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Changes since version 0.92.0:

- added check for --with-gnustepdir option to configure to verify that its
  argument is an absolute path
- updated german translations (Torsten Marek <>)
- fixed to find its icons when not installed under GNUstep paths
- fixed gcc-4 compilation issues (Vladimir Nadvornik <>)
- fixed amd64 compilation issues (Vladimir Nadvornik <>)
- eliminated gcc-4 compilation warnings
- small fix for compilation in a different directory than the source
  (Balaton Zoltan <>)
- fixed some warnings on 64bit platforms (Balaton Zoltan <>)
- fixed issue with invisible modal windows from Qt and Gtk applications
  on 64bit platforms (Max Loparyev <>)
- fixed issue with icon colors on big endian platforms
  (Max Loparyev <>)
- release colors to avoid issues with the reference count overflowing a
  small integer and causing unexpected color releases that can crash
  Window Maker (Martin Frydl <>)
- fixed a small memory leak in WINGs/wview.c caused by not releasing the
  background color of a view (Martin Frydl <>)
- updated estonian translation (Ivar Smolin <>)
- updated the XDND code in WINGs to work with GDK based applications.
  WINGs based applications should now work with both KDE and GNOME
  applications (Sylvain Reynal <>)
- better check for the XDND protocol version when interoperating with other
  applications. As it seems xdnd version 3 (which WINGs supports) and newer
  are not backward compatible with xdnd version 1 and 2. This is why WINGs
  applications cannot interoperate with GNUstep applications (which uses
  xdnd version 2). Xdnd version 4 and 5 are backwards compatible with
  version 3 though. (Sylvain Reynal <>)
- Improved Info panel layout and fonts.
- Fixed missing library paths when linking some binaries on certain
  platforms with a recent pkg-config (debian unstable/sid for one)
- Fixed buggy handling of UTF8 characters in textfields in WINGs.
  (Stanislav Maslovski <>)
- Fixed segfault in WPrefs when some font description is missing from the 
  configuration file (Stanislav Maslovski <>)
- Removed WINGs' dependency on rgb.txt (from X11) and issues with locating it
  on the filesystem for different systems/distributions.
- Fixed segfault when unhiding an application in certain conditions (seen
  with KDE applications with transient windows)

Changes since version 0.91.0:

- fixed crash with info panel and alt-tabbing
- updated Japanese translations (Takeo Hashimoto <>)
- allow disable of switch panel when SwitchPanelImages=None
- added X Input Methods support in WINGs
- fixed issues with compiling on Solaris with openwin
- reduced minimum required version number for the Xft library to 2.1.0
- fixed some compilation issues with gcc-2.9x
- removed --with-appsdir option and replaced it with --with-gnustepdir. Also,
  default installation path (for non GNUstep users) is now $(prefix)/bin
- fixed bug with infinite loop in some circumstances in fitText() in WINGs
- fixed to allow parallel builds on SMP systems using make -j
- updated Italian translation (Marco Colombo <>)
- applied .AppInfo --> Library path rename patch (Alex Perez <>)
- added code to automatically update the icon paths from the old .AppInfo
  style to the new Library/WindowMaker style in WMWindowAttributes when
  Window Maker starts to make transition transparent for users.
- fixed issue with window being moved by 1 pixel up and left when the window
  move was initiated by the client
- improved hide/unhide animation for applications with multiple windows
  (only animate the active window hiding/unhiding, which makes Window Maker
  faster and more responsive for such applications). This also makes the
  restart operation much faster.
- fixed bug with windows shrinking to very small sizes when Unmaximize was
  used on them, after they were closed in a maximized state.
- fixed bug with restoring maximized state from NetWM atoms.
- fixed issue with GNUstep applications losing focus when all their windows
  are closed and there remains only their menu (Matt Rice <>)
- try fixed font for the technical drawing font if helvetica-12 is not
  available to avoid crashing (Timo Juhani Lindfors <>)
- new algorithm for placing miniwindows after unhiding the application they
  belong to, that works without auto-arranging the icons, while still avoiding
  multiple icons in the same spot by moving the miniwindows to a new slot if
  their old slot was occupied in the meantime.
- double clicking an appicon will also raise the miniwindows that belong to
  that application to the front (along with the normal windows).

Changes since version 0.90.0:

- new WPrefs icon (thanks to Largo)
- replaced VirtualEdgeThickness option, with EnableVirtualDesktop (boolean)
- enhanced alt-tab panel, added theming ability
- fixed issues with broken crash dialog
- removed obsoleted options from wconfig.h
- changed animation delay constants to fix issues with 2.6.x linux kernels
  (patch provided by Eric Piel <>)
- fixed several broken po files
- increased libwraster version number to 3.1.0 (added a RCopyArea function)

Changes since version 0.80.2:

