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libxml++2.6-dev - A C++ interface to the GNOME XML library (libxml2)…  more info»


=== 2.30.0 ===

2010-03-30  David King  <>

	Disable AM_MAINTAINER_MODE by default

	* Pass the disable parameter to AM_MAINTAINER_MODE so
	that tarball users do not need doxygen, mm-common, etc. if they modify
	files. Maintainer mode is still enabled if running

2010-03-29  David King  <>

	Move a target outside a conditional block to fix the build

	* Move docs/manual/libxml++.xml target outside the
	ENABLE_DOCUMENTATION conditional block.

2010-03-29  David King  <>

	Use mm-common for reference documentation generation

	* .gitignore: Update.

	* Remove SUBDIRS. Make examples build and documentation
	build conditional. Build reference documentation with
	from mm-common. Add docs/manual/libxml++.pdf target, but do not enable
	it by default. Add and docs/manual/ to
	dist_noinst_SCRIPTS. Add docs/manual/html/*.html to

	* Add --enable-maintainer-mode to arguments passed to

	* Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE. Add a configure argument to
	enable the build of the examples. Use mm-common macros to add a
	configure argument to enable documentation, and use the glibmm
	tagfile. Check for xmllint and db2latex for DTD validation of the
	DocBook manual and building the PDF documentation, repectively. Remove
	the last non-toplevel Makefiles from AC_CONFIG_FILES.

	* docs/
	* docs/Makefile_web.am_fragment:
	* docs/manual/
	* docs/reference/ Remove from repository, and move content

	* docs/manual/docbook-customisation.xsl: Add DocBook customisation

	* docs/manual/libxml++_without_code.xml: Make validate.

	* docs/reference/ Update from mm-common.

	* docs/reference/README: Remove empty file.

2010-03-27  David King  <>

	Fix several compiler warnings

	* examples/dom_build/
	* examples/dtdvalidation/
	* examples/import_node/
	* examples/sax_exception/
	* examples/sax_exception/
	* examples/sax_parser/
	* examples/sax_parser/
	* examples/sax_parser_build_dom/
	* examples/sax_parser_entities/
	* examples/textreader/
	* libxml++/parsers/ Comment out unused parameters and

	* libxml++/parsers/ Fill in missing fields of
	xmlSAXHandler struct.

2010-03-27  David King  <>

	Refactor build system

	* Merge from subdir files, excluding doc.

	* MSVC_Net2005/examples/dom_parser_raw/dom_parser_raw.vcproj:
	* MSVC_Net2008/examples/dom_parser_raw/dom_parser_raw.vcproj: Add
	missing Visual studio project files.

	* MSVC_Net2005/examples/*/
	* MSVC_Net2005/examples/
	* MSVC_Net2005/gendef/
	* MSVC_Net2005/libxml++/
	* MSVC_Net2008/examples/*/
	* MSVC_Net2008/examples/
	* MSVC_Net2008/gendef/
	* MSVC_Net2008/libxml++/ Remove from repository, and move
	content to, making the MSVC project file build

	* README: Update.

	* Copy from gtkmm.

	* Move to

	* Require autoconf 2.59 and automake 1.9. Use new-style
	AC_INIT() with bug-report link and homepage URL. Use mm-common for
	initialisation of version variables. Require libtool 2.2.6 for much
	faster builds. Use MM_ARG_ENABLE_WARNINGS to configure compiler
	warning flags. Use MM_CHECK_PERL to check for the required Perl
	version. Use AC_CONFIG_FILES rather than AC_OUTPUT. Update for changes.

	* Remove from repository, as autoheader is now used.

	* */.cvsignore: Remove old files.

	* doc/manual/ Use the correct Perl.

	* doc/reference/
	* MSVC_Net2005/libxml++/
	* MSVC_Net2008/libxml++/ Use new-style variable names.

	* examples/Makefile.am_fragment:
	* examples/
	* examples/*/ Remove from repository, and move content to, making the examples build non-recursive.

	* .gitignore: Update.

	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/*/ Remove from repository, and move content to, making the libxml++ build non-recursive.

	* INSTALL: Remove from repository.

	* scripts/README:
	* scripts/ Remove from repository.

	* scripts/reduced.m4: Move to macros/reduced.m4

2010-03-08  Murray Cumming  <>

	Use 0 instead of NULL.

	* MSVC_Net2005/gendef/
	* MSVC_Net2008/gendef/
	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/io/
	* libxml++/io/
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/schema.h: Do not use NULL. It is unwise in C++.

=== 2.26.1 ===

2009-07-27  Johannes Schmid <>

	* libxml++/validators/
	* libxml++/ Fixed exception handling
	problems in non-exception build
	* examples/sax_parser/ Make example build withouth exceptions,
	it's useless then though
	* examples/schemavalidation/ Fixed build without exceptions

2009-07-27  Johannes Schmid <>

	New tarball release

	* Updated version to 2.26.1
	* NEWS: updated

2009-05-07  Murray Cumming  <>

	Fix the build without exceptions, hopefully.

	* libxml++/parsers/ check_for_exceptions():
	Add an ifdef so that this should build with exceptions disabled,
	though there is no alternative API yet. Noticed by David King.

2009-05-07  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Whitespace corrections.

2009-03-25  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/saxparser.h: Fix some warnings triggered
	by -Wshadow.

2009-03-23  Hubert Figuiere  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ severity_ was not initialised
	at construction time. (Closes #576516)


2009-03-16  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Increased version number to match GNOME 2.26.


2009-03-02  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* libxml++/validators/validator.h:
	* libxml++/parsers/parser.h: Removed the vsnprintf #define on Windows.
	This could conflict with another define otherwise. Both MSVC and MinGW
	have vsnprintf (without underscore) as well, and I verified libxml++
	still compiles in both. If we still need the definition for some
	reason, then we should re-add it into the source files, so that other
	libraries don't conflict with our definition.

2009-01-09  Stef Walter  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/textreader.[h|cc]: Add setup_exceptions(), setting
	the on_libxml_error() callback, and call it from the constructors.
	check_for_exceptions(): Actually check some member variables and throw an
	exception if necessary.
	This should fix bug #348006.
	It breaks ABI because it adds member variables, but we decided that is
	OK because nobody could actually be using this class seriously before
	now because it had no error checking.


2008-12-20  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* libxml++/ (set_document): Set embedded_doc_ according to
	the embed parameter instead of always setting it to false, so that we
	actually release the document in release_underlying().
	(release_underlying): Free the schema in all cases, also when the
	document was not embedded, to avoid a memory leak.

	* libxml++/validators/ (parse_file, parse_memory,
	parse_document): Make sure not to leak the xmlSchemaParserCtxtPtr in
	case of an exception. Bug #563321, Arjan Franzen.

