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NEWS - list of user-visible changes between releases
of Libvisual.

These are only visible changes, for more details look at the ChangeLog.

New in 0.4.0: xxxx-xx-xx:
* Real time timestamping support. (Dennis)
* Will unref plugins that don't match the ABI version. (Dennis)
* Added VisRectangle system. (Dennis)
* New BMP loader that supports all depths and RLE encoding. (Sepp)
* visual_mem_set(), visual_mem_set16(), visual_mem_set32()
  Optimized memset functions. (Dennis)
* VisVideo new composite system. (Dennis)
* VisVideo sub regions. (Dennis)
* visual_video_zoom_*(). (Jaak)
* visual_video_mirror_*(). (Jaak)
* visual_video_rotate_*(). (Jaak)
* Removed obsolete visual_video_depth_transform_to_buffer(). (Jaak)
* Added VisCollection system. (Dennis)
* Added VisHashmap. (Dennis)
* Added VisCache. (Dennis)
* VisAudio rewrite. (Dennis)
* Added .license bit to VisPluginInfo for realtime license check. (Dennis)
* Removed .struct_size and .api_version from the VisPluginInfo structure,
  and revamped the plugin version check system. Put
  VISUAL_PLUGIN_API_VERSION_VALIDATOR somewhere in your plugin and it'll
  work. (Dennis)
* Homedir installable plugins ~/.libvisual/actor transform morph input. (Dennis)
* Added VisOS. Realtime priority functions are hosted in this module. (Dennis)
* Added VisMath. All kind of math related functions have been added, most
  note worthy are the _vectorized_. All of these are accelerated by
  mmx/3dnow/sse instructions.
* VisFourier completely revamped. (Chong Kai Xiong)

New in 0.2.0: 2005-02-09:
* VisTransform subsystem. (Dennis)
* visual_palette_color_cycle() function. (Dennis)
* visual_param_container_copy_match() function. (Dennis)
* visual_param_container_copy() function. (Dennis)
* visual_timer_elapsed_msecs() function. (Dennis)
* VisCPU subsystem. (Dennis)
* visual_mem_copy(), will contain mmx, sse versions later on. (Dennis)
* MMX version of the 32bits bilinear filter. (Jean-Christophe)
* Fixed the visual_video_blit_overlay(). (Dennis)
* MMX versions of the 32bits alpha overlay. (Dennis)
* VisPluginEnviron system added. (Vitaly, Dennis)
* Nearest scalers. (Chong Kai Xiong, Dennis)
* Bilinear scalers. (Jean-Christophe, Dennis)
* VisError error values, and human readable errors. (Dennis)
* Objectification of all libvisual structures. (Dennis)
* Complete VisObject system. (Dennis)
* VisSongInfo, use the bilinear filterer, scaler for coverart. (Dennis)
* VisPalette VisParamEntry type. (Dennis)
* VisObject VisParamEntry type. (Dennis)
* VisThread threading wrapper system. (Dennis)
* VisUI Complete userinterface abstraction layer. (Dennis)
* Have a string only plugin type, plugins are now members of domains. (Dennis, Vitaly)
* Many many fixes, improvements and such. (Everyone)

New in 0.1.7: 2004-10-14:
* Removed examples from dist, they are out dated, broken and caused problems.
* Plugin libraries now work for real. (Dennis)
* Added visual_plugin_get_api_version function. (Dennis)
* Added visual_is_initialized function. (Duilio)
* visual_log verboseness control. (Duilio)
* visual_log custom callbacks. (Duilio)
* VisRandom subsystem and plugin specific VisRandomContexts. (Dennis)
* Bugfixes. (everyone)

New in 0.1.6: 2004-09-10:
* Created the VisParam system that is used for parameters in both
  libvisual and the plugins. (Dennis)
* Completely revamped plugin system that also supports API version
  check and such. (Dennis, Vitaly)
* VisTimer module for both time and timing. (Dennis, Duilio)
* VisColor module for color units in a palette and hsv->rgb
  conversions. (Dennis)
* VisMem module for memory related things. (Duilio, Dennis)
* Method to check if a morph needs an VisAudio context. (Dennis)
* Byteswap macros. (Vitaly, Duilio)
* Fix cover art support. (Dennis)
* HSV <-> RGB helper functions in VisColor. (Dennis)
* Timed morph (Dennis, Duilio)

New in 0.1.5: 2004-06-27:
* visual_log does now accept format strings and variable arguments.
* Major cleanups and build tree fixes.

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