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libwtdbo-dev - Wt::Dbo ORM library for Wt [development]…  more info»


	* Wt 3.2.1 (final) released

	* Wt/Utils: new header with utility functions that implement
	commonly used hash functions and encoding/decoding

	* WAxis: fix Date and DateTime scale rendering, to take into acount
	labelInterval() and better choice of label values

	* Dbo/Transaction: do not require a commit() to commit a transaction
	(but preserve behaviour to rollback in case of an exception)

	* Auth/: reorganisation, more model/widget separation

	* WSlider: implement disabled rendering

	* hangman example: add Russian translation

	* Render/: optimize table rendering

	* WGoogleMap: unify loading for v2 and v3, fixes bugs in loading
	a second v3 google map

	* Wt.js, WtReply: more robust handling of flaky WebSocket connections

	* hangman example: misc editorial changes

	* WReadOnlyProxyModel: a simple proxy model that allows sharing of
	source model between different sessions (but read-only)

	* Dbo: added belongsTo() and hasMany() overloads which infers the
	foreign key names from the foreign table

	* Dbo: added session() method to actions

	* WStringStream: optimization for string literals which avoids

	* WDialog: fix positionAt()

	* wtfcgi: fix regression (data corruption) when built with DEBUG=ON

	* Released: 3.2.0

	* Wt/Dbo/backend/Firebird: merged Firebird backend contributed by
	Lukasz Matuszewski from Technical University of Gdansk.

	* Wt/WLogger: the library now uses macros that wrap around
	Wt::log() by default for internal logging, but this could be
	adapted to use another logging system of your choice. We also
	abide the third law of logging libraries: that they will expand
	their features until they become unusable: we added configurations
	options to enable or disable specific logging.

	* WServer: support catching SIGHUP (on unix-like) systems to
	reread the configuration file.

	* httpd: implement newer (and newest) WebSocket drafts (protocol
	versions 7, 8 and 13)

	* all: closed several bugs and feature requests (#956, #1015,
	#1018, #1064)

	* WString: we now store arguments as WString so they are also
	properly i18n-ed (#1059).

	* WException: new, public exception class (was previously an internal

	* WIOService: new, public service class for async I/O, and its
	thread pool

	* WStringStream: new, public fast stringstream implementation (was
	previously an internal class)

	* Wt/Auth: new, authentication module

	* Wt/Json: new, JSON library

	* Wt/Mail: new, mail client

	* Wt/Http/Client: new, http client (former Client renamed to WtClient)

	* Wt/Test/WTestEnvironment: has moved to a "wttest" pseudo-connector

	* WFormWidget: added a valueText() that returns the textual
	representation of the current value

	* WApplication: added deferRendering() and resumeRendering() API,
	useful for asynchronous client operations

	* Wt::log(): global logging method, similar to but more useful
	than WApplication::log()

	* WTemplate: added support for functions, and two standard functions
	id() and tr()

	* WTemplate: implemented arguments parsing and use ("class")

	* WebSession: added DoS meausures: ajax puzzle and plain session
	rate limitation

	* WAbstractItemView: reimplemented and simplified header item rendering

	* Wt.js: workaround browser bugs in scrollLeft reading in RTL mode,
	fixing WAbstractItemView column resizing in RTL layouts.

	* WRectF: fix isEmpty() to be more restrictive: only a rect with
	width = 0 and height = 0 is now empty

	* WPopupMenuItem: fix crash with re-showing hidden popup

	* WDialog: add setClosable() which adds a close icon to the title bar

	* WAbstractItemView: more flexible API for header height and vertical

	* WMediaPlayer: make sure that relative URLs resolve against deployment
	path (#1007)

	* Dbo: added dialect option for 'rows ? to ?' (Firebird database).

	* Wt 3.1.11 released

	* WAnchor, RefEncoder: added indirection to strip session ID from the
	referrer before navigating to an external URL (#607)

	* wthttp: stabilized WebSockets handling

	* WConfig: added a check to detect header/library version mismatches

	* Chart/WAxis.C: a fix from Joe Garcia, crash with log scaling

	* WItemDelegate: set target new window for WLink data when it references
	a resource

	* WMenu: fix hiding of a menu item to hide the entire item, not just
	the contents (label)

	* WResource, Http/ResponseContinuation: added API to suspend a response
	while waiting for more data, and resuming later

	* WResource: use suggestedFilename() also when set during
	handleRequest() (#920)

	* Dbo/DbAction: fix missing actId() in FromAnyAction triggered
	by QueryModel with natural ids

	* WAbstractServer, WebMain, WebSession: added support for
	scheduling events, used to timeout bootstyle response to avoid problems
	on IE(9) ?

	* WCssDecorationStyle: fix border() segfault

	* WContainerWidget, WScrollArea, DomElement: use overflow-x and
	overflow-y CSS style since now well cross-browser supported (#830)

	* Dbo/Session: add forceReread parameter to load()

	* WLength: throw exception when unit is corrupt

	* WTreeTable: throw exception on contract abuse

	* examples/wt-homepage: Russian translation contributed by Dmitriy

	* Wt.js: fix z-index for drag widget (#927)

	* WTreeView.js: fix column 0 resizing with total treeview regression

	* WFormWidget.C: do not allow editing when isReadOnly()

	* Dbo/ptr: fix ptr operator bool() loading the object (#909)

	* Dbo/CMakeLists.txt: support building and installing Wt::Dbo
	independently from Wt (#907)

	* WApplication: added a docRoot() method which returns the webserver
	document root

	* WMediaPlayer: new cross-browser, flexible, audio/video player widget

	* WHTML5Video, WHTML5Audio, WHTML5Media: renamed to WVideo, WAudio, WAbstractMedia

	* WSound, SoundManager: reimplemented using WMediaPlayer

	* WPopupMenu: new method setAutoHide() for automatic hide when
	the mouse leaves

	* WLink, ...: new utility class that abstracts a link destination (be
	it a URL, a WResource or an internal path)

	* WPopupMenuItem: new methods setLink() and setLinkTarget()
	associate a link with the popup menu

	* WPopupMenu, WPopupMenuItem: improved triggered() signal API and
	added setSelectable() signals

	* WMenuItem: fix takeContents() (#897)

	* WMenu, WMenuItem, WSubMenuItem: simplifiy internal path handling with submenus

	* examples/feature/broadcast: add an example that illustrates
	server push, WServer::post() and synchronizing a shared resource
	across sessions

	* fix min-width being ignored in layout managers

	* WDialog: implement setResiable() (#612)

	* collection: implemented count() method for relational
	collections (#882)

	* WFileUpload, WApplication: fix maximum request size and fileTooLarge()
	bugs (#794)

	* WTestEnvironment: add methods to test reentrant eventloops (#711)

	* Wt 3.1.10 !

	* Dbo: allow foreign key constraints to be passed to a
	primary key (that is also a foreing key)

	* Dbo: implement ostream<< for a ptr<C>.

	* Wt.js: fix HTML5 history spec weirdness with null state

	* WFileUpload: fix second upload() crash (#888).

	* WWebWidget: added childrenChanged() signal and use this in
	WMenu to track contents stack updates

	* WWidget: show/hide animations also work on FF5 now

	* WMenu: better handling of internal path changes to use best
	match (when components include more than one level)

	* WMenu: fix stateless slot learning issue with submenu items

	* Dbo/ptr: let modify() return a proxy mutator object which marks
	dirty from its constructor and destructor, ensuring that
	modifications are not lost in the case the session is flushed
	amidst a modification.