2008-12-18  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* win32_msvc6/:
	* Removed outdated MSVC6 project.


2008-12-12  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* MSVC_Net2008/examples/sax_parser/sax_parser.vcproj.HALLWA.Armin.user:
	Removed this generated file. It went in by accident.

	* MSVC_Net2008/examples/sax_parser/sax_parser.vcproj: Added the
	example project file instead, which should have been added from the

2008-12-12  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* MSVC_Net2005/libxml++/libxml++.vcproj:
	* MSVC_Net2008/libxml++/libxml++.vcproj: Added and to the project. Bug #563664 (Arjan Franzen).

	* MSVC_Net2005/examples/schemavalidation/schemavalidation.vcproj:
	* MSVC_Net2005/examples/schemavalidation/
	* MSVC_Net2005/examples/
	* MSVC_Net2005/libxml++.sln: Added the schema validator example to the
	MSVC8 solution file.

	* MSVC_Net2008/examples/schemavalidation/schemavalidation.vcproj:
	* MSVC_Net2008/examples/schemavalidation/
	* MSVC_Net2008/examples/
	* MSVC_Net2008/libxml++.sln: Added the schema validator example to the
	MSVC9 solution file.

2008-12-12  Przemysław Grzegorczyk  <>

	* libxml++/ Fix a typo to fix the build.

2008-12-08  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/validators/ check_for_exception(): Use an
	auto_ptr<> to avoid leaking the exception, as in
	Bug #563321 (Arjan Franzen)

2008-12-05  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ release_underlying(): Use xmlSchemaFree()
	to avoid a leak, as suggested by Balazs Tirpak. Bug #312216.

2008-10-09  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* MSVC_Net2005/*/*.vcproj: Adapt the new DLL naming convention.

	* MSVC_Net2008/: Added project files for Visual Studio 2008.

	* Added the new files to the distribution.


	* Increased version to match GNOME 2.24:


2008-08-16  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ get_value(): xmlGetNsProp() takes the
	namespace URI, not the prefix.
	Bug #547689 (Sergei Fedorov)

2008-08-14  Murray Cumming  <>

	* examples/dom_parser/
	* examples/dom_parser/example_with_namespace.xml:
	Added an example using namespace prefixes, from bug
	* examples/dom_parser/ Comment out the call to set_validate(),
	because that example does not have a DTD.
	Show the namespace prefixes in the output.
	* libxml++/ get_value(): Use xmlGetNsProp() instead of
	xmlGetProp(), so we don't ignore the namespace prefix, so we get
	the correct value.
	Bug #547689 (Sergei Fedorov)

2008-08-10  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* MSVC_Net2005/: Renamed from MSVC_Net2003.

	* MSVC_Net2005/libxml++/libxml++.vcproj: Link against libxml2.lib
	instead of xml2.lib because that's how it is called in Tor's GTK+

	* MSVC_Net2005/libxml++/ Removed "#include resource.h"
	because there is no resource.h.

	* MSVC_Net2005/libxml++/libxml++.sln: Build all examples by default.

	* Adapt build files for the MSVC_Net2003 -> MSVC_Net2005


2008-05-05  Murray Cumming  <>

	* examples/sax_parser/ (main): Use parse_file() but leave
	the parse_chunk() version commented out, to simplify this example.
	* examples/sax_parser/
	Catch Glib::ConvertError exceptions when using std::cout, though
	libxml++ should really always supply valid UTF-8 to us.

2008-04-14  Armin Burgmeier  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/saxparser.h:
	* libxml++/parsers/ Added a parse_chunk_raw() method and
	changed parse_chunk() to use it.


2008-03-26  Murray Cumming  <>

	* examples/schemavalidation/ Corrected a filename to
	fix distcheck
	* libxml++/schema.h:
	* libxml++/validators/schemavalidator.h: Added the newin2p24 doxygen

2008-03-26  Emilien KIA  <>

	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/libxml++.h:
	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/schema.h: Added Schema class, similar to the existing Dtd
	* libxml++/validators/
	* libxml++/validators/
	* libxml++/validators/schemavalidator.h: Added Schema validator class,
	similar to the existing DtdValidator class.

	* examples/
	* examples/schemavalidation/: New example, similar to the
	existing dtdvalidation example.

	Bug #312216.

2008-03-26  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/ Fixed the post-html rule.
	* docs/index.html: Corrected some links.
	* libxml++/nodes/node.h: Corrected documentation for the new methods
	from the previous commit.

2008-03-26  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/element.h: Added add_child_text() with a previous_node
	parameter, for adding between existing nodes.
	Added add_child_text_before() too.
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/node.h: Added add_child() with a previous_node
	parameter, for adding between existing nodes.
	Added add_child_before() too.

	* docs/index.html: Removed the license clarifications text because I
	always found it to be arbitrary and not very informative.
	* docs/reference/ Added a newin2p24 doxygen keyword.
	* docs/reference/ Do not create a version-specific
	directory name for reference documentation. The Since: text and links
	in the documentation are enough to know what was in what version.

This is the svn trunk branch. See also the gnome-2-22 branch.


2008-03-07  Deng Xiyue  <>

	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/document.h: Add a destructor
	(does not break ABI because the base class already has a
	virtual destructor) that calls xmlCleanupParser to match the
	existing call to xmlInitParser() in the constructor. Fixes
	a memory leak.
	Bug #501168 (Matt G.)

2008-01-17  Roland Stigge  <>

	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/dtd.h:
	* libxml++/io/ostreamoutputbuffer.h:
	* libxml++/io/outputbuffer.h:
	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/keepblanks.h:
	* libxml++/libxml++.h:
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/cdatanode.h:
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/commentnode.h:
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/element.h:
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/entityreference.h:
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/processinginstructionnode.h:
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/textnode.h:
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/domparser.h:
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/parser.h:
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/textreader.h:
	Correct the name of the files in their comment blocks,
	though this could just be removed instead.
	Bug #510056.

2008-01-17  Martin Michlmayr  <>>

	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/textreader.h:
	Added includes to fix the build with gcc 4.3
	Bug #510053.


2007-08-30  Murray Cumming  <>

	* examples/dom_parser_raw/ When exceptions are disabled, assume that they are also
	disabled in glibmm and then use the extra error parameter to Glib::convert(), to fix the
	build when using glibmm with disabled exceptions.
	* docs/manual/ Use maintainer-clean instead of clean-local to delete the html,
	but this still seems to be deleted when building debian packages.


2007-08-29  Murray Cumming  <>

	* scripts/ distcheck fixes.

