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VIPS is an image processing library. It's good for large images and for
colour. There's a GUI as well, see the VIPS website:

There are packages for most linuxes and OS X. There is a pre-compiled windows
binary on the vips website.

Getting VIPS from SVN


	svn co

Building VIPS from source

In the VIPS directory, you should just be able to do:

	user% ./configure
	user% make

then as root: 

	root% make install

By default this will install files to /usr/local.

If you have problems, read on.

Building VIPS on win32

Probably the easiest route is to use mingw/msys. This provides a GNU-style
build environment for win32.

Alternatively, vips-7.x/win32 contains sample build systems using the
Microsoft toolchain. See the README in there for details.

Building VIPS on OS X

I used macports to help, see:


VIPS has to have glib-2.x and libxml-2.0. The build system needs 
pkg-config and gnu make.

Optional dependencies

Optional support libraries ... also try ./configure --help to see flags for
controlling these libs. By default, if suitable versions are found, VIPS will
build support for them automatically.

VIPS looks for stuff in /usr. If you have installed your own versions of
these libraries to /usr/local, vips will not see them. Use switches to VIPS
configure like:

	./configure --prefix=/home/john/vips \
		--with-tiff-includes=/home/john/vips/include \

to get VIPS to see your builds.

	The IJG JPEG library. If available, VIPS can read and write JPG

	if available, VIPS adds support for EXIF metadata in JPEG files

	The TIFF library. It needs to be built with support for JPEG and
	ZIP compression. 3.4b037 and later are known to be OK. 
	You'll need libz for this too. We use 1.1.3, others should work. 

	If your TIFF library includes ZIP compression, you'll need this too.

	If VIPS finds linux/videodev.h, you get support for Linux video 

	If VIPS finds this library, it uses it for fourier transforms. It can
	also use fftw2, but 3 is faster and more accurate.

 	If the library is not found, VIPS falls back to it's own internal FFT
	routines which are slower and less accurate.

	If present, im_icc_import(), _export() and _transform() are available
	for transforming images with ICC profiles.

large files
	VIPS uses the standard autoconf tests to work out how to support large
	files (>2GB) on your system. Any reasonably recent *nix should be OK.

	if present, VIPS can load and save png files. Version 1.2+ preferred.

libMagick, or optionally GraphicsMagick
	if available, VIPS adds support for loading all libMagick supported
	image file types (about 80 different formats). No saving though.

	if available, VIPS adds support for text rendering. You need the
	package pangoft2 in "pkg-config --list-all"

	if available, you get some inner loops replcaed by calls to liboil's
	library of optimised inner loops

	if available, VIPS will directly read (but not write, sadly) OpenEXR 

	if available, we build the python binding too


Disclaimer: No guarantees of performance accompany this software, nor is any
responsibility assumed on the part of the authors. Please read the licence

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