	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 580816.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Enforce protected member restrictions
	Fixes bug 592577.

	Error on usage of protected outside classes and interfaces
	Fixes bug 601347.

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

	D-Bus: Fix output array parameters in servers

	Fix relational operations involving nullable types
	Fixes bug 600652.

	Support equality checking on nullable boolean and numeric types
	Fixes bug 608434.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Respect signal accessibility
	This is at the vala level. GObject signals are somewhat public,
	if you get the name or signal id, by introspection for example.

	Fixes bug 592579.

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Support chaining up to constructors in structs
	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 606482.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Do not put new in front of struct creation in code writer
	Fixes bug 607937.

	Remove traces of NoArrayLength, and warn on its usage
	Fixes bug 607567.

2010-01-29  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Convert conditions in if statements to bool if necessary
	Fixes part of bug 608434.

2010-01-29  Luca Bruno  <>

	Fix generic type resolution for arrays of generic types
	Arrays of generic types are still only supported for pointer-based
	element types.

	Fixes bug 568972.

2010-01-29  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Initialize DelegateType local variables
	Fixes bug 607902.

2010-01-29  Adrien Bustany  <>

	Update rest.vapi file

	Fix cheader_filename in rest-custom.vala
	Automatic generation generates the wrong header filename for RestProxy

2010-01-28  Adrien Bustany  <>

	Restore missing function in rest.vapi
	The last commit on rest.vapi removed rest_proxy_new_call, probably because
	the -custom file was omitted during generation. This commit restores it.

2010-01-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix bug number used in test for bug 567181

2010-01-27  Thijs Vermeir  <>

	GError: Fix leak when throwing an error in the constructor
	Fixes bug 567818.

2010-01-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Do not generate unnecessary error check after throw statement
	Fixes bug 589942.

	Distinguish between unhandled and unexpected errors
	This fixes C warnings due to unexpected error handling.

2010-01-26  Evan Nemerson  <>

	glib-2.0: revert previous patch against MarkupParser callbacks.
	The new version sacrificed usability for theoretical correctness, and
	was not well received.

2010-01-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Warn when using deprecated static modifier on delegates

2010-01-26  Jiří Zárevúcky  <>

	glib-2.0: fix MarkupParser callbacks.
	Fixes bug 607195.

2010-01-26  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

	Genie: Removed unused FOREACH keyword Patch from Sandino Flores Moreno <>

2010-01-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_combo_box_set_row_separator_func binding
	Fixes bug 606919.

2010-01-25  Sandino Flores  <>

	gtk+-2.0: add missing type list for gtk_icon_view_get_selected_items
	Fixes bug 607279.

2010-01-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gdk-2.0: Fix types of several Gdk.Event*.state fields
	Fixes bug 607337.

	json-glib-1.0: always include json-glib.h
	Fixes bug 605924.

2010-01-25  Luca Bruno  <>

	glib-2.0: Add G_KEY_FILE_DESKTOP_* declarations.
	Fixes bug 607676.

2010-01-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

	vapigen: Add support for base types and ranks in structs
	Fixes bug 605039.

2010-01-25  Jürg Billeter  <>

	vapigen: Support base_class attribute for boxed types

2010-01-25  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Gtk.MessageDialog:buttons does not have an accessor method
	Fixes bug 607992.

	libsoup-2.4: should be uing8[], not string.
	Fixes bug 605862.

2010-01-25  Luca Bruno  <>

	gio-2.0: source_object of SimpleAsyncResult constructor is nullable.
	Fixes bug 607149.

2010-01-25  Eric Alber  <>

	goocanvas: update to version 0.15
	Fixes bug 607236.

2010-01-24  Ali Sabil  <>

	clutter-1.0: Fix clutter_container_raise/lower_child bindings

2010-01-21  Ali Sabil  <>

	clutter-1.0: Fix clutter_actor_get_stage binding

	clutter-1.0: Fix clutter_actor_transform_stage_point binding

2010-01-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix return without value for preconditions in constructors

2010-01-20  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Accept pre- and postconditions for constructors
	Fixes bug 607110.

2010-01-19  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	GValue: Fix boxing and unboxing structs
	Fixes bug 590987.

2010-01-18  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	Do not allow assignment with incompatible pointers
	That patch makes type check with pointer more strict.

	Fixes bug 574486.

2010-01-18  Luca Bruno  <>

	Support casting nullable structs to non-nullable structs
	Fixes bug 588832.