2007-08-29  Murray Cumming  <>

	* scripts/
	* scripts/reduced.m4: Added an --enable-api-exceptions
	configure option, which defines LIBXMLCPP_EXCEPTIONS_ENABLED
	in libxml++config.h.
	* examples/dom_build/
	* examples/dom_parse_entities/
	* examples/dom_parser/
	* examples/dom_parser_raw/
	* examples/dom_read_write/
	* examples/dom_xpath/
	* examples/dtdvalidation/
	* examples/import_node/
	* examples/sax_exception/
	* examples/sax_exception/
	* examples/sax_parser/
	* examples/sax_parser_build_dom/
	* examples/sax_parser_entities/
	* examples/textreader/
	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/exceptions/
	* libxml++/exceptions/
	* libxml++/exceptions/
	* libxml++/exceptions/
	* libxml++/io/
	* libxml++/io/
	* libxml++/
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/validators/
	* libxml++/validators/
	Put LIBXMLCPP_EXCEPTIONS_ENABLED ifdefs around uses of
	try, catch, and throw, so that libxml++ can build with
	CXXFLAGS="-fno-exceptions". However, we might still
	need some alternative error checking API.


2007-07-30  Stef Walter  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/element.h: Added get_attribute_value(),
	to get a simple text value for an attribute, as a
	Patch in bug #373573.

2007-07-30  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/reference/ Added newin2p18,
	newin2p20, and newin2p22 tags.

This is the trunk branch for libxml++ 2.19/2.20.
See also the gnome-2-18 branch.


2007-07-25  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ get_name():
	Fixed a memory leak. bug #447535.


2007-06-10  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ add_comment(),
	* libxml++/nodes/ add_child_text():
	add_child_comment(): Avoid accessing freed memory
	when the text nodes are merged by xmlAddChild().


2007-02-10  Murray Cumming  <>

	* examples/dom_parse_entities/
	* examples/dom_parser/
	* examples/dom_parser_raw/
	* examples/dom_read_write/
	* examples/dom_xpath/
	* examples/dtdvalidation/
	* examples/sax_parser/
	* examples/sax_parser_build_dom/
	* examples/sax_parser_entities/ Use std::string for file paths,
	because we can not know the encoding of file paths. std::string therefore
	means unknown encoding.

2007-02-06  Artur Wegele  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/parser.h:
	* libxml++/validators/validator.h: Check for _MSC_VER instead
	of WIN32 before setting MSVC++ pragmas, because that is apparently
	more reliable. Bug #380110.


2006-10-25  Nate Nielsen  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/node.h: Node::get_next_sibling(),
	Node::get_previous_sibling(). Bug #351867

2006-11-17  Nate Nielsen  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/textreader.h: Clean up TextReader() data
	constructor signature. Removed '-1' as a special null terminated
	value. This brings it inline with other parsers.


2006-11-11  Nate Nielsen  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ Element::set_attribute():
	Fix redeclaration of variable in if-block. Bug #361950

2006-11-11  Nate Nielsen  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/
	* libxml++/parsers/textreader.h: TextReader() can now parse
	memory buffers as well as files. Bug #351215

2006-11-11  Nate Nielsen  <>

    * libxml++/nodes/
    * libxml++/nodes/node.h: Add Node::get_parent() Bug #351876

2006-04-24  Cedric Gustin  <>

	* Disable autoheader.
	* New file. Added comments about the difference
	between and

2006-04-21  Cedric Gustin  <>

	* libxml++/ Added to EXTRA_DIST.

2006-04-21  Cedric Gustin  <>

	* MSVC_Net2003/*.vcproj: Updated for Visual Studio 2005. Added the
	/vd2 compiler flag (Bug #158040). Renamed target DLL to
	xml++-2.6 to comply to the value returned by "pkg-config --libs
	--msvc-syntax libxml++-2.6".
	* MSVC_Net2003/libxml++.sln: Updated for Visual Studio 2005.
	* MSVC_Net2003/gendef/ Redirect output of dumpbin to a
	* MSVC_Net2003/libxml++/ Get a local copy of the
	libxml++config.h file created at configure time and distribute it
	in the source tarball.
	* libxml++/ Add -DLIBXMLPP_BUILD to the DEFS compiler
	flags (switch between dllexport/dllimport on win32). Also install
	libxml++config.h to $(prefix)/lib/libxml++-2.6/include.
	* libxml++/*/* Add -DLIBXMLPP_BUILD to the DEFS
	compiler flags (switch between dllexport/dllimport on win32).
	* libxml++/exceptions/exception.h: Tag the xmlpp:exception classs
	with LIBXMLPP_API to get rid of auto-import errors on win32
	* libxml++/ New file. Define LIBXMLPP_API and
	switch between dllimport and dllexport on win32.
	* Add ${libdir}/libxml++-2.6/include to Cflags
	(for libxml++config.h).
	* Added test for a native win32 platform. Use the
	ms-bitfields on this platform only. Added the libxml++config.h
	configuration file.


2006-03-13  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* docs/index.html: Updated version number

2006-03-13  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* NEWS, Prepared release 2.14.0

2006-03-08  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/contentnode.h: get_content() documentation:
	Replace the TODO because I know know that apos is the fifth
	predefined entity.
	set_content(): Mention that the predefined entities are used
	_where necessary_ because XML does not require use of quot or
	apos in text nodes - just in attribute values.


2005-12-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/manual/libxml++_without_code.xml: Mention pkg-config.

2005-12-16  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/document.h: Minor grammar fixes in documentation.
	* libxml++/nodes/node.h: Correct find() documentation slightly.

2005-12-15  Robert Fleming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/
	* libxml++/nodes/node.h: Add find() overload that
	takes namespaces to register, using xmlXPathRegisterNs().
	Bug #323935.

2005-12-15  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ set_namespace(): Pass 0 to
	xmlSearchNs() for empty (default) namespaces, instead of
	an empty string, as we do elsewhere. This makes
	Document::create_root_node() for when not specifying a
	namespace. Bug #318186 from Erik Oestby.

2005-12-15  Vadim Zeitlin  < >

	* docs/reference/ Fix paths so buildir!=srcdir
	builds work. Bug #319863.

2005-09-21  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* Fixed include and .pc paths. Fixes #316827.

This is the HEAD branch, for API additions. See also the gnome-2-12 branch.


2005-08-26  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/textreader.h: Added xmlReadState "Reading" as
	suggested by Sebastian Moss.


2005-08-25  YS <>

	* libxml++/ Changed link order to solve a link issue
	on cygwin. Bug #314419.

2005-06-13  Marek Rouchal  <>

	* libxml++/io/
	* libxml++/io/istreamparserinputbuffer.h:
	* libxml++/io/
	* libxml++/io/parserinputbuffer.h: Remove extra ;s.
	Bug #307481

2005-05-15  Murray Cumming <>

	* libxml++/document.h: Add comments about possibly deriving this
	from Node, though it needs investigation, and we can not do this
	in the stable API.
	* libxml++/nodes/ get_namespace(), get_namespace_prefix():
	Return an empty string if the node is actually a Document, because
	the underlying xmlDocument struct has no ns field. This should
	prevent the crash in bug #161825.