- Some updates to WINGs WMConnection. See WINGs/ChangeLog for details.
- Fixed empty window list menu, if the window list menu was launched through
  the root menu (sent by "Marc-Christian Petersen" <>)
- Fixed dock's menu mapping position when dock is on the right side.
- Map clip's menu so that it never gets out of screen on the left or the right.
- Patch to add binary mode on opening files (needed for Windows with Cygwin)
  (sent by luke <>)
- Updated French translations (Antoine Hulin <>)
- Removed Hermes lib dependency in wrlib
- Put back asm/MMX code in wrlib
- Updated Russian locale files ("Andrew W. Nosenko" <>)
- API change in WINGs for WMDraw*String(). Details in WINGs/Changelog
- Removed obsoleted acconfig.h and implemented its functionality using
  AC_DEFINE and AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED as autoconf 2.5x recommends.
  This will definitely enforce the need to use autoconf 2.5x
- Added Xft2 support to WINGs, for rendering antialiased fonts with 
  transparency. Details in WINGs/ChangeLog.
- Fixed problem with long, preset workspace names (Wanderlei Antonio Cavassin 
- Added kinput2 bug workaround to stock WMWindowAttributes (Seiichi SATO 
- Added Belarusian translation (Ihar Viarheichyk <>)
- Fixed wrlib not to load braindead images with 0 sized width or height
- Removed double no-position-display when cycling position display types
  with Shift key while moving windows.
- Changed the default position display while moving a window to 'Center'.
- Better outline when drawing balloons.
- Fixed wrlib to not accept too large images (fixes buffer overflow)
- Patched FAQ (David Coe <>)
- Fixed bug with resizebars appearing out of nothing when reloading configs
- Fixed sloppy focus bug (Pawel S. Veselov <Pawel.Veselov@Sun.COM>)
- Applied Xinerama patch (after fixes) from (Peter Zijlstra
- Added switch to enable/disable antialiased fonts in WPrefs's Expert Settings
  panel. (Temporary until the Font Settings panel in WPrefs is finished).
- Added a check that only %d is used in a font specification in WMGLOBAL and at
  most once for each font in a fontset (eliminates a possible security exploit)
- Added fontpanel callback
- Fixed focus handling for windows that set WM_HINTS.take_focus = False.
- Fixed a problem in the stacking code which could lead to segmentation faults
  (Jeff Teunissen <>)
- Fixed a crashing bug in the menu code with modal panels involved.
- Fixed incorrect focusing of application's windows after an unhide (sometimes
  the incorrect window got focus instead of the apps's last focused window)
- Unshade application's shaded windows when Dbl-MiddleClick-ing its appicon.
  (this is to be consistent with deminiaturizing application's miniwindows
  which also happens in this case, since shading is a form of miniaturization)
- Fixed bug with tpixmap from previous xinerama patch (reported by g0sh)
- Fixed edge resistance and move/resize frame drawing for borderless windows
- Fixed wrong display position for the move/resize widgets after xinerama
  patch (Peter Zijlstra <>)
- Fixed bug with cursor locked in drag mode after Alt-dragging a window
- Added Catalan translation (Ernest Adrogu� <>)
- Fixed a bug with deminiaturizing windows when the application is hidden and
  the miniaturized window is selected from the window list menu
- Fixed a bug with not showing shaded window frames when the application is
  hidden and another window belonging to the app is selected in the window
  list menu
- Autoarrange icons after unhiding an application that has miniaturized
  windows, else they may cover other icons which are now in the positions
  they have occupied before hiding
- Fixed Clip's workspace menu mapping to be consistent with the others
- Fixed bug in wmsetbg that caused scale and maxscale to both do maxscale
  (Alexey Voinov <>)
- Fixed bug with scrolling menus introduced by the xinerama patch.
- Fixed bug that could cause SIGSEGV by accessing beyond the end of text in
  a WINGs textfield widget.
- Fixed small memory leak in WINGs' font panel code.
- Fixed memory leak in WINGs' file panel code.
- Updated Bulgarian translations (Anton Zinoviev <>)
- Fixed a bug in WINGs' hashtable which free'd the wrong memory in the
  WMResetHashTable() function (possible source of SIGSEGVs)
- Fixed 2 syntax errors in plmenu.zh_TW.Big5 (Mike FABIAN <>)
- Some .po file fixes (Mike FABIAN <>)
- Fixed the problem with the root menu code changing the locale setting as
  a side effect of loading a localized menu
- Fixed e memory leak in the code that reads a localized root menu
- Added support for generating pkgconfig files for WINGS, wmlib and wrlib.
  ("Marcelo E. Magallon" <>)
- Support for multiline balloons (Vitaly Ovtchinnikov <>)
- Improved wsetfont (Mike FABIAN <>)
- Updated single-click contrib patch (steve lion <>
  and vlaad)
- Updated French translations (Antoine Hulin <>)
- Xinerama support for Solaris
- Added global menu support (see NEWS)
- Fixed sloppy focus bug
- Made maximize behave differently with keyboard/mouse for xinerama
  (Peter Zijlstra <>)
- A few leftover xinerama fixes (Peter Zijlstra <>)
- Extended the 'strut' to multiple heads 
  (Peter Zijlstra <>)
- Icon placement now takes into account the new xinerama extended 'strut'
  (Peter Zijlstra <>)
- Icon arrangement that takes the new extended xinerama 'strut' into account
  (Peter Zijlstra <>)
- Fixed the 'KDE omnipresent' bug.
- Fixed bug with focusing a deminiaturized window with sloppy focus mode
- Fixed aspect of window list menu (window name was too close to workspace
- Fixed menu panel in Explanatory text did not fit into the label
- Implemented a better logic to preserve the window's old geometry when
  maximizing to support succesive maximizations in different directions
  without the need to do an intermediary un-maximize step (eliminates flicker)
- Made keyboard/mouse maximization behavior consinstent relative to each other
- Enhanced wmsetbg's man page with description for -b | --back-color
  (Marcelo E. Magallon <>)
- Do not use the disabled clip color for the clip's workspace navigation arrows
  when the clip is collapsed (it made them look like disabled)
- Fixed bug with incorrect un-escaping if there is a dot in wm_class.
- Updated Catalan translations (Ernest Adrogue <>)
- Updated Spanish translation of WPrefs (Alberto Gimenez <>)
- Fixed synchronization problem between hair cursor and mouse cursor in
  wmagnify with mouse cursor at the screen edge (Jon Diercks <>)
- Fixed 2 focus switching related bugs (Allan Peramaki <>)
- Fixed a bug that made the crash panel to be shown again and again when the
  'Restart Window Maker' option was selected, under some circumstances.
- Added workaround in global WMWindowAttributes, to avoid creating a second
  appicon when a KDE3 application opens a config panel.
- Updated slovak translation (Jan Tomka <>)
- Added xdnd v3 support in WINGs (Sylvain Reynal <>)
- Check whether libXft is at least version 2.1.2 else refuse to compile.
- Fixed bug in icon chooser dialog that could cause a segmentation fault
  in some cases (Pascal Hofstee <>)
- Fixed crash in asm code in wrlib, with new versions of gcc.
- Fixed bug in the x86_PseudoColor_32_to_8() function which incorrectly
  used the r, g, b fields in the conversion.
- Fixed x86 ASM code in wrlib to work on 64 bit architectures.
- Fixed the focus flicker seen with some apps (notably gtk2)
  (Alexey Spiridonov <>)
- Fixed all crashing bugs that were generated by wmaker starting with the
  WMState file missing.
- Added NetWM support (a modified version of the patch originaly written
  by Peter Zijlstra <>)
- Applied patch to enhance the Virtual Desktop behaviour, and to integrate
  it with the NetWM code (Peter Zijlstra <>)
- Applied a few xinerama and placement fixes (Peter Zijlstra 
- Fixed memory leak in dock code.
- Fixed and enhanced the text wrapping in WINGs.
- Fixed the layout of some elements in
- Added workaround for aplications that don't set the required hints on the
  client leader window, but they set them on normal windows (observer with
  KDE 3.3.0 mainly). This will allow these apps to get an appicon again.
  (they should be fixed still)
- Added workaround for applications that do not set a command with
  XSetCommand(), but instead they set the _NET_WM_PID property. This works
  with operating systems that offer a /proc interface similar to what linux
  has. (This also is to fix problems with KDE 3.3.0 apps, but not only them).
- Fixed bug with autostart and exit scripts not being executed if user
  GNUstep path was different from ~/GNUstep (when setting GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT)
- Removed legacy OFFIX_DND support code
- Fixed the signal handler for crashes (ie, removed it) and made wmaker
  restarting be made automatically by a monitoring process.
- Made NetWM support be enabled by default
- Removed old code to store/restore workspace state (now relies on netwm)
- Added a (simple) Font Configuration for fontconfig fonts
- MacOS X style window switching panel (navigate through windows with Alt-Tab
  or arrow keys)
- Added support for NET_WM_NAME/NET_WM_ICON_NAME
- Moved out font name conversion code from getstyle/setstyle/convertfonts and 
  made it support fontsets
- Converted all menu and po files to UTF-8
- Updated de.po (Thomas Otto <>)
- Fixed a crash bug when switching workspaces
- Removed obsoleted scripts from util: wsetfont, wmchlocale, wcopy, wpaste

Changes since version 0.80.1:

- Fixed a buffer overflow when allocating a RImage struct.

