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Currently the MSN plugin isn't that useful.
If you want to test it out there are a few things you must do.

Edit the owner.MSN_ file and put in your correct username and password.
Edit the licq.conf file and put this in the [owners] section:
NumOfOwners = 2
Owner2.Id = <username>
Owner2.PPID = MSN_

Requirements: OpenSSL, Licq :)

After that you can successfully logon and receive messages.
- Sending messages only works after you have received the initial 
  message and the connection remains opened (there is a 5 minute timeout).
- When you send a message, there is no GUI response (hence it not being 
  that useful yet).
- Changing status doesn't work, to log on select "Online" from the status menu.
- The submenu's for each protocol do not work yet.
- And I'm sure you'll find many more things, but it is still being 
  worked on, so please wait.

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