2005-05-15  Murray Cumming <>

	* docs/index.html: Add link to the LGPL text.

2005-04-24  Murray Cumming <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ parse_context():
	Delete the context after, not before, checking it for an error.
 	Bug #156352 from Jim Garrison.

2005-04-24  Murray Cumming <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ SaxParserCallback::characters()
	Call on_characters(), not on_cdata_block(), so that the correct
	derived handler is called. Bug #301712 and patch from
	Aaron Walker.

2005-04-24  Murray Cumming <>

	* Remove -I for the include location of
	a config file, because we don't install one. Bug #301727
	from Aaron Walker.

2005-03-15  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ set_entity_declaration(): Pass 0 instead
	of empty strings for the public ID and system ID, if an empty
	string is provided. This stops libxml from using a useless empty

2005-03-09  Cedric Gustin <>

	* MSVC_Net2003/ Add blank.cpp to EXTRA_DIST.
	* MSVC_Net2003/examples/*/*.vcproj: Change name of PDB file to

This is the HEAD branch.


2005-03-08  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* docs/reference/ Added one more rule so the "make
	distcheck" works from a clean cvs working copy.

2005-03-08  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* docs/manual/, docs/reference/ Added a few
	rules so that "make dist" generated the documentation if it's

2005-02-15  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/manual/ Added insert_example_code to EXTRA_DIST,
	though it should not be needed when building from a DIST anyway,
	because we distribute the html.


2005-02-13  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* docs/manual/ Removed README from EXTRA_DIST.

2005-02-12  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ Fixed a little inefficency in find (#161925)

2005-02-11  Murray Cumming  <>

	* docs/: Added manual.
	* Use GLIBMM_CHECK_PERL to get the perl path, needed
	to insert the example code in the manual.
	* docs/ Move the reference and manual into a docs folder
	so that the docs and the examples have the same relative path.
	* docs/index.html: Mention the manual and update the links.

2005-02-11  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ do_write_to_string(): libml returns the
	number of bytes instead of the number of characters, so use the
	appropriate ustring constructor, to avoid an exception later.
	Bug found by Cyril Picard.
	* docs/reference/ Install the reference documentation.
	Distribute the built reference documentatoin, and Do not rebuild it
	every time.
	* docs/reference/ Generate doxygen tags so that other
	documentation can link to the libxml++ documentation. Use the
	libstdc++ and glibmm doxygen tags to link to their documentation,
	for instance for Glib::ustring.

2005-01-26  Cedric Gustin <>

	* MSVC_Net2003/README: Updated for 2.8.0

2005-01-26  Cedric Gustin <>

	* parse micro version tags at configure time (for
	libxml++.rc). Added support for shared libraries (DLL) on
	win32. Added MSVC_Net2003 Makefiles.
	* Added MSVC_Net2003 subdir.
	* libxml++/ Added linker flags for shared libraries
	(DLL) on win32.
	* examples/Makefile.am_fragment: Removed trailing slash in INCLUDES.
	* MSVC_Net2003/*: Initial release.


2004-12-25  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/domparser.[h|cc], saxparser.[h|cc]: Added
	parse_memory_raw() for libxml documents that are not utf8-encoded or
	are encoded in an unknown encoding.
	* examples/: Added dom_parser_raw() to test parsing of UCS2-encoded

2004-12-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* This is the HEAD branch, for gnome 2.9/2.10.

2004-12-18  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/docs/index.html: Bugs: Minor english corrections, and
	more useful bugzilla links.
	* libxml++/docs/ Build the reference documentation as
	part of the main cvs build, but distribute it so that it does not need
	to be rebuilt when building a tarball.

2004-12-18  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ Node::find(): Check the result of
	xmlXPathEval and throw an exception about invalid xpaths, instead of
	crashing. Bug #161549 from Caleb Epstein.

2004-12-18  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ parse_memory(), parse_chunk(), parse_memory, parse_chunk(): Use Glib::ustring::bytes()
	to get the size of the array, not size() or length(), which gets
	the number of utf8 characters. It might not even be utf8.
	* examples/sax_parser_build_dom/ Use !empty() instead of
	size() > 0. It is more efficient.

2004-11-30  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/validator.h: Removed an extra ; that g++ 3.4 complains


2004-09-12  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/libxml++.h: Add include for xmlreader.h.
	* examples/saxparser/, saxparser_entities/
	Correct (and uncomment) the code to read the attribute values.


2004-09-06  Christophe de Vienne <>

	* Prepared release 2.7.1.

2004-08-13  Christophe de Vienne <>

	* libxml++/parsers/, libxml++/parsers/ Fixed
	bug #150082.


2004-06-24  Murray Cumming  <>

	*,, libxml++-2.* Reverted the changes
	that made it install a 2.8 file, and which decreased the .so
	name. 2.8 is not parallel-installable with 2.6, and this would only
	have been a half-done transition if it was.

2004-06-22  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/io/,
	Added include of libxml/globals.h before include of libxml/xmlIO.h,
	because xmlIO.h needs the definition of

2004-05-28  Christophe de Vienne <cdevienne@netcourrier>

	*, examples/, examples/dtdvalidation/,
	examples/dtdvalidation/example.dtd, examples/dtdvalidation/,
	libxml++/, libxml++/dtd.[h|cc], libxml++/io/,
	libxml++/libxml++.h, libxml++/validators/,
	Integrated dtdvalidator patch proposed by Guillaume Arreckx.
	Modified a bit the patch:
	- renamed *.cpp -> *.cc
	- fixed a few comments which where copy/paste from other files
	- replaced std::string with Glib::ustring
	- Added Dtd::cobj, since the patch rely on it.
	- added a validaty_error as suggested by jon

2004-04-26  Christophe de VIENNE  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ Fixed set_content which used xmlNodeAddContent
	instead of xmlNodeSetContent (thanks to Marcello Orizi who outlined it).

2004-05-05  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ One more (last one I hope) change
	about Glib::ustring instanciation from a buffer + lenght. We now
	use Glib::ustring::ustring(In begin, In end) constructor. Thanks to
	Jonathan Wakely.

2004-05-04  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Replaced again the use of
	Glib::ustring(const char*) constructor by Glib::ustring(std::string).
	Fixes #141824.

2004-05-04  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Replace the use of
	Glib::ustring(const char*, unsigned) constructor by Glib::ustring(const char*).
	Fixes #141824.

2004-05-04  Murray Cumming  <murrayc@murrayc@com>

	* Made it require glibmm-2.4, so that apps do not
	have to check for this themselves.


2004-04-13  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ Change library name to 2.6 instead of 2.5.
	* Report the changed library name.