Changes since version 0.80.0:

- Fixed a bug that crashed wmaker when closing a window if multiple screens
  were managed by wmaker (Valery Kotchiev <>)
- Fixed a problem that crashed wmaker when trying to read an unexisting
  WMState.<number> file on multihead system.
- Fixed problem with keyboard shortcuts executed an every screen for
  multihead systems.
- Updated traditional chinese translations 
- Fixed buglet in non-caching rootmenu option 
  ("John H. Robinson, IV" <>)
- Added Malay translation
- Fixed problem with kcalc not having a miniaturize button.
- Added "Hide Others" to the window menu.
- Fixed text in info panel for multibyte (Seiichi SATO <>)
- Separated the font caches for normal fonts and fontsets in WINGs (they can
  have the same names and collide in the cache giving unwanted results)
- Fixed Legal Panel not to display rectangles in place of new lines.
- Fixed problem with losing focus when changing to an empty workspace and back.
- Fixed another focus related problem when changing workspaces.
- Fixed problem with saving session when shared appicon is enabled (not
  all instances were saved in the session, only one per shared appicon)
- Added support for the ukrainian language in wsetfont
  (Bohdan Vlasyuk <>)
- Fixed a bug that crashed Window Maker when setting the "Emulate AppIcon"
  option for a window using the window Inspector.
- Let XRender transparent window be see-through to desktop
- Added Greek (el) language pixmap (Michalis Kabrianis <>)
- Fixes icons being reduced twice when icon size != 64x64
  Eduardo Pereira Habkost <>
- Fixed a bug that crashed wmaker when selecting the "Start alternate window 
  manager" option in the crashing dialog panel.
- Window Maker will now use the WINDOWMAKER_ALT_WM environment variable (if
  it is defined) to overwrite the default hardcoded fallback window manager.
- Fixed marks for menu entries to be grayed as the text for disabled entries.
- Fixed Clip's "Autoraise" option to be marked as disabled when the
  "Keep on Top" option is active.
- Added ability to browse for files/directories in the WPrefs menu editor.
- Added Czech translations of documentation (Jiri Hnidek <>)
- Fixed segfault with incomplete WM_CLASS specifications. 
- Fixed a bug about arranging subviews in a WMBox after removing a subview
  and a memleak occuring in the same situation.
- Fixed a bug in wdread
- Fixed bug with windows that have WM_HINTS.take_focus = False. These windows
  will not receive focus at all.
- Fixed a buffer overflow in winmenu.c

Changes since version 0.70.0:

- Disabled window birth animation by default (while it was ok with normal 
  windows, it was very annoying with menus editing in
- Added ability to shade/unshade a window using the mouse wheel.
- Fixed compilation for systems that required -lintl for WINGs
  (Jim Knoble <>)
- Removed redundant include/lib paths from the get-*-flags scripts
- Updated slovak .po files (Jan Tomka <>)
- Added "Save workspace state" switch button on the exit confirmation panel
  (based on a patch sent by Jan Tomka <>)
- Fixed WPrefs crash when clicking on the menu editor to keep the current menu
  (Alexey Voinov <>)
- Added patch to fix some gnome issues (Les Schaffer <>)
- SIGTERM is now handled and saves the internal state before exiting (like
  SIGHUP and SIGINT already do). Now a "kill wmaker_pid" will exit cleanly
  saving dock/clip/session information on exit.
- Added an internal strcasecmp() to WINGs (only on systems where's not present)
- Deminiaturizing a window that is also shaded, will perform an unshade too.
  (Note that this only applies to deminiaturizing shaded windows. Unhiding 
  an application will keep the shaded/unshaded state of windows.)
- Removed compile time option for definable cursors and made them available by
- Mapping a new window that belongs to a running application that is hidden,
  will unhide the application.
- Added || pipe menu for generating non-cached menus
- Removed the collapse appicons thing.
- Added real appicon sharing (apps of the same kind will have a single shared 
- Fixed user and global defaults domain merging to preserve values present in
  global but not in user, in sub-dictionaries.
- Made dock/clip steal appicons of applications that were started from a
  shell/xterm or from the main menu, if there is a docked appicon of that
  class that is not running at the time the app is launched.
- Added animation to show that the appicon was stolen by the dock (the way
  NEXTSTEP did - map an appicon as it normally would have been, then slide it
  to the position the docked appicon is).
- Updated the animation constants for scrolling/sliding/shading to better
  adapt to newer/faster machines. Also used wusleep(10) when the delay was 0
  to get rid of the jerky animation when there was no delay.
- Fixed bug with Unhide mapping windows from other workspaces.
- keyboard shortcuts are active during mouse window drag
- Saving a domain file will first strip all entries that are also present in
  the global domain as well and are exactly the same. This fixes a bug where
  settings from the global domain file were merged in the user domain file
  and further changes in the global domain file for those merged values was
  ignored making a system admin unable to set global defaults for all users
  using the global domains.
- Fixed bug with improper setting of root/titlebar cursor (definable cursors).

Changes since version 0.65.1:

- fixed crash when saving empty menu item in WPrefs
- Fixed some more bash specific constructs in wsetfont.
    (Marcelo E. Magallon <>)
- fixed crash with broken apps that set null WM_CLASS
- fixed crash when with gnome panel and multi-screens, some menu
  updates and applied various other patches from 
  (Crutcher Dunnavant <>)
- po file fixes (Crutcher Dunnavant <>)
- replaced I18N_MB with I18N in one place in src/
- fixed default clip title font in
- fixed some locale related problems (Yukihiro Nakai <>)
- fixed a bug in RCombineAreaWithOpaqueness() (Brad <>)
- added spanish INSTALL file (Efrain Maximiliano Palermo <>)
- updated Finnish pots (Tomi Kajala <>)
- copy/paste launching in Dock
- fixed switch to wrong workspace bug (Masashi Shimbo <>)
- added snprintf and removed XConvertCase usage for portability
- added wcopy/wpaste scripts from (<>)
- added Xinerama support: see details in NEWS
- fixed artifact pattern left in TrueColor dithering code (visible with
  tiled gradients)
- fixed bug in positioning of window list menu when opened by kbd
- internal code clean-up with notifications for window state change and other
- removed the libPropList dependancy by adding property list handling
  code to WINGs. This code is not only better integrated with the other
  WINGs data structures, but it's also more robust. Also a backward
  compatibility header file is provided which maps old libPropList
  function names to the new WINGs based proplist names allowing old code
  to be linked to WINGs with minimal changes. For details on how to use
  the compat mode, read the comments on top of WINGs/WINGs/proplist-compat.h
  More details about this can be found in WINGs/ChangeLog and WINGs/NEWS.
  Say bye, bye libPropList =)
- rewrote all Window Maker code to use the new WINGs based proplist functions.
- fixed a few compilation warnings and a problem caused by an uninitialized 

Changes since version 0.65.0:

- removed FocusFollowMouse from wmaker and WPrefs
- fixed problem with alpha images showing a blue tint on big endian machines
- fixed problem with WINGs based apps exiting with a "X_RotateProperties"
  related error when text was selected in a textfiled (including
  and Window Maker itself).
- fixed bug with maximization of windows with fixed resize increments
- added None geometry display type
- fixed window enumeration bug
- removed GNUisms from wsetfont (Marcelo E. Magallon <>, Masahide -mac- NODA <>)
- added slovakian translations from (
- added WINGs i18n patch from
- fixed wmsetbg.c to work in servers capable of multiple depths (overlay)
- added HMaximizeKey (Ruda Moura <>)
- fixed bad SIGPIPE handling setup across forks (Philippe Troin <>)
- added workaround for bug in locale handling on font set creation (Seiichi SATO <>)
- Fixed some non-portable shell constructs used in installed scripts
  (Johnny C. Lam <>)
- Fixed crash with long titles in the window list menu (buffer overflow)
  (Alban Hertroys <>, reported by
   Robert Marshall <>)
- Replaced almost all sprintf() calls with snprintf()
- fixed crash when removing menu entry for Window List or Workspace submenu
- added WINDOW_BIRTH_ZOOM2 (�ric Tremblay <>)

