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2000-11-10 Derry Bryson <>

	* Fixed memory leak caused by some calling xbString::ctor().
	  xbString::ctor() is now protected so this shouldn't happen
          in the future :)

	* Fixed error in expression processing where a node was being
	  used after being deleted!

	* Many changes and additions to support compilation under Windows


Fri May 29, 2000

See NEWS file for changes.

The following is the contents of the original ChangeLog from xBase1.8.1
Fri Mar 19 15:25:43 1999  Vitaly V. Fedrushkov  <>

	* all includes moved to xbase/
	* xbase/xbase.cpp (xbXBase): free(NULL) prevented

	* xbase/xbexcept.cpp (xbStrError): unreachable return fixed

1999-02-27  Gary Kunkel  <>

        * created release 1.8.0b,  mainly 

1999-02-16  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	* bin/dbfutil1.cpp, bin/dumpdbt.cpp, examples/sample3.cpp,
	examples/sample2.cpp: depends on XB_MEMO_FIELDS

1999-02-15  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	* xbase/dbf.cpp (PackDatafiles): didn't compile without

	* examples/testhtml.cpp: depends on XB_HTML

	* xbase/dbf.h: DumpHeader() depends on XBASE_DEBUG

	* bin/dbfutil1.cpp, bin/dumpdbt.cpp, bin/dumphdr.cpp,
	bin/checkndx.cpp: depends on XBASE_DEBUG

	* xbase/index.h, xbase/ndx.h, xbase/ntx.h: CheckIndexIntegrity
	depends on XBASE_DEBUG

	* NTX support auto-configuration added
	fixed a bug which turned on castellano together with exceptions

	* xbase/lock.cpp, xbase/dbf.h: got rid of __XBDOS in favor of

	* acconfig.h: moved here
	(XB_INDEX_ANY): new define based on either XB_INDEX_NDX or
	(XB_EXPRESSIONS): moved from xbase.h

	* xbase/lock.cpp, xbase/xbase.h, xbase/dbf.cpp, xbase/dbf.h:
	XB_INDEX_ANY used to include format-independent index processing

	* xbase/index.h (class xbIndex): fixed 'const' mismatches at some
	DumpXxx methods depend on XBASE_DEBUG

	* xbase/xbase.h: XB_EXPRESSIONS auto-inclusion logic moved to

1999-02-14  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	* xbase/index.cpp: excess #includes removed

	* xbase/xbcf_b32.h: New.  Settings for Borland C++ 4.5.  Must be
	copied to xbconfig.h before compilation.

	* xbase/xdate.h, xbase/xbexcept.h, xbase/xbase.h, xbase/html.h,
	xbase/stack.cpp, xbase/dbf.h, xbase/exp.h: options.h changed to

	* xbase/options.h: Rewritten.  Now contains only user-selectable
	options.  All the rest gets set in xbconfig.h.  From now on,
	options.h is consulted only via hand-made xbconfig.h.
	* xbase/xbstring.h: xbconfig.h included

	* xbase/ntx.cpp: added check for unistd.h.  Anyone know its
	purpose here?

	* xbase/lock.cpp: HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H typo
	(LockIndex): unrenamed symbol SEEK_ERROR?  Already had it fixed
	and committed, how did it survive...

	* xbase/html.cpp (Tally): Did not work without fcntl().
	Workaround effectively disables locking support even with

	* xbase/memo.cpp (CreateMemoFile), xbase/fields.cpp (GetField):
	(const char*) to (char*) cast fix

	* xbase/lock.cpp (LockIndex) xbase/exp.cpp (LoadExpNode)
	xbase/fields.cpp (GetField) xbase/index.h (class xbIndex)
	xbase/xbase.cpp (PutShort, PutLong, PutUShort, PutULong,
	PutDouble) xbase/dbf.h: fixed 'const' mismatches at some

1999-02-13  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	* xbase/dbf.cpp (OpenDatabase): Hexcode used instead of 8-bit char
	for Version
	* xbase/dbf.h: Ditto

	* bin/dbfutil1.cpp (ConvertDatabase): Uninitialized pointer fixed

	* bin/dumpdbt.cpp (main): '#endif XB_LOCKING_ON' fixed

	* xbase/expfunc.cpp (DESCEND): fixed an OCR-like typo that made
	DESCEND() useless.

1999-02-11  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	* xbase/ (libxbase_la_LDFLAGS): CURRENT version number
	incremented to reflect interface changes

	* tv/ (tvxbase_SOURCES): header file was missing from

	* Makefile.cvs (all): Fixed a bug that made 'configure' missing
	from 'make dist' tarball.

	auto-generated files are subject to 'make maintainer-clean', which
	should now reduce all directories to their CVS contents.