2004-03-27  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/textreader.[h|cc]: Correct constness of
	get_current_node(), so there is a const and non-const version.


2004-02-16  Christophe de VIENNE  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ Check return value of xmlHasNsProp to
	fix issue #134390 (as reported by John Coyle). Use xmlHasProp instead
	of testing each attributes.

2004-02-16  Christophe de VIENNE  <>

	* Added libxml-2.0 to Requires: and removed
	@LIBXML_LIBS@ from libs, as suggested by Albert Chin.

2004-02-16  Christophe de VIENNE  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/, libxml++/parsers/parser.h:
	Merged in patches from Albert Chin to get libxml++ build using the SUN,
	HP, SGI & AIX C++ compilers.

2004-02-13  Jim Garrison  <>

	* libxml++/attribute.h, libxml++/document.h, libxml++/dtd.h,
	  libxml++/io/outputbuffer.[h|cc], libxml++/keepblanks.[h|cc],
	  libxml++/nodes/node.h, libxml++/parsers/parser.h,
	  libxml++/parsers/saxparser.h, libxml++/parsers/textreader.[h|cc]:
	Removed unnecessary semicolons


2004-02-08  Jim Garrison  <>

	* libxml++/document.[h|cc]: added Document::cobj() function

2004-02-06  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Fixed issue #132014.

2004-02-06  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/[|textreader.h|]: Added
	TextReader interface. It is almost the patch which is here :
	with Glib::ustring instead of std::string, and member functions names
	changed to be consistent with other interfaces.
	*, examples/, examples/textreader: Added an example
	of TextReader interface.

2004-02-05  Jim Garrison  <>

	* libxml++/document.[h|cc]: added create_root_node_by_import()

2004-01-13  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/io/ Gives NULL strings instead of empty ones to
	xmlCreateIntSubset. Fixes issue #131329.

2004-01-12  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/io/ Fix return value of xmlIO callbacks. (Fixes
	issue #131018).

2003-12-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Added glibmm-2.4 to the pkg-config check.
	* Used regexxer to do a complete std::string/Glib::ustring rename.
	Everything seems to still work. I think the parse_chunk(stream)
	stuff might need some attention/thought.

2003-12-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* removed acinclude.m4 because we do not need it anymore because
	we do not need AM_LIBXML now that we use pkg-config.
	* libxml++/ Generate a library with 2.5 in the name,
	instead of 1.0
	* Change version to 2.5.0.
	* examples/Makefile.am_fragment: Link to the new library name.
	* Renamed to and changed the
	library name that pkg-config reports for --libs.
	* So, this is now the libxml++ 2.6 API, with a library name of 2.5
	while it is unstable. It is parallel-installable with libxml++ 1.0.

This is the HEAD branch, for libxml++ 2.5/2.6.


2003-12-18  Ephraim Vider <>
	* examples/sax_parser_build_dom/,svgpath.h:
	- removed unneeded method qualification (msvc6 error)
	* examples/sax_parser_entities/
	- removed namespace qualification (msvc6 error)
	- removed return from void function

2003-12-18  Ephraim Vider <>

	* win32_msvc6: updated MSVC projects to include new sources and examples

2003-12-12  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ removed initialisation of userData
	with this at the context creation (solution given by Murray).

2003-12-11  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ Generate a library with 1.0 in the name,
	instead of 0.1
	* Change version to 1.0.0, and change shared library
	version to 1.0.0 because we are staring again witt the first
	version of a new shared library.
	* examples/Makefile.am_fragment: Link to the new library name.
	* Change the library name that pkg-config
	reports for --libs.

2003-12-08  Ephraim Vider <>

	* libxml++/ remove return statement from void functions


2003-12-08  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* Removed libxml++.m4 and xml++-config from %files

2003-12-08  Murray Cumming  <>

	* examples/ Added sax_parser_build_dom example from Dan Dennedy.
	It does some funky stuff (see the comments) but it is an
	interesting concept. See the description in examples/README.

2003-12-03  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* use libxml-2.0 instead of xml2 for libxml2 detection
	by pkg-config.
	* libxml++/parser/sax_parser.[h|cc]: Replaced AttributeMap by AttributeList,
	which is now an ordered container (std::deque). Added a functor that can be
	used with std::find_if to get an Attribute by it's name.
	* libxml++/document.h: Fixed a typo in a doxygen command.

2003-12-03  Murray Cumming  <>

	* examples/README: explained what the examples do.

2003-11-28  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/docs/index.html: Added libxml2 version we relay on, as
	suggested by Paul Breslin.
	* Prepared 0.28 release. Check for libxml2 >= 2.5.8 using
	pkg-config instead of old-style autoconf macro.
	* acinclude.m4: Removed.

2003-11-27  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Added examples/sax_parser_entites to test the new functionality.
	* Added doxygen documentation to almost every class and method,
	including mentioning that the parse methods throw exceptions.

2003-11-27  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Applied patch from Dan Dennedy to add entity handling to the
	SAX parser, using a 2nd Document instance to manage the entity
	definitions in order to provide a default entity reference resolver
	implementation for on_get_entity(). With some minor changes from me.

2003-11-13  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/io/ Made libio a non installed library.
	* libxml++/ Fixed a serious issue with threading: callbacks
	were defined only for the main thread.


2003-10-28  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/element.[h|cc]: Changed get_child_content() to
	get_child_text(), set_child_content() to set_child_text(),
	add_comment() to add_child_comment(), and add_content() to
	add_child_content() to make the API clearer.

2003-10-25  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/document.[h|cc]: Added Document::add_comment and added some

2003-10-22  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/saxparser.[]: Added on_entity_declararation()
	callback, and demonstrated it in examples/sax_parser/.
	Added documentation to on_get_entity() giving clues about how to use
	it, though it is too difficult for me to try.

2003-10-18  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* All: All private members previously having a leading underscore in their
	name now have it postfixed. Ex: _impl becomes impl_.

2003-10-18  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/io/outputbuffer.[h|cc]: Removed conversion operator to
	underlying C structure. cobj() is now public.
	* libxml++/ use OutputBuffer::cobj() instead of implicit

2003-10-18  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ Removed some trailing white spaces after a

2003-10-14  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Added lots of doxygen documentation, try to document everything 100%.
	* libxml++/nodes/element.[h|cc]: Made get_attributes() non-const
	and added a const get_attributes() const overload, like
	* Moved AttributesList typedef from Node to Element, because that's
	where it is used.
	* libxml++/parsers/parser.[h|cc]: Added get/set_substitute_entities(),
	like get/set_validate(), which affects _context->replaceEntities in
	* Added libxml++/nodes/entityreference.[h|cc], with a
	get_resolved_text() method.
	* libxml++/
 - on_libxml_construct(): For the default, used when a node is not
	recognised, create a Node rather than a ContentNode. Everything is a
	Node so this should have less chance of being wrong.
	- Added case to create an EntityReference.
	* Added examples/dom_parse_entities.