Changes since version 0.64.0:
- fix with gnome hints stuff, related to tasklist/bar
- ripped off single appicon stuff
- added better appicon handling of apps of the same type
- applied patch for wkdemenu (Malcolm Cowe <>)
- added WINDOWS_MENU submenu type for root menu (Bastien Nocera <>)
- added kbd shortcuts for icon chooser
- use Hermes in wrlib
- removed MOUSE_WS_WHEEL #defines
- fixed bug with multibyte text on libc5 systems (Osamu Ajiki <>)
- fixed race conditions on signal handlers 
- SIGINT will gently exit, SIGTERM will not be handled
- When Window Maker calls wmsetbg to set the background, it will consider the
  value of the DisableDithering option and pass the right switch to wmsetbg.
- fixed a memleak in the dialog panels.
- made "Keep on Top" in the dock/clip menu a checked menu entry. It's _much_
  easier to work with it this way.
- Fixed problem with GNOME apps that have windows which need to stay on the
  desktop level.
- Fixed incorrect parsing of display and screen number from $DISPLAY.
- Organized the inspector panel a bit better.
- Replaced bags with arrays wherever appropriate. This will improve 
  performance a bit.
- Made the Gnome tasklist skip the windows with the "Skip window list" flag
  enabled. (Bastien Nocera <>)
- Fixed crashing bug when name and class were empty for a docked app.
- Removed MIN() and MAX() macros and replaced them with WMIN() and WMAX() from
- Added a hint that Window Maker crashed, to allow windows to be placed
  correctly after a crash situation.
- Added a hint that Window Maker crashed, to allow windows to be placed
  in their correct previous positions after a crash situation and also to
  preserve their state before the crash (minimized, shaded, hidden, ...)
- Fixed wrong mapping position of the "Docked Applications Panel" for some
- Smoother animation for the smiley =)
- Added retain/release mechanism for RImages. RDestroyImage() has become
  obsolete. More about this can be found in wrlib/Changelog and wrlib/NEWS.
- Small API change in WINGs to allow images with alpha blending set as the
  application icons be shown correctly. More about this in WINGs/Changelog 
  and WINGs/NEWS.
- Made images with alpha blending be shown correctly in the panels and the
  icon chooser.
- The icon image set to be shown in panels ("Logo.WMPanel") will be 
  automatically updated if its entry in WMWindowAttributes changes (without
  a need to restart as until now).
- Fixed a bug in the icon chooser dialog that made the selected icon look
  wrong if it had alpha blending.
- Removed the following 3 options from configuration: SelectWindowsMouseButton,
  WindowListMouseButton and ApplicationMenuMouseButton.
- Added 4 options to the configuration file for binding workspace actions to
  mouse buttons: MouseLeftButtonAction, MouseMiddleButtonAction,
  MouseRightButtonAction and MouseWheelAction. They replace the above 3
  removed options, but use a different semantic. More in NEWS.
- client supplied icons that were saved by Window Maker in the directory
  ~/GNUstep/.AppInfo/WindowMaker/ will be recreated if missing when the
  application starts.
- fixed a small memleak when the client supplied icon was extracted and saved.

Changes since version 0.63.1:
- fixed messup in get-{wings,wutil,wraster}-flags
- fixed #wmdatadir# substitution in wmaker.inst 
	(Seiichi SATO <>)
- Removed spurious focus disabling for GNUstep applications - but retain
  code that lets GNUstep apps control their window titlebar.
	(Richard Frith-Macdonald <>)
- Fixed broken panels.
- Renamed se.po to sv.po
- New version of (from Malcolm Cowe <>)
- new updated Slovak translations (Jan Tomka/judas@hell <>)
- integrated the 'no polling' patch from Jim Knoble <>.
- new wsetfont script (Anton Zinoviev <>)
- lots of i18n fixes (Jan Tomka/judas@hell <>)
- window levels changed to match GNUstep <> ...  src/GNUstep.h
  src/WindowMaker.h src/window.c wmlib/WMaker.h WINGs/WINGs/WINGs.h

Changes since version 0.63.0:
- fixed compile prob with SGI compiler
- decreased nice() value in wmsetbg
- applied gnome panel not-covering patch from (Bastien Nocera <>)
- added item copy to WPrefs menu editor
- added locale selection code for menu in wmaker.inst (Eliphas Levy Theodoro <>)
- fixed bug in built-in xpm support (Alessandro Strada <>)
- removed plugin support
- fixed a crash bug in WPrefs menu editor
- added es and pt potfiles from conectiva/eliphas
- added updated galician potfile (Jesus Bravo Alvarez <>)
- added update hungarian potfiles (HORVATH Szabolcs <>)
- added updated single-click patch from John Morrissey <>
- added updated danish translations (Birger Langkjer <>)
- fixed WindozeCycling config in WPrefs
- fixed circulate raise withour WindozeCycling

Changes since version 0.62.1:
- added blackbox style igradient (interwoven)
- added wmagnify utility
- changed behaviour of control/shift double click on titlebar for maximize
- updated getstyle to account for extendspace options
- fixed weird color bug in jpeg loader 
	(Alban Hertroys <>)
- improved and simplified fonts configuration for multibyte languages
	(Tomohiro KUBOTA <>)
- cleaned ParseCommand() and renamed to TokenizeString()
- rewrote menu editor in WPrefs
- added definable workspace border (0..5 pixels). See NEWS.
- fixed circulateraise on non-windoze cycling mode
- fixed bug in RCombineAreaWithOpaqueness (Tim Malone <>)
- fixed bug with hangling of WM_COMMAND update in client.c (Andrew M. Langmead <>)
- fixed bug with incorrect reading of ppm files (Adam Fedor <>)
- fixed bug with incorrect window placement using automatic placement, while
  there were shaded windows on other workspaces
- fixed some buffer overflow issues in WINGs
- fixed bug with not selecting the menu appearance options after 
- replaced free() with wfree() wherever appropriate
- fixed some memory leaks generated by wstrappend()
- fixed code that was dependant on the order of evaluation in wrlib. This
  fixed a number of problems, like greyscale jpegs that showed up in red
  and possibly the problems with pseudocolor displays.
- made clicks on unfocused windows be effective on focus follow mouse/sloppy

Changes since version 0.62.0:
- made shortcuts available during alt+tab
- save lowered state of menus
- fixed portability bugs for old X servers
- added check for XInternAtoms in configure and replacement code
- fixed window cycling with single key shortcut
- fixed WPrefs crash on menu editor
- install only needed icons for
- updated Finnish translations
- fixed user-whining-windoze-cycling bug
- added option for f'n windoze cycling..
- added --create-stdcmap and made std colormap creation off by default
- updated get/setstyle to account for new options
- fixed crash on restart bug
- made GNOME wm hints take precedence over KDE.. KDE hint will only be read
  if GNOME hints dont exist
- updated kwm hint support (maximize hint)
- added memory usage in info panel
- fixed sticky hint handling in GNOME
- fixed saving of maximized state for restart