1999-02-11  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>


1999-02-08  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	* html/ new file; HTML docs are now subject to
	`make dist`
	* (SUBDIRS): html added
	* html/Makefile added 

1999-02-08  Bob Cotton  <>

dbf.cpp fields.cpp
	- Added a configurable instance variable, EofChar. Defaults to
		- Added SetEofChar()
	- Added Clipper .NTX support.
		- Abstracted all referneces from ndx to index.
	- Added support for Clipper and FoxPro character fields longer
	  then 255 characters. Determined by a char field and a
	  decimal field > 0.
		- Added LongFieldLen to Schema to represent this.
	- Fix for incrementing CurRec on an AppendRecord().
	- Fix in dump record to handle large fields

exp.cpp and expfunc.cpp
	- Added DESCEND(). Only works for dates.
	- Added DTOS(). Date to string.
	- Added RECNO() returns the current record number.
	- Added 2 and 3 parameter versions of STR()
	- Added STRZERO()
	- Small expression parsing fix

	- Added support for quoted strings in expressions.

	- Changed NodeLink to NdxNodeLink
	- Moved common instance variables to index.cpp

	- Added GetULong(), PutUShort(), PutULong(). Not sure if
	  they're necessary.

New Files
	index.cpp  Index Base class for ndx and ntx classes
	ntx.cpp    Clipper NTX class.

To Do:
	- Some methods are almost identical in ntx.cpp and
	  ndx.cpp. These could be moved to index.cpp.
1999-02-05  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	* xbase/lock.cpp (LockIndex): unrenamed symbol

	Some HAVE_EXCEPTIONS cleanup:

	* xbase/dbf.cpp (CreateDatabase, OpenDatabase, AddNdxToIxList):
	xb_memory_error applied
	(GetNextRecord, GetPrevRecord): xb_eof_error applied
	* xbase/expproc.cpp (ProcessOperator): xb_memory_error applied
	* xbase/memo.cpp (CreateMemoFile): xb_memory_error applied
	* xbase/ndx.cpp (UncloneNodeChain, CreateIndex, AddKey):
	xb_memory_error applied
	(GetNextKey, GetPrevKey): xb_eof_error applied
	* xbase/xbase.cpp: xbexcept.h included unconditionally
	(AddDbfToDbfList): xb_memory_error applied
	* xbase/xbexcept.h: xbStrError() prototype
	* xbase/xbexcept.cpp (xbStrError): moved outside HAVE_EXCEPTIONS.
	It is useful anyway.

	egcs warnings fixes:

	* xbase/xbase.h (xbXBase::xbXBase): Redundant scope qualifier removed
	* xbase/xstack.h (xbStack::xbStack): Redundant scope qualifier removed
	* xbase/exp.h(class xbExpn): Token( void ) removed.  Not seen
	anywhere else.

1999-02-02  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	* html/ new file; HTML docs are now subject to
	`make dist`
	* (SUBDIRS): html added
	* html/Makefile added 

1999-02-01  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>

	DTOS() function from Clipper added:

	* xbase/expfunc.cpp (DTOS): new function
	(ProcessFunction): DTOS() function added
	* xbase/exp.h: DTOS() function added

This Page Last Updated 2/2/99
Format of page changed 2/2/99 to try to match GNU format

If you make changes/updates to the library, please note them in here
with the date, your name and email address. 

2/2/99     - V1.8.0a
1999-01-29  Vitaly V Fedrushkov  <>
	* xbase/ (include_HEADERS): xbconfig.h was missing
	* xbase/exp.cpp (IsSeparator): was misspelled
	* xbase/lock.cpp (LockIndex): SEEK_ERROR renamed
	* xbase/ndx.h: NO_ERROR renamed
	* xbase/dbf.h: NO_ERROR renamed
	* bin/ NO_ERROR renamed
	* xbase/exp.h (struct FuncDtl): renamed to xbFuncDtl
	* xbase/exp.cpp (xbExpn): FuncDtl renamed
	* xbase/xdate.h (FMT_XXXX): renamed to XB_FMT_XXXX
	* xbase/dbf.cpp: FMT_XXXX renamed
	* xbase/xdate.cpp: FMT_XXXX renamed
	* xbase/expfunc.cpp (DAY, DOW): FMT_XXXX renamed
	* examples/testdate.cpp (main): FMT_XXXX renamed
	* xbase/ndx.h (NDX_NODE_SIZE): renamed to XB_NDX_NODE_SIZE
	* xbase/ndx.cpp: NDX_NODE_SIZE renamed
	* xbase/lock.cpp (LockIndex): NDX_NODE_SIZE renamed
	* xbase/options.h: protective define renamed to __XB_OPTIONS_H__
	* xbase/ndx.h: protective define renamed to __XB_NDX_H__
	* xbase/retcodes.h: protective define renamed to __XB_RETCODES_H__
	(XB_OK): alias to XB_NO_ERROR
	* AUTHORS: Bob Cotton's email was misspelled