	* Dbo/collection: implement insert() and erase() for ManyToOne

	* WApplication: implemented changeSessionId() method, useful to
	mitigate session fixation attacks

	* WApplication: added removeMetaHeader() method

	* WFontMetrics: solve pango font-based metrics for cursive fonts

	* WTableCell, WTableRow, WTableColumn: add more convenience
	methods for navigating the row, column

	* WApplication: button img style to keep HTML4 behaviour of centering
	the icon vertically in the button

	* WWidget, WWebWidget, js/ToolTip: implement an XHTML tooltip using

	* WTableView: fix setHeaderRowHeight() in plain HTML mode, other
	plain HTML style consistency improvements

	* collection: implement copy constructor which is needed for relational

	* WTemplate, WText: implement setInternalPathEncoding() method which
	encodes anchors with internal path references

	* WAnchor, ... resolve relative paths correctly when HTML5 History
	internal path implementations are used

	* WAbstractItemView, WTreeView: fix browser memory leaks of
	inline stylesheet definitions (#834)

	* WebRenderer, WebSession: better detection of IE9 and workaround
	its bugs (box-sizeing border-box)

	* WWebWidget: do not set an offset auto for IE (gets confused)

	* WTextEdit: implement missing toolBar() method

	* WCssDecorationStyle: fix operator= behaviour and unset properties

	* WServer, http: remove singleton objects to allow multiple
	WServer instances

	* WAbstractSpinBox: fix behaviour on IE

	* Wt.js: fix button up registration

	* WTextEdit: make all things configurable per instance (#801).

	* WebSession: relax needs for setting baseURL. Looks good !

	* WWidget, WAnimation: added animation options for setHidden(),
	and new methods animateShow() and animateHide()

	* WStackedWidget: added support for a transition animation

	* WDialog: added animation support for the dialog cover as well,
	and improved centering on IE (at least it seems to me ?)

	* WebSession: fix baseURL property usage and internal path

	* WObject: fixed memory leak (signal destroyed was never deleted)

	* WTreeTable: fixed progressive bootstrap behaviour

	* WTableView: pageSize is minimally 1

	* http/Connection: fix HTTP1.0 + continuations error (#810)

	* WTestEnvironment: fix reading from server_ = 0 bug

	* backend/Postgres: use actual autogenerated id field name instead
	of "id"

	* http/Connection: fix a leak in websocket sockets (file descriptors)

	* WLayout: added a clear() method which removes all contents

	* WDataSeries: fix setLabelColor() being ignored

	* Dbo/backend/Postgres: set client encoding to UTF8

	* WTable: added moveRow() and moveColumn() methods

	* WTableView: fix setColumnHidden() with headerColumns()

	* WebSession: use baseURL property for self-referencing URLs

	* WServer: post() with optional fallbackFunction that is called
	when the targeted session is dead (by Gaetano Mendola)

	* WAbstractArea: fix anchor not being deleted

	* WebSession: fix setting cookies when using websockets

	* WApplication: fix unload() interfering with session reload
	when reload-is-new-session is set to false

	* sqlite3: bump to version 3.7.6

	* WebSession, WebRenderer: handle WidgetSet session reloading

	* http/Configuration.C: fix missing --docroot segfault problem

	* web/WebRenderer: option to allow splitting skeleton file in an
	invariant and variant part (useful if refreshing frequently)

	* WGoogleMap: fix rendering in layout manager on webkit

	* WStreamResource: refactored WFileResource, contributed by Dmitriy

	* 3.1.9: release time !

	* target/android, target/osx: starting to support these mobile targets

	* Ext/Calendar: set selected date on render

	* Chart/WChart2DRenderer.C: avoid clipping with WRasterImage backend of
	labels, titles by rendering in a wider box

	* WServer::post(): for lock-free event delivery to a session, instead of
	taking the WApplication::UpdateLock. Simplechat and codeview exapmles were
	adapted to use this approach.

	* WAbstractItemView: fix API usage when not rendered

	* WDate: patches from Gaetano Mendola w.r.t. invalid dates after month/year
	operations + isLeapYear() implementation

	* FontSupportPango: store leaky pango_font_map in thread local memory

	* WRasterImage: fix clipping problem with text rendering

	* W*Slider: fix 0 value and readonly attribute behaviour (#748, #749)

	* Wt.js: fitToWindow() when object is wider/taller than window (#766)

	* WebSession: support cookies in CORS (withCredentials flag)

	* Wt/WAxis: setResolution() implementation, contributed by Gaetano Mendola

	* target/osx: Add script to generate an OSX Framework for iPad/iPhone

	* Dbo/Query: fix limit_ and offset_ not being copied in copy constructor

	* Chart/WCartesianChart: allow custom color for a single bar in a bar
	series using BarPenColorRole and BarBrushColorRole data roles

	* Dbo/QueryModel: honour original limit() and offset()

	* WSpinBox, WDoubleSpinBox: separated integer from double spinbox,
	rewrite to take into account #737, #727, #721. Note that the API
	changed in several ways.

	* WRasterImage: implement drawImage() and improved text rendering,
	using libpango as font selector and glyph shaper, if available.

	* WPdfImage: use libpango for selecting (truetype) fonts, if available.

	* WebSession: support HTML5 History API for internal paths

	* wthttpd: a value for docroot like .:/css,/resources,/style is
	interpreted as defaulting to a deployed app except for the given
	paths, allowing deployment without ugly URLs (?_=)

	* WSubMenuItem: behave more consistently w.r.t selection (#694)

	* WString, WMessageResourceBundle: added i18n support for plural forms

	* WSlider: provide better CSS-ability and support for HTML5 input range
	native control

	* WRun(), WServer::addEntryPoint(): uses a boost::function for the
	application creator callback, so that you can bind additional arguments

	* WServer::initializeThread() a virtual method which can be used to
	initialize thread in a specialized WServer class (only for built-in httpd)

	* WTableView, WTreeView: renamed (and implemented for WTableView)
	setColumn1Fixed to setRowHeaderCount()

	* Released 3.1.8

	* Dbo: belongsTo() and hasMany(/* ManyToMany */) can now be passed
	foreign key constraints such as NotNull and OnDeleteCascade.

	* StdGridLayout: collapse paddings of empty items (affects all non-Ext
	layout managers)

	* Wt/Text/Renderer: warn but proceed when minimum render width exceeds
	page width

	* Wt/WPaintDevice: solve inconsistencies w.r.t. clear()

	* WebRenderer, WebSession, Boot.html: wait for stylesheets to load
	before loading widget tree in default bootstrap mode

	* WApplication: initial work for RTL layout, set using

	* Wt/WPdfImage: add true type font support (libharu patch pending)

	* Wt/WApplication.C: fix #693
	(sloppy WApplication::internalPathMatches())

	* Wt/WBoostAny.C: add support for bool types (#690)

	* Boot.html, Hybrid.html: fix IE8 unreliable startup (occasional
	blank screen)

	* Wt/Chart/WCartesianChart: implement legend location, alignment,
	and styling options

	* Wt/Chart/WDataSeries: add setXSeriesColumn() to allow for
	individual X series per Y series in a scatter plot.

	* Wt/WAbstractItemView: implement setHeaderItemDelegate() and defer
	rendering of header cells to the item delegate; also added
	WStandardItemModel::setHeaderFlags() to allow configuration of
	header flags.

	* Wt/WAbstractItemView: implement scrollTo()

	* Wt/Dbo: support for bool types

	* Render/WTextRenderer, Render/WPdfRenderer: XHtml-to-(PDF) renderer.

	* Wt/WFontMetrics: font metrics info

	* Wt/WPaintDevice: add methods for font metrics

	* WLength: add a string-based constructors which parses a CSS
	length declaration like "50%"

	* WFont: the string-based constructor now parses #aabbcc and
	rgb(a,b,c) values into rgb components.