Changes since version 0.61.1:

- fixed bug with menu editor in WPrefs placing cut/paste-ed entries in wrong
- removed "Keep Attracted Icons" option from Clip's menu. See NEWS.
- fixed bug in Xdnd code to be able to work with QT. (This is QT's bug so
  it will change again in future)
- replaced debugging output stuff with Nana
- fixed problem with session restoring and dock autolaunch (Jacek Naglak
- put WorkspaceNamePosition in WPrefs
- added a lock to docked icons
- fixed crashing bug in's Appearance section.
- fixed sorting of names in icon chooser, and file browser.
- fixed name completion problem in file browser.
- added new sound events (from pascal)
- fixed bug when moving/resizing internal windows
- propagation of -noext for submenus (David Reviejo <>)
- fixed problem with mouse sampling rate in SGIs
- optimized frame drawing (Swivel <>)
- removed broken optimized frame drawing patch
- added Select Window button in attribute inspector
- made icon images scale by a constant factor when changing icon size
- added support for standard colormaps in PseudoColor visuals
- changed geometry view for move/resize to a WINGs widget
- removed DisplayFont option
- added NoBorder attribute
- changed semantics of GNUstep window attribute hints
- added get-wings-flags and get-wutil-flags with the same purpose as
  get-wraster-flags, but for compiling and linking with WINGs/WUtil
- fixed bug handling non-string values given to string valued options in 
- fixed colormap_window crash bug (appears when launching some apps from dock,
  or removing apps from gnome panel etc)
- added DONT_SCALE_ICONS #define
- added --no-autolaunch patch (John Bafford <>)
- made Apply button work on window inspector for windows with no WM_CLASS
- changed sound server code to be more efficient
- fixed crash with broken apps that set mask size != pixmap size in icons
- made wmsetbg accept relative paths for images that are not in PixmapPath
- fixed windoze cycling
- replaced XSync with XFlush in wUnshadeWindow()
- added GNUstep window recognition through WM_CLASS->class == GNUstep
- made window focusing not change titlebar color of GNUstep windows
- disabled passive mouse grabbing in client area of GNUstep window
  when they are unfocused
- added Jim Knoble <>'s cursor thing patch
- fixed lock of wmaker when clicking on menu multiple times
- made transients appear near their owner
- fixed crash bug with broken java implementations (Miguel Covarrubias 
- made Revert on attributes panel apply the reverted changes immediately
  to avoid inconsistent internal state
- color dragging works correctly now
- arbitrary stacking levels
- save window shortcuts in state
- changed license of Marco's icons to GPL
- added --dont-restore cmd line option to not restore previous state
- fixed focus bug when moving wmaker panel windows in focus-follow mouse

Changes since version 0.61.0:

- fixed Xdnd by cropping filename with ""
- fixed OPEN_MENU
- fixed crash when moving a shaded window with keyboard
- fixed problem with window shortcut assignment from the menu
- fixed problem with fonts in WINGs (Masahide -mac- NODA 
- fixed multihead bugs (Morten B�geskov" <>)
- fixed crashing bug when saving session information.
- fixed crashing bug related to onmipresent icons in Clip
  the noticeboard window

Changes since version 0.60.0:

- fixed bug in window attribute panel
- SGI portability fix (Graham Whitted <>)
- fixed compilation problem with --enable-singleicon
- fixed compilation problem with WS_INDICATOR
- fixed crash bug with SGI (defaults.c) (Graham Whitted <>)
- fixed sloppyfocus problem in multihead dpys (Morten B�geskov
- fixed WorkspaceSpecificBackground bug in wmsetbg
- give preference to windows in window list when switching focus after
  workspace change (Richard Kilgore <>)
- brought back --locale cmd line option
- fixed bug with WorkspaceNameDisplayPosition (Emanuele Caratti <>)
- added missing kbd shortcut definitions for window shortcuts
	(Michael Smith <>)
- fixed floppy button layout in filepanel (Matthew Ashton <>)
- fixed bug with documentedited close button (Felipe A. Rodriguez 
- fixed some buffer overflows
- fixed some problem with the alpha
- fixed some problems with non gcc compilers.
- fixed problem with showing instance.class in the inspector window.
- fixed crash when displaying workspace name in some positions.
- fixed compilation problem when WS_INDICATOR was defined.
- added edge attraction. See NEWS.
- fixed buggy RSaveXPM() in wraster library. Its output was messed up, and
  caused crashes for icons with more than 1024 colors.
- sinking windows (such as gmc icons) won't be calculated in edge resistance
  or attraction.
- removed drop shadow for text on title bar code. (TITLE_TEXT_SHADOW)
- text on title bar is now possible to be drawn by plugin. See NEWS.
- WPrefs: added support for button4/5
- fixed scrolling of menus outside screen (Vito Caputo 
- added dialog window for menu commands that can't be executed
- fixed crash when deiconifying windows when icons are disabled
- better smart placement (Gabor Melis <>)
- replaced old linkedlist code with WMBag
- fixed wmsetbg to use right bg color with transparent background images
- fixed crash with Assertion "bad_root_window" && 0' failed. on startup
- fixed crash when more than 1 dockapp fails to launch on startup
- added a different dock setup config for each screen size
- fixed PPosition handling
- New "Smart placement" mode. 'Smart' is no longer an alias to 'Auto' but
  a different mode of placing windows. 'Auto' keeps the old behavior.
- added the dir where the menu is being read from to the search path
  given to cpp
- doing a multiwindow selection shortcut and hitting the shortcut
  repeatedly will cycle through the selected windows
- fixed crash when overwriting a string constant (default font specs) in WINGs

Changes since version 0.53.0:

- fixed a bug that caused icon overlaping in Clip, when icon was moved around.
- this time really added libwmfun to distribution.
- made deiconification not automatically focus window in sloppy focus
- fixed crash with DisableMiniwindows and icon pixmap changes
- fixed crash when changing icon of window without WM_CLASS
- added hysteresys for offscreen menu scrollback
- fixed bug with IgnoreFocusClick
- fixed crash with windows with width == 1 (Alban Hertroys 
- added SHEXEC command
- fixed resizebarback for SHADOW_RESIZEBAR ( jim knoble
- added balloon help everywhere
- fixed bug with FullMaximize attribute
- GNOME: button events not bound in wmaker are proxyized (to gmc)
				(Paul Warren <>)
- fixed bug with restoration of maximized window after restart with
- added high-quality filtered rescaling (smoothed rescaling) to wrlib/wmsetbg
- added SmoothWorkspaceBack
- fixed crash bug in Paths section of WPrefs
- optimized image rendering for 15/16 bpp
- user menus' paths were changed. See NEWS.
- added a timeout for the workspace name fading
- HP-UX compiler compatibility workarounds (Sebastien Bauer
- fixed crash with attributes panel
- save state of all menus when exiting (Sebastien Bauer
- added GNUstep info panel (still needs beautification..)
- made the paths selector in use the open file panel
- fixed crash bug with hiding apps without dock/clip
- fixed a mem leak in superfluous mode caused by the ghost icon.
- added possibility to set omnipresent icons in Clip. See NEWS.
- fixed bug in WPrefs menu editor
- fixed crash when moving internal window with kbd
- fixed compilation problem on IRIX machines (Neil Muller
- replace xde support drop on dock with xdnd.
- added an (internal use) environment variable for telling WPrefs whats's
  the name of the wmaker binary being ran.
- more elegant text entries in Clip's menu, regarding single/multiple
  selected icons.
- fixed cosmetic bug in geom. dpy window for 8bpp
- removed --enable-kanji and added MultiByteText option
- rewrote font code to use WINGs
- made autoraise only work for the active window
- fixed compilation problem with OpenWindows and other non-X11R6 systems..
- fixed crash bug when iconsize=24
- fixed portability prob with raise() in SunOS
- fixed icon placement bug (Markus Schoder <>)
- added delete and floppy buttons in file panel.