2003-09-30  Jonathan Wakely  <>

	* libxml++/, libxml++/nodes/,
	libxml++/nodes/ Preserve const-quals when casting between
	strings of different character types.

2003-09-26  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/io/outputbuffer.[h|cc]: Yet another cleaning of the interface
	and implementation. OutputBuffer is now non copyable, and the callback
	process is now the same for write and close.
	* libxml++/io/(ostream)outputbuffer.h: Added Doxygen documentation.

2003-09-26  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/io/: Small corrections after Murray comments on the patch. It's
	even more clean now.

2003-09-26  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/io/: Added classes to wrap xmlIO output buffers. This classes
	are OutputBuffer and OStreamOutputBuffer.
	* libxml++/document.h:
	- Added write_to_stream, which is implemented thanks to OutputBuffer.
	- Removed virtual specifier on write_to_xxx functions. Their
	implemention now calls a private virtual function do_write_to_xxx. This
	also avoid having almost identical functions implementation in normal and
	formatted versions of the functions.

2003-09-24  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/examples/dom_build/ Now demonstrate add_comment

2003-09-24  Dan Dennedy

	* libxml++/nodes/element.[h|cc]: Added Element::add_comment.

2003-09-23  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/document.h, libxml++/keepblanks.h, libxml++/noncopyable.h,
	libxml++/nodes/node.h: Updated documentation.


2003-09-22  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* examples/dom_build/main.cpp: Use Element::set_attribute instead of
	Element::add_attribute which no longer exists.

2003-09-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/node/element.h: Removed add_attribute because it is the same as

2003-09-18  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/node/element.h: Added set_namespace_declaration().
	  element, node: methods take prefix instead of uri and prefix, because
	that's what we want to specify most of the time. If no such namespace
	prefix has been declared then an exception will be thrown. If we want
	to specify a node name and attribute namespaces by uri (which would
	result in a prefix in the eventual .xml code) then we could add those
	methods later. If anybody needs them.

2003-09-17  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* docs/reference/Doxyfile(.in): Doxyfile is now generated from
	by configure so the version number is included in main page. The dot image
	format is changed to png, the index is not disabled anymore.

2003-09-15  Fredrik Arnerup

	* libxml++/ Added a call to xmlInitParser to avoid
	threading problems.

2003-09-05  Murray Cumming  <>

	Based on the patch from Dan Dennedy, with changes:
	* libxml++/node.[h|cc],
	libxml++/element.[h|cc]: Added namespace_uri and namespace_prefix
	parameters to methods, to support speficiation of nodes and children
	also with namespace information.
	* Added Node::get_namespace_prefix() and get_namespace_uri() and
	* examples/dom_build/: Modified the example to do namespace stuff,
	to test this.

2003-08-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/node.[h|cc]: import_node() now takes a _const_ Node, as
	suggested by Rafael Vuijk.

2003-07-20  Ephraim Vider <>

	* win32_msvc6: libxml++.dsp, examples/import_node.dsp, examples/
		- added import_node example project


2003-07-16  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++.m4,,, removed old-style
	autoconf libxml++ detection macro and script.

2003-07-15  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* all but exceptions/*.[h|cc]: removed throw specification from functions

2003-07-11  Eric Bourque <>

	* nodes/node.[h|cc]: Added import_node function
	* examples/import_node: Added an example of using import_node, and modified
	autoconf files accordingly.

2003-06-25  Ephraim Vider <>

	* win32_msvc6: libxml++.dsp: added _REENTRANT to support libxml with threads
	- examples/ added new example project

2003-06-16  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* docs/index.html: Added a link to Doxygen website.

2003-06-16  Ephraim Vider <>

	* win32_msvc6/*: Fixed MSVC6 project files.

2003-06-13  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* docs/ Fixed the post-html rule which was sending twice the
	* docs/index.html: Added keyword "XML".


2003-06-11  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/
		- Fixed parse_stream. Parsing success was not checked before creating
		- Check for errNo after parsing.

2003-06-02  Ephraim Vider
	* libxml++/nodes:
	Added ContentNode as a base class for all non-element nodes
	- TextNode and CommentNode are derived from ContentNode
	- Added CdataNode and ProcessingInstructionNode as specific types
	derived from ContentNode
	- Will create ContentNode as a default node type when assert is
	- Modified dom_parser example to better handle new types
	Modified files: textnode.[h|cc] commentnode.[h|cc]
	Added files: contentnode.[h|cc] cdatanode.[h|cc] processinginstructionnode.[h|cc]

	* - Fix. return empty string and not 0
	* updated MSVC projects to include new sources and example

2003-06-10  Jonathan Wakely  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Replace <istream> with <iostream>
	to support older compilers.

2003-06-06  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/ Little change in write_to_xxx_formatted. The
	keepblanks parameter is kept to true, but xmlIndentOutputTree is set to 1.
	This avoid libxml2 to add some significant whitespace into content nodes,
	but still format the output.

2003-06-05  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/keepblanks.[h|cc]: Moved KeepBlanks::Default definition
	to .cc file if compiler is MSVC 6.0.

2003-06-04  Morten Hanssen  <>

	* libxml++/ Fixed a memory leak in
	write_to_string[_formatted]() functions.

2003-06-02  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/Document.[h|cc]: Removed the standalone parse_* methods
	because they just duplicate functionality and nobody seems to be
	using them.
	Renamed the private construct() and destruct() callbacks to
	on_libxml_construct() and on_libxml_destruct() and added some
	simple comments to explain their purpose.
	* libxml++/node.[h|cc]: Added Node::is_white_space(), to make it
	easier for the application to ignore white space. Used it in
	the dom_parser example..

2003-05-29  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Removed some struct keywords from method and variable definitions.
	They don't seem to be necessary, and they do not match the method
	definitions in the .cc files.
	* Some syntax clean-up - tabs to spaces and adding spaces.
	* examples/dom_parse/ Say when something is a text node.

2003-05-28  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* lixml++/document.[h|cc]: Added write_to_file_formatted and

2003-05-25  Jonathan Wakely  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Included <cassert>

2003-05-23  Jonathan Wakely  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/saxparser.[h|cc]: Correct comments.

2003-05-23  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* all header files: Removed libxml2 headers inclusion. Added necessary
	forward declaration of libxml2 structures.
	* libxml++/parsers/saxparser.[h|cc]: Moved static callback functions into
	a struct defined only in the .cc file, SaxParserCallback.
	Added boolean parameter to SaxParser constructor to activate on_get_entity
	callback (default to false). This technique could eventually be extended to
	other functions in the future.
	* removed libxml headers include path from Cflags.