- old style ChangeLog follows

        - Exception support - Denis Pershin 
        - autoconf and automake support - Denis Pershin
        - fix to TRIM - Michael Bedward
        - added xbString support - several authors
        - fix to CreateDatabase for memo field size - always = 10
        - Added method xbXBase::DisplayError() 

10/27/98   - V1.7.4d
             - Continued modifications to use const where applicable
             - Fixes to memo fields 
             - Dbase IV version - always end with 0x1a, 0x1a
             - Dbase III version - header not updated by BDE-compatability fix
             - Fixed library to compile when MEMO_FIELDS unvalued
             - Look at DBF file to determine version, not DBT file

10/26/98   - V1.7.4c
	     - Added fix to NDX module for big endian machines 
             - Updated PackDatabase routine to not lock non-existent memo files
             - Updated PackDatabase routine to create temp files in same 
               directory as file to be packed
             - Converted gcvt calls to sprintf calls for enhanced portability
             - Renamed types.h to xtypes.h for compatibility reasons
             - Renamed stack.h to xstakc.h for compatibility reasons
             - Added fix to NDX which was related to NDX not updated on revise
             - Added additional expression function RECNO()
             - Installed portability fix in PutFloatField
             - autoconf support added - Denis Pershin <>
             - updates to us const CHAR * where possible - Denis Pershin

6/9/98     - V1.7.4b
             - Added methods DBF::CalcCheckSum(), HTML::PrintEncodedChar and
             - Fixed bug in HTML::DeleteEscChars
             - Fixed memory leak encountered when closing database
             - General code cleanup
             - Fix to CopyDbfStructure 
             - Changed date defines WEEK,MONTH and YEAR to FMT_WEEK,FMT_MONTH 
               and FMT_YEAR due to conflicts with the expression logic
             - Changed define type in CreateDatabase
             - Changed define type XFLOAT to FLOAT
             - Alpha release of expression logic routines 

6/3/98     - V1.7.3
             - Added methods DBF::Zap(), DBF::DeleteAllRecords(), 
               DBF::UndeleteAllRecords(), DBF::RebuildAllIndices()
               and DBF::CopyDbfStructure()

5/25/98    - V1.7.1
             - Fix in NDX::GetPrevRecord when skipping previous to first record
             - Added support for Big Endian computers (Intel is Little Endian) 
             - renamed HTML::EndPage to HTML::EndHtmlPage
             - modified HTML::StartHtmlPage to include <HTML><BODY> and title
             - Added methods DBF::ValidLogicalData and DBF::ValidNumericData
             - Add Dbase III compatible memo field support

4/15/98	   - V1.6b
	     - Numeric key index support
	     - Added field methods GetDoubleField and PutDoubleField
             - removed ';' from #endif statements in and
             - renamed all .cc files to .cpp files
             - included notes for compiling with OpenVMS - thanks Jourquin
             - added record locking enhancements - thanks Michael

4/1/98    - V1.6a 
	     - Included beta version for expression support
	     - Multi-field Index Key support
             - New XBASE Global Level Class for all date and expression functions
	     - Support for non Linux platforms w/ makefiles
             - Fixed reported bugs
             - Changed define DEBUG to XBASE_DEBUG due to conflicts when 
               using Xbase DBMS with other libraries
             - Added "return 0" to the end of SplitLeafNode() in
             - Fixed SIGSEGV core dump prob when creating index 
             - Changed Status to DbfStatus in and dbf.h to avoid
               a conflist with Solaris function Status() 
             - Made io.h includes conditional only for DOS compiles in and
             - Modified version byte in DBF file header to be 83 is memo fields

1/2/98    -  V1.5
             - Added Dbase IV memo field support
             - Added field method FieldCount()
             - Added field method GetFieldName()
             - Fixed bug in PackDatabase method 

12/7/97   -  V1.2b
             - Fixed an unbalanced if statement in the logic.

11/20/97  -  V1.2
             - Updated and added several new methods to the HTML/CGI class.

10/28/97  -  V1.05
             - Added date method to determine last day of month for given date
             - Modified PutField method to handle decimal points 
             - Added field methods GetFloatField
             - Added field methods PutFloatField
             - Modified PutField method to handle decimal points with floats
             - Added additional logic to DateIsValid method

10/23/97  -  V 1.02
             - Added method PackDatabase 
             - Added method ReIndex
             - Added method KeyExists
             - Cleaned up source code  
             - Modified header logic to only update counters, not entire node
             - Added logic to look for last matching key on non-unique
               indexes to reduce number of node splits

10/15/97  -  Release of V 1.0
             - Basic DBF and NDX release
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