2010-01-17  Jordan Yelloz  <>

	GIR parser: Add support for parsing callback types

2010-01-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix constructor of markup reader

2010-01-17  Abderrahim Kitouni  <>

	GIR writer: Write user_data parameter for delegates

	GIR writer: Write parent_instace and priv fields

	GIR writer: Write virtual signal handlers

	GIR writer: Fix cname for vfunc <callback> element

	GIR writer: Embed <callback> inside <field> for virtual methods
	See gobject-introspection commit f8693bda.

	GIR writer: Add parent_class to the class struct

	GIR writer: Always include GLib and GObject

2010-01-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix has_type_id attribute writing in VAPI files

	Write has_type_id attribute for structs in VAPI files
	Make sure we don't lose has_type_id if it's false.

	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 606580.

	Fix freeing ThreadPool
	Adds special case for g_thread_pool_free, which takes 3 arguments.

	Based on patch by Evan Nemerson, fixes bug 542725.

2010-01-16  Luca Bruno  <>

	Return handler id when connecting signal handlers
	Fixes bug 537146.

	GAsync: Fix .end instance argument
	Fixes bug 606780.

2010-01-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	libsoup-2.4: Fix soup_message_headers_get_content_disposition binding

	libsoup-2.4: Fix SoupBuffer binding

	vapigen: Support ref_function attribute for boxed types

2010-01-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix order dependency in type resolution with derived integer types

2010-01-14  Evan Nemerson  <>

	dbus-glib-1: Add bindings for DBusGProxy::destroy signal.

2010-01-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

	mysql: Fix mysql_init binding.
	Fixes bug 603085.

2010-01-13  Make Massonnet  <>

	gtk+-2.0: parent argument to Gtk.show_about_dialog is nullable.
	Fixes bug 605051.

2010-01-13  Michael B. Trausch  <>

	glib-2.0: Add GLib.Log.set_always_fatal and GLib.Log.set_fatal_mask.
	Fixes bug 605179.

2010-01-13  Eric Alber  <>

	gobject-2.0: add many missing GParamSpec related bindings
	Fixes bug 605969.

2010-01-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gio-2.0: argument to BufferedInputStream.peek_buffer should be out
	Fixes bug 606627.

2010-01-13  Simon Wenner  <>

	libsoup-2.4: SessionSync and Async.with_options require ellipsis
	Fixes bug 605383.

2010-01-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gconf-2.0: several ownership and nullability fixes.
	Based on patch by Michal Hruby, fixes bug 605449.

2010-01-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

	json-glib-1.0: Fix json_gobject_to_data binding

2010-01-11  Ali Sabil  <>

	glib-2.0: Fix array length for g_base64_decode

	clutter-1.0: Fixed the clutter_texture_set_from_rgb_data and clutter_texture_set_from_yuv_data bindings

2010-01-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix crash on array creation expressions throwing errors
	Fixes bug 606503.

2010-01-10  Raffaele Sandrini  <>

	json-glib-1.0: Fix parameter ownership

2010-01-10  Jürg Billeter  <>

	json-glib-1.0: Update to 0.10.0

2010-01-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

	glib-2.0: Bind GPid as integer type

	Fix assignment to captured array variables

2010-01-09  Jörn Magens  <>

	valac: Add --enable-mem-profiler option
	Enables the GLib memory profiler.

	Fixes bug 530627.

2010-01-09  Yu Feng  <>

	Run destructor code before member destruction in compact classes
	Fixes bug 600285.

2010-01-09  Jiří Zárevúcky  <>

	Report error for non-automatic properties with default value
	Fixes bug 584065.

2010-01-09  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Use unmangled value_name in to_string for enums

	Fix cast expressions in string templates
	Fixes bug 598659.

	Support multiple variable declarators in for initializer
	Fixes bug 601350.

	Support bitwise complement with enums
	Fixes bug 597542.

	Support to_string for enums

2010-01-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Report error on duplicate constructor or destructor in class
	Fixes bug 600581.

2010-01-08  pancake  <>

	Improve display name of creation methods
	Fixes bug 601803.

2010-01-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Consider negative literals constant
	Fixes bug 605158.

	Fix type declaration for constants
	Fixes bug 605813.

	Fix nullable struct properties
	Fixes bug 606202.

2010-01-08  Jiří Zárevúcky  <>

	Write catch clauses and lambda expressions with --dump-tree
	Fixes bug 605887.

2010-01-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix type resolution with derived integer types

2010-01-07  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	GValue: Support implicit cast in equality check
	Fixes bug 585063.

