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2006-10-27 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Implement version checking for malaga project files.

2006-10-26 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Clean up library checks in, remove special check
	  for malaga shared library.
	* Add AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL to to help building
	  shared libraries on Windows.

2006-10-05 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Add missing 'const' to usage example in voikko.h.
	* Add new exported function init_libvoikko_with_path.
	* Adjust voikkospell and voikkohyhenate to accept new -p option that
	  can be used to set the dictionary path.
	* Improve manual page formatting.
	* Increase version to 1.2 and libtool version info to 3:0:2.

2006-09-26 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Increase LIBVOIKKO_MAX_WORD_CHARS back to 255, the issue with
	  complicated compound words is now properly fixed in Malaga and
	* Fix suggestions when VOIKKO_OPT_IGNORE_DOT is set and word has only
	  one character before the dot.
	* Prepare some suggestion functions to accept strings that are not
	  null terminated.
	* Markup fix for voikkospell.1, thanks to Timo Jyrinki
	* Increase version to 1.1.1.

2006-09-14 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Decrease LIBVOIKKO_MAX_WORD_CHARS to prevent freezing malaga with too complicated
	  compound words.

2006-08-30 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Look for Malaga project file instead of
	* Implement the cache size parameter in voikko_init.
	* Add -c option to voikkospell to control the cache size parameter.
	* Update README.
	* Reject overly long input strings in voikko_spell_ucs4 and voikko_suggest_ucs4
	  just to be sure that any bugs later will not cause buffer overflows. The
	  cstr variants have been doing this check in charset conversion.
	* Adjust library version info for release of version 1.1.

2006-08-22 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* If --with-malaga-path is not set, default to installation prefix.
	* Fix compilation with -fno-common (needed on OS X).
	* Respect VOIKKO_OPT_IGNORE_DOT in suggestion code. This breaks suggestions
	  with words that actually have a dot in them, but they are rare enough to
	  not matter much.

2006-08-16 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Three new character replacement suggestions.

2006-08-14 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Accept some alternative Unicode sequences for certain characters.
	  This is enabled only for spellchecking: it is still recommended that
	  applications convert string to a normalised form (see src/voikko_charset.c)
	  before using hyphenator functions.

2006-08-14 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Modify suggestions to match the character case of the original word
	  if this is possible without invalidating the suggestion.

2006-08-12 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Do not suggest splitting a word or adding a hyphen in certain
	  cases where there already is an other hyphen nearby.

2006-07-26 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Add -no-undefined to libvoikko_la_LDFLAGS, which is supposed to
	  enable building shared libraries on Windows.

2006-07-25 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Increase version to 1.0

2006-07-03 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Fix the previous fix for character insertion suggestions
	* Fix a bug and optimise character duplication suggestions

2006-06-26 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Fix a bug in character insertion suggestions

2006-06-17 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Do not hyphenate between vowels in voikko_simple_hyphenation if
	* Remove warning about unimplemented VOIKKO_OPT_NO_UGLY_HYPHENATION
	  in voikko.h (it was first implemented on 2006-05-24)
	* Suggest replacing s with š and z with ž rather than sh and zh.
	* If a suggestion cannot be represented in the external encoding, drop only
	  that suggestion instead of returning null immediately.

2006-06-06 Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Improve character insertion suggestions

2006-06-01  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Add error recovery and fix some related bugs
	* Increase version to 0.9

2006-05-30  Kai Solehmainen  <>

	* nl_langinfo() ported for Windows version.
	* Dictionary path is searched from Windows registry:
		- first from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Voikko\DictionaryPath
		- and then if not found from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Voikko\DictionaryPath 
	* Minor changes for Windows version. 

2006-05-30  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Suggestions are sorted by estimated correctness:
	  compound suggestions and suggestions that contain both letter
	  and case changes are given lower priority.

2006-05-29  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Character deletion suggestions
	* Character insertion suggestions
	* Character swap suggestions

2006-05-27  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Character replacing suggestions

2006-05-24  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Do not add hyphenation points if hyphenation is forbidden in Malaga
	* New options in voikkohyphenate: no_ugly_hyphenation=0|1

2006-05-24  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Word splitting suggestions

2006-05-23  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Vowel changing suggestions

2006-05-22  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Add manual pages for voikkospell and voikkohyphenate

2006-05-22  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Character case correcting suggestions
	* New options in voikkospell: -s, accept_first_uppercase=0|1

2006-05-20  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Add cache size parameter to voikko_init
	* Version 0.3

2006-05-20  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Case-sensitive checking
	* Iconv handle caching
	* Spellchecker result cache

2006-04-24  Harri Pitkänen  <>


2006-04-23  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Fix use-after-free in voikko_do_spell

2006-04-23  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Fix pointer usage in porting.c:getline
	* configure fixes

2006-04-20  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Some porting work for FreeBSD

2006-04-19  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Add support for personal Malaga project file in $HOME/.voikko/

2006-04-14  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Search malaga.h from include/malaga and include

2006-04-13  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Add more API documentation
	* Fix configure check for gcc visibility support
	* Increase version number to 0.2

2006-04-13  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* voikkospell.c: Additional mode for automated tests
	* Fixes for bugs found by Valgrind

2006-04-11  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Library API improvements and documentation

2006-04-11  Harri Pitkänen  <>

	* Added ChangeLog

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