Changes since version 0.52.0:

- patched wmsetbg to work with dynamically loadable texture renderer code
- added libwmfun to distribution (forgot to do so in 0.52.0)
- added MenuStyle option
- changed configuration updating to use notifications
- fixed window move through workspaces in nonopaquemove
- added message to immediately reread configuration data
- fixed some bug in XKB modelock toggling
- fixed crash bug when hiding apps with appicon disabled
- fixed wrong initial workspace # being shown on attributes panel
- XSMP updates
- update colorpanel
- applied WMSound patch from "Quinn, Anthony" <>
- fixed focus bug with unfocusable window (I swear I had fixed that before...)
- applied windoze cycle patch from  Paul Warren <>
- changed initscript and exitscript execution from fork()/exec() to system()
- added ResizebarBack and added appropriate backwards compat. hacks in setstyle
- applied ]d's patch to allow DEMATERIALIZE_ICON over windows
- made clip arrows gradiented
- added a crashing dialog panel to select what to do on crashes.
- fixed the problem with showing a window as focused in the window list menu
  while it was on another workspace.
- show workspace name on screen when switching workspaces
- made setstyle support WorkspaceSpecificBack
- fixed getstyle prob with filenames with spaces (Pierre Phaneuf
- fixed crash with InfoPanel in multihead dpy
- Fixed bug in WPrefs that added a new line at the end of autostart script
  at every save, growing it indefinitely.
- fixed a memory leak in wrlib (Wolfram Gloger <>)
- fixed crash during forced shutdown of X (Wolfram Gloger

Changes since version 0.51.2:

- made the Attributes panel be available for all windows, even
  for completely broken apps (although settings wont be saved for
  completely broken apps)
- fixed compilation problems with compile time #defines
- workaround for crash during startup related to hiding miniaturized windows
  from Matt Armstrong <>
- fixed focus problem with unfocusable windows
- fixed bug in WPrefs that changed EXIT to SHUTDOWN
- fixed menu title messup bug in WPrefs
- added a dot to mark hidden applications (compile time) (
- enhancements to the modelock patch (
- show kbd mode for modelock  (
- enhanced positioning of transient windows
- added dynamically loadable texture renderer code
  from Tobias Gloth <>
- added DisableMiniwindows option
- kde: miniaturize animation will match the taskbar icon (KWM_WIN_ICON_GEOMETRY)
- miniwindows show the title of the window if there is none set for it
- fixed crash on kpanel restart
- remember window shortcuts after restart
- change edge resistance to account for panels and stuffs
- narrower menus
- fixed auto raise/lower behaviour of clip for docked applications that have
  their own window (applets).
- cleaned up Clip's autocollapsing code, and made it to be similar to the
  auto raise/lower code (much cleaner).
- fixed a race condition in Clip behavior when changing workspaces, if set to

Changes since version 0.51.1:

- fixed bug with window that can get focus if both shaded and hidden.
- maximize for full screen
- fixed problem with frame drawing in non-opaque 
- fixed installation path prob []
- fixed bug moving window when only one window is on screen
- fixed bug with ignored GNUstep attributes
- fixed WPrefs crash in Mouse Preferences
- fixed crash bug in WINGs/wmaker startup
- added workaround for kde pager crash bug
- made %W in root menu and wmsetbg -w take numbers starting from 1
- fixed crash bugs with kpanel

Changes since version 0.51.0:

- put . to mark hidden apps
- fixed dont set xset stuff option in WPrefs
- fixed menu title messup in WPrefs
- fixed WPrefs message dialogs for invalid menus
- fixed workspace back setting in all screens
- fixed WorkspaceSpecificBack / wmsetbg
- added WindozeCycle patch (being rewritten)
- cleaned up focus/unfocus state transitions
- made WPrefs more robust
- fixed locale file (po) installation stuff
- fixed focus loss when dragging window across workspaces
- fixed workspace baby boom with nextworkspacekey
- removed ignore_next_unmap kluge
- install defaults data in /usr/local/etc
- added menu for miniwindow
- fixed remove resizebar from shaded window
- rewrote library/header search code in configure
- rewrote window move/edge resistance code
- added window border resistance
- changed EdgeResistance option to only YES/NO
- added workaround for glibc bug in sscanf("", bla, bla)
- hopefully fixed WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS crash bug
- fixed searching of localized menus
- fixed --help option
- fixed handling of docked apps with . in their instance names
- RSupportedFileFormats() in wrlib will now return a static buffer
- fixed bug in StartHidden
- a little faster startup
- will rearrange icons after moving an icon if autoarrangeicons
- fixed icon overlap bug
- fixed crash with internal dialogs and multi-heads
- added standard colormap support to wrlib (taken from libXmu sources)
- fixed memory leak in attribute panel
- fixed crash with CalendarManager deiconify
- fixed heisencrash when mapping new windows
- fixed totally buggy wmaker.inst ~/.xinitrc checker

Changes since version 0.50.2:

- added some new icons made by Marco
- kde: fixed stacking order reporting for modules
- gnome: fixed state change request handling
- fixed handling of file names with non-alphanum characters in wmsetbg
- hopefully fixed timestamp problem that caused regeneration of configure
- fixed a bug in the auto raise code
- made SIGHUP exit wmaker and SIGUSR1 restart for GNOME compatibility
- fixed %a() bug (now it really is fixed!)
- fixed docking icons in last icon
- fixed WMInsertPopUpButtonItem()
- fixed bug that caused fonts of themes to be ignored
- fixed bug in path handling in getstyle
- stop icon explosion animation by clicking on root window
- made SAVE_SESSION save the state of the dock
- added command line option aliases that adhere to the GNU standards
- fixed png gamma bug (actually unmade buggy fix)
- fixed bug in property notify handling
- removed KeepTransientsOnTop
- fixed window focus when switching workspaces
- fixed attribute inspector Apply for dont bind keys
- fixed bad colormap bug (I hope)
- added acceleration to keyboard window move
- %W expand to current workspace #
- fixed background pixmap color problem (cpixmap etc)
- applied drop shadow patch
- fixed crash on startup with xconsole and xdm
- fixed portability prob with MkLinux/PPC
- fixed portability prob with Alpha
- added color panel to WINGs
- added support for olwm/OPEN LOOK(tm) hints
- added SaveYourself support
- fixed bug in start maximized
- added docklib
- updated utility parameter format to GNU standards
- removed libPropList from distribution and merged with GNOME one