	GValue: Move explicit cast support to separate function

2010-01-07  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Support struct comparison
	Based on patch by Marc-André Lureau, fixes bug 530605.

2010-01-07  Marc-André Lureau  <>

	GValue: Fix cast from nullable GLib.Value
	Fixes bug 585050.

2010-01-06  Rob Powell  <>

	Fix interfaces in GTypeModule-based plugins
	Fixes bug 601343.

2010-01-06  Jamie McCracken  <jamiemcc gnome org>

	Genie: support automatic line continuations

2010-01-05  pancake  <>

	curses: Add wresize binding and basic mouse support

2010-01-05  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	libnl-2.0: fix RouteAddress include header

2010-01-03  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	libnl-2.0: bind attributes, message headers, callbacks

	linux: add syscall(2), gettid(2), and add more netlink constants

2010-01-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

	poppler-glib: Fix poppler_page_get_crop_box binding

2010-01-01  Jakob Westhoff  <>

	poppler-glib: Fix PopplerRectangle binding
	Fixes bug 605853.

2009-12-24  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gstreamer-0.10: Add type_id for Gst.Structure.

2009-12-23  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix virtual methods returning structs

	GAsync: Struct return value fix

	D-Bus: More struct return value fixes in static clients and servers
	Fixes bug 602510.

	gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_rc_style_create_style binding

	vapigen: Fix crash in parse_signal

	Use dominance algorithm by Cooper, Harvey, and Kennedy
	Improves performance of flow analysis.

	Generate reverse postorder instead of preorder list in flow analyzer

	Only generate depth-first list once per method in flow analyzer
	Improves performance.

	Add FlowAnalyzer.analyze_body to simplify code

2009-12-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gio-2.0: Fix g_data_input_stream_read_* bindings
	Fixes bug 605066.

	Update slice syntax in code writer

2009-12-20  Evan Nemerson  <>

	cogl-1.0: Cogl.Texture.from_data data does not provide array length.
	Fixes bug 604108.

	libsoup-2.4: Fix soup_message_headers_get_content_type binding.
	Fixes bug 604907.

	gio-2.0: Several ownership fixes, mostly in GResolver.
	Fixes bug 604969.

2009-12-19  Xavier Bestel  <>

	glib-2.0: Add some missing GLib.Scanner methods.
	Fixes bug 603796.

2009-12-19  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gstreamer-0.10: Gst.Value.get/set_date expect a GLib.Date.
	Fixes bug 601766.

	gstreamer-controller-0.10: Fix Gst.LFOWaveform enum.
	Fixes bug 603725.

	gtk+-2.0: Gtk.get_current_event_state's argument should be out.
	Fixes bug 603751.

	gtk+-2.0: Fix Gtk.Notebook.switch_page signal binding.
	Fixes bug 604746.

2009-12-19  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.7.9

	Fix crash on invalid cast expressions
	Fixes bug 601614.

	D-Bus: Support struct return values in dynamic clients
	Fixes bug 603493.

	D-Bus: Support struct return values in static clients and servers

	Fix calling methods that have out parameters and return structs

	Do not allow assigning to construct-only properties of foreign objects
	Fixes bug 604590.

	Fix type declaration for sizeof expressions

	Fix crash with unsupported use of multi-dimensional array length
	Fixes bug 604589.

	Initial support for array slices
	Add support for slice expressions such as array[1:5] to retrieve a
	slice of length 4 starting at the second element of the array. Slice
	expressions are also supported for strings and other types that provide
	an appropriate slice method.

	Based on patch by Robin Sonefors, fixes bug 571352.

	glib-2.0: Add string.splice method

	glib-2.0: Add string.slice method

2009-12-17  Arun Raghavan  <>

	vala-gen-introspect: Allow absolute path in .files
	This allows one to specify absolute paths to headers and libraries in
	.files. This will make it possible to generate the VAPI as part of the
	library's build process.

2009-12-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Print error domain and code of uncaught errors

	valac: Add --symbols option
	Writes the name of each exported function to the specified file.

	Based on patch by Haakon Sporsheim, fixes bug 586494.

	gstreamer-0.10: Fix GstCoreError binding
	Fixes bug 604601.

2009-12-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Report error when field initializers may throw errors

	gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_bus_add_watch binding
	Use gst_bus_add_watch_full to accept owned delegates.

