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Main author, project leader:
Dennis Smit <>

Duilio J. Protti <>
Vitaly V. Bursov <>
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <>
Jaak Randmets <>

The new FFT implementation that is used by libvisual is written by:
Chong Kai Xiong <>

The old FFT implementation that was used by libvisual:
Richard Boulton <>

Nearest scalers, initial VisCPU stuff:
Chong Kai Xiong <>

Bilinear scaler:
Jean-Christophe Hoelt <> (goom2 main author)

CPU Detect code based on the work by:
Eric Anholt <>
and MPlayer cpudetect hackers.

List implementation from RCL:
Sepp Wijnands <>
Tom Wimmenhove <>

Many thanks for quality suggestions and input:
Burkhard Plaum <> (lemuria author)

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