	* WWidget: added setHeight() and setWidth() methods

	* WAbstractItemView, WTableView, WTreeView: persist editors through
	model changes and avoid closing editors when something changes

	* WAbstractItemModel: clarify (and narrow down) usage of internal data
	in a model index so that views can keep their relaxed take on stale

	* WEvent: add eventType() method

	* wt-homepage, simplechat examples: show-case widget set mode

	* blog example: add archive

	* libwtwithqt: simplify implementation since notify() is now used
	more consistently by Wt

	* WObject: object ids are now seeded by a random start value, to
	allow mixing of several wt applications

	* WRasterImage: implemented a getPixel() method

	* WApplication: fix unload event interfering with session refresh

	* WebSession: handle session quit() during a websocket message

	* WRandom: moved high-entropy random generator to public API, and
	a utility method to create a random id

	* wt-homepage example: illustrate use of a cookie to persist logins
	across sessions

	* WebSession, WApplication, ...: support CORS (Cross-Origin Resource
	Sharing including IE's XDomainRequest and WebSockets), deprecated
	WApplication::setAjaxMethod() which is now chosen automatically
	and support request pref-flighting using OPTIONS.

	* WApplication, examples/wtwithqt/DispatchThread: attach the Qt
	thread only during event handling

	* Dbo/Session: add rereadAll() option to reread single table

	* WFileUpload: correctly handle non-ascii tokens in suggestFileName()

	* fixed a regression in layout managers, released as 3.1.7a

	* js/StdGridLayout.js: implement rowspan handling

	* released 3.1.7

	* WAbstractItemView: added support for column hiding

	* Chart/WCartesianChart: support ToolTipRole data using WAbstractArea

	* Dbo/Sesion: add rereadAll()

	* Wt.js: fix IE6-8 history management regression

	* QueryModel: setData() now converts the incoming type to the database
	field type (if possible), and also uses a transaction to persist the
	result (if not nested in another transaction)

	* WebSession: landed Web Sockets support, must be enabled in the
	configuration file

	* Wt.js: fix opera script loading indicating failure when loading from

	* WebSession: initialize() in first notify()

	* WStringUtil: fix a bug in widen() when the underlying conversion
	gives an error

	* build: fixes suggested by Pau

	* Wt 3.1.6 released

	* WebSession: use sequence instead of random numbers for resources

	* WebRenderer: be resilient to multiple GET requests for the main

	* WApplication: unload() does not quite() when reload-is-new-session
	is disabled

	* WebRenderer: fix regression where timers are stopped by refreshing
	a session when reload-is-new-session is disabled

	* examples/feature/dbo: added examples from the Wt::Dbo tutorial

	* WPushButton: added setRef() and setResource() APIs to make a button
	behave like an anchor

	* WString::widen() and WString::narrow(): fix broken implementation

	* WMessageResourceBundle: better preservation of white-space when
	parsing the XML resource bundle

	* WFileUpload: added setMultiple() which alows multiple files to
	be uploaded at once (and demonstrate in composer example)

	* Http/Request: changed UploadedFileMap typedef from std::map to

	* WAbstractItemView: added methods sortColumn() and sortOrder()

	* WFileUpload, WResource: support upload progress tracking (currently
	only with wthttpd)

	* various: support IE9 in IE9 document mode, enabling HTML5 features
	like canvas and disabling workarounds no longer needed -- hooray !

	* WPopupMenu: fix recycling of popup menu

	* WSignal: EventSignal::connect(): added an overload which accepts
	a JavaScript function, as a short-cut for JSlot when connection
	management is not needed

	* WSpinBox: a spin box is in the making

	* WApplication: deprecated getUpdateLock() in favour of the more
	conventional RIIA UpdateLock(WApplication *app) constructor

	* WebSession: do not access WebSession shared_ptr during ~WebSession
	but allow acquiring the update lock to fail instead when an application
	is slated for destruction (#564)

	* SyncLock: an adaptor for a Boost Mutex lock which avoids dead-locks
	when used while holding an application lock

	* WApplication: addMetaHeader() allows now to set http-equiv meta
	headers and override the X-UA-Compatible meta header

	* WWebWidget: reimplemented buggy clear() optimisation.

	* WBoostAny: added registerType<Type>() method to register
	new types for boost::any support by standard item views.

	* Dbo/WtSqlTraits, Dbo/backends: added support for WTime

	* Dbo/QueryModel: added support for customized header data, and
	option for setQuery() to keep the current columns.

	* js/StdGridLayoutImpl: use parent node geometry for detecting need
	for relayout, fixes IE7+ behaviour

	* WTableView, WTreeView, *ProxyModel: shift model indexes only after
	the source model has inserted or removed rows, see bug #546

	* WProgressBar: added valueChanged() and progressCompleted() signals,
	from Omer Katz.

	* CMakeLists.txt: patch for gentoo, make many things optional which
	can be enabled or disabled explicitly regardless of whether the
	libraries and header files for it are found

	* WebController, WebSession: use shared_ptr for WebSession to resolve
	concurrency bug #544

	* Wt::Dbo: use a spirit based parser for sql queries to handle more
	complex queries like 'WITH ... SELECT ...' syntax, but also with
	complex aggregate functions in the SELECT clause.

	* WDatePicker: add setGlobalPopup() method which can be used to avoid
	clipping problems on a date picker

	* WDatePicker: add setPopupVisible() method

	* Http/Request: add getRanges(), parsing the HTTP 1.1 Ranges header

	* Http/Response: add setContentLength() allowing you to specify the
	content length.

	* WFileResource: support ranges to return partial file contents.

	* WMenuItem: destructor now cleans up properly

	* all connectors: consider appRoot as the location for the
	wt_config.xml file and provide ways to configure appRoot for
	wthttp and fastcgi connectors.

	* WProgressBar: based on a contribution by Thomas Suckow.

	* WRegExpValidator, WSortFilterProxyModel: support case-insensitive
	regular expressions

	* WSuggestionPopup: optimized behaviour w.r.t server-side and
	client-side filtering

	* WApplication: added makeAbsoluteUrl() method.

	* WPopupMenuItem: support setDisabled().

	* WPaintDevice: remove paintFlags() method; PaintUpdate is a property of
	the painted widget, and no longer something which has to do with
	WPainter. In this we revert to the old behaviour of supporting multiple
	WPainters on a single paint device in turn.

	* Wt.js: fix JavaScript memory leak after learning about the
	surprising JavaScript scoping rules

	* WApplication: add unload() and setConfirmCloseMessage() to handle the
	event of the user closing the window respectively have a confirmation

	* WInteractWidget, WMouseEvent: add mouseWheel() event

	* WTabWidget: fixed polished style close icon, and wrapping to next line
	if having many tabs

	* WFormWidget: implement hasFocus()

	* WLineEdit, WTextArea: implements methods for retrieving cursor
	position and current selection

	* WCheckBox: better tri-state support, using opacity: 0.5 as
	workaround instead of an image

	* WBoxLayout, WGridLayout: improved client-side performance by
	selectively doing relayout

	* WDate, WCalendar, WDatePicker, ...: support i18n through built-in
	message resource bundle and get rid of ugly i18n bool in API

	* fcgi: fix connector when using WDialog::exec() or server push
	(this is broken in 3.1.4!)

