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This is libvoikko, library for spellcheckers and hyphenators using Malaga
natural language grammar development tool. The library is written in C.

Currently only Finnish is supported, but the API of the library has been designed
to allow adding support for other languages later. Note however that Malaga is
rather low level tool that requires implementing the whole morphology of a
language as a left associative grammar. Therefore languages that have simple or
even moderately complex morphologies and do not require morphological analysis
in their hyphenators should be implemented using other tools such as Hunspell.

Documentation for using the library can be found from voikko.h. The library
needs libmalaga and suitable Malaga project file. The latter should be placed
in /usr/lib/voikko/ (this directory can be chosen during compile
time). If user has a personal Malaga project file in $HOME/.voikko/
that will be used instead.
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