	Write parameter positions in VAPI files

	NULL-terminate array copies

2009-12-08  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix vapi/

2009-12-06  Jürg Billeter  <>

	valac: Require --header when using --use-header

2009-12-03  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gio-2.0: Fix many async functions which don't end in _async.
	Fixes bug 598657.

2009-12-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

	Fix some typos in CCode attributes.

	clutter-1.0: Clutter.get_option_group* functions transfer ownership.
	Fixes bug 602688.

2009-12-02  Julian Andres Klode  <>

	Add libarchive bindings.
	Bind libarchive(3) to a large extent; excluding the ACL functions
	which are severely underdocumented.

2009-12-02  Evan Nemerson  <>

	unique-1.0: update to unique-1.1.6.
	Fixes bug 603609.

2009-11-28  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux: add rfkill event structure, flags, and constants

2009-11-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

	glib-2.0: Do not use size_t for GString.len
	GString methods are not size_t safe and binding the len field as
	size_t is inconvenient for application developers due to the
	inconsistent handling in GLib.

2009-11-25  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

	gstreamer-0.10: Don't expose class structures
	Hide the class structs from metadata file and custom bind the virtual

2009-11-25  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux: fix InotifyMaskFlags enum and add missing values CLOSE and MOVE

2009-11-24  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Gtk.SelectionData.get_data does not return an array length.
	Fixes bug 602776.

2009-11-24  Eric Alber  <>

	glib-2.0: Add missing g_ptr_array_index() binding.
	Fixes bug 595781.

2009-11-24  Philipp Zabel  <>

	sqlite3: add progress_handler method and ProgressCallback delegate
	Fixes bug 602702.

2009-11-23  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux: add adjtime(2) and adjtimex(2) with assorted flags and constants

2009-11-21  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gtk+-2.0: nullability fixes for GtkToolButton and descendants.
	Fixes bug 602273.

2009-11-20  Evan Nemerson  <>

	glib-2.0: Fix GLib.ValueArray.values binding.

	posix: Fix FILE bindings (copy from GLib.FileStream), and add popen.
	Fixes bug 595880.

2009-11-20  Jukka-Pekka Iivonen  <>

	Add readline bindings.
	Fixes bug 563057.

2009-11-16  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gdk-pixbuf-2.0: Allow Gdk.PixbufLoader.write to specify array length.
	Fixes bug 597870.

2009-11-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	GAsync: Fix base access in async methods
	Fixes bug 601558.

2009-11-16  Nicolas Bruguier  <>

	x11: Add drawable, pixmap and RECTANGLE structs.
	Fixes bug 598174.

2009-11-16  James Campos  <>

	gtksourceview-2.0: Fix gtksourceview's guess_language method.
	Fixes bug 601934.

2009-11-16  Sebastian Noack  <>

	Add avahi-gobject bindings.
	Fixes bug 601777.

2009-11-15  pancake  <>

	valac: Do not check for an entry point when using C source files

2009-11-14  Ali Sabil  <>

	clutter-1.0: use the specialized Cogl.Handle classes for the Clutter.Texture Cogl properties

2009-11-13  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix invalid memory access in scanner on unbalanced parentheses
	Fixes bug 601789.

2009-11-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Mark adjustment argument to GtkV/HScrollbar as nullable.
	Fixes bug 597622.

	gtk+-2.0: Mark Gtk.Widget.can_focus as not having an accessor method, to preserve compatibility with GTK+ < 2.18.
	Fixes bug 601221.

2009-11-13  Adrien Bustany  <>

	rest: Convert ProxyError and ProxyCallError to errordomain.
	Fixes bug 601737.

2009-11-13  Johann Prieur  <>

	vapigen: Support hidden attribute for enum values

2009-11-13  Florian Brosch  <>

	glib-2.0: Add g_build_path binding

2009-11-13  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gtk+-2.0: make several Gtk.Entry.set_icon_* parameters nullable.
	Fixes bug 600597.

	libgsf-1: Update to 1.14.16, regenerate.
	Partially fixes bug 600295.

2009-11-12  Ali Sabil  <>

	clutter-1.0: fixed the Stage.color property accessors

2009-11-11  Ali Sabil  <>

	clutter-1.0: use the specialized Cogl.Handle classes for the Clutter.Shader.get_cogl_*() methods

	clutter-1.0: changed the return value of Clutter.Stage.get_default() to Clutter.Stage

	gobject-2.0: add GLib.ParamSpec.set_value_default ().

	glib-2.0: add GLib.Scanner.config binding.

2009-11-11  Adrien Bustany  <>

	Add twitter-glib-1.0 bindings.
	Fixes bug 593033.