	* WSocketNotifier: finally (!) this beast works as advertised

	* isapi: various improvements

	* WSignal: SLOT/slots macro can be disabled using -DWT_NO_SLOT_MACROS

	* examples: cleanups to use appRoot() and no longer use SLOT() macro

	* WBatchEditProxyModel: a model that caches editing until submitted
	in batch (or reverted)

	* Dbo/QueryModel: remove edit strategy, this is now handled by

	* WModelIndex: clarify usage when model rows/columns shift, implement
	in-place toRaw/fromRaw conversion

	* WDialog: add titleBar() to access the title bar

	* Dbo/Query: support 'select distinct/all' syntax, and case-insenstive
	query parsing

	* WSuggestionPopup: misc improvements to server-side filtering, fixing
	rendering glitches

	* examples/feature/suggestionpopup: example demonstrating WSuggestionPopup

	* WRasterImage: Graphicsmagick backend implementation for WPaintDevice,
	sponsorted by Eurofer, can be used for PNG, GIF, etc... output

	* WPdfImage: PDF backend implementation for WPaintDevice,
	sponsored by Eurofer.

	* http/Reply.C: enable compression for image/svg+xml mime-type.

	* WInteractWidget: suppress click and double click mouse events when

	* Wt/WTreeNode: added insertChildNode(), as suggested by
	Aleksey Chirkin

	* isapi: added a (first implementation) of an ISAPI connector,
	which provides native support in Microsft IIS.

	* WebSession: fix one possible race condition, and one possible dead-lock
	when grabbing the session lock

	* Dbo/QueryModel: implement write support (setData(), insertRows(),
	and removeRows())

	* Wt::Dbo: adds support for natural keys, including composite
	keys, custom id and version field names, and foreign key
	constraint definition that is compatible with mysql's broken sql.

	* Wt::Dbo: Dbo base class is now changed to Dbo<C> template
	class to take into account customizable id type.

	* resizable layout managers: reset total width percentage of all
	remaining columns to 100

	* WCanvasPaintDevice: fix transformation bug

	* examples/feature/serverPush: fix WIN32 build problem

	* Chart/WCartesianChart: fix clipping margin glitch

	* Dbo/QueryModel: fix missing implementation fields() method

	* WAbstractToggleButton: fix disabled/readonly properties #423

	* WApplication: useStyleSheet(): allow media to be specified

	* WCanvasPaintDevice: fix font rendering glitch

	* WTableView: improved keyboard navigation through editors

	* WTabWidget, WMenu: support for closing, hiding and disabing
	items, contributed by Dmitriy Igrishin

	* Wt::Dbo: fix boost::optional<T> support

	* WAbstractItemView: build fix for MSVC in non-Latin locales

	* WAbstractItemModel: copyData() does first nullify existing data

	* WSuggestionPopup: fix bug in handling of model row removal

	* WWebWidget, WebRenderer: fix statelss slot learning bug when a
	stubbed widget is affected (see treelist example)

	* WWebWidget: fix addStyleClass(), removeStyleClass()
	implementations with force=true (from Dmitriy Igrishin)

	* WTableView: improved handling of arrow keys for navigating editors

	* WTableView, WTreeView: workaround IE bug w.r.t. white-space: nowrap

	* Chart/WCartesianChart: added createLegendItemWidget() to paint the
	legend item outside the chart

	* WItemDelegate, WAbstractItemView: add support for validation

	* WBorderLayout: add missing setSpacing() method to control internal

	* WWidget: addStyleClass() and removeStyleClass() (finally!)

	* WContainerWidget: workaround scrolling bug in IE caused by
	position: relative

	* WEnvironment: agent() and agentIsXXX() methods

	* WSvgImage: give in to inkscape's CSS font needs

	* WHTML5Video, WHTML5Audio: HTML5 video and audio support

	* WSuggestionPopup: implement explicit trigger (icon, key down)

	* WTreeNode: support selection by click on whole row

	* WWebWidget: added doJavaScript()

	* examples/blog: improved support for MSVC builds, new feature allowing
	profile editing

	* examples/feature/serverpush: simple example illustrating use of
	server push

	* build: added support for cygwin

	* WMenu: fix first selection not emitting internal path change (dmitry)

	* WTableView: properly react to model changes

	* WItemDelegate: explicit focus support

	* Chart/WChart2DRenderer: fix rendering glitch when rendering grids

	* WInteractWidget: added mouseDragged()

	* WApplication: added addMetaHeader()

	* WTableView: now supports (almost) same API as WTreeView, with the
	similar style, but better performance for tabular data.

	* WTableView, WTreeView, WAbstractItemView: support non-AJAX rendering
	using a paging bar.

	* WAbstractItemDelegate, WItemDelegate, WAbstractItemView:
	supports editing

	* Dbo/QueryModel: a Wt model for viewing data from a Dbo::Query
	result (a first version).

	* Dbo/SqlTraits: sql_result_traits was renamed to query_result_traits,
	and its API updated to allow more robust query creation and result
	interpretation as a list of boost::any's

	* Signal: SignalBase and EventSignalBase are now documented API

	* WFlashObject: reimplemented: no longer relies on JavaScript to load
	the flash movie. WFlashObject no longer uses SwfObject.js. The objects
	will also be resized when inserted in a layout manager.

	* WHTML5Video: HTML-5 video implementation, will become part of
	generic video support later

	* http/Reply.C, http/StaticReply.C: support for http range header
	and partial content

	* web/CgiParser.C: fix parsing logic error for multi-part/formdata

	* WTimer: implement singleShot(f) with f a function object variant

	* WMenu: support usage without contentsStack_

	* rapidxml.hpp: fix bug #344 (some special entity characters not being
	handled properly)

	* examples/planner: new example illustrating simple dbo usage

	* Dbo/SqlConnectionPool, Dbo/FixedSqlConnectionPool: connection pool

	* Dbo/Query: support for several bind strategies, including a new
	DynamicBinding strategy which supports incremental query

	* Dbo/Session: add execute() method for executing SQL that does not
	return results

	* Http/Request: added headerValue() 

	* WSuggestionPopup: add setFilterLength() and filterModel() methods
	which allow for server-side filtering based on initial input. Also
	support setMaxSize() to specifiy maximum height of the popup and
	scrolling through the list of suggestions

	* WPanel: make titleBarWidget() public

	* Wt/WShadow, Wt/WPainter: add support for drop shadows

	* Wt/Chart/WDataSeries, Wt/Chart/WChart2DRenderer: add support for shadows

	* Wt/Dbo/backend: provide generic properties() and API clean-ups

	* Wt/Dbo/Query: also support queries without 'from' or 'select'

	* Wt/Dbo/DbAction.C: create indexes on join table for each referenced
	table id

	* Wt/Dbo: support schema-qualified tables

	* Wt/Dbo/Postgres, Wt/Dbo/Sqlite3: add proper support for dates,
	time stamps, binary blobs, var chars

	* WCheckBox, WRadioButton: fix inconsistencies when setting style
	attributes and they have a non-empty label

	* Dbo/backend/Postgres: a PostgreSQL backend, contributed by Hilary

	* EscapeOStream, WSvgImage: a host of performance improvements by
	tossing away stringstream in favour of a simple SStream

	* WWidget: add setLayoutSizeAware() and layoutSizeChanged() methods

	* WResource: add setInternalPath() to deploy a resource at a
	deterministic URL

	* WebSession: add support for http PUT/DELETE methods.

	* src/Http/Request: add method() to access request method

	* src/Http/Response: add setStatus() to set the response status

	* WCalendar: add HorizontalHeaderFormat enum (long day name support),
	currentPageChanged signal, clicked signal, activated signal,
	SelectionMode enum (NoSelection mode support), renderCell() virtual

	* WGridLayout, WBoxLayout: add support for user resizing ('splitter')

	* WTreeView, WGridLayout: externalize JS

	* src/Wt/WString: fix narrow() and widen() character encoding

	* http connector: spool large POSTs to a temporary file instead
	of in-memory, and avoid extra copies

	* web/CgiParser.C: skip large file uploads entirely (instead of
	erroneously buffering them to memory)

	* Dbo/StdSqlTraits: support float and double

	* WApplication: missing initialization messes up refresh() by reload

	* WPainter: now has defined behavior when missing horizontal or vertical
	alignment flags in drawText()

	* web/EscapeOStream.C: fix build error on MSVC

	* Wt 3.1.1 released

	* mxml: replace mxml with an (adapted) rapidxml browser.