Changes since version 0.50.1:

- fixed wmsetbg
- fixed parsing of WorkspaceSpecificBack
- fixed initial workspace for new windows
- added the workspace button proxy thingy for GNOME 
- added more GNOME compatibility fixes
- fixed bug in %a() macro in root menu

Changes since version 0.50.0:

- fixed bug that allowed docking of icons to outside the screen
- added extra code to handle kpager bug
- fixed crash when opening appicon menu
- fixed problem that caused Motif hints to be sometimes ignored
- fixed bug in layer treatment of GNOME hints
- fixed weirdness in initial window workspace
- fixed problem with Sun compilers
- fixed bug with () Workspace{Specific,}Back specs
- added --disable-rpath option (from KDE) by request
- maybe fixed bug with StarOffice
- fixed pipe fd inheritance mess
- fixed bug in kde workspace renaming
- fixed installation problems

Changes since version 0.20.3:

- window list is ordered by workspace
- preliminary grid move mode
- fixed prob with docked apps with the same name switching places (like wmmon
  and wmmon -s)
- wrapping of workspace switching for 5button mice
- added restart in fallback menu
- fixed buglet in modifier error reporting
- extra options in window command menu
- changed select() used in wevent.c to poll()
- fixed bug in SGI boxes (black dialogs)
- added IconTitleBack, IconTitleColor
- made error checking stricter
- fixed crash when saving application supplied icons that have many colors
- added move threshold to menus
- added textured gradient textures
- added -nofont flag for setstyle
- added -p flag and theme pack support for getstyle
- fixed crash bug when clicking on menu title opened with kbd
- fixed bug that caused incorrect saving of icon configuration (the -name bug)
- scale pixmap texture for workspaceback type will maintain aspect ratio
- fixed memory leak in jpeg loader
- started XStandardColormap support
- added StartMaximized window flag
- fixed bug of mixed up Unfocusable and StartMiniaturized flags
- yet another try to switch to shared libraries
- workspace specific background images
- stack new windows to under focused window if autofocus is off (disabled)
- added kde support
- implemented the "GNOME Window Manager Compliance" stuff
- window move/resize by keyboard
- rewrote window attribute code to make it cleaner
- added --enable-lite configure option
- added support to change prompt in %a() for root menu
- rewrote exit code
- added KeepInsideScreen=YES; for scilab in default WMWindowAttributes
- added an option to the Clip, to allow automatic Raise/Lower when the mouse
  cursor enter/leave the Clip.

Changes since version 0.20.2:

- hysteresis for menu item selection (delayed selection for selecting
  submenu items)
- window shortcuts
- removed Hide Others from window commands menu
- window commands menu will close when the window for it is closed
- made shade not set the Iconic state
- fixed bug in miniaturizing atribute panel
- made frame rectangles be more visible in PseudoColor (8bpp)
- fixed bug for 64bit machines
- added support for ICCCM 2.0  WM_COLORMAP_NOTIFY message
- fixed bug for apps that put strings with . in WM_CLASS
- added handling for reparented client windows
- fixed bug with window positioning
- fixed cascade window placement to account for dock
- added modelock stuff
- added X include path in gfx header when configure searches for headers
- fixed bug in window positioning by clients
- added run-time test for shared pixmap support on server
- changed order of link flags in Makefiles
- fixed problem with random window placement
- fixed multiple window selection for multiheads
- grayscale and 8bit jpeg support
- fixed client restoration in restart/exit in multiheads
- started session management code
- fixed problem with docked programs that have names with spaces
- updated for iconificationstyle
- added -static command line option
- put redundant NoWindowOverDock
- fixed overlapping clip icon bug
- extended window level code
- added KeepOnBottom hint
- added iconification style to
- fixed crash with bad value in defaults file
- changed icon stacking code
- added primitive support for 5 button mouse (for switching workspaces)
- fixed BadAccess and crash on programs that do XGrabButton
- fixed bug with rootmenu Exec not working when stty is called from ~/.tcshrc
- fixed bug with Move menu and sloppy focus
- temporarily removed SHELL support in apps menu

Changes since version 0.20.1:

- fixed timer bug
- removed NoWindowUnderDock
- error reporting mechanism has changed in wrlib. Instead of a writing
  the message in a string, it will place the error code in RErrorCode
- smoother icon selection
- persistent client supplied icon pixmaps
- fixed yet another crash on emacs exit bug
- fixed portability prob in wrlib shm code
- fixed bug in DISPLAY variable setting in multiheads
- fixed a few more portability problems related to storing struct properties
- fixed damaged balloons on Suns/8bpp (I guess)
- better "one of" type option handling
- added a timeout for some animations
- support for large binary files in wxcopy/wxpaste
- fixed bug of losing focus when resizing/moving windows
- fixed bug in libproplist
- fixed focus with sloppy
- changed permissions of shm segments to 0666. Now, if someone has a shm
  leak, we can know who it is.
- faster titlebar texture update
- faster icon kaboom
- added different undocking animation
- updated wmaker -version to output "Window Maker" instead of WindowMaker
- fixed crash bug with transient windows (gimp etc)
- fixed bug with popen()+wwarning() - problem opening cpp'ed menus
- added test for header files in configure for gfx libraries
- simplified building process, making libPropList be always built
- fixed crash with bad mgradient color entry
- docked appicons that are being edited/killed cant be moved (mutex fix)
- more features in wxcopy/wxpaste
- fixed bug with state file in multiheads
- selection retrieval moved to WINGs
- fixed workspacekey to switch workspaces in the current layer
- fixed workspacekey to not switch to inexisting workspace unless
  AdvanceToNewWorkspace is YES
- fixed bug with disappearing windows if a workspace switch is made on startup
- fixed blocking of window creation/destroy events when opening menu with kbd
- fixed aspect ratio setting bug
- fixed crashing when miniaturized window is closed during animation
- added XDE support
- fixed stupid bug in shape stuff
- raised threshold for removing docked icons
- fixed HideOthers for windows with NoAppIcon=YES
- if Cancel is pressed in dialog box of %a in menu cmd lines, the command
  will be canceled
- slightly better dithering for 8bpp
- apps menu will use $SHELL, instead of /bin/sh to run EXEC menu commands
- cleaned up some code (GetNormalHints(), wManageWindow(),
  wGetWindowSavedState() et al, )

Changes since version 0.20.0:

- fixed cpixmap to use the specified color for background around the image.
- fixed compiling problem in wrlib.
- fixed bug with bad shortcut names in menus.
- fixed some compiling compatibilities.
- added a new theme, named BlueWaves.