2003-05-22  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/node.[h|cc]: Added Node::set_name().

2003-05-20  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/[|element.h]: Minor syntax adjustments to allow
	compiling with g++ -ansi -pedantic -Wall without any warning.


2003-05-20  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/keepblanks.[h|cc]: New KeepBlanks class which change settings
	related to xmlKeepBlanksDefault and xmlIndentTreeOuput.
	* libxml++/[|parsers/*]: use KeepBlanks instead of
	manually call xmlKeepBlanksDefault(). Significant white spaces are not
	removed/added anymore.
	* example/dom_read_write/example_output.xml: removed.

2003-05-16  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/noncopyable.[h|cc]: New xmlpp::NonCopyable base class, which
	should prevent people from using automatically-generated copy
	constructors when they shouldn't. Not tested yet.
	* libxml++/examples/dom_read_write: New example/test. This does
	show that we are removing significant white space. This has been
	discussed on the list and apparently Christophe has a fix for it.

2003-05-06  Andy Glew <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ Node::find( nonexistent_xpath ) now return
	empty NodeSet

2003-04-24  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Fixed a memory leak pointed by "thierry"
	<>. The sax handler of the context is not reset
	to 0 before context release anymore. In parse() the default one is saved
	then restored after effective parsing, so libxml handle itself its

2003-04-20  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/ Removed a warning message that was put on std::cout
	if an unknown type of node was created and replaced it by an assert. This
	avoid the need to include iostream(.h).

2003-04-18  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Applied Jaka Jejcic's patch to fix compilation on NetBSD, including
	iostream.h instead of istream.h.

2003-04-09  Eric Bourque <>

	* modified spec file to be library version agnostic.

2003-03-19  Ephraim Vider

	* added msvc support in win32_msvc6.

2003-03-17  Ephraim Vider

	* Modified sax_exception example:
	- corrected Clone() return type for MyException in myparser.[h|cc]
	- catch all exceptions in - handle real errors too


2003-03-15  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parser/ Added const overload of get_document().

2003-03-13  Christophe de Vienne

	* libxml++/parser/ Test if context creation is
	successfull in the different parse_xxx functions. If it is no an
	internal_error is thrown.

2003-03-06  Ephraim Vider

	* made DomParser a wrapper around Document
	removed all functions that were duplicates of document
	functions and added get_document()
	files: domparser.[h|cc] document.h

	* fixed compilation errors for msvc:
	- corrected Clone() return type for derived exceptions
	- corrected getline to std::getline in
	- changed clear() to erase() in
	- added #define for vsprintf in parser.h
	- fixed warning in


2003-02-21  Eric Bourque

	* Added, for creating RPMs.

2003-02-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/node.[h|cc]: Moved get_child_content(),
	set_child_content(), add_content(), and has_content() from Node to
	derived Element class instead of just throwing an exception if it
	isn't an Element. This means you can't use set_child_content() on a
	TextNode - you should be using TextNode::set_content() anyway, which
	makes a lot more sense. Corrected set_child_content() to create a
	TextNode instead of creating a node with the content as the name,
	fixing the output of the dom_build example.

2003-02-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/parser.[h|cc]:
	initialize_contex(): Request iniitialization and connect callbacks
	check_exception(): Throw exception if any validation problems have
	been found - the messages are built up gradually by repeated
	set_validate(): Enables validation before calling parse_*().
	Alternatively, use 2nd bool parameter to the DomParser constructor.
	* libxml++/exceptions/: Added validation_error class.
	* examples/dom_parser: Added a DTD and changed example.xml to
	something that uses it. Also added example_invalid.xml to test
	the exceptions.

2003-02-12  Ole Laursen  <>

	* examples/sax_parser/ Added chunk-wise parsing to the

	* libxml++/parsers/saxparser.[h,cc]: Added functionality for
	parsing chunks of data.

2003-02-17  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/*.[h|cc]: All parsing is now done via contexts,
	which required a little duplication of the implementation of functions
	such as xmlParseFile(), most of which is now in
	DomParser::parse_context(). This avoids use of global functions such
	as xmlKeepBlanksDefault() by setting these booleans directly in the
	context, in Parser::initialize_context().
	However, xmlCreateFileParserCtxt() does seem to be affected by
	xmlKeepBlanksDefault so we still have to use it temporarily, restoring
	the old value afterwards - see the comments in DomParser::parse_file().
	This should allow us to add validation to the API.


2003-02-15  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/ (remove_child): Implemented it with
	xmlUnlinkNode and xmlFreeNode, so that it's actually removed.

2003-02-15  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Added examples/dom_xpath, with code from Stefan Seefeld's dom

2003-02-15  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Reverted the Node::child_iterator API change because it was
	undiscussed and is unfinished. The BRANCH_1_0 and HEAD branches are now
	merged. BRANCH_1_0 should no longer be used. This was never in 0.19.


2003-02-07  Murray Cumming  <>

 	* Moved method implementations such as get_attributes() into derived
 	classes instead of using "using methodname();". That seems clearer.
 	However it shows that we should probably create a shared base class for
 	Content and Comment, as in the DOM.

2003-02-06  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/saxparser.[h|cc]: Corrected some coding style.

2003-02-06  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Changed c_obj() to cobj() because it's more like gobj() used in
	gtkmm, gnomemm, etc.

2003-02-06  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/node.*: Corrected code style.

2003-02-06  Murray Cumming  <>

 	* libxml++/nodes/node.[h|cc], libxml++/attribute.[h|cc]: Made c_obj()
 	accessors public so people can use them. Provided const and non-const
 	versions of them. Put implementation in .cc file.
 	* Reverted some of Stefan's coding style changes and corrected the
 	coding style in libxml++/nodes/document.[h|cc].
 	* libxml++/document.h: Made the destructor virtual, because there are
 	virtual methods.

2002-02-04  Stefan Seefeld <>

	* libxml++/node.[h,cc]: add new insert_child and append_child methods
	(using new iterators), add get_path and find methods for xpath lookup

	* examples/dom: new example code to illustrate the new features

2002-02-03  Stefan Seefeld <>

	* libxml++/node.h, libxml++/parsers/saxparser.[h,cc],
	examples/sax_parser/*.[h,cc], examples/sax_exception/*.[h,cc]:
	SaxParser::AttributeMap is now a map<string, string>.