	* Ext/Container.C, WStackedWidget.C: fixed behavior in combination
	with layout managers

	* WTreeView.C: simplified column resize handling code

	* WCanvasPaintDevice: Use HTML5 native canvas text when available

	* WSuggestionPopup, WTree, WTreeNode, & co: make CSS themed

	* Dbo: additional optional parameter to hasMany() allows the
	definition of the joinId in the joinTable (you need this if you
	are doing Many-to-Many between the same table).

	* WDateTime, WTime: fix AM/PM parsing problem

	* Dbo/SqlStatement: explicit null binding, since SQLite3 does not
	reset bindings on reset()

	* WTreeView: fix ite column 0 changing

	* WTemplate: do not rerender bound widgets when rerendering the
	template if the widget was already rendered

	* themes/polished: several improvements

	* WPanel, WCalendar, WDatePicker, WDialog: improved theme support

	* WTreeView: several bug fixes and improved IE bug workaround support

	* Chart/WAxis: added setLabelFont(), labelFont() methods

	* WTreeNode: fix selection handling when removing and readding a node

	* Boot.html, Hybrid.html: fix an XSS vulnerability arising from the
	internal path

	* Wt.js, CommAjax.js, CommScript.js: support communication problems
	by retrying with exponential back-off

	* Dbo: quote all identifiers

	* WContainerWidget: support resetting a layout manager

	* Release 3.1.0, after some more bug fixes

	* Ext/FormWidget: add changed(), blurred() and focussed() signals

	* WTemplate: add handleUnresolvedVariable() from Maurice Gittens

	* WMenu: sanitize internal path handling

	* documentation: integrate asciidoc and doxygen in CMake (target
	'doc'), and improve Wt::Dbo documentation

	* WTreeView: fix treeview column add/remove glitches with column 1 fixed

	* WSlider: correct upside down behavior of WSlider, use more accurate
	position handling

	* Wt/Dbo: new C++ ORM layer

	* test/: automated test suite (for non-GUI features)

	* src/Wt/WTemplate: new XHTML template-based widget

	* examples/blog: new example that implements a blog using Wt and

	* src/Wt/WDateTime, src/Wt/WTime: date time and time classes

	* CMakeLists.txt: add XML_FEATURES option which can be used to disable
	the (mini-)XML library

	* WPaintedWidget, Ext::Container: properly react to resizes within
	a Wt layout manager, both width and height

	* StdGridLayoutItem.C, Ext::Widget: concatenate html and body style
	classes to not have interference

	* WDataSeries: added setHidden(bool) and isHidden()

	* WCartesianChart: added renderLegendIcon()

	* WTextEdit: fix updating of contents

	* WWidget: added isRendered(), let widgets keep track of being rendered

	* WSignal: added connect(Function& f) method

	* src/web/skeleton/Wt.js: added getSelectionRange and setSelectionRange
	utility functions for line edits and text areas

	* src/mxml: updated to an unmodified mxml-2.6 (which includes our bug
	UTF-8 bug fixes)

	* all: added support for CSS-based themes.

	* WAbstractItemModel, WAggregateProxyModel, WTreeView: addded support
	for drilling down through treeview columns

	* WSlider: added sliderMoved() signal

	* Chart/WAxis: added setAutoLimits() and autoLimits() methods, and have
	maximum() and minimum() return computed values

	* Chart/WCartesianChart: use MarkerPenColorRole and
	MarkerBrushColorRole to override colors for markers per data point

	* WCanvasPaintDevice: several improvements for outputting more
	concise JavaScript rendering statements

	* WWidget: add find() method to find a widget with a particular

	* WFileUpload: fileTooLarge() signal now propagates within the
	event loop

	* Chart/WCartesianChart, Chart/WDataSeries: added mapFromDevice() and
	mapToDevice() methods.

	* WTreeView: fix for adding a first row to an otherwise empty model
	(from Guy De Leeuw)

	* 3.0.0: released!

	* WMenu: set correct internal path before loading a menu item

	* WAxis: add TimeDateScale to AxisScale enum

	* WCartesianChart: seriesIndexOf() is now private

	* WebRenderer: several small fixes for the hybrid bootstrap

	* WTableView: table_ is now private and a protected getter table() was

	* Wt.js: cancelEvent() includes an option to only include cancelling
	propagation or the default action

	* WResource: add setChanged() and url() methods which are more
	useful than the generateUrl() method

	* http/RequestParser: fix possible shared_ptr corruption issue
	reported by David Galicia

	* WCssDecorationStyle: add method for WResource as background

	* JSlot: fix internal consistency problem when connecting same
	JSlot to same signal twice

	* JSlot::exec() now takes parameters for object and event

	* WTreeView: fix vertical scrolling showing mis-aligned columns
	when column 1 is fixed

	* WWidget: move WFormWidget::setEnabled() to WWidget::setDisabled(),
	allowing all widgets to be set enabled or disabled.

	* WWidget: isVisible() and isEnabled() reflect the computed visibility
	respectively being enabled taking int account ancestors settings

	* WWidget: added setHiddenKeepsGeometry(), which uses css visibility
	for setHidden()

	* WDialog, Ext::Dialog, and related: allow for multiple modal dialogs
	and nested exec() calls.

	* Boot.html, Hybrid.html: add a loadScript() method to defer loading of
	user JavaScript

	* WDatePicker: Use 'positionAtWidget' to make sure the widget
	is rendered visible even if at bottom of page (folds up instead of down)

	* WDialog: Fix JavaScript positioning for IE6

	* WFileUpload: Fix empty file regression (#53)

	* Wt.js: fix server push mayhem

	* WTreeView: fix autoJavaScript performance

	* Wt.js: fix mouse capture on IE, fix mouse capture of mouse up when
	dragging outside the window

	* Wt.js: fix synchronisation issue with 'load' request and loading
	of JS libraries

	* Wt.js, DomElement: use setExpression() to set a CSS expression
	(for min/max-width)

	* WApplication: fix conditional stylesheet condition parse error
	with 'gte' expression

	* Wt.js: attach mouse grab events to body using DOM event

	* HybridBoot.html, WebSession, WebRenderer: assimilate new
	bootstrap method with a refactoring, make it all a bit less

	* WApplication: notify() can now be used as a generic request
	handling point where you grab and free request-specific

	* fcgi/Sever.C: make multi-threaded, using the <num-threads>
	number of threads

	* ProgressiveBoot.html, WebSession, WebRenderer: a new bootstrap
	method has been added which implements the principle of
	"progressive enhancement"

	* WebSession, Boot.html: avoid one extra round-trip when
	redirecting to the canonical URL.

	* Plain.html: better SEO: do not render the form to a spider engine

	* WWidget: add boxPadding() and boxBorder() methods, which are
	used by the layout managers to correct for built-in borders and
	paddings of form widgets

	* WComboBox: listen to layoutChanged()

	* WGoogleMap: add setCenter() method without zoom argument, change
	myHtml argument to WString

	* WLineEdit: work around IE's inability to change <input> type

	* DomElement, WebRenderer, EscapeOStream: use IE alternative
	createElement() which also sets all attribute values, and thus
	saves JavaScript calls

	* StdGridLayoutImpl, StdWidgetItemImpl: fix IE glitches in
	layout managers

	* WCssDecorationStyle: add custom cursor image functionality

	* WApplication: simplified the semantics of internal path API signal
	internalPathChanged(). You may still use the old behavior by
	defining the property oldInternalPathAPI.