2009-11-11  Levi Bard  <>

	sdl-ttf: add missing SDL namespace to SDL.RWops arguments.

2009-11-11  Evan Nemerson  <>

	Add ccss-1 and remove gl-1.0 from vapi/

	Don't use "using" in *.vapi.
	Fixes bug 593195.

2009-11-11  Ali Sabil  <>

	Add initial ccss-1 bindings

2009-11-10  Ali Sabil  <>

	clutter-1.0: Replaced the clutter-1.0 bindings with generated ones
	Based on patch from Frederik Zipp

	cogl-1.0: Replaced the cogl-1.0 bindings with generated ones

2009-11-10  Evan Nemerson  <>

	glib-2.0: replace many (u)long variables with (s)size_t and time_t
	Fixes bug 592188.

2009-11-10  Sebastian Noack  <>

	gnutls, zlib: Use array_length_cname, not array_length_name.
	Fixes bug 601256.

2009-11-10  Levi Bard  <>

	sdl-net: fix incorrect IPAddress.from_host binding.
	Fixes bug 601296.

2009-11-09  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux: bind backtrace(3), backtrace_symbols(3), and backtrace_symbols_fd()
	support for application self-debugging as found in glibc since version 2.1

	linux: add DirEntType for the d_type extension of struct dirent

	libnl fixes
	bind libnl-2.0 and fix libnl-1 to compile with the old version of libnl,
	libnl-1 was actually developed against libnl-2.0, which is fixed with this commit.

2009-11-07  Philipp Zabel  <>

	glib-2.0: fix GLib.MarkupParseContext.pop binding
	This method does not take a GLib.MarkupParser parameter.

	Fixes bug 599053.

	pango: fix Pango.Attribute constructors' transfer of ownership and Pango.Scale
	The Pango.attr_*_new constructors return owned Pango.Attribute references.
	Pango.Scale is not an enum. Turn it into a namespace with double constants.
	The latter is needed so for Pango.attr_scale_new, because it is impossible
	to convert from enum Pango.Scale to double.

	Fixes bug 600993.

2009-11-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

	libgdata: Fix query_all_albums, several type check functions, regenerate.
	Fixes bug 597191.

2009-11-07  Philipp Zabel  <>

	hildon-1: fix Hildon.gtk_init binding
	Finishes fixing bug 598656.

	hildon-1: un-hide Hildon.Note.note_type property
	This needs to be visible if one wants to subclass Hildon.Note.

	Partially fixes bug 598656.

	hildon-1: update to Fremantle bindings
	Partially fixes bug 598656.

	hildon-1: add Hildon specific gtk+-2.0 modifications in hildon-1-custom.vala
	Hildon depends on a modified GTK. Instead of polluting gtk+-2.0.vapi with
	Hildon specific modifications, add those bindings here.

	Partially fixes bug 598656.

2009-11-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

	gdk-2.0: Fix Gdk.Device.get_axis binding.
	Fixes bug 598834.

	libosso: Use tabs instead of spaces, do not spread methods across multiple lines.

2009-11-07  Philipp Zabel  <>

	libosso: fix struct Rpc bindings
	osso_rpc_free_val should be destroy_function instead of unref_function.
	The value union contained in osso_rpc_t is not a GLib.Value

	Fixes bug 599052.

2009-11-07  Evan Nemerson  <>

	libgnome-2.0: Fix gnome_execute_* bindings.
	Fixes bug 599346.

2009-11-07  Jens Georg  <>

	Add libmagic bindings.
	Fixes bug 599811.

2009-11-06  Thijs Vermeir  <>

	gstreamer-0.10: gst_caps_to_string transfers ownership

2009-11-05  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	posix: bind InAddr as SimpleType since functions do actually require this to be passed by value

2009-11-05  Jürg Billeter  <>

	GAsync: Fix virtual async methods
	Fixes bug 600827.

2009-11-04  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.7.8

2009-11-02  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_icon_info_load_icon binding

	Support enums as generic type arguments

2009-10-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gdk-2.0: Fix gdk_window_set_back_pixmap binding

2009-10-31  Colomban Wendling  <>

	posix: Add the three waitpid() flags

	Fixes bug 597020.

2009-10-31  Łukasz Pankowski  <>

	posix: Add SIG_DFL, SIG_ERR, and SIG_IGN
	Fixes bug 595872.