Changes since version 0.19.3:

- fixed crash when closing windows in autoraise
- fixed a memory leak 
- fixed a crash when closing Lotus Notes
- rewrote colormap code
- incomplete multihead support
- optimized wrlib dithering code
- new superfluous animation
- fixed cpixmap bug
- fixed sound bugs
- fixed miniaturization bug
- added script to be called when wmaker exits
- fixed GNUSTEP_WM_ATTR writing/reading
- added quick and dirty selection pasting in text fields
- fixed animation to be displayed again when unhiding an application.
- made the miniaturize animation a runtime option. See NEWS.
- fixed bug with reassigning keyboard shortcuts after they are changed.
- added edge resistance. See NEWS.
- fixed bug with long names when renaming workspaces.
- fixed clip's balloon to not overlap the clip's buttons.
- fixed bad update of clip's workspace menu after workspace name change.
- fixed bug with cpixmap in wmsetbg.
- fixed a memory allocation problem in wrlib.
- AIX bug compatibility in XmbTextEntents()
- fixed jpeg loading bug

Changes since version 0.19.2:

- fixed visual problem when mapping internal panels
- better looking bevels for solid textures
- centered pixmap texture (cpixmap)
- added compile-time selectable animations for miniaturization
- fixed bug with moveto workspace, omnipresent and miniaturize
- fixed doubleclick bug
- added GIF file support (through libgif)
- implemented close color allocation in WINGs
- fixed bug with visuals different than default
- finished balloons

Changes since version 0.19.1:

- clip balloon under the clip
- fixed setting of DISPLAY env var from wmaker.
- fixed bug of passing focus to shaded window in other workspace
- changed ballon font from titlebar font to displayfont
- update menu when menu file path is changed in WMRootMenu
- fixed OPEN_MENU stuff in WPrefs
- fixed bug with mdgradient
- fixed maximize with NoWindowOverIcons
- fixed bug with kbd focus change
- fixed race in autoraise
- fixed bug in menu section of WPrefs
- fixed problem with modifier keys

Changes since version 0.19.0:

- fixed bug in balloon titles
- fixed stupid bug in workspace renaming from menu
- fixed bug with iconsize != 64
- fixed forgotten menu saving in WPrefs
- fixed various bugs in WPrefs
- fixed kbd menu traversal bug
- fixed bug with multiple depth supporting servers
- fixed disappearing outer border of shaped windows
- kluged bug with shaped window resize
- fixed bug in WPrefs for systems without TIFF
- fixed bug with Info/Legal panel closure
- fixed Clip's look.

Changes since version 0.18.1:

- added shade indicator for window list
- fixed small problem in menu autoscrolling
- fixed bug when reading a corrupted defaults file
- visual depths different than the default works now
- fixed problem with non-ascii characters in localized dialogs
- workspace rename from clip menu
- fixed memory leak in internal proplist parser
- fixed infinite loop when parsing mgradient with bad color name
- fixed bug with paths containing ~ in iconchooser
- cleaned up double-click code
- balloon help
- fixed bug with launching of ForcedDock apps
- fixed cosmetic bug with miniwindows and titlebar
- fixed bug with applications that steal input focus
- EmulateAppIcon window attribute
- Revert in attribs panel will not apply the changes
- fixed bug with focus being left in old workspace after switching to an empty
- finished clip remakeup
- more generic and faster icon placement algorithm
- icon yard
- fixed wxcopy bugs

Changes since version 0.18.0:

- fixed cosmetic bug in beveling of pixmap/gradient textures
- fixed bug in titlebar mouse bindings
- fixed some bugs in proplist menu
- fixed bug in window list menu indicator
- fixed a very old bug related to unwanted button grabs in non-click-to-focus
- fixed bug when opening settings panel for appicon with invalid icon file
- winspector appicon related bug fix

Changes since version 0.17.5:

- fixed handling of signals when the X event queue is empty
- fixed blank window titles 
- made current workspace entry be disabled in Move To window menu command, and
  in the Clip's Move To submenu.
- fixed menu width calculation
- fixed bug with buttonpress/release events
- fixed problem with WMRootMenu with a ~ in the path
- fixed bug caused that caused the clip to not function properly,
  unless a workspace switch was made
- added a hack to make everything work even if NumLock or ScrollLock is on
- added a little more verbosity to error messages
- fixed kluged workspace menu in clip
- removed workspace menu mapped through the microbutton in the clip. 
- remade clip button layout to be more usable
- fixed bug with keepontop and apps with Motif hints (x11amp)
- changed menu border drawing
- fixed bug in clip free slot finder code
- fixed infinite reproduction of OPEN_MENU submenus bug
- added support for future extension to dock totally broken apps (wharf-like
  dumb launching)
- changed icon of close button when app doesn't understand WM_DELETE_WINDOW
- removed SwapMenuButton and added 3 finer grained equivalent options
- better docked application settings panel
- fixed positioning problem with attributes panel
- removed WorkspaceChangeDelay and cleaned up related stuff
- removed AClipColor and IClipColor
- added SelectKey back
- removed install -d from po/Makefile
- i18n support in WINGs (dialog panels)
- rewrote menu scrolling code (possibly fixed related crashing bug)
- fixed crash with icons bigger than the tile
- fixed bug in attributes editor to apply changes to dont bind {keys, mouse}
- fixed bug in unhide that unhided all windows in the same workspace
- moved noappicon to Application Specific options.
- fixed revert for StartHidden
- changed style in default WindowMaker domain file
- fixed bug in hash table
- fixed bug with transients for leaders that don't have their leader hint
  set to themselves
- changed all window_flags to have default values of 0 (closable -> no_closable)
- fixed bug with workspace change of hidden miniwindows
- added descriptive icons in window list
- fixed bug of having to keep mouse over window to edit textfields
  of wmaker panels
- extended menu shortcuts to proplist menus
- changed proplist menu format: removed redundant array for submenus
- made arrangement of icons when workspace is switched to not arrange moved
- fixed bug in focusfollowmouse that made windows under the currently
  focused window that close, to not get the focus
- if the app is a .app, it will try to find it's icon in the .app
  directory and save it in the WMWindowAttributes, so that the dock can use it.
- drag docklets that select for mouse events to with Alt+drag

Changes since version 0.17.4:

- fixed bug titlebar when closing transient of unfocusable window
- fixed crashing bug with attributes editor when saving

Changes since version 0.17.3:

- added Info panel
- fixed crashing bug in libproplist
- do not crash anymore if config files are bad
- better handling of libjpeg errors
- changed method to select icons
- fixed bug in dock panel
- fixed bug in Remove Icon in clip
- fixed serious memory leak in wrlib
- fixed bug that allowed addition of more than 1 WORKSPACE_MENU
- rewrote proplist parser by hand. Seems to work with no crashes, but I'm
  sure someone will crash it...
- fixed invisible text in geometry display when unfocused titlebar is black
- fixed bug with rootmenu that caused twin menus to be left mapped
- added DontConfirmKill option to remove confirmation panel for Kill
- fixed bug with hide of app with wmaker menu
- changed all NSsomething internal flags for the GNUstep attributes to 

Changes since version 0.17.2:

- fixed bug in attributes panel with Disable Resizebar
- fixed save in attribs panel with windows other than the client leader
- bug in  attribs panel with Revert that made it save attributes with the 
  wrong name
- fixed (by kluging) bugs related to destroying dialog panels in a bad order
- fixed various bug with hide in empty screens
- fixed various potential races in miniaturize/shade code
- added Keep Icon command in clip
- made remove selected icons to remove current icon
- changed clientdata of clip to the clicked icon instead of the clip.
- renamed collect icons, made clip icons have a more uniform behaviour, added
  keep icon command.
- fixed docking of apps that dont have WM_COMMAND and when the user clicks
  Cancel in the command input dialog.
- fixed bugs in moving comma
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