	* WAxis: fix crash when dealing with negative values and a logscale axis

	* WServer, WGlobal: move WServer::Application and WServer::WidgetSet to
	global enum

	* WAbstractToggleButton.C: put label inside a <span> so that it works
	as expected when used within a layout manager

	* Test/WTestEnvironment: test environment, for instantiating
	WApplication instances usable for (unit) tests

	* WGridLayout, WBoxLayout, WTabWidget: better documentation that
	discusses how to set contents with 100% height.

	* JSlot: fix exec() call as suggested by Adrian Sutherland

	* WCanvasPaintDevice, WSvgImage, WVmlImage: string -> stringstream

	* WTableCell: fix vertical component of content alignment

	* WModelIndex: fix operator== to not use memcmp() since this gets
	into trouble with struct padding bytes

	* Chart/WAbstractChart: react well to modelReset() and

	* WCheckbox, WRadioButton: internal cleanup and simplifications

	* WButtonGroup: added checkedChanged() signal

	* WIntValidator: allow entry of +/- signs

	* WGlobal: fix Horizontals = Left | Right and Verticals = Top | Bottom

	* WPanel: clear the title bar

	* DomElement: fix an unstubbing regression with ExtJS widgets

	* Wt.js: fix server push + JSignal.emit()

	* WGlobal: fix doxygen for WFlags masks

	* http/Server.C: avoid http/https accept() to abort on Win32

	* WResource, WFileResource: fix continuation + suggested filename
	data corruption, and implement WFileResource::setBufferSize()

	* WRectF: added isEmpty() method, removed isNull() method

	* WEnvironment: added headerValue method

	* WPoint, WPointF, WLineF: removed obsolete isNull methods

	* WAbstractItemDelegate, WItemDelegate: new classes to which the
	rendering of a model item is delegated.

	* WTreeView: use WAbstractItemDelegate and WItemDelegates, and
	API to customize the used item delegate class.

	* WWidget: add setSelectable() method which can enable or disable
	the rendering of the browser's default text selection handling

	* fcgi/Server.C: build fixes for FreeBSD and OpenSolaris

	* fcgi/Server.C: implement a (mostly stub) WServer implementation

	* Http/Response: add continuation() method to get a continuation
	created for the response.

	* WMenu: show vertical scrollbar when needed

	* WGridLayout: support row stretch value of -1, like 0, but
	indicates that height of cell contents for that row still needs to
	be managed

	* DomElement.C: fix IE6 min/max-width workaround bugs

	* WStackedWidget: make behave well in layout managers

	* WPainter::Image: add constructor that fetches image dimensions
	from file (from Daniel Derr)

	* DomElement.C: fix style.float -> style.cssFloat or
	style.styleFloat property

	* WebRenderer, Configuration, WebSession, http/WServer: add support
	for a favicon per EntryPoint, and in general for a favicon not in

	* WAbstractItemModel: add reset() method and modelReset() signal, which
	are used to invalidate the whole model. Adjusted the views to listen
	to this signal, and make WStandardItemModel::clear() call reset()

	* Ext/ToolBar: implement addStretch()

	* WPaintedWidget, WPaintDevice: support PaintUpdate flag which does
	not erase the painting but merely adds to it

	* WTreeView: fix setColumnWidth() for column 0 bug,
	setSortingEnabled() when no model yet set bug, column removal
	behavior bug, JavaScript error when no column sort/resize handles

	* StdGridLayoutImpl, WStackedWidget: make WStackedWidget manage
	children height actively when in a layout manager

	* WebSession: make server push survive refresh(), and fix cookie
	support detection regression

	* WApplication.C: fix expose logic for widgets removed from the
	widget tree

	* WCssDecorationStyle: WBorder::None is not always default

	* WDate: refactor modifiedJulianDate() to toJulianDate(), replaced
	modifiedJulianDate constructor to static fromJulianDate function

	* WebSession: fix WApplication::attachThread(), simplify use of
	thread specific storage

	* WString: do not assume a message resource bundle as localized

	* Wt.js: fix empty line edit regression

	* WCalendar: setSingleClickSelect()

	* WEnvironment: getDeploymentPath()

	* WCheckBox, WAbstractToggleButton: tri-state checkboxes

	* WAbstractItemModel, WModelIndex, WStandardItem: support
	tri-state checkboxes (ItemIsTriState ItemFlag)

	* WebRenderer: keep iterating the update map as long as render()
	calls add new widgets to it

	* WFormWidget: add setReadOnly(), isReadOnly() methods

	* WTimer.C: fix multiple signals firing when stopping and
	restarting, and use client-side repetition if the signal is not

	* WFileUpload: deprecated isUploaded(), new method canUpload()

	* WApplication, WDialog: simplify dialog rendering, allow
	(multiple) non-modal dialogs (WDialog::setModal(false)), allow
	dialogs to be moved around by dragging in the title bar

	* WWebWidget: saner handling of z-index, only apply IE6 shim to DIVs

	* WPaintedWidget: fix use of WImage for WAbstractArea's

	* WImage, Wt.js: fix position reporting in mouse events from
	WAbstractArea's in non-compliant browsers (all except for Firefox)

	* Ext/FormField: add setFocus() method

	* WEnvironment.C, WebSession.C, wt_config.xml: allow configuration
	of AJAX-capable user agents and bots in configuration file

	* Configuration.C, wt_config.xml: synchronize configuration
	defaults. WARNING: default settings have changed! (see
	wt_config.xml what the default values are)

	* WTabWidget.C: use a layout manager to manage vertical height

	* WLabel.C: fix bug with placement of image and add option to place
	image to left or right of label text

	* WDatePicker.C: implement setEnabled()

	* WT_SERIES, WT_MAJOR, WT_MINOR, WT_VERSION: change to hexadecimal
	format for preprocessor defines

	* Ext/TableView.C: fix access to null dataStore_

	* Fixed cookie handling. Cookie parser is now less strict, and cookie
	values are URL encoded, similar to PHP. Fixed setting multiple

	* WWebWidget: implement a real propagateRenderOk() that does not
	cause render() of children widgets of stubbed widgets

	* WTreeView: move JavaScript around that assumes jsRef() exists

	* WGoogleMap: fix require() dependency

	* install: do not overwrite existing configuration file wt_config.xml

	* WFormWidget: refuse to give focus to a disabled widget

	* Wt.js: make sure updated autoJavaScript() is executed by onresize

	* WGoogleMap: fix require() to depend on google.load

	* filetostring: removed in favor of a CMAke-only solution

	* simplechat: improve its behaviour

	* WebSession/WebRenderer: update the form object list after
	each event since it may contain stale objects

	* Fixes for cookie parser

	* Send along form values and hash in each 'update', and keep
	JavaScript updates around until acknowledged by the browser
	(avoids loss of updates especially for server push situations)

	* fixed build errors and warnings on Sun Studio and Visual Studio

	* WSignal: remove EventSignal<void> specialization, use
	EventSignal<> everywhere

	* add WT_NO_BOOST_INTRUSIVE compile option to use std::list instead
	of boost::intrusive::list (needed for Sun Studio)

	* WTableColumn, WTableRow: support for custom id's with setId()

	* WViewWidget: fix interference problem with stateless slot learning

	* WWebWidget: complement quickPropagateRenderOk() with a clean
	rerender of itself

	* Configuration.C: add option inline-css useful to disable inline
	CSS stylesheets, in case you prefer all of them in an external style

	* WTableCell, WDomElement: support colspan/rowspan as properties

	* WTable.C: fix rendering problem for th/td reordering

	* WebRenderer: WLoadingIndicator: fix rendering and stateless slot
	learning interference

	* WebSession: avoid superfluous 'none' request

	* WPushButton: allow line breaks in text using ('\n')

	* WebController: fix widget set mode (default entry path parsing)

	* CMakeLists.txt: also install Http/ directory

	* XSSFilter: refactored

	* WAbstractTableModel: new abstract model class

	* WebSession: simplify session locking (and fix reentrant event
	loop memory corrouption)

	* win32: fix build problems

	* WMemoryResource: change API to unsigned char

	* WFileUpload.C: emit uploaded() signal in event loop.