2002-02-03  Stefan Seefeld <>

	* libxml++/node.h: add child_iterators for simple C++ style
	iteration (to get eventually rid of NodeList)

2002-02-03  Stefan Seefeld <>

	* libxml++/attribute.[h,cc], libxml++/nodes/node.[h,cc],
	libxml++/ derive Attribute from Node, and make
	get_value() use libxml2 accessor instead of raw pointer

2002-02-03  Stefan Seefeld <>

	* libxml++/document.[h,cc], libxml++/parsers/domparser.[h,cc],
	libxml++/libxml++.h, libxml++/ introduce new Document type.
	* examples/dom_build/ make dom_build example use new
	Document type

2002-02-03  Stefan Seefeld <>

	* acinclude.m4: The AM_LIBXML macro now checks for a libxml2
	version >= 2.5.1.
	* libxml++/nodes/ compare strings, not pointers, in

2003-01-31  Stefan Seefeld  <>

	* various: overall change to use libxml2 as implementation,
	  not only as I/O backend. With corrections by Murray Cumming.
    Further explanation by murrayc: Instead of maintaining its own
    C++ data structures and then creating libxml data structures from them,
    it now manipulates the libxml data structures directly, so the C++ and C
    APIs are always in sync.

2003-01-21  Valentin Rusu <>

 	* added CDATA section handler to SaxParser

2003-01-05  Valentin Rusu <>

 	* fixed a potential buffer overflow problem into


2003-01-31  Stefan Seefeld  <>

	* various: overall change to use libxml2 as implementation,
	  not only as I/O backend.

2003-01-05  Murray Cumming  <>

	* examples/dom_build/ Removed some useless test C code.

2002-12-24  Morten Brix Pedersen  <>

        * Include <iostream> instead of <istream> to compile on gcc 2.95.4.

2002-12-26  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/element.c (write): Add back the code to write the
	attributes to the C libxml structure. This code got lost during the

2002-12-25  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Removed unused constructors, to simplify things. Made Node's
	destructor virtual, because we delete them polymorphically, and
	because it has virtual methods.

2002-12-25  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/nodes/node.[h|cc]: Removed the initialized member
	variable and its accessor, because it's not used.

2002-12-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/domparser.[h|cc]: get/set_root_node() now returns
	an Element instead of a Node.

2002-12-19  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Changed const & accessors to get_*() methods. For instance,
	Node::name -> Node::get_name
	Node::children() -> Node::get_children()
	Element::attributes() -> Element::get_attributes()
	Attribute::value -> Attribute::get_value()

2002-12-18  Murray Cumming <>

	* Added libxml++/nodes/commentnode.[h|cc] and used it in Node so that
	comments don't just show up as name=comment Nodes.
	* examples/dom_parser/example.xml: Added a comment.
	* examples/dom_parser/ Do a dynamic_cast<> check for comments

2002-12-18  Christophe de Vienne  <>

	* libxml++/parser/ Fixed a bug in exception handling in
	parse_stream. Thanks to Fredrik Arnerup <> for reporting
	the bug.

2002-12-17  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Added libxml++/nodes/textnode.[h|cc]. This should remove the
	confusion about whether content()/set_content() should be used on
	a text node or the parent of a text node.
	* libxml++/nodes/node.[h|cc]:
	- Node::write() is now virtual, and
	different in TextNode.
	- content() replaced by get_child_content, which returns a TextNode*
	instead of a string.
	- set_content() replaced by set_child_content().
	* Added libxml++/nodes/element.[h|cc] so that TextNode can inherit
	from a Node class without the attributes API. As per the Java DOM API,
	Node still has the children API - I guess there's some reason for that,
	though I don't see how a TextNode could have children.

2002-12-17  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Moved node.[h|cc] into nodes sub directory, in preparation for the
	multiple-node-types API change.

2002-12-12  Jonathan Wakely <>

	* libxml++/parsers/, saxparser.h (on_get_entity): New
	virtual function to allow derived classes to override entity handling

2002-12-16  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ write():
	- Don't set the node->type directly. Let
	xmlNodeSetContent take care of adding a suitable child node. This
	was leading to segfaults when write() later tried to add a child node
	to a text node.
	- Throw internal_error exception when xmlNewChild returns NULL.


2002-12-10  Christophe de Vienne <cdevienne@alphacent>

	* updated version numbers for next release. Generic
	version is now 0.17, library version is 3:0:0
	* NEWS: updated with changes since 0.16 version.

2002-12-10  Christophe de Vienne <>

	* libxml++/ fixed write() which was using the accessors content()
	and has_content(). Since they return something for both the text
	node and the parent node, the output was weird.

2002-12-09  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ content(): If the cached content string is empty,
	try to get the content of a child "text" node. This makes content()
	work as expected after creating a document with set_content() and
	later reparsing it.

2002-12-09  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ (release_underlying): Set pointers
	to 0 so that the get_*() methods generate new instances instead of
	returning invalid pointers.

2002-12-09  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/ Node::remove_child() and Node::remove_attribute:
	delete the objects when forgetting about them.
	* libxml++/node.h: Added reference docs explaining the above.

2002-12-07  Murray Cumming  <>

	* libxml++/parsers/, Added comments about
	the use of xmlKeepBlanksDefault() and xmlLineNumbersDefault().
	* libxml++/parsers/saxparser.[h|cc]: Change exception & to exception&.

2002-12-06  Christophe de Vienne <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Enabled xml option LineNumbers
	and disabled KeepBlanks before each parsing.
	* libxml++/parsers/ Enabled xml option KeepBlanks
	before each parsing.
	* example/dom_parser/ Added line number display for each
	non-content node. Changed a bit content display
	* Note: in a near future I may change these options settings to
	let the user choose which options he wants/wants not.

2002-12-03  Jone Marius Vignes <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ Changed the exception in
	write_to_string() to "write_to_string() failed."
	* libxml++/parsers/domparser.h: Corrected documentation of
	write_to_string() and write_to_file() to clarify that these methods
	doesn't return booleans

2002-12-02  Christophe de Vienne <>

	* libxml++/exceptions/*.[h|cc]: Added and implemented virtual
	methods Raise() and	Clone.
	* libxml++/parser/sax_parser.[h|cc]: Each callback method can now
	throw some exceptions as long as they herit from xmlpp::exception
	AND implement Raise() and Clone().
	* libxml++/examples/sax_exception/: Added an example which demonstrate
	the use of exceptions inside a SaxParser.

2002-11-29  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Added libtoolize to generate files such as

2002-11-28  Christophe de Vienne <>

	* acinclude.m4: The AM_LIBXML macro now checks for a libxml2
	version >= 2.4.1.

2002-11-21  Christophe de Vienne <>

	* libxml++/parsers/*.[h|cc]: added Parser::parse_stream method
	and implemented it in both DomParser and SaxParser. Tests based
	on the examples (not commited in the cvs) worked perfectly.

2002-11-20  Christophe de Vienne <>

	* libxml++/parsers/ fixed a memory leak (thanks
	to Chris Leishman <> who reported it.

2002-11-20  Murray Cumming  <>

	* Changed use of the term properties to attributes in the API,
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