2009-10-31  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Documentation fixes

2009-10-31  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix critical warnings when using signals in interfaces

2009-10-31  Michael 'Mickey' Lauer  <>

	linux.vapi: add more posix extensions and BSDisms: * inet_aton(3) * openpty(3) * forkpty(3) * login_tty(3)

	posix.vapi: add accept(2), connect(2), and listen(2)

	posix.vapi: add inet_addr(3), inet_ntoa(3), htonl(3), htons(3), ntohl(3), ntohs(3), and InAddr

	posix.vapi: add {get|set}priority(2) and PRIO_ constants from resource.h

	posix.vapi: add nice(2)

2009-10-31  Ryan Lortie  <>

	posix: fix qsort binding

2009-10-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

	GAsync: Fix temporary variable initialization in loops
	Fixes bug 599568.

	Fix static property access in instance methods
	Fixes bug 599892.

	Fix delegates returning structs
	Fixes bug 595610.

2009-10-27  Shawn Ferris  <>

	libgda-4.0: Fix gda_data_model_get_*value_at bindings
	Fixes bug 599523.

2009-10-27  Matias De la Puente  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Update to GTK+ 2.18
	Fixes bug 599607.

2009-10-27  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkScale::format-value binding
	Fixes bug 599727.

	GASync: Do not declare async data struct too early
	Async data struct declaration depends on declarations of local
	variable types and thus must be appended after visiting the method

	Fixes bug 599767.

2009-10-27  Alexander Bokovoy  <>

	Clean up unused GError in case of catch statement without arguments
	When catch statement has no arguments, no access to a GError is possible
	from Vala source code. Therefore, do not create temporary variable which
	is not used. Also, clear error object as it is not passed upwards then.

2009-10-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

	x11: Add XGrabKey and XKeysymToKeycode bindings

	libwnck-1.0: Fix WnckScreen and WnckWindow bindings

2009-10-22  Jürg Billeter  <>

	D-Bus: Fix signals with string array parameters in dynamic clients
	Fixes bug 599071.

2009-10-22  Jörn Magens  <>

	zlib: Various improvements
	Fixes bug 599014.

2009-10-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Deprecate assigning to construct-only properties
	Object (property: value) constructor chain up is recommended to set
	construct-only properties.

	GObject: Check arguments of Object constructor chain up

	Support named arguments with ellipsis parameters

	Support (!) non-null casts

	Support constructor chain up to GObject using Object (...)

2009-10-20  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Check number of generic type arguments of base types
	Fixes bug 598658.

	Register all types when using [ModuleInit]
	Fixes bug 553928.

	Fix error messages for unsupported signal parameters
	Fixes bug 598865.

	glib-2.0: Fix GMarkupParser binding
	As the GMarkupParser struct only stores function pointers and no
	targets, no destroy function is necessary.

	Fixes bug 595925.

2009-10-19  Jürg Billeter  <>

	D-Bus: Fix error handling in static async clients

2009-10-18  Ryan Lortie  <>

	Allow use of .gir directly from valac
	  - add a --girdir parameter to the compiler
	  - make --pkg fall back to searching for a .gir file if it can't find
	    a .vapi file


	  - change the search order for .vapi files: XDG dirs are searched
	    before the compiled-in (--prefix) data directory, now.

	Fixes bug 598817.

2009-10-18  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Use strict non-null types with --enable-experimental-non-null
	Do not consider local variables nullable or nullable types compatible
	to non-null types when using --enable-experimental-non-null.

	Do not split conditional expressions in asserts
	Fixes bug 577619.

2009-10-17  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix capturing arrays and delegates
	Fixes bug 598738.

2009-10-17  Ryan Lortie  <>

	vapigen: Don't emit ".@new" on default constructor
	Special-case a constructor name of "new" appearing in a .gir file to be
	the default constructor.

2009-10-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	GAsync: Fix non-closure lambda expressions in instance methods
	Fixes bug 598697.

	GAsync: Fix abstract interface implementations
	Fixes bug 598698.

2009-10-16  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Visit type parameters of generic methods

2009-10-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	GAsync: Fix object creation expressions throwing errors
	Fixes bug 598677.

2009-10-15  Frederik 'playya' Sdun  <>

	Check signature of overriding methods for async

2009-10-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_tree_view_set_row_separator_func binding
	Fixes bug 596913.

	Report error when signal exists more than once in type hierarchy

	Warn if signal hides member in base class

2009-10-14  Thijs Vermeir  <>

	D-Bus: dynamic wrapper functions are always static

2009-10-13  Philipp Zabel  <>

	Add to_uint64 to s
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