	* WApplication.C, WebSession.C, Wt.js: finally a robust and simple
	server-push implementation instead of orbited

	* WMenu.C, WTabWidget.C: simplify CSS (better IE workaround)

	* WCssDecorationStyle, WGlobal, WText, Ext/TableView: remove
	deprecated enums and methods

	* WButtonGroup: make API more complete

	* WDatePicker: provide default constructor

	* fcgi/FCGIStream.C: make FCGI connector work again in new branch

	* lots of documentation updates

	* WOverlayLoadingIndicator.C: fixes for IE8 and opera

	* WAbstractItemModel.C, Wt.js: fix IE date propagation problem

	* WLineEdit.C, WTextArea.C: do not set style classes when no validator
	is configured

	* WSocketNotifier.C: fixes for boost >= 1.36 (does not work yet
	for win32)

	* fix konqueror show stopper bug

	* fix bug causing mouseup being called twice at end of drag (for
	example confused mandlebrot example)

	* WApplication.C: found cause for long standing IE6 mystery 19px

	* WDate.C: require 2 digits for 'dd' or 'MM' format entries

	* WFormWidget.C: auto-validate when contents changes

	* WebRenderer.C, Wt.js: fix several widgetset mode problems for

	* Wt.js: do not block when getting an AJAX error

	* 2.2.3 released.

	* examples: misc improvements, update homepage

	* src/Wt/WAbstractItemModel: support for const char * data in

	* src/Wt/WTreeView: better support for non-JavaScript situations

	* WDialog: fix layout regression

	* WRectF: normalized() returns a rectangle without negative width
	or height, and is used within WPainter to normalize rectangle

	* WebRenderer.C: fix embedded mode

	* new example 'gitmodel': demonstrates how to create a custom model
	class, to be used in conjunction with WTreeView.

	* WGridLayout, WBoxLayout, WBorderLayout: when used in conjuction
	with WContainerWidget, there is now the possibility to hint an
	alternative implementation for managing space horizontally, which
	uses the 'table-layout: fixed' CSS property.

	* WCssStyleSheet: fix JavaScript error on IE

	* WTreeView: fixes for when the treeview is not immediately shown

	* WCanvasPaintDevice.C: fix arc drawing in singular case (width or
	height == 0), and for very skewed arcs (widht / height <<< 1 or >>> 1)

	* WTreeView: react to column insertion and removal, and
	fix WTreeNode::load() unintentionally overriding WWidget::load()

	* WAbstractProxyModel: implement toRawIndex() and fromRawIndex() so
	that WTreeView does not lose selection or expanded index list when
	resorting (or partial refiltering)

	* WDialog: add setTitleBarEnabled() to disable the title bar

	* WTreeView: setColumnBorder() allows setting the color for a
	border line between columns, setColumnResizeEnabled() for
	disabling the resize handles, and the content in each column is
	now rendered with some padding (3px to the left and right).

	* WAbstractTobbleButton.C: fix inserting label into widget tree when
	parent is not passed in constructor

	* Ext/Widget.C: fix hide() and show() to consistently use Ext methods

	* Wt.js, WebRenderer.C, WApplication.C: fix IE CSS loading ?

	* WTreeView: setColumn1Fixed() allows fixing of the first column while
	scrolling through the other columns in a large model.

	* WMenu, WTabWidget: implement removeItem() and removeTab()

	* WebRenderer.C: fix internal path issue when starting with a path,
	AJAX is available, and deployment ends on a /

	* WDialog: fix usage of layout managers in contents area

	* WJavaScript, WSignal: scope ::_1 in global scope

	* WOverlayIndicator: allow style class customization (Goetz Babin-Ebell)

	* CgiParser: cleanup when using GNU regexp API (Goetz Babin-Ebell)

	* Ext/PagingToolBar.C: fix adding multiple additional toolbar items.

	* WCompositeWidget.C: fix implementation not being load()ed

	* Boot.html, Wt.js: do not create a new stylesheet but add rules to
	existing inline stylesheet (for ordering consistency)

	* Wt.js: fix regression for widget coordinates

	* hello-widgetset: do not build with fcgi connector (Guy Deleeuw)

	* global: do not use (unsigned) long long but
	use (u)int64_t (Goetz Babin-Ebell and Pau)

	* DomElement.C: convert <img> to <input type=image> instead of
	wrapping it in a button, when JavaScript is not available (Anthony
	aka roja)

	* treeview-dragdrop: new example, demonstrating Drag&Drop operations
	between treeviews, WSortFilterProxyModel usage, and context popup

	* WWidget: remove parent_ member, use WObject::parent() instead

	* WPopupMenu, WPopupMenuItem: implementation of a popup menu

	* WAbstractProxyModel, WSortFilterProxyModel: proxy model classes
	for WAbstractItemModel, that provide filtered and sortered views
	of a source model

	* StdGridLayoutImpl.C: more consistent layout rendering, now using
	JavaScript on all browsers, and using relative positioning of contents
	to avoid overflow the layout when the child manages its size using
	JavaScript (like WTreeView)

	* WButtonGroup: add count() method (from Torsten Schulz)

	* WComboBox: add findText() method.

	* WDialog.C: avoid applying css rules to contained tables.

	* WDropEvent: add mouseEvent() to access causing mouse event details

	* JSignal: support passing original event too using Wt.createEventCall()

	* WTreeView: add expandToDepth() method, and pass mouse event in
	  item clicked, doubleClicked and mouseWentDown signals.

	* WTreeView: better support for item drag&drop.

	* StaticReply.C: do not bwarf when we cannot determine file
	size (i.e. for a pipe, reported by Michael Sorensen)

	* WMenuItem.C, DomElement.C: do not prevent default action for
	anchor click, by default, (reported by Bin tan)

	* WTreeNode.C: apply width to TD only for IE

	* WTreeTable.C: fix scrollbar issues for IE6 and IE7

	* TabWidget.C: fix offsets hiding problem

	* Boot.html, examples/hello-widgetset/hello.html: fix race
	condition for IE7/6 with ExtJS loading (thanks to Guy Deleeuw for
	help in debugging)

	* Ext/Dialog.C: make sure dialog is not centered on too small window.

	* WOverlayLoadingIndicator: a more obvious loading indicator

	* WApplication.C: fix miscalculation of exposed signals

	* WMenu.C: make Horizontal menus really behave horizontal

	* WLoadingIndicator, WDefaultLoadingIndicator: interface and default
	implementation for loading the indicator

	* Boot.hml: typo oops indicated by Anthony Roger Buck

	* WApplication, WDialog, Ext::Dialog, Ext::MessageBox: more generic
	way of preventing signals hidden by a modal dialog

	* WTreeView: more accurate column widths

	* CgiParser: fix handling of plain POSTs (indicated by Jim Koornneef)

	* WebSession: fix handling of recursive event loop when JavaScript
	is disabled

	* Configuration.C, Wt.js: add configuration option for strict
	event serialization, dropping events that happen while a response
	is pending (off by default).

	* WTreeTable.C, WTree.C, WTreeNode.C: backport IE fixes from
	WTreeView to WTreeTable

	* Boot.html: fix issue with IE7 and extkitchen loading (do not
	apply same fix as for IE6)

	* WTreeView: support multi line headers, and rework layout management
	for header row (revert to old style since it didn't work for IE7)

	* examples/extkitchen: use a WTreeView as another MVC-model
	when demonstrating Ext::TableView

	* WAbstractItemModel, WItemSelectionModel, WTreeView, Wt.js:
	support for drag of item selections, and drop of item selections
	or other events

	* WTreeView: several bug fixes for incrementally handling row
	insert and removals, and cosmetic improvements

	* WTreeView.C: allow setColumnWidth() and setContentAlignment for
	column 0 too.

	* WebRenderer.C, WContainerWidget.C: brush up WidgetSet mode

	* examples/hello-widgetset: WidgetSet mode example

	* examples/treeview, examples/widgetgallery: new examples

	* WSubMenuItem.C: a menu item that can contain a sub menu

	* WGridLayout.C: do not attempt to layout when hidden since
	measurements will fail

	* WGridLayout.C: apply width rules to every row since first
	row may contain overspanned cells

	* WAnchor.C: support configurable word-wrap

	* WTextArea: allow default Wt-invalid class for also for textarea

	* WCssStyleSheet: implement assignment operator, and reimplement
	addRule with WCssDecorationStyle, returns a WCssTemplateRule now.

	* WMenu: allow multiple menus to use a single
	WStackedWidget (useful for menus with submenus)

	* WSuggestionPopup.C: pop up after widget itself

	* WTable.C: fix memory leak introduced by incremental row rendering

	* WTransform.C: fix double rounding error bug leading to NaNs

	* WTreeView: add setHeaderHeight() and setColumnAlignment()
	methods, and many rendering misc.

	* Ext/Widget.C: apply correct style classes to body if Ext is not
	loaded during initial page render

	* WApplication.C, Boot.html, Wt.js: url encoding and decoding for
	internal paths

	* Boot.html, Wt.js: avoid race condition with IE when loading

	* Wt 2.2.1 released

	* WAnchor.C: no clicked connect when setting internal paths

	* WWidget, WWebWidget, WCompositeWidget: add setLineHeight() API

	* WCssStyleSheet: WCssTemplateRule copies CSS properties from a
	template widget

	* WModelIndex: allow for SHA-1 internal Id's for on-disk models

	* WTreeView, WModelIndex, WStandardItem: add UrlRole and

	* WAppliation.C: be more accurate about when to absolutelify
	relative URLs

	* WContainerWidget.C: use sorted vector instead of set to figure
	out child insertions

	* WResource.C: use Content-Disposition to trick IE to get the name
	right (in addition to an internal path)

	* WTable, DomElement.C: use table DOM API, and present row
	additions incrementally

	* RequestHandler.C: fix url decoding

	* WTreeView.C: loading indicator in spacer

	* WTree.C: fix propagation of events inside table rows

	* src/WebSession.C: do not use relative Urls when JavaScript is
	disabled since we cannot redirect to the canonical url (Bin Tan)

	* WDate.C: bugfix in JS date parsing

	* WServer.C: added new --config parameter to specify the
	location of the wt_config.xml file

	* WApplication.C: style Wt-invalid applies to all objects, not only

	* Configuration.C: look for configuration file path in environment
	variable WT_CONFIG_XML. This is overridden by program option --config
	in wthttpd.

	* src/WebSession.C: do not use relative Urls when JavaScript is
	disabled since we cannot redirect to the canonical url (Bin Tan)

	* src/WTreeView[.C]: implement selection, make sorting controls

	* WDateValidator.C: better client-side date validation

	* fcgi/Server.C: pass parent environment to children (suggested by
	misi e)

	* WBorderLayout[.C]: implement methods to retrieve widgets or
	layout items set for a position.

	* WAbstractItemModel[.C], WModelIndex[.C], WStandardItemModel[.C]:
	add support for hierarchical models

	* WAbstractItemModel[.C]: new abstract base class for
	one-dimensional list models

	* WAbstractToggleButton.C: do not generate no-op click handlers

	* WApplication: update outdated documentation (rsh not longer
	needed, and internal paths work for all major browsers since 2.2.0)

	* WApplication.C: improve consistency for CSS + XHTML

	* WComboBox.C, Ext/ComboBox.C: use WStringListModel instead of
	WStandardItemModel by default

	* WContainerWidget[.C]: add scrolled event signal

	* WContainerWidget[.C], WWebWidget[.C]: implement different way of
	handling insertChild() that fixes a bug with removing a child that
	was just inserted but not yet rendered

	* WCssDecorationStyle[.C]: support dynamic updates to style sheet

	* WCssStyleSheet[.C], Wt.js, WebRenderer.C: support dynamic
	addition and removal of stylesheet rules

	* Wt.js, WEvent, WebController.C: pipeline multiple events,
	queueing events while a reply is pending.

	* WEvent: add a WScrollEvent

	* WLabel[.C]: add methods to configure and inspect word wrapping.

	* WStandardItem[.C]: new class for implementing the hierarchical

	* WStringListModel[.C]: new model that implements a simple string list

	* WTableRow[.C]: add setHidden() and related methods

	* WTreeView[.C]: new view widget for displaying trees or tree tables

	* Chart/WAbstractChart[.C], Chart/WCartesianChart[.C],
	Chart/WPieChart[.C], Ext/ComboBox[.C], Ext/TableView[.C]: update
	model listeners to use new hierarchical WAbstractItemModel API

	* DomElement.C: generate more compact code by using more
	aggressively innerHtml

	* Ext/TableView.C: shift selected rows when rows are

	* WebController.C: do not send anything when the page script is
	requested outside the Bootstrap.

	* WebController.C: fix refresh() regression, simplify, prevent
	CSRF, and remove unnecessary code

	* Connection.C: catch exceptions thrown by
	remote_endpoint() (reported by kal sason)

	* WContainerWidget.C: do not stub TDs for IE

	* DomElement.C: do not use innerHTML on IE6 for select element (fixes
	WComboBox error reported by Sergey Bryukov)

	* WApplication.C: do not block timers when dialog is active (Billy

	* various places: do not generate DOM ids when serving to a bot,
	in the hope that this improves the way the bot indexes the page
	since it should always look the same

	* Configuration.C: add <num-threads> configuration option for
	FastCGI deployments, to allow usage of reentrant event loops, as
	used by (W)Dialog::exec() methods when using shared session
	process deployments.

	* WLocalizedStrings: add an abstract class to localized WString,
	which is by default implemented using WMessageResourceBundle, but
	may be customized (as suggested by Lars Hamren)

	* several files: fixes for RubyWt (Richard Dale)

	* WTabWidget: CSS fix for IE7

	* all: build fixes for Sun Studio 12, and boost 1.36

	* various places: better use of STL containers

	* src/web/WebSession.h: build fix for boost 1.36

	* examples/wt-homepage: add Chinese translation (by Zhimin Song)

	* various places: fixes suggested by Richard Dale and Pau

	* CMakeFile.txt: default is now boost 1.35

	* StdGridLayoutImpl.C: deal with padding in widgets correctly,
	always fit item heights (this may cause rows to get stuck at a
	particular height, but gives more consistent behaviour..., handle
	UL children

	* WApplication: simplify internalPath stuff

	* WebController: propagate form values before touching the widget tree

	* WMenu: add setInternalBasePath(), do not specify display: inline
	